Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Friday, March 8, 2013

Somewhere Between The Properline and the Dirty Low Down

The Octopus of Endless Warfare


By Peter Pezonus CPW News Service
    Texas Senator Ron Paul’s son argued like Jimmy Stewart in the old film Mr. Smith Goes To Washington in a filibuster attempt to derail the ratification of Obama’s appointment of John Brennan as CIA Director.  Redirecting his thrust, Rand Paul asked that a simple question be answered when it appeared that he could not prevent the appointment:  Does Obama believe he can order the killing of an American citizen, on American soil?

     It seemed like a simple question, but according to Wilson Riddle Lombardi who has studied every President since Dwight David Eisenhower it’s not a simple question at all. “The President appoints an Attorney General like Alberto Gonzalez or Edwin Meese.  Nearby is the President's appointed head of the FBI.   They decide that Rebecca Weaver is a terrorist and potential enemy combatant so, as she’s holding her baby in her arms….a baby that looks much like a weapon…. the FBI uses an army trained sniper to shoot her while she cradles the infant, perhaps adjusting its pacifier in a move that can easily be construed as the sliding of a bolt action or the cocking of a lever on a 30-30 Winchester.   From his sniper's nest 150 yards away the agent uses a mega-powerful scope on his high velocity sniper rifle, but through the front screen door of her home Rebecca's baby could be easily mistaken as a Bushmaster.  The sniper is essentially a predator drone sent into action on a mission of ‘fly by disconnected wire’,” said Lombardi.  “The President talks to Justice perhaps in the broadest terms.  Justice talks to the FBI or ATF or DEA head.  They talk to their field reps who talk to their sniper.  Kapow!  Bye-bye Rebecca.    The phone lines used to set up the kill are disconnected and no one is tapping them anyway, but the message was clear:  'Kill her!',” said a visceral Lombardi who wants all drones, regardless of security issues, to carry a real-time black box that traces not only the drone pilot’s maneuvers and commands, but also the origination of any and all orders used to process the drones beginning with the President’s initial order.  “If no one is above the law, then the law needs mechanisms in place to insure it.  I would like to have seen a filibuster on a bill that provides for following a drone strike command right to the Oval Office.  Can you imagine if we had had that during the Gulf of Tonkin affair?” asked Lombardi.
     “If Vince Lombardi had to answer Monday morning questions about why Bart Starr heaved an ill-advised fourth quarter pass to a receiver, why shouldn’t we be able to do the same of our President.  What?  He thinks he’s a king?” asked Lombardi, "not even kings were above the law according to the Magna Carta."
     According to Lombardi American Presidents have been killing people for a long time, but it occurs behind curtains of denial ability.  “Policing actions and military actions are not that dissimilar,” said Lombardi who took a keen interest in the work of another Lombardi.  In 2000, Mark Lombardi died a suspicious death ruled a suicide after he had drawn a meticulous series of pictures that connected the dots between the White House and the Iran-Contra network.

     “Mark Lombardi had worked in Houston, Texas at the Contemporary Art Museum.  I believe that Houston is the most powerful city in the world.  Without the concentration of engineering and petrochemical skills located there Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq, the South China Sea, the oil fields of the world are big dirt piles or inaccessible subterranean sludge pockets.  Wall Street can turn its lights out.  No oil, no packaging.  No products.  No plastic. No asphalt.  No infrastructure.  Lyndon Baines Johnson stole an election in one county and became a Senator.  Tom DeLay stole sixteen counties and then the whole U.S. Congress.  Was that power concentrated in Washington? Was DeLay the “bug man” from D.C. or Manhattan?  Hell, no.  He was from a place far more powerful than that….at least for the foreseeable future. So was Mark Lombardi and why the hell he took an interest in linking up the highly volatile poles of Houston with Iran-Contra through the Oval Office is not clear to me, but he did it.  So what happens to his work after he dies?  The Whitney Museum in Manhattan displays it as an example of political art, but here’s the thing.... many who had attempted to do that or inadvertantly got too close to center of this dark web of influence got wacked:  Danny Casalaro, Barry Seal, Mark Lombardi, Gary Webb, two boys...Kevin Ides and Don Henry... at the Mena, Arkansas Airport where the CIA’s leading pilot in the Iran-Contra affair and employer of Eugene Hasenfus whose plane crash over Nicaragua blew the lid on the scandal, Barry Seal, ran the clandestine operation.  J.H. Hatfield the author of Fortunate Son, also died a mysterious death, after the release of his book that dealt with much the same topic,” said Lombardi who cited another death of special note:  Paul Wilcher.
     "Wilcher was an attorney trying to help a U.S. Navy pilot and CIA operative named Gunther Russbacher.  As H. Ross Perot contemplated a third party run at the White House he was partially motivated by what he knew of Russbacker's connections to this dark alliance and through Col. Bo Gritz's trip to Indo-China's Golden Triangle, its poppy producing region.   In addition, Russbacher had been reported to have worked in Houston with the son-in-law of Walter Mischer, Robert L. Corson.  Corson is covered extensively in the 1992 book The Mafia, CIA and George Bush by Peter Brewton an award winning Houston Post reporter.  Brewton is probably still alive because he didn't go quite as far as the others in connecting the obvious....the drugs as a source of power, influence and re-enslavement.  Taken together with books like Dark Alliance,  Fortunate Son and The Franklin Cover Up....not to mention what we now know of Bush's bamboozling of the nation as evidenced in his serving up yellow cake and David Kuo's revelations about Bush's inner circle and Rhonda Lee Glover's testimony had her story not been so obviously sanitized, her legal case botched by a tsuanmi of incompetent legal advisors, and totally disregarded by a spineless community of blind or compliant journalists, and we see described a Caligulan descent into societal decay and decadence.  Corson died mysteriously in El Paso, Texas on his way, like Barry Seal, to testify in a trial.  Headed to  the Houston court of Judge David Hittner to stand trial for his part in the S&L scandal....Corson is reported to have felt his knowledge of the Iran-Contra network would provide a bargaining chip given the extensive CIA connections to the S&L scandal as another source of clandestine funding," said Lombardi.  "With Russbacher held in a Missouri prison and the Democratic Governor, Mel Carnathan, being replaced by John Ashcroft, the Octopus achieved containment, except for Russbacher's attorney Paul Wilcher.  Wilcher dies on December 24, 2000 eleven days after the U.S. Supreme Court decided the outcome of the Florida election and the Presidency," said Lombardi.
     "The stories surrounding Gunther Russbacher's experience as a black operations pilot for the CIA are fascinating and may have spurred Perot's interest in the SR-71 Blackbird pilot, but I am mostly interested in Russbacher's connections to Houston and Corson and to the post-2000 meltdown of the Harris County Medical Examiner's office when Dr. Joyce Carter was there.  This story was clearly missed in the billowing clouds of dust of the 911 disaster, but she had previously been the M.E. in Washington D.C. at the time of Danny Casalaro's outing of the Octopus and Casalaro's 'suicide' which most who knew him believe could only have been a murder," said Lombardi.
   "Who arrived in the world's shadow capital to oversee the investigation of Carter's wayward medical examiner's office?  Michael Bromwich.  Bromwich, who would go on to oversee the investigation into the BP oil spill, was the leading U.S. investigator for Iran-Contra and he guaranteed that evidence in the Iran-Contra case would not send Reagan and Bush to jail. More importantly was Russbacher's knowledge of McClennan County where Farhad Azima owned the airline that supplied weapons to the Iranians.  Azima had been in Missouri before that as had been Russbacher.  Azima went to William Jewell College along with Missouri Governor, Mel Carnathan, who having died in a mysterious plane crash on October 16th, another of those mysterious year-2000 deaths during the approaching Presidential election, Carnathan was running for re-election against John Ashcroft."
Ernst Kaltenbrunner (top l, bottom r)
with Henreich Himmler.  Himmler's
interest in the Thule Society which
became the NAZI party would be
sublimated after the NAZI Party's rise to
power.  Himmler, Rudolf Hess
and other continued occult practices.

"Dead at the time of the election Carnathan still beat Ashcroft by a landslide.  Ashcroft took an immediate interest in Russbacker who was, according to Russbacher's wife, being held in a Missouri prison, not unlike FBI agent, Richard Taus,  another Iran-Contra witness, on trumped up charges. Most important of all is the fact that Russbacher is the grandson of Ernst Kathenbrunner the head of Austrian Intelligence during World War II.  Kathenbrunner was tried at Nuremberg for war crimes and executed.  After the war Baron Karl Russbacher, Gunther's father, was brought to the U.S. and like Reinhard Gehlen, lived and worked under an assumed name," said Lombardi who noted that Russbacher's wife was also reaching out to German Primer Minister and Russbacher's Godfather and former Nazi party member, Kurt Waldheim.  Ashcroft would be appointed by George W. Bush as Attorney General from February 2, 2001,leaving that office on February 3, 2005.
     Wilson Lombardi, using Mark Lombardi’s approach to political artwork, has drawn another graphic representation to the Iran-Contra network.  He strongly noted: “It’s not just Iran-Contra.  The Iran-Contra network was really just a tentacle of what C. Wright Mills called ‘the power elite’ and what Danny Cassalaro described as ‘the octopus’ and what Dwight D. Eisenhower said is the ‘Military Industrialist Complex’,” said Lombardi. "This Octopus has no anchored political and ideological moorings.  It leans left, right or center depending on what is required to stay in power.  This it the Hegelian dialectic that was described by Anthony Sutton after he left Stanford University's Hoover Institute which was down the street from SRI, the Stanford Research Institute where Myron du Bain was working on his amoral mind-control projects for the CIA," said Lombardi.

     “It is not surprising that this Octopus’ head is in Houston, Texas,” said Wilson Lombardi.  “It is there that the world’s energy power brokers reside.  Follow the logic.  The historic power shift from whale oil to subterranean fossil fuels follows a line straight through the parlors and living rooms of the same American mansions.  The whalers were international traders who saw themselves as the world’s new De Medici’s.  Along their trade routes they discovered that the British had found opium in India, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Turkey with a ready made market in China.  In an increasingly industrialized world, this renewable commodity had a high demand for its pain deadening effects and according to H. Fletcher Prouty, was used as currency to pay the Chinese soldiers all the way to the provisioning of Chaing Kai-Shek prior to World War II.  It still is.  By then the U.S. power elites had taken over the lucrative opium trade from Britain in that region and used Christian missionaries as agents of love and peace that veiled the darker ambitions.   Whale harpoons like canons needed explosives.  Explosives needed sulphur.  Land above the oil or sulfur needed controlling....often depopulating.  Nothing did that better than gunpowder propelled lead bullets.  Moses and Stephen Austin were lead miners and their arrival in Texas was led by their thirst for lead.  Almost serendipitously there was discovered in Texas not only crude oil, but also one of the world’s largest sulfur deposits.  The company controlling these deposits welcomed the arrival of the new petro-chemical industry which ironically not only helps to fuel the drones that Rand Paul rails against, but also underwrote to large measure his father’s quirky political life of libertarian values in a state whose petro-chemical powerhouses pull the strings in Washington and Wall Street and where this rare physician has a 'hands off' view of everything from petro-chemical pollution to prostitution. The small lead and sulfur mines utilized by the early American colonists to defeat the British became in the settlement of Texas, New Mexico, Arizona….all the way to California the storehouse for America’s arsenal of freedom,” said Lombardi noting that even Supreme Court Justices like Sandra Day O'Connor's father made his wealth in the mineral mines of the Great Southwest like Phelps Dodge and other munitions makers.

      The Gunther Russbacher connection to Oliver North's Iran-Contra supply line is perhaps best exposed by the 1998 documentary by a Georgia toy manufacturer, Robert Fletcher, whose company was taken over as a CIA front company. Emory University covered the story of Robert Fletcher in 1988 in an article in Southern Changes titled "Just a Little Guy Who Got Hit by the Arms Truck "by Eric Guthey (Vol. 10, no. 3, p. 3, 1988, in the same issue of Southern Changes, Guthey covers the evolution of the Christic Institute in an article titled "Contras in Dixie", pp. 1-6), but sadly Fletcher's story of the CIA commandeering his local business was dismissed as summarily as Gary Webb's Dark Alliance coverage was discredited by the likes of Jeff Leen of the Miami Herald and the Washington Post and other mainline media outlets.  Fletcher didn't take it lying down, however, and joined the Christic Institutes' class action law suit against the U.S. government for its part in the Iran-Contra conspiracy.  He eventually put together a documentary that provides an eye-opening account along with letters and other documents that were disregarded by the mainline media.  In one letter provided by Fletcher in the documentary Oliver North specifically calls Gunther Russbacher "our pilot".  Right wing groups would point to the Christic Institutes' left-leaning positions as evidence that more was going on in the halls of U.S. politics than meets the eye and that the Christic Institute's Jesuit support was coming from a religious tradition that had an uneasy relationship with the U.S. history of political and religious reforms antithetical to the Roman Church and its lengthy relationship with the Hapsburgs in Europe which most often supported monarchial forms of oligarchical rule.  Deciphering intentions in such a war on ideas is never easy.
     “Also in Texas is the James A. Baker Center for Public Policy at Rice University.  The New England whalers’ march toward world conquest included the arrival of their concerns about a railroad across the continent to speed the legitimate and illegitimate sides of commerce both of which they increasingly controlled.  As lawyers for the Union Pacific Railroad their ancestors were there to help abandon a southern route to the Pacific across the Great Southwest in lieu of a more easily controlled middle route.....controlled by the same China Traders' fortunes from whale oil and opium and concentrated in the American Northeast.  Houston was also home to Kenneth Pitzer, President of Rice, who joined with William Liscum Borden in their defrocking of atomic energy's founders guaranteeing the place of the fossil fuel cartel, a cartel headquartered in Houston, well into the future,” said Lombardi.   Lombardi believes that Einstein and Oppenheimer were discredited by Pitzer and Liscum because of the threat that nuclear energy was to the petrochemical and fossil fuel industry.  "The dangers of nuclear reactors had to be exaggerated just as today the expense and efficiency of solar and wind are used to discredit their use and development so that the world's Houston-based oil cartel, like an octopus, remains in power."
     Lombardi believes that the Octopus’ control depends on the same kind of clandestine, black ops missions in the U.S. that Henry Kissinger, a long standing board member of the Freeport McMoran Company which controls Texas’ largest sulfur deposit, used in South and Central America during the reign of Augusto Pinoche and other regions like Vietnam and El Salvador, but with roots in Texas-based petro-chems' physical and mental assets all the way back to the Texas Revolution and Mexican American conflicts. 

     Lombardi believes that a list of petro-chemical companies that paid the bills for Rand Paul's family which finds the massive sulphur deposit in the middle of his father’s Congressional district with fellow petro-chemical fraternity members, the Koch brothers who funded the Tea Party  and whose father, Fred Koch, was a founding member of the John Birch Society, provides the real key to understanding Paul’s 13-hour high profile public relations ploy.  "It looks like the far Right's fear that a far left Obama is going to drop bombs from above.  That might be accurate if Obama was a real leftist, but his policies have mimicked George W. Bush and his wife, Michele, worked for the Springfield, Illinois law firm of Sidley Austin with its historic ties to the Republican Party which merged in 2000 with the New York law firm of Brown and Wood with its ties to National City Bank, Brown Brothers Harriman....in a word....two words....The Octopus!" said Lombardi who sees the U.S. power elites moving squarely toward the Fascist fringe, on the one hand, but still in Hegelian fashion controlling the other corner, too.  "Who does this type of jockying for power?" asked Lombardi while answering his own question.  "I think of the one who took Jesus to the desert and told him 'worship me'," said Lombardi.
    “Rand Paul appears to be 'Mr. Smith Joe-six-pack' Libertarian with weird hair.  The Koch brothers are not Joe-six-pack.  Rhine and Mosel wines are more to their liking and probably more to the liking of Robert Koch, husband of GWHB's only daughter, who is the head of the U.S.-based Wine Institute.  While Hitler was using the services of Fred Koch to build refineries in Germany, Hitler’s oil agent in Texas was named William Rhodes Davis about whom Dale Harrington wrote Mystery Man: William Rhodes Davis: Nazi Agent of Influence.   It would be to this region of the United States that the Hessian mercenaries who joined Cornwallis in his battle against the Joe Six-Pack’s of the American Colonies when the British were defeated migrated to get away from the bitter memories they left behind along the blood drenched Eastern seaboard.  It would also be into this region that under the auspices of CIA Director, Alan Dulles, leading Nazi scientists would be imported in the now famous Operation Paperclip.  The head of Hitler’s clandestine services and military intelligence on the Eastern front was Reinhart Gehlen.  It would be through Gehlen that Dulles’ Paperclip would identify and transport the famous and infamous Nazis to the American heartland where they melded into the existing German settlements where many of the inhabitants still spoke the native tongue.  CIA agent, James Hardesty Critchfield, received the CIA’s highest medal for his place in this project, but his work went way beyond the importation of Nazi minds to the exportation of American engineering and capitalistic buccaneering with the growth of his company Tetra Tech,” said Lombardi. Lombardi also noted that the Harris County District Attorney who replaced Johnny B. Holmes under whose administration the Harris County Medical Examiner, Dr. Joyce Carter, had free reign, was from the hometown of another of Tetra Tech's founders and who would have had to have been knowledgeable of Michael Bromwich's real purpose in his investigation of the mess at the Harris County Crime Lab.  "The Octopus likes to be in control of medical examiners.  It's their first line of defense against accountability to what is presumed to be an honest legal and justice system. It's neither  honest nor just," said  Lombardi as he noted the deaths of Barry Seal and Walter Mischer's son-in-law, Robert Corson.

     “Through Tetra Tech’s growth and expansion into AECOM we see how Critchfield’s place in the gearing up of the power elites’ octopus-like grip on the Military Industrialist Complex stretches out its tentacles into captured and virgin territory…whether it’s China which the U.S. ipso facto conquered again after World War II, 100 years after Caleb Cushing negotiated the terms of the treaty that replaced the British influence in that region.  That was a treaty that Cushing negotiated as a whaling and opium smuggling oil man whose future family connections funneled oil not through a boiling cauldron on the deck of a whaler, but through the pipeline at Cushing, Oklahoma. Cushing, Oklahoma set the benchmark price for crude oil for the better part of a century.  The Keystone Pipeline will pass through Cushing again.  Meanwhile, the power elites continued the Brit's practice of dirty double dealing,” said Lombardi who noted that Americans had only to look at the continuation of this policy in the Iran-Contra scandal to see the truth of it.
     “Tetra Tech is a company that one would look at and say ‘how did this little company morph so rapidly into a powerhouse of engineering influence?  Well, the answer to that becomes quite obvious when you look at Critchfield, Gehlen and the Houston-based Octopus.  You cannot look at Critchfield without also looking at fellow CIA operative, Myron Du Bain, twice the President of the Stanford Research Institute or SRI and the subject of the book by Jon Ronson, The Men Who Stare At Goats (some have said that General Bert Stubblebine is the model of Ronson's character) as well as Daniel Hospicker's book Welcome To Terrorland.   Hospicker, a close friend of Barry Seal's widow had exposed the association of Du Bain to Wally Hilliard who owned the Venice, Florida flying school where Mohammed Atta, the leading 911 hijacker, was trained to fly.   With the arrival through Operation Paperclip of rocket scientists like Wernher Von Braun, there also arrived Nazi mind scientists whose work had been based to some degree on the work of men like Sigmund Freud and Max Wertheimer.  Freud’s work plumbed the depth of human fears, ambitions and triggering mechanisms for motivation while Wertheimer’s Gestalt psychology was productive in the manipulation of the masses.  His work would have been of great fascination to Joseph Goebbels whose personal diary is the possession of the Hoover Institute at Stanford University, the apparently conservative think-tank that Anthony Sutton (America’s Secret Establishment) has argued is a bastion of utilitarianism based in an amoral dialectic that would have informed, for example, the work of MK Ultra scientists like Loretta Bender.  Bender, the author of the Bender-Gestalt test, fed school children LSD in an attempt to discover malleable potential agents for the Octopus’ clandestine projects.”

     "The only element missing from the Freud/Wertheimer amalgam of mind science discoveries was a religio-framework that would easily attach itself to their work, import a metaphysical dimension within  the new triad and carry with it a melding of the Anglo-Germanic traditions that the 1930's Thule Society longed to achieve and which was Rudolf Hess' mission to Britain. For Freud the issue was repression.  For Wertheimer it was a new vision modeled powerfully and symbolically for the mindless masses....which cinema and television accomplishes today so long as the airways are controlled....which they are.... and in Lacan there arrived the psychological justification for  Darwinian Fascism.....desire.  If desire was at the root of all selfishness, God would not have made the apple red," said Lombardi in his simplified interpretation of Lacan which he said was the "ultimate and penultimate prevarication from the mythic Garden of Eden."
      "The Lacanian element was the one missing from the Anglo-Germanic alliance envisioned by the Nazis and the Frankfurt School, but of course," said Lombardi, "one still must reconcile the fact that Noam Chomsky believes Lacan to be an articulate, cultured and verbose mountebank and charlatan and that Lacanian views like philosophies aimed at justification of unbridled tyranny would find its proponents, as with Adolf Hitler, heading to the bunkers."
       "One does not have to look far nor wide to find the new patron saint of this Anglo-Germanic alliance, one whose Roman Catholic Saint, German priest, Albertus Magnus, found his canonization coinciding  with the height of the Thule Society's flowering  initiative and with Himmler's visualizing the Reich as a Jesuit model of  nationalistic....no, universal, regimentation.   Lacan's views are taught now at Stanford and Yale by velvet voiced professors weaving tapestries of incomprehensible jargon to wide-eyed sons and daughters of wealthy, but nervous, power elites who hope that their intellectual umbilical will deliver a power punch of their class-guarded amniotic thought-fluids," said Lombardi.

     It was noted to Lombardi that another original founder of Tetra Tech found his granddaughter, a girl from Texas named Jennifer Cave, murdered.  She was brutally butchered in Austin, Texas in a crime that sent her murderer to jail for 55 years in 2008.
     “I’m aware of that connection,” said Lombardi.  “Horrific story.  Horrific.  I would say that anything is possible with respect to that story and given the corresponding story of Rhonda Lee Glover and the father of her son, Jimmy Joste, whose funeral at St. Martin's Episcopal Church in Houston, the home congregation of 'Moloch', or is is 'Magog', the Skull and Bones' code name for George Herbert Walker Bush is, if not telling, then extremely troubling.  So is an analysis of the power brokers in Austin whose homes sit above what Rhonda Lee Glover describes as Cave X, sealed as it was by a state mandate, but managed by a church....a Christian Church....not a Satanic one.  To believe what Rhonda Lee Glover says is unfathomable, but who would make up such a bizarre story?  For Goebbels, Hess or Himmler to pull off what Glover claims would demonstrate a high state of Darwinian Fascist evolution.   In the Jennifer Cave case the young man may have done it or he and his accomplice may have been on some kind of  drug induced....perhaps Burradanga-mind trip... when the whole thing was staged for a purpose...both believing that they had done it and acting in desperation to cover it up," said Lombardi.
Burl Barer's description of Rhonda Lee Glover's understandingof Cave X and
her reason for not mentioning it in her trial.

     Lombardi painted a picture of the Texas criminal justice system that is protective of the Octopus on both sides in true dialectic fashion.  He explained that the young man jailed for the murder of Cave was represented by the Austin criminal attorney Sam Bassett, partner of the attorney many consider to be the "Prince of Darkness" of Texas' criminal attorneys, Roy Q. Minton.  Minton represented the men convicted of the brutal rape and murders in the initial trial of "Yogurt Store Murder Case".   Among the dead were the Harbison sisters.  "The Harbison name is long connected with the Walker name at the highest levels," said Lombardi.  "On his appeal for these murders," said Lombardi of Joe James Sawyer, Rhonda Lee Joste's attorney, Sawyer represented Robert Springsteen who had confessed to the murders years ago.  Semen samples from the rapes would be submitted to new DNA analysis, however, that exonerated Springsteen.  Rhonda Glover's attorney, Sawyer, argued that Springsteen made a false confession in the initial case.   The case was overturned on appeal which sent the Harbison family into understandable anguish and anger, but there was another problem.  The Harbison girl's mother was married to Frank "Skip" Suraci.  On November 1, 2007, on the day that Suraci's brother would be admitted to the Virgina Bar Association, relative of Frank, Carl Suraci and wife, Jane, were murdered in their home in a small town in Maricopa, County, New  Mexico.  Their bodies were bullet riddled and the house was torched.  An attempt was made recently to close the Suraci case by ruling it a murder suicide, but Sheriff Joe Arpiao continues to argue that it was a murder and arson.  Arpiao's rationale for keeping it open is a mystery to Lombardi noting that people were making the connection the Austin killings after it happened.  "There's only two possibilities as I see it.  Sheriff Joe is sure it was a murder and wants to see justice done.  A closed case will not solicit the curiosity of cats digging around in the liter box of the Order's past sins within a tightly controlled environment that a local justice system could milk for favors.  A closed case loses half or more of it utility," said Lombardi.

       "I've seen this again and again," said Lombardi.  "It's as if the children are brutalized to send an unmistakable message to the inner circle of the Order, an order that loves secrecy and clandestine rituals in dark subterranean places, using the most innocent to send the most chilling message.  Rhonda's attorney, Joe James Sawyer, would use Alexander Maria Gauthier as a witness for Rhonda, but Sawyer's office at 505 W. 12th St, Austin domiciles the Texas Criminal Attorney Association of which Roy Q. Minton is Dean.  At the same address is Diedre Maura Darrouzet daughter of Jacque Patrick Darrouzet, an expert in not only Texas Criminal Law and leading attorney among the Austin Catholic Diocese stable of attorneys so also an expert in Canon Law of the Roman Catholic Church with its ties to the Jesuit controlled Vatican Bank which had established Bank Of America in San Francisco after the 1906 earthquake.  Bank of America had an unusual position within the 2008 U.S. bank bailout....you remember.....the one that was going buy up toxic mortgages and be lent to struggling Amerians to replace their high interest upside-down mortgages," said Lombardi.
      "Was Frank Suraci a member of the well known Sicilian Suraci crime family?" asked Lombardi.  "If so, that would put him in the know about the Vatican Bank's relationship to Bank of America which denied it took Henry Paulson's bailout money saying that they didn't need it.  In reality 95% of America's local banks were solvent when Paulson made his announcement.  Who took the money?  Insurance company AIG which under the leadership of Cornelius Vander Starr had insured the American China Trade, CitiBank on whose board was former CIA Director, John Deutsch and the Vatican Bank's American subsidiary, Bank of America, headed by Ken Lewis, which turned around to use its new billions to buy out Merrill Lynch formerly Merrill Lynch Pierce Fenner and Smith with the Pierce name being the family of Barbara Pierce Bush," said Lombardi.  "This all happened after the Clinton administration had repealed the post-Depression laws that forbade the merger of banks and investment houses," said Lombardi noting that through this act and Clinton's support of the Iran-Contra airport at Mena, Arkansas the Iran-Contra network worked across the political isle.
     When asked what purpose these horrific murders of young people could possibly serve, Lombardi said simply…. "Theirs...the Octopus'.  It's their little reminder of who is in charge until the next revolution."

    When asked the question "What specifically troubled you about the Jimmy Joste case?" Lombardi responded:  "Eight things:  1. There was no report of dental work used to identify Joste's corpse that had degraded finger prints.  2. There was no report on the identity of the child's ear which Rhonda Glover reportedly provided to Identigene,  a Houston DNA lab, for identification after finding it in Joste's Austin home. 

Computer notes from Lombardi's analysis of Burl Barer's book Fatal Beauty.

3.  There was no Luminol examination of Cave X where Glover reported that these grizzly rituals took place in a way similar to the Paul Bonacci claims of the Bohemian Grove in the Franklin CoverUp.  4.  Timing on the media response.  Burl Barer, who covers the story in his 2011 book, Fatal Beauty, published the book seven years after the story broke and just months ahead of the 2012 election. Barer is the well-published author of The Saint.  Barer is also a regular on what is called Outlaw Radio out of Encino, California.  That would put him in the company of motorcycle gangs like the Hell's Angels, Mongols or Bandidos, just as Hunter S. Thompson had been and who Rusty Turner and Paul Bonacci claims was a key part of the Franklin Cover Up.  Barer extensively uses Fred Wolfson who he claims is a private investigator, but who worked for the U.S. State Department and then as a security expert for the Saudi royal family.  5. There was no mention of the fact that William H. Russell is in charge of the protection of Texas' caves and if William Russell whose colleague is Don Widener whose book agent is Dorris Halsey, also the agent of Aldous Huxley, is part of Yale's Russell Trust, then there are potentially radical ties to the darkest alliances in American culture.  6.  There is no close scrutiny by Barer of the fact that the first thing one would ask of a potential sanitation of such a high profile case would be which police officers handled the case and by what method of selection. Barer shows no interest in investigating the investigators in the same way that another Austin writer, Pulitzer Prize winner, Lawrence Wright, softballs the 911 disaster in his book, The Looming Tower.  The leading detective was Keith Walker who was aided by videographer Jimmy Bush.  Those two names, Walker and Bush, in the same sentence should raise a few million eyebrows. 

Material at the crime scene showing where Rhonda Lee Glover purchased her 9mm Glock (r).
World War II's Manhattan project had used the "three wise monkeys" (l) to warn workers to maintain a
code of silence. Most of those same workers would not be warned of the dangers of radiation exposure as they witnessed bomb tests.  In the police photo taken at Jimmy Joste's Austin home by APD (r) are the three moneys warning of seeing, hearing and speaking no evil. The statue replaces the normal point of reference item... a pen, a watch, a cigarette lighter, glasses, and are turned at a odd angle making their use meaningless to anyone, but those to whom the warning is given.

7.  There was no mention of the fact that Keith Walker was also the leading investigator on the Jennifer Cave and "Trey" Ehrhardt cases, all with potential ties to each other and which led leading probability experts to conclude that the probability of a detective/victim rotation system providing this combination was virtually impossible given the number of death and detectives used during this period," said Lombardi who also noted that Barer avoided mentioning the place of Jimmy Joste's Houston funeral. 

8.  The timing on the deaths of Danny Casalaro, Mark Lombardi and Jimmy Joste are also suspect.  In each case the deaths were linked to potentially devastating information for the Bush campaigns of 1992 and 2000 and occurred within nine to twelve months prior to the November Presidential vote.  In all likelihood there were other significant deaths besides Mark Lombardi's during the lead-up to the 2000 election that given its importance to the continuing Bush legacy of what Zbigniew Brzezinski has called a national 'bamboozling', made that election equally important," said Lombardi.  Lombardi believes that even the last year of the Clinton Presidency paved the way with the repeal of the Glass-Steagall Act that was implemented after the Great Depression to put a firewall between Wall Street investment houses and banks.  Within eight years of the Bush Presidency the "business gone wild" climate brought us WorldCom, Enron, Tyco and other sad examples of bamboozles that matched Brzezinski's criticism of the Bush Middle-East war bamboozle.  Both Enron and Tyco were based in Houston where the wife of Mark Lombardi's boss at the Houston Contemporary Art Museum married the former Tyco CEO, John Fort, III who preceded and followed jailed Tyco CEO, Dennis Kozlowski.

     Lombardi speculated that since the leader of Col. Michael Aquino's Temple of Set Church that split from Anton LaVey's Church of Satan in San Francisco had moved to Austin and was teaching in the German program of the local community college, Stephen E. Flowers author of Runes and Magic- Magic Formulaic Elements in the Older Runic Traditions, thinking that Flowers might have an interest in Texas caves like the one that Rhonda Glover claimed was the site of ritual satanic sacrifice attempted to contact Katherine Arens.   "I attempted to contact a colleague of William Russell and possibly of Stephen Flowers....Flowers' counterpart at the University of Texas, Katherine Arens, an expert in Lancanian Theory, WGS Theory, the Frankfurt School and contributor to the Texas Caver in which William H. Russell was publishing articles on Cave X as far back as 1974, but Dr. Aren's was unavailable," said Lombardi.  Lombardi was concerned that the reason for the split within the San Francisco based Temple of Set was that Aquino had taken it into the German Nazi Thule tradition that not all of its members appreciated.  This would mean that the leadership that migrated to Austin would likely share Aquino's fascist/satanic values.  "It may seem odd to be talking about Satanism being anything but totalitarian in as much as they believe that Satan demands total committment, but I guess that there is a liberal wing of the Satanic tradition," said Lombardi.

     "The connections between the occult German Thule tradition as it emerged in Germany during the 1920's and 30's and Aleister Crowley are sketchy, but Stephen E. Flowers in his book Strange Tales published by his Runa Raven Press, traces these connections through Hans Heinz Ewers and Vieveck's German magazine The International," said Lombardi noting another tie of the Nazi occult to Austin where Nazi stolen paintings had shown up in a local pawn shop.

   Arens, is a member of the MLA, Modern Language Association, whose 2011 president was Russell A. Berman, the Walter Haas Professor in Humanities at Stanford University and a Senior Fellow at the Hoover Institute.  Berman was succeeded as MLA president by Michael Berube who wrote"  "I don't need to explain why I resigned the Paterno Family Professorship in Literature at Pennsylvania State University, do I? I mean, really. It was the Paterno Family Professorship in Literature. That's all you need to know."  Berube would go on to explain his decision.

    "Given so many other connections between the mistreatment of children from the deaths of Kevin Ives and Don Henry at Mena, Arkansas, to the troubling Presidio case at the height of the Iran-Contra era, the Franklin Cover Up revealed by CIA Director, William Colby's aide, John De Camp, to this troubling murder of Jimmy Joste and there's plenty of explaining to do," said Lombardi.  Lombardi is  concerned that Coach Mack Brown could find himself sitting on top of a similar scandal to that which tarnished the career of Joe Paterno.  In 1992 the Pulitzer Prize winning NY Times reporter, James Risen, covered the story of the Arkansas medical examiner who handled the Kevin Ives and Don Henry deaths at Mena, Fahmy Malak.  Risen went on to further cover the CIA and U.S. intelligence apparatus' abuse of power and to fight for a free press in the USA.    James Risen had also uncovered a story from 1981 in which Fahmy Malak had been the medical examiner in the case involving Billy Ray Washington and Susan Deering, a young woman who died during a surgical procedure where Bill Clinton's mother was the nurse anesthetist.  Deering was a passenger in a car from which Washington had been yelled at with racial epitaphs and flying beer cans when he picked up a chunk of concrete and hurled it at the car.  Later anonymous calls came from the hospital charging that the  concrete didn't kill Deering, but malpractice in the hospital did.  A pattern of cover-up had been established. Risen and the  LA Times were not the only interest in the Fahmy Malak/Bill Clinton connection to Arkansas and the Barry Seal Mena, Arkansas airport's connections to Kevin Ives and Don Henry's bizarre autopsies.  The Wall Street Journal also reported on the boy's deaths.

     The appointment by the Penn State's Board of Directors of former FBI Director during the George Herbert Walker Bush administration, Louis Freeh, to conduct in the internal investigation into Penn State's culpability in the Sandusky scandal was also problematic. "I believe that like the place that Michael Bromwich played in the Iran-Contra scandal which Bromwich insured would not implicate either George H.W. Bush nor Ronald Reagan, Freeh played the same game for Penn State University and Nebraska University and Washington D.C. power brokers involved in the pedophile ring.  Freeh claimed that he could find no connections in the Sandusky scandal to Omaha and the Franklin Savings case, but should we believe him?  Freeh, after all, was on the Board of MBNA, the largest contributor to Sandusky's Second Mile Foundation, the largest distributor of credit card services.... a form of economic slavery... and a subsidiary of Bank of America.  Bank of America has been long connected with the Vatican Bank and TransAmerica Corp..  It was also this bank that purchased NCNB, North Carolina National Bank.  Bank of America's president, Ken Lewis, argued that he did not need Henry Paulson's bailout money in 2008, then was forced to take it, then forced to buy Merrill Lynch, formerly Merrill Lynch Pierce Fenner and Smith.   The banking and investment marriage which this deal displayed was deemed the cause of the Great Depression and the 2008 financial crisis aggravated by overly aggressive bank marketing practices, but the regulation of this practice was stripped from American banking regulations during the Clinton administration," said Lombardi.

     "Michael Berube who resigned from his Paterno professorship has as much explaining to do as Graham Spanier, the former administrator at the University of Oregon, University of Omaha in Lincoln and finally the indicted President of Penn State who knowingly harbored Sandusky while undeniably aware of Sandusky's issues.  This has raised concerns of Spanier's connections to the Franklin Savings Scandal and its connection to a pedophile ring in Omaha during the late 80's and early 90's.   Some have shielded Spanier by noting that he missed that scandal since he didn't arrive at Nebraska until 1991.  However, Spanier has been shown to be a long-time close associate of Ronald Roskens, a University of Nebraska at Omaha Chancellor from 1972-78 where he was also President for thirteen years following his chancellorship.  Like Spanier who recently joined an international security agency of the U.S. Government....as a former Ivy League college administrator with an advanced degrees in psychology and multiple published papers on mate-swapping.... and you begin to see a pattern.  Roskens, Spanier's close associate in the tide waters of Nebraska's academic system was also a high level Bush appointee who conjoined the University of Nebraska at Omaha with U.S. Military Industrial Complex not unlike the privatization of the Univerity of Texas' endowment and investing its billions in such companies as Carlyle Group.  Roskens was fired by the University of Nebraska in 1989 and was appointed by George Herbert Walker Bush in 1992 to an important governmental post, head of USAID, with tentacles reaching worldwide to the populations of impoverish nations.  William Blum's book, Killing Hope,  chronicles the dark alliances in USAID's history and should be read for its sheer weight of documented evidence.  Blum's work was cited by liberal MIT professor of linguistics, Noam Chomsky, as being the best book on the subject, while Osama Bin Laden also sited Blum's work, a fact that had many discounting his research without critical analysis.  Leaving the CIA in 1968 to start Washington D.C.'s first alternative paper, Blum has not carried the fact that the Cibolo, Texas ultra-light airport where Salem Bin Laden, Osama's oldest brother, died in an inexplicable ultra-light crash in 1988.  The small rural airport had been associated with by the former USAF head of Offutt Air Force Base a site which was also mentioned in connection to the "Franklin Cover-up".   He went on to head of one of the U.S.'s "big five" intelligence gathering organization, the National Reconnaissance Office, after being Commander of Barksdale AFB where GWB had flown immediately after the 911 attack. General Bruce Carlson and wife moved to Canyon Lake, Texas after leaving national service recognized in the Congressional Record. That was before Vicki Lynn Carlson's name appeared on the Cibolo, Texas ultra-light airport in a suburb of San Antonio, hometown of Admiral General William McRaven and on the Texas Secretary of State Incorporation website for Houston Street Enterprises, Inc. which owned the airport in the name of Earl W. Mayfield, (20180 2252), San Antonio, Texas 78218, with Mayfield as President and Director and Vicki Carlson as Secretary and Director.

    If the Salem Bin Laden ultra-light was somehow rigged to deliver the jet pilot into the high power line that parallels the Cibolo air field, it would take someone with early knowledge of the technology used in the developing drone program.  Mayfield's wife, Doris Dickey Mayfield indeed worked for twenty five years for Beechcraft Inc. whose CEO, taken from Raytheon, was Linden Blue, the Yale Skull & Bones brother of GWB and founder of General Atomics the maker of the Predator and Reaper drones based on the work of Israeli aviation engineers.  In 1983 Blue championed the Beechcraft Starship at the National Business Aviation Association show in Dallas. Blue and his brother were business partners of Nicaragua's deposed dictator, Anastasio Samoza.


    Several of the Franklin Savings scandal police officers went to Iraq to work in security on the streets of Baghdad with New York's indicted Police Commissioner, Bernie Kerik, who George W. Bush had first pushed as head of Homeland Security before bowing to criticism and turning instead to Pennsylvania's Governor Tom Ridge.  This further ties at the hip the Pennsylvania and Nebraska pedophilia connections that someone would have to be suffering from a severe case of cranial anal impaction to miss," said Lomabadi who noted that the Sandusky case exploded in the U.S. media the week of the Penn State/Nebraska football game.

     Indeed, John de Camp's book The Franklin Cover Up and the film based on his book, Conspiracy of Silence, were collaborated by both the Washington Times and the Omaha Herald Tribune.  "The connections made clear just how Paul Bonacci's story about Omaha, Boys Town, Offuts Air Force Base, Col. Michael Aquino, Hunter S. Thompson and the Bohemian Grove's place in the sordid affair is quite plausible," said Lombardi.  "It was only with massive threat of reprisal that the Schultz investigation was thwarted by the power elites whose influence went all the way to the Reagan-Bush White House.  Since the Sandusky scandal it has become clear that the Franklin Cover Up was never a 'carefully crafted hoax', but as John de Camp has exposed, really happened.  The cover up in Omaha  and at Penn State, not to mention Philadelphia's pedophile priest case that was adjudicated the summer before the Sandusky scandal broke, show the depths of the corruption.  John de Camp has told the full force of the story," said Lombardi who had always wondered if U.S. Naval officer, Commander Lloyd Bucher of the USS Pueblo, a former Boys Town resident who took his own life, could have shed valuable insights into the marriage of the U.S. military to the Nebraska and Pennsylvania pedophila network and to Satanist minister, Col. Michael Aquino or other U.S. military personnel. "Of course I worry that with the Washington Times being owned by Korean Rev. Sun Myung Moon there was reason to believe that someone was extorting the U.S. power elites that Spanier and Sandusky's conspiracy of silence was really a part," said Lombardi who concluded "it's really hard to extort straight up honest people."

     Lombardi drew a line back to Texas and his concerns for Mack Brown given Rhonda Lee Glover's allegations and the non-investigation that surrounded her case like the one surrounding the Schultz investigation of Franklin Savings in Nebraska and the Sandusky case in Pennsylvania.  Damage controller for the State of Nebraska's children during the Franklin Cover Up was Linda Stitt who was recently forced to resign as the state's chief child protector during the Schultz investigation after complications related to her support of Tom Osbourne, the former University of Nebraska head football coach, for Governor of Nebraska."

     "The entire region above Cave X was home to close GWB friends in Texas including the member of the Regent School Board of Directors who oversaw Texas Parks....among the residents were last names, as Anthony Sutton lists....historically connected to Yale Skull & Bones.....Tuttle, Lord, Brown....with much of the  residential compound around the 5000 Mission Oaks being built by Dick Rathgeber.  Across the highway from the 5000 Mission Oaks community where Joste lived was the new school campus like that of Regent School.... St. Andrews Episcopal School....the alma mater of Babara Pierce Bush and her granddaughter, Jenna Bush," said Lombardi.
    Rathgeber, a major Austin philanthropist and supporter of many children's programs has authored Deal Maker For Good about which one reviewer wrote:

     All I know about this author is what I've read in this book, what I've read in the Austin American (the newspaper in the town where he lives), and what I have heard about his philanthropic endeavors from people who were also involved in them. I don't doubt for a minute Mr. Rathgeber deserves what he has. But it really reads like Rathgeber considers being the big shot in a big deal what makes a life significant.
     Rathgeber gives to organizations that could have the motto "They'll take what we give them and they'll take it on our terms." He does not invest, certainly not from anything I can read in this book, although I don't claim to know all the details of his life, in anything that lifts peeople (I started to correct that typo but it probably does sum up Rathgeber's view of the needy) up. He invests in organizations like Meals on Wheels and the Salvation Army that depend on poverty and only want to deal with people who are going to be compliant clients. Significant? Maybe. But not really generous. I don't think he knows how to be generous, he only knows how to control people and money, and you won't after you read this screed to his ego, either. Of course, there are plenty of people who want to be rich and feel righteous about it, so he'll always have his "admirers," or at least his pocket book will. Will his next book be on his support of Republican politicians from Texas who also want to keep people desperately poor?

    "It is quite possible that the entire region known as the Edward's Aquifer, that stretches from north of Austin to San Antonio and West to the Texas Hill Country where many of the German communities with ties to the Germanic Thule tradition which Rudolf Hess wished for the British to embrace is literally or spiritually connected underground as Hitler's Armaments Minister, Albert Speer, had envisioned for the Third Reich in Germany.  Whether it was the Pharaohs of Egypt in their celebration of the underworld, misguided Castillian inquisitors in their dungeons, Hitler's final days in Berlin or even Saddam Hussein's in Iraq, demonic tyrants often go to ground," said Lombardi.  One University of Texas professor suggested that such a network exists though he doesn't say specifically that they are domiciled in a labyrinth of subterranean caves that would be of interest to this community.  University of Texas meteorology professor, John R. Gerhardt wrote: 'Now think for a moment of the peace that would come to our frustrated weathermen if a worldwide system of meteorologic underground observations could be made.  The resulting subterranean weather map (I would propose a level of -500, -1000 and -5000 feet)'," said Lombardi quoting the professor.

     "Gerhardt goes on  to talk about the relative stability of such a habitat," said Lombardi..."no longer need he worry about the possible effects of the jet stream, the occurrence of thunder storms, or the moisture content of a cold front.  For if the weather doesn't change weather forecasting becomes a relatively simple problem."    Lombardi noted that Texas cavers often refer to "the Netherland" and "Grotto" as names for their groups as do the local chapters of the LaVey's and Aquino's followers.

      Anton LaVey and even the founder of Scientology which also has a longstanding presence in Austin and has been much in the Texas news lately, L. Ron Hubbard, the subject of a recent Lawrence Wright book were followers of Aleister Crowley, founder of the Ordo Templi Orientis Cult which  Crowley claims originated in ancient Egypt.  When Crowley died his cult was led by Louis Grady McMurtry.

      "It appears that Austin has become the center of a snarled web of dark alliances.  The national and world economies move toward economic collapse as James McMurtry, son of famous Texas author, Larry McMurtry, sings 'We Can't Make It Here Any More," on a stage at Steve Wertheimer's Continental Club.   The Continental's stage is often shared by actor/musician, Johnny Depp, who supported the release of the convicted ritual child killers from Tennessee, the 'West Memphis 3'.  You can see why Rhonda Glover was a bit edgy about protecting her son in Austin," said Lombardi.

     "David Kuo, author of Tempting Faith: An Inside Story of Political Seduction, who headed Bush's Faith-Based Initiative Program said "National Christian leaders received hugs and smiles in person and then were dismissed behind their backs and described as 'ridiculous,' 'out of control,' and just plain 'goofy,' Bush is quite capable of anything," quoted Lombardi noting another example of the Order's devilish dialectic at work.

     According to Burl Barer, Rhonda Lee Glover's attorney had warned her not to mention the cave or human sacrifices because "they are too dangerous to talk about" (p. 273).   Revealing that Glover's attorney Joe James Sawyer believed her allegations were too bizarre to talk about, Barer also said that "some of her statements about Joste were borne out of objective investigation and sworn witness testimony."  Barer uses, however, a British mental health expert named Donna McCooke to argue that Glover was a deeply flawed and borderline personality...."a troubled and disturbed woman."  Yet, Barer's on-line website of personalities from his books says as much about McCooke.

      Barer will also use Robin Sax to attack Rhonda Lee Glover's credibility, an LAPD insider and first to interview a woman claiming to be the girlfriend of Chris Dorner, the LAPD policeman and former Navy officer who went on a killing rampage in LA claiming police corruption in San Francisco's sister-city to the south.  "It was not surprising that this was inevitable.  Dorner grew up in the middle of the Octopus' West Coast playground with a career in the U.S. Navy where in San Diego Smedley Darlington Butler trained, where Jim Morrison of the Doors' father was the Navy Admiral responsible for leading the Gulf of Tonkin affair and where the new San Diego Sheriff was hired from the FBI.  He had been in charge of the Ruby Ridge murder of Rebecca Weaver by FBI sniper Lon Horiuchi.  L.A. was also where Gary Webb put together 'Freeway" Ricky Ross' suppliers for the L.A. cocaine supply....the CIA....a story that Webb reported fully in his book Dark Alliance," said Lombardi further connecting the tentacles of the Octopus from California to Texas where Contra transhipments passed through an airport in Waco.  Dorner's end was very similar to the Branch Davidians," said Lombardi. 
     Jimmy Joste was a Houston oil man who made his name in breakthroughs in the horizontal drilling used by Halliburton and other companies in hydraulic fracturing. "Albert Speer would have put horizontal drilling to work in the Reich underground.  You drill horizontally and then plant explosives and hollow out the subterranean levels.  This technology would have been Hitler's dream come true," said Lombardi.
      Rhonda Lee Glover claimed that she was fearful that their son was in danger from his father and so killed Jimmy Joste.  Why this story gained the interest of Burl Barer years after it occurred is unclear, but its airing in 2011 provided potential damage control had a Mitt Romney/Jeb Bush ticket emerged from the Republican National Conventional while giving plenty of time for the kind of political 'clean-up' needed before 2016.   Barer's Outlaw Radio program frequently includes the notable Los Angeles celebrity attorney, Don Woldman," said Lombardi who noted that the inclusion of Jewish personalities in this web was not unusual.  "The Stockholm Syndrome is at its core essentially the story of Cain and Abel and among the Nazi's best bankers and concentration camp trustees were Jews leading some to theorize that the Ashkennazi Jews made passionate eugenicists," said Lombardi who believes that free market economist, Milton Friedman as well as Ayn Rand, were Askennazi Jews.  "With all of their visualizing of the power of selfishness and greed as positive human motivators you are hard-pressed to find a core ethic based on human altruism even though in her book, The Fountainhead, Rand speaks passingly of "achievement without plunder."

Burl Barer's partner on Outlaw Radio, Don Woldman.
     Lombardi believes that if Hunter S.Thompson took his own life it was because he had seen the light shined on his own degenerate personal experiences which took him within the highest levels of the U.S. power elite circles at same time as the Franklin Cover Up which John De Camp has reported via Paul Bonacci and Rusty Turner included a child murder at the Bohemian Grove and which shows tentacles reaching into the Penn State Sandusky scandal through college president, Graham Spanier.  Spanier, a Nebraska University president before going to Penn State, was indicted for refusing to expose the Sandusky pedophile case.

    "I wish that Hunter S. Thompson had passed on his views to Johnny Depp who idolizes Thompson," said Lombardi quoting from Thompson's book, Kingdom of Fear, which was released the year before Joste's murder.   The new head of Michael Aquino's Temple of Set, a break away cult from Anton LaVey's San Francisco based Church of Satan, had moved to Austin, Texas teaching school in the city's community college system," said Lombardi.  "Rusty Turner and Paul Bonacci had both asserted that Michael Aquino, implicated in San Francisco's Presidio child abuse case, was a party to the Franklin Cover Up and was a courier for the Iran-Contra network.  Lombardi believes that Central Texas found a cultural climate ripe for cult-cultivating amid German Runic and pagan black arts groups who embrace the 'underworld'....figuratively and literally... and embedded themselves with America's secret establishment exposed by former Hoover Institute member, Anthony Sutton. 

   "Austin's 6th Street and South Congress is to its surrounding hills and caves what San Francisco's Haight-Asbury is to the Bohemian Grove, but closer to the Octopus' head, Houston.  Johnny Depp, a close friend of San Francisco Satanist, Anton LaVey's disciple, Marilyn Manson, frequents Austin's Continental Club and his interest in the release of three men in West Memphis, Tennessee convicted of the ritual killing of three eight-year-old boys adds to the dark mystique of Austin's slogan....'Keep Austin Weird,'" said Lombardi.  "Hell, it's weird enough," said Lombardi.  "Given the problems in the Houston crime lab and this obvious botch job of Glover's trial with the judge forbidding the jury to take notes.....so that there was only one written record, who is to say that you can trust the DNA expert who provided the testimony that reversed the earlier conviction of the 'West Memphis 3, or the M.E. and the policemen who investigated the Joste case'?  Or even the stenographer?  Isn't note taking protected by the U.S. Constitution under freedom of speech?" asked Lombardi.

     Wilson Lombardi explained a process of using fear and intimidation through physical  and emotional abuse to trigger a break down of the human personality.   From the title of Hunter S. Thompson's book, Kingdon of Fear and the story of the Franklin Cover Up, we see the elements of a cult that relies on manufactured human trauma as a motivator of far reaching influence.  "The same principal is applied to the Octopus' business ventures.  Imagine that the president of Tetra Tech speaks to a room filled with representatives of the Chinese and Japanese  business communities and explains how local governments will back development programs that his company has initiated and, without admitting so openly, controlled through intimidation.  Everything from roads and water treatment  plants.....many of which like in Iraq won't work.....and some that do, like picking up the military's spent enriched uranium shells or land mines for millions of taxpayers' dollars.  He might also tell the Chinese and Japanese that they will share in a tri-lateral partnership of ever expanding, government backed projects.  The Chinese were decimated by the Japanese before World War II, partly because of Japan's belief that the Chinese failed to repel the 'China Traders' assault on their somewhat mutual culture.  Daughter of a Christian missionary to China, Pearl S. Buck, would write much about the Chinese from an insider's perspective lamenting their treatment by the West. The Japanese, as the defenders of the orient believed they were stepping up to the plate for God and country, badly mistreating their Chinese brethren and then boom.....Hiroshima and Nagasaki.  They listen to the American businessman and see that he's not only running this company but is on the board of major U.S. weapons producers....everything from the company that makes Bushmasters to rocket propulsion systems that deliver nuclear warheads while militarily present in those nations that supply his oil and opium.  That's real leverage, but it  is leverage that is based on a growing feudal global psychotic war game...that's not a game.  That's the 'Octopus'," said Lombardi.   

    "Up until 1980 George Cave was the CIA's leading authority on Iran.  After 1986 Mr. Cave came out of retirement to negotiate the Iran-Contra deal with the Iranians and this is how the Octopus strangles its own," said Lombardi. "George Cave was also a key witness in the Claire George case that helped bring the indictments against North, Poindexter, Weinberger and Abrams," said Lombardi.  It was Cave's word against George's.   Noting that Cave, who is fluent in Farsi, had worked closely with the CIA's Middle East Bureau Chief, Thomas Tweeton whose son-in-law, Matt Gannon, also CIA, was returning to Washington to press the agency leadership on why the CIA foot soldiers had so little information on a particular terrorist group.  This group had been spawned in Egypt by the Muslim Brotherhood, worked closely with Mujaheddin in Afghanistan during the Russian occupation, migrated to Syria where it was expelled by Assad only to move to Saudi Arabia where Osama Bin Laden provided funding and leadership and the Bin Ladens during 911 owned a private airport in Houston near NASA, bought with the help of GWB's Texas Air National Guard roommate, James R. Bath and his Saudi financier, Khalid bin Mahfouz, the Saudi royal banker.  The Bin Laden airport, Gulf Manor, was razed after the World Trade Center attack.  Matt Gannon had not been able to press his question years before 911.   He was flying home on a jet liner that went down over Lockerbie, Scotland....Pam Am 103.  In December 1992 Claire George who was convicted thanks to George Cave's testimony on two counts of lying to Congress, but was pardoned along with Casper Weinberger, the Secretary of Defense, and others by George Herbert Walker Bush."

     Lombardi was asked "Will Rhonda Lee Glover ever get decent representation in Texas?"

     "I noted that she recently claimed that her new attorney for her appeal is Houston's Richard 'Race Horse' Haynes.  Will he give her excellent legal representation?  Most assuredly.  Will he take on the Octopus to do it?  In the hometown of the Octopus?  That would be the only way she could ever be acquitted for self defense....from an honest judge and an informed jury......in a city, state and nation controlled by the Octopus that is capable of controlling so much?  A jury that would believe what I have just told you.  We'll see.  Stranger things have happened!"

UPDATE 3/13/16......the 1981 Alternative Views interview of Dr. Thomas Philpott and Mark McKinnon appeared on Youtube titled "Boys For Sale".   It appeared also in Alternative Views open source archive.  McKinnon went on to become a top political advisor for George Bush and to work with Hill and Knowlton, the media consultant handling Bank of Credit and Commerce or BCCI, the primary money laundering bank for the Iran-Contra network on whose board was Khalid Bin Mahfouz, the business partner of James R. Bath, GWB's Texas Air National Guard roommate.  Within a decade after this interview, Thomas Philpott, a popular University of Texas history professor supposedly committed suicide at 49 years old.  Nine years later on December 4, 2000 during the hotly contested Bush/Gore Presidential election, a full nine years after Philpott's death, his obituary was resurrected for the UT community by Nancy Richey.   Nancy Richey's bio of Philpott and letter from the Secretary of he General Faculty appeared as follows:

                                                                 IN MEMORIAM
     Thomas Lee Philpott–associate professor of history, fiery Catholic moralist and polemical leftist, and charismatic and much-honored teacher–ended his life on October 9, 1991, in Austin, Texas, after a yearlong illness. He was 49.
     Professor Philpott was born on January 21, 1942, in Chicago, Illinois, and attended St. Leo High School there. He received a bachelor's degree in European history from Loyola University in 1963 and master's and doctoral degrees in American history from the University of Chicago in 1963 and 1973.
     Professor Philpott's principal research interest was urban history. He knew the neighborhoods of his native Chicago well, first as a newsboy, then as a bus driver. When he joined the UT Austin faculty as an instructor in 1969, he wrote this on his biographical data sheet: "Bus driver, Chicago Transit Authority, summers of 1963 and 1964, experience that was vivid and informative to the student of the city."
     During his years in graduate school he was a Woodrow Wilson Fellow, National Institute of Mental Health Fellow, and Ford Foundation Fellow. His revised PhD dissertation was published in 1978 by Oxford University Press as The Slum and the Ghetto: Neighborhood Deterioration and Middle-Class Reform, Chicago, 1880-1930.
     Colleagues said that from the time he joined the faculty, he "immediately established a reputation he never lost as a dynamic, controversial teacher, whose determination to inject himself and his commitments into the shape and substance of his courses won him a yearly following of–often adoring–undergraduate students." Between 1974 and 1980 he received the Amoco Foundation Outstanding Teaching Award, College of Social and Behavioral Science Golden Apple Teaching Excellence Award, and Presidential Teaching Excellence Award.
     He consistently championed civil rights and spoke against situations and conditions as diverse as the firing of a university president, the arrest of student protesters, pederasty, and mindless patriotism.
     When he realized in the spring of 1991 that he might never teach again, Professor Philpott, who had served in the U.S. Army, wrote his students a letter that said in part, referring to the Gulf War, "I pray that you students, joined eventually and finally by the faculty, will stop this war, make peace, and become the beloved community."

                                                                                                John R. Durbin,
                                                                                                Secretary The General Faculty
Biographical sketch prepared by Nancy Richey and posted on the Faculty Council web site on December 4, 2000. Additional biographical sources can be found in the UT Office of Public Affairs, Office of the Executive Vice President and Provost, and Barker Texas History Center; Standish Meacham and Brian Levack, "Tom Philpott Remembered," Texas Observer, December 13, 1991, pp. 21—22, and in the same issue, Scott Henson, "Thomas the Believer," pp. 22-23.


  1. As the author of FATAL BEAUTY, and host of True Crime Uncensored on Outlaw Radio, I found this quite fascinating, although riddled with some rather absurd suppositions. I am easy to contact, and would have been perfectly willing to talk to the author of this piece and answer any questions he may have. It has been my pleasure to have Freeway Ricky Ross as a guest on my show, and also the author of THE FRANKLIN SCANDAL -- the definitive book on that case. I did have to laugh seeing that picture of Donna. She has been a dear friend of mine since 2002, and she survived a potentially deadly jelly fish sting. I posted that as a joke. She is quite a delightful and insightful woman. I have interviewed Rhonda in person, and as you know, she was given full reign to provide commentary on every aspect of the book. It is my personal belief that any corruption and deception of a political nature by former President Bush, and the ever higher and ever widening corruption in international politics are tangential to the shooting of Jimmy by Rhonda. Such ideas may have added fuel to the fires in her mind, but there is no direct linkage between the two. Also, I don't know how the author came to believe that hosting on show on Outlaw Radio would put me in interaction with motorcycle gangs. The "outlaw" in the title does not refer to any gang, but rather to the non-traditional and off-the-wall aspects of Matt Alan's "outlaw radio" from his back yard in the hills of Encino. I once was given a Sazuki motor bike as a parting gift from a radio station, but I never learned to ride it.
    Another recent guest of mine was Arthur Goldwag, author of THE NEW HATE -- outlining the history of many of the contemporary conspiracy theories. I will share this blog with Fred Wolfson, Don Woldman, Donna McCooke and others. Thanks for the attention, and if you want any clear answers to any questions, contact me anytime. Burl@burlbarer.net

  2. Peter Pezonus is currently out of the country on an assignment from his wife, but he did read your response and stated "Mr. Baer did not answer a single of the anomalies in the Rhonda Lee Glover case in my article. A non-denial denial! As for Rhonda Lee Glover, she deserved better representation from police officers Walker and Bush, some reference to the missing ear and DNA, and clearer representation from the media and especially from her legal defense. I have enjoyed reading Mr. Barer' works and rank them generally up there with Ann Rule or Frank P. Ferguson, but Fatal Beauty needs a 'make over.'"

    Thank you for responding to Pezonus' pithy article. I make no personal claims to the accuracy of his story, but believe that he is onto some gaping holes in the Jimmy Joste case.


    Winsip Custer

  3. We would love to have Peter on our show. He has some cool material and interesting insights. As we are all connected (6 degrees of separation?) we can find linkage between anyone and everything. Sadly, the simply coincidental or tangential links are often presented with the same enthusiasm as ones of true significance, making it difficult to tell the difference. The material on your page is vastly entertaining and thought provoking. If he would like to be our guest, please have him contact me.

    Burl Barer

  4. Dear Mr. Barer,
    Peter Pezonus emailed a letter this evening while on vacation in Italy. I post it here:

    Dear Winsip:
    Six degrees from Kevin Bacon is a catchy way of saying ‘there’s nothing here. Move on.’ As you have probably followed, President Obama has appointed James Comey to head the FBI, a Republican backer of Mitt Romney. This week Obama hosted at the White House Mr. and Mrs. George Herbert Walker Bush, Dorothy Bush Koch their daughter and Neil Bush, CEO of the Bush family’s 1000 Points of Light Foundation whose name was coined by Reagan/Bush speech writer Peggy Noonan in what looks like another run at the presidency in 2016 for Jeb who is out proclaiming that a new era of deregulation will stir the economy. Habeas Corpus has been gutted and nothing put strings on the Paulson bailout money nor reinstituted the Glass-Steagall Act that mandated the separation of banking and investment functions. This leads one to ask just what…..as the head of the Democratic Party…..is Obama thinking? Celebrating volunteerism? Okay, so let Joe Biden do it at the Points of Light headquarters and ask Sharon Bush, Neil’s ex-wife and her daughters to attend with Biden and his wife. Ask some of the Silverado Savings and Loan depositors to come, too. Why doesn’t Obama just strap on a leather gunnery helmut and straddle a tank like Michael Dukakis? Could it be because Michele worked as you well know, Winsip, having pointed it out often, in the Springfield, Illinois law firm of Sidley Austin, the firm of Republican Mrs. Mary Todd Lincoln and that Sidley Austin merged with Brown and Wood of New York in 2000 showing clearly the linkage to Brown Brothers Harrimans the National City Bank boys?
    Six degrees from Kevin Bacon is accurate, but not for the reasons that it is so often used….to move people on….because there’s nothing there. On the contrary. Keep digging….you’re very, very close. For example, George W. Bush’s father, Prescott worked for Brown Brother Harriman and he was identified during the 1930’s as a part of the “Business Plot”… the fascist Americans who sought to overthrown FDR with an army led by General Smedley Darlington Butler. George Herbert Walker Bush’s grandfather, Samuel Prescott Bush, was in charge of small arms procurement during World War II. You cannot get closer to the philosophical source of endless warfare than with those would promote wars in order to supply them for profit.
    Sorry Winsip. My wife and I have decided to follow the lead of Serpico and lay low in Europe for the foreseeable future. My apologies to your readers and as for Mr. Barer’s invitation to appear on his radio program, call me paranoid. I would be worried that I would be picked up at the airport near Encino by Keith Walker and James Bush and that they would carry me north and that my crazy carcass would go up in flames on a raging fire of cremated carelessness. Even without me, Mr. Barer could do a show on the questions I raise about Fatal Beauty. Have Keith Walker and James Bush on to explain why they didn’t do a luminal analysis of Cave X and to talk about what that child’s ear was that Rhonda Glover took to Identigene for analysis. Listeners would surely want to tune in. Follow it up with a panel of Presidential historians discussing which U.S. Presidents should have done the most jail time and why. Hell, that would be a doozie!

  5. Fear not. Several of my guests have received death threats, as have I, but we remain resilient and alive. My invitation to be on my show remains, and you may call in from anywhere in the world and speak through a scarf as in the old movies. I wish I would have had your info about old time shenanigans in the aquifer when I wrote the book. Contact me anytime for questions, commentary or whatever.
    Burl@burlbarer.net Oh, I love your idea about Presidential historians..I think perhaps Reagan might win, based on indictments during his administration

  6. Iran contra destroyed my brother, who worked with Iran before the shah was deposed, to Haliburton, back again.
    His girlfriend got murdered in florida in 89 and he was dead by jan 1991