Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Friday, January 14, 2011

Chubby Lectures On The Mind Control of Edward L. Bernays: Soros Using Mind Control Says Glenn Beck

Pass The Bacon Beck

by Winsip Custer CPW News Service

Glenn Beck fearful of Bernays bacon renderings never
mention's George Herbert Walker Bush's
 love of pork rinds.

On Thursday, January 13, Rupert Murdock's little-red-school-style teacher, Glenn Beck, with chalk in hand, led viewers on a review of the subtle mind-control methods of Sigmund Freud's nephew , bacon's breakfast baron, Edward L. Bernays. It was the advertising expert, Bernays, who was responsible for the proposition that breakfast was the most important meal of the day....a position currently backed by most scientists and physicians. Bacon's rise to its current place of respectability alongside the incredible edible egg is the direct result of Bernay's propaganda says Beck.  Bernay's techniques are as persuasive for liberals, like George Soros, as they have been for fascists like Adolf Hitler....for the Oracle of Omaha's Geico Insurance as for Adolf HItler's propaganda chief, Joseph Goebbels. With mind-sciences less than 100 years old, Beck argued that it is George Soros who uses these dangerous propaganda techniques to control the masses and not Young and Rubicam the Madison Avenue public relations firm that drafted the Willie Horton ad that flamed racial fears for the George Herbert Walker Bush presidential campaign. Beck said nothing about his boss Rupert Murdoch whose mind-control methods are as unexposed as the scrotum of Michael Angelo's David or the breasts of Hiram Power's Greek Slave and have been the subject of the recent documentary The Corporations.
Dr. Evil, George Soros

The fact is that both left and right, liberal and conservative....from pure Trotsky-ites to hardened Fascists use whatever weapons of persuasion will work. The place of Edward L. Bernays is covered by a doctoral student in the History and Theory of Psychology at York University in Toronto, Lisa Held. She explains how Bernays, born in Vienna and raised in New York borrowed his uncles' famous theories to sell not only bacon, but also cigarettes leveraging psychological insights to engineer consent and behavior. One must ask at this point "were advertising geniuses like Bernays and Edward Lasker, working for liberal provocateurs like George Soros or for conservative U.S. capitalists like Brown and Williamson Tobacco Company or for themselves? For Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream or for Firestone, Ford, or General Motors?  For Coca-Cola and United Fruit or for Pete Peterson's National Public Television....and Sesame Street? That last one needs an analysis by Ms. Held or some other inquiring doctoral student....the answers will likely astound readers.

I called Lisa Held to ask her if she thought that Glenn Beck had borrowed from her thesis without giving credit. We were told that Ms. Held could not give us a good, reasoned and circumspect answer because she was still fuming over the remarks of conservative talk show host and frequent commentator on Rupert Murdock's Fox News, Laura Ingraham. "Ms. Held is ravaged by Laura Ingraham's recent comments." Ingraham said of the Tucson, Arizona Memorial for Gabby Giffords and other shooting victims."  It was  there that President Obama and other speakers said "we're all Americans here."  Laura Ingraham took the words to mean that Obama was politicizing the event to influence immigration laws.  Though she is not old enough to remember it, Truman chided Eisenhower with a similar complaint from the left of center.  Following WWII with the troops returning from the fields to continued xenophobia and racial tensions, Ike was slow to support change.  Truman said in 1952 that Ike had a lapse of moral courage and had beaten the Fascists in Europe only to join them in the post-war years....a highly cautionary remark given the rise of Koch's Tea Party Movement that recently swept Congress and the venom and one sidedness of Ms. Ingraham and Mr. Beck.

"We're not all Americans here!" said Laura Ingraham. Her statement,  a slap at words meant to unite the bereaved mourners caused phones to ring from the Yukon to Tierra del Fuego.

Laura Ingraham...
"We're not all
"My friend, Lisa Held, is an American," said her friend. "A Canadian American, but an American.... and Lisa is sorry that she can't speak with you today, because she is tracking down Laura Ingraham's high school history and geography teachers to find out just what kind of idiots they are to have let Ms. Ingraham slide by them. She wants to know why Ms. Ingraham was not put in remedial classes and how the heck she was able to get into Dartmouth and the University of Virginia Law School when she's some kind of xenophobic, anglophile witch.  She wants to know why her Ivy League elite education didn't  knock those warts and blemishes off of her abrasive personality before turning her loose on a world that deserves better."

For a view of Laura Ingraham's xenophobia see at 5:09 minutes into the video "Don't Come In My Ear at...http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q3lCfHtaR30

For a view of Fox New's methods see http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eZkDikRLQrw

For more on Ingraham, Beck and Murdoch see....

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