Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Sunday, October 27, 2013



Orca semen extraction at Sea World
Orca "Gene Pool".  Tickets for event draw
premium prices.

by Johnny Wyde Rivers for CPW News Service

     The 12,000 lb. Orca of Icelandic descent and the main attraction at Sea World has provided the gene pool for most of the Orcas born in captivity.  As the source of sperm for the artificial insemination of his offspring, handlers and animal rights experts alike questioned the practice of Sea World trainers leading Tilikum to lay in his pool on his back at the surface while they stroke his bright pink 46 inch penis while collecting some of his massive ejaculation into a 12 inch by 12 inch plastic Tupperware container or zip-lock plastic bag.  The world's largest penis belongs to the Blue Whale and measures about 8 feet.   A team of marine scientists from Finland led by Lars Nordstrom attempted in 1992 to capture Blue whale semen, but the mission was unsuccessful.  Nordstrom's assistant, Svend Bjorgstend, was caught between the mating Blue whale bull and cow.  Lost at sea Bjorstend's body was never recovered.
     While it is impossible for males of any species to fake an orgasm, self-ejaculation, even if assisted, gives many males a type of post-ejaculation let down.  Post-coital-angst is a widely experienced male phenominon that some attempt to soothe by a cigarette or some other post-coital ritual.  One Sea World trainer is said to have attempted to induce Tilikum to smoke a Camel cigarette following a sperm harvesting session, but the water repeatedly snuffed the lighter and soaked the tobacco. 
    In the celebrated original Hollywood film, Spartacus, actors Kirk Douglas and Jean Simmons are placed in a forced coital situation by there Roman captors who look on in voyeuristic titillation.  "I am not an animal!" Spartacus yells.  Apparently even animals like Tilikum have their limit.  While milk cows seem to enjoy the adulatory stroking of engorged mammary glands, bulls tend to be less cooperative and over time may grow to deeply resent the coerced harvesting of their sperm, though it is widely believed that Sperm whales are much less finicky....thus their name.
     Dr. Peter Johnson of Mystic, Connecticut's Sperm Whale Institute notes that Sperm Whales are often alternatively called the "Onan Whale".


     After years of captivity and forced ejaculations, one of Tilikum's three homicides, Daniel Dukes, provided a mysterious link to Tilikum's induced testicular draining.   The 27 year old Dukes sneaked into Sea World's orca tank after business hours and took a moon-light dip for the thrill of a life time.  Dukes' body was found the next morning, his clothes stripped from his body and his genitals nibbled or jerked off.  Dukes' deflowered body rested on the Tilikum's back. "Tilikum had that 'don't look at me' look on his face," according to one witness.
     A lawsuit by the Dukes family was dismissed or settled out of court presumably for some undisclosed sum.  The Dukes argued that Sea World had tried to convince the general public that the Orca was a type of big Teddy Bear with human qualities and characteristics.  Some believed that Tilikum was mimicking the treatment he has experienced in captivity, but that without hands and arms, he used the only tools at his disposal.  His teeth.



     In fact, the Orca may be more like humans than anyone realizes with deep seated desires for connectedness as evidenced by the Orca's lengthy toleration before the first homicide. In the weeks following this tragic event, animal psychic, Aurelia Wilkomen, using a carefully designed and surreptitious plan to interview Tilikum, gleaned the following:

     "Tilikum said that he was tired of being artificially ejaculated in a demeaning manner by men with whom he shared no natural desire for sexual contact.   He is not homophobic, however.  He said that on occasion one of the female handlers gave him a slight sensation of the rush of courting a small Icelandic Orca named FeFe whom he met years ago off the coast of Norway, but that this female handler was never present for the semen extractions and might have made things more tolerable had she been there.  He said that he had no ill will for Mr. Dukes, but that frustrated by the years of what he called 'these pornographic pump peddlers pulling on my pud-dinkie.....well,  it's not exactly dinkie compared to Mr. Duke's, but Moby Dick's ram rod is said to have reached twelve feet...so, anyway,.I just had enough.  So I sent a message. Sorry Dukes."

     Ms. Wilkomen of the Animal Psychic Science Institute of Reykjavik, said "Tilikum also shared a poem.  Tilikum wanted his poem to be called Tilikum's Tail Tale," said Wilkomen.


     Native American Indian human rights advocate, Little Johnny Falcon Talon, has come forward to say "I am advocating that the Washington Redskins adopt Tilikum's song as their new football fight song.  It is the very least that the Redskins' owners could do to show their solidarity with planet earth upon which they play their football games."   Johnny Falcon Talon was also a leader in rejecting CIA Director, Leon Panetta's, use of 'Geronimo' as a code name for Osama Bin Laden.

Little Johnny
Falcon Talon

     Wilkomen said that she thought that given the circumstances that Tilikum would not mind his poem being used by the Washington football organization, but that Tilikum wanted credit for Tilikum's Tail Tale and that if the song led to greater sensitivity and less mindless exploitation of nature, he would support it, but preferred going back to the North Sea to search for FeFe in an ocean less filled with plastic bottles, bags and six pack rings.  "He was hoping for royalties on the poem if turned into a popular song and that the royalties be used for his safe transport back to the wild knowing that he would never win a law suit against Sea World for civil rights violations," said Wilkomen.


     Not to be deprived of their lucrative tourist attraction the International Divers for Instruction of Orca Trainers or IDIOT, is reportedly working with Albraun and Shaidy Engineers of Munich, Germany to build a new hydraulic double-bottomed Orca tank.

Hydraulic Orca Lifter Tank designed by
Shirley Shaidy after seeing Paul William
Walker's Great White Expedition.

     "If and when another event occurs, we'll be ready.  This pool provides the equivalent of draining the entire Orca tank in less than 15.5 seconds so as to prevent handler drowning.  We're thinking about a new "mullet muzzle" that acts like a dog muzzle so that Tilikum can be fed only small fish following his compliance to performance orders.  Even an older toothless Orca can suck off a human leg or arm in seconds.  We know that it makes Tilikum look like Hannibal Lecter, but that's not a problem.   Most kids like it even more. Ramming against the tank walls is more problematic. We haven't yet figured a way to make the walls and bottom flexible, " said one trainer who wished not to be identified, but admitted seeking a source for on-the-job accident insurance that didn't exclude being crushed or head-butted by an Orca.

     The hydraulic tank idea was the brainchild of Albraun and Shaidy's engineer, Sheila Shirley Shaidy, who said "I was watching Paul William Walker IV on National Geographic's and Discovery Channel's Great White Expedition.  For that series Paul William Walker IV and his team tagged 7 Great White sharks in 11 hours by lifting the sharks from the water on a rising platform.  Critics claim that Great White sharks don't like being caught,  lifted and tagged, particularly if they are late term pregnant females and that neither will Tilikum and other Orcas.

     Michael Domeier, PhD, the scientist behind Great White Expedition, brings a new level of expertise in tracking Great White sharks through the world's increasingly polluted oceans.  Las Vegas whale watchers are considering using the same technology to track their quarry, also called "whales".
Domeier's nonprofit company recently launch Expedition White Shark, an iPhone and iPad application that allows users to track more than 100 tagged great white sharks across the globe. The app, which costs $3.99, is available on Apple’s iTunes Store.  Las Vegas whale watcher and fiber optics and facial recognition entrepreneur, Sherlock Yurprivasi, is said to be developing Vegas Whale Watcher based on the same business model as Dr. Domeier's Great White Expedition.
     "Of course," said Charles Darwin Smyth of  the Center For Evolutionary Thinking in Surrey, England, "this does not make Dr. Michael Domeier's antics with and promotion of sharks anywhere near compatible with Charles Darwin's theories."   Smyth is sure that Darwin's emphasis was less on the survival of the brute fittest than upon the survival of those most readily able to adapt to changing environmental realities as Tilikum was attempting to do with Mr. Dukes by mimicking the treatment that Tilikum had experienced with his sperm handlers.   Smyth believes that Tilikum, jokingly called 'Un-til I cum' by some at Sea World,  may have been both confused and trying to please when he mistook a female handler's arm for a penis and in his attempt to mimic artificial ejaculation, accidently nipped it off,  leading the Killer Whale to be branded a homicidal threat. 
     "Domeier surely knows that there are few school boys who wouldn't like to be able to tell their friends that their iPad tracks 100 Great White sharks across the planet," said Smyth.  "A boy might even feel safer getting into the surf in the summertime thinking that at least one or two out of an estimated 3500-4000 remaining Great Whites making them rarer than tigers,  aren't anywhere near him.  The child may feel some power in this device, but remember that Copernicus and Galileo helped us to see not our powerful influence and control, but our limits.  Not so much our brute powers, but our insignificance within an infinite universe.  "This is what inspired Theodore Roosevelt's conservationism," said one outspoken whale watcher and shark scientist. Dr. Domeier throws us backwards like any fight promoter would toward the law of the jungle.   So into the child's pocket and iPad is the electronic image of a deadly animal mindlessly devouring everything.  This instills in the child's mind a sad and brutal circle of life that is in its own death spin, but which you can be observed for $3.99. This would have been Hitler's and Himmlers' greatest achievement had they won World War II with their pseudo-science of eugenics and the means of promoting it in the mind of a child.   Joseph Goebbels' propaganda machine at its evolutionary best!  Domeier's  not a "fight promoter", but a 'bite promoter,' said Smyth.  
     Shark Week founder, Domeier, created a special Great White Honey with the Rare Hawaiian Honey Company.  Domeier and his wife, Amy Grace (no clear relationship to the J. Peter Grace family featured in the John Travolta film, A Civil Action and which in 1916 owned a controlling interest in Pacific Mail and Steamship Company which sold six of its vessels to the American-Hawaiian Steamship Company, according to the One-Degree from Kevin Bacon Foundation). A talented California and Hawaii-based jeweler,  Amy Grace Domeier,  along with Michael, purchased the honey business because they admired the previous owner's commitment to sustainable agriculture. Meticulous attention is given by Michael and Amy to creating one-of-a-kind gourmet honey products like Great White. The couple moved the business from Ahualoa to Waimea, Hawaii where it is now located in the same building as Tropical Dreams ice cream company founded by Metro Fiber Systems' engineer turned ice cream entrepreneur, Dan Miller.  Madison Avenue public relations and advertising wizzard, David Draper Donaldson, believes that both Domeier's and Miller's consumer products would sell well at Sea World as "Tilikum's Honey" and "Tilikum's Ice Cream".
     Charles Darwin Smyth believes that as with most of the New England China Traders and whalers whose families became known as Brahmans, like the Brahman class of India, they alone are on an upward evolutionary ascent, but everybody else is on a feudal rolling circle of life like that described by poet Wilbur Huxley Forcee.

     Paul Walker's grandfather was professional boxer, gambler and race car driver for Ford Motors, Paul William Walker, Jr. also known as "Irish Billy" Walker.  "Irish Billy" left the boxing ring after several bouts were called mid-way through the match because of his profuse nose bleeds.  He used his boxing fortunes to build gambling houses to promote boxing and other gaming venues. Paul William Walker is not believed to have inherited nose bleeds from his grandfather which is a clear advantage when swimming with Great White sharks.

     Wilkomen, said of Morgan, a small female Orca at the Canary Island's Tenerife's Loro Parque which Wilkomen also interviewed, that Morgan was increasingly dreaming of becoming a fight promoter like "Irish Billy", but pitting of Sea World, Anheuser-Busch and Blackstone Group board members up against Green Peace activists.  According Wilkomen and others, Morgan has been a victim of male Orca abuse and frequent rapes for refusing to mate in captivity. "It's hard to escape a wild rapist when you are confined in a small pool," said Wilkomen.  "Sadly, unlike 'Irish Billy', Morgan was not able to get into fight promoting because Loro Parque paid her nothing but fish and would never consider sending her to business school."

     William Hall "Billy" Bush whose recent documentary Chasing Rhinos, a film showing how poaching of endangered species is triggering the need for their protection, could not be reached for his assessment of the Orca problem.   Sources close to Billy Bush, the nephew of George Herbert Walker Bush and son of former Riggs National Bank executive, Jonathan James Bush, whose close encounters on Access Hollywood have brought Billy complaints from Nancy O'Dell, who left the show after 13 years and from Katie Couric, who cut short an interview with the abrasive Billy, say that Billy Bush's team did not attempt a similar ejaculation of an endangered rhino.  Couric and O'Dell were reportedly puzzled to hear that Mr. Bush had not yet reached this level of stewardship in his program to protect Rhinos.

    Little Johnny Falcon Talon said "they use the poaching angle to validate the captivity, much as the loss of the Buffaloes in the West justified the Trail of Tears.  Who are the poachers?  They could be anyone, but the animals' fight for survival even in captivity will be exploited for profit. I wouldn't trust these mofo's any more than Tilikum does.  Some day the 911 Truth Movement will put two and two together and realize that this is the old dialectic at work:  Create the problem.  The people scream.  Offer the solution.  Make money from both corners of the conflict," said Falcon Talon.


     Madison Avenue public relations guru, David Draper Donaldson, said that Sea World's executives are working with CNN to secure the rights to the documentary Blackfish as part of its damage control of its tourist venue followed by Tilikum's performances with that part of ticket sales going to the Council for the Safe Handling of Orcas, a new animal rights and safety advocacy group in Bedford, Massachusetts.  Donaldson believes that it is always better to get the bad news about any product out there quickly and expose as much of the ugly as you can so that you can control the spin.   PETA representatives say that the majority of the CSHO's board are descendants of America's leading whaling and China Trading families and owners of whaling museums in New England.  One PETA representative said "Herman Melville could never freely take on his readers and benefactors for whom he was an articulate novelist for fear that he would, like Jonah in the Bible, be thrown overboard, but that Moby Dick, the great white whale, was really Middle Eastern opium sold by the New England China Traders to the Chinese for silk, spices and other goods. This funded their whaling activities and their obsessive pursuit of anything that enslaves others at a cost/risk benefit.  From whaling they went into transportation and oil as evidenced by the Union Pacific Railroad's Transcontinental line that had as its true destination, the China market and Pakistani, Afghanistan, Turkish and other Middle Eastern renewable opium sources, and not the gold of California's depleting mineral piles as most American have been lead to believe by historians and Hollywood.  Within a century of the Union Pacific's completion, George Herbert Walker Bush would become the U.S. Ambassador to China while Richard Nixon rolled out a new era in U.S./Chinese relations.  Oil prices by then had long been set at the oil pipeline spigot at Cushing, Oklahoma, named after the family of the Boston China Trader and opium smuggler, Caleb Cushing, who negotiated the first Chinese trade agreement which promised not to do as the British and sell opium for other Chinese goods that essentially enslaved, like Tilikum, a whole generation of Chinese citizens....eventually leading to the Cultural Revolution.  Wilkomen said she was aware that Caleb Cushing had scammed Confederate president, Jefferson Davis, who had personally laid out a Southern rail route across the Great Southwest that would have beaten the UP route, not to San Francisco, but to San Diego just North of where William Walker had tried to take over Baja California before being run off to Central America. Cushing's New England whale ships had been transformed into opium clippers lined up and waiting at Oakland, California's harbor.  The Southern route disappeared at the climax of the Civil War when William Techumseh Sherman destroyed the important Southern railheads at Savannah on the Atlantic Coast and Vicksburg on the Mississippi, and was not completed until after Reconstruction.  "The U.S. Civil War was essentially a way to pay for Cushing's quick route to the orient, not to abolish slavery....otherwise their kith and kin would oppose enslaving Tilikum and would not have returned inner city youth to chemical chains as with the Iran-Contra drugs-for-weapons-for-hostages deal in the 1980's.  Is it any surprise that Tilikum and Morgan and the other Orcas are basically hard working slaves?" asked Wilkomen.

     "At first we thought that the Enviromental Defense Fund or EDF would come to the defense of Tilikum and the other Orcas, but in September, 2013 the story broke that a study on the effects of fracking done by the EDF  proved that methane leaks were marginal, but was later shown to be biased and based on well-head-cherry-picking that skewed the entire study.  With Walmart, TXU and other eco-agnostic entities supporting the EDF study it was clear that Tilikum's testicles were still in a vice," said Wilkomen.  "I have looked closely at the major players on the EDF.  Their board and staff are up to the nipples in Yale grads, Phillips Exeter Academy and Bowdoin grads with their historic linkages to 'the Order' and to Franklin Pierce whose support of slavers like William Walker is well known," Wilkomen surmised.

     "Public relations firms like ours specialize in turning the most disgusting aspects of business-as-usual and greed-gone-wild into palatable profit centers," said PR man, Donaldson.  "There's no putrid pile of Orca smegma that can't be turned into a heavenly asset," said Donaldson wondering "do Orcas produce smegma in an enclosed tank or does the water wash it all way like it would at sea?" Donaldson said he is putting together a new public relations plan for Sea World Parks and Resorts'

     "Take the film name, Blackfish.  A brilliant PR ploy and damage controlling mind science tactic for the Orca vendors who genuinely packed that name with many subtle triggers.  Tilikum is not a fish at all, but a big brained mammal that breathes air!  Then he's not black, but black and white!  Were the writers, producers and directors blind?  Obviously NOT!  Julian Huxley, a founder of the World Wildlife Fund that is underwriting Billy Bush's rhino chasing documentary was the grandson of British Eugenics' founder and 'Darwin's Bulldog' who took on Wilberforce in defending slavery based on the same pseudo-science supported by Mary Harriman's Cold Spring Harbor Eugenics Program that informed Hitler's 'Final Solution'.   Julian Huxley received in 1959 the Albert Lasker Award for his work with Planned Parenthood for World Population Control and we all know that Albert Lasker was the advertising and PR wizard who sold the world on cigarettes while his wife was President of the American Cancer Society," said Donaldson.   Mary Harriman was the wife of the future employer of Prescott Bush, father of GHWB," said Donaldson, "and her story can be read in Edwin Black's book, War Against the Weak.  Of course this raises the question of 'who's weak'?  Those that see their greed gone wild and their exploitation of the planet whether through enslaving animals, fracking the ground or pumping petrochemical waste into the lakes, rivers and oceans is cool, or those who lament the fact that we all sit with evil minds on a precarious pinnacle while ready to throw ourselves into the abyss?" asked Donaldson in a rare moment of honesty that's difficult to monetize on Wall Street or Madison Avenue.

     Donaldson noted that Blackfish was distributed by Dallas Maverick owner Mark Cuban and Todd R. Wager's movie company, Magnolia.  Mr. Cuban, whose named was changed from Chabenski by his Russian immigrant grandparents,  was at Indiana University where both he and Todd Wagner cought the basketball bug....in Bob Knight, Hoosier-style. Wagner has been an attorney for Akin Gump, the firm of Vernon Jordon a partner with Texas' Democratic political advisor, Robert Straus, but also with legal advisors including Republican, John Sununu.  Another Cuban/Wagner company, 2929 Films, had distributed the Cormac McCarthy story and film, The Road, which does not predict an upbeat future for planet earth, but does remind us that it's hard 'to teach the world to sing in perfect harmony' although even in a post-apocalyptic world Coca-Cola is still valued for its bubbly high-fructose corn syrup sweetness.   Wagner is also a member of the Kappa Sigma Fraternity which Peter Brewton featured in a chapter of his 1992 book, The Mafia, CIA and George Bush.   Cyrus R. Smith, was the standout Kappa Sigma member who founded Texas Air Transport which became Southern Air Transport, the CIA airline that delivered contraband to the Nicaragua Contras and was exposed in the Iran-Contra scandal that convicted Oliver North, John Poindexter, Elliot Abrams and U.S. Secretary of Defense, Caspar Weinberger.  Texas Senator, John Tower, also Kappa Sigma, had led the investigation into the Iran-Contra scandal.  John Tower, head of the Tower Commission appointed by Ronald Reagan to look into Iran-Contra for the Reagan Administration, was George Herbert Walker Bush's appointee for Secretary of Defense, but Tower died in a plane crash before taking that office and taking with him most of the Iran-Contra secrets including, according to Brewton, like the provision of Oliver North's Contra training base in Belize on land provided by Coca-Cola where teaching the world to sing in harmony was not on the agenda.
     Cuban and Todd also distributed the film Loose Change that brought out nearly all of the problematic 911 issues including the fall of Tower 7 and traces of Thermite raised by engineers, military analysts, intelligence and FBI agents, but with a title that did to that film what Blackfish does to Tilikum.  Spin hucksters!  Indeed, Cuban and Todd demonstrate the essence of Anthony Sutton's criticism of "The Order".....it's dialectic and fight promoting serves the bottom line....theirs!  Cuban said, "We like controversial subjects, but we are agnostic as to which side the controversy comes from."  This was the singular message of the Hoover Institute's member-turned-critic and life-long prophetic analyst of "the Order", Anthony Sutton.

     "Kappa Sigma member, Robert Redford, featured Blackfish at the 2013 Sundance Film Festival where not far away in Utah the NSA is building it gigantic data mining respository, but with CNN taking the lead on airing of Blackfish, CNN founder, Ted Turner, long believed to be an advocate of radical depopulation of humanity from planet earth has been working with the World Wildlife Federation to save bison.  Obviously his sentiments still reign at CNN.  Meanwhile, Western ranchers claim that Turner is seeking to control the land above the U.S.'s largest water aquifer... the Ogallala Aquifer.  The Keystone Pipeline that runs across this aquifer that running under Tuner's land in the West and passes through the Koch brother's state of Kansas and then through Cushing Oklahoma paints a clear picture of the connections.   Opponents of Turner noted that in the film Gods and Generals, Turner is seen singing the Confederate battle song, The Bonnie Blue inspired by a flag of blue panel with white star used in Confederate Florida and appropriated by the Confederacy.   This flag would become the left panel of the Texas State Flag. This flag and song were well known to conservative elements in American culture from the KKK to the New England China Traders.   Caleb Cushing had hosted Jefferson Davis in Boston where the future Confederate President spoke of the legitimacy of slavery at Faneuil Hall shortly before Frederick Douglas' famous speech there.   While quoting the Bible like Douglas, Davis carefully avoided such passages as 'In Christ there is neither East nor West, Jew nor Greek, slave nor free, male nor female,' and  'greater things shall you do than I have done.'   Fred Koch, Charles and William's father was a founder of the John Birch Society, built Hitler's oil refineries in Germany and supplied Germany's oil through Hitler's U.S. agent, William Rhodes Davis, who claimed family ties to both Cecil Rhodes and Jefferson Davis, the Confederate President.  Davis' life is explored in Dale Harrington's book Mystery Man: William Rhodes Davis: Nazi Agent of Influence.  These guys would reinstitute slavery in a heartbeat," said Wilkomen an avid reader and analyst of American and European history.

     Little Johnny Falcon Talon noted that most of the Sea World executives are former Busch Gardens' employees.  "In 2007 the Busch-owned Sea World was sold to the Blackstone Group," said Falcon Talon.   "This brings to full circle the Orca problem.  American citizens are facing the same frontal attack on their individual liberties that face the Orcas," Falcon Talon asserted.

    Little Johnny Falcon Talon questions whether a proposed multi-million dollar contribution to Saint Louis' Webster University's School of Business and Technology that was created by a contribution from Anheuser-Busch which sold Sea World to Blackstone Group will provide an undergraduate degree in Orca Management and Administration.   George Herbert "Bert" Walker III, whose company sold Sea World to Blackstone Group was appointed Ambassador to Hungary in 2003 by George Walker Bush, while Blackstone Group has on its board, former U.S. security advisor, Henry Kissinger.  Kissinger, whose Noble Prize is considered the most controversial award in human history, was said by Christopher Hitchens to be devoid of self-examination.   It is widely reported that Blackstone Group has no plans to name one of Tilikum's offspring "Kissy".

     According to Wilkomen, Tilikum believes that Morgan is misguided in her desire to mimic the values of her captors.  Tilikum told Wilkomen, "She has clearly become a victim of Helsinki or Stockholm Syndrome, a type of Condoleeza Rice or Colin Powell.  I don't blame Billy Bush or Paul Walker.  Everybody has to come from somewhere as I did, but I'm a Killer Whale and you don't want to put my kind in charge of the whole earthly fish tank even though my tolerance has shown the direction that natural evolution wishes to take. This experiment has disrobed the downward evolution of a certain classless class that's inbreeding will simply reverse-engineer its evolution into pond scum," Tilikum told Wilkomen.

     "Americans seem to have done this to themselves within 100 years of the U.S. Revolution by the election of many of these mindless, misguided shits to public office with total putrefaction of the entire fish bowl with the Bush father and son's genetic pitbullish-mush mixed in.   I believe that the Bush/Walker family is directly related as many of Tilikum's sired offspring are to him, to the embarrassing U.S. filibusterer, William Walker, who was killed in Honduras trying to capture not a Killer Whale, but a Central American nation for the building of a canal through which all kinds of stuff including Orcas could be shipped along with the pain killer, opium or Contra-cocaine, to the waiting freak show in world's distant ports," said Wilkomen.  "Sadly, the U.S. power elites currently have no Teddy Roosevelt who, for all of his flaws and his own family ties to the China Trade, at least would stand up to this downward evolutionary process and the rape of the entire planet as he and the Vanderbilts did with William Walker."

     Wilkomen believes that the American gonzo journalist, Hunter S. Thompson, had in 2003 an epiphany and addressed in Kingdom of Fear the evolution of the downward spiral that had been embraced and nurtured by the Huxleys, the British Royals and the wayward U.S. power elites which had caused both Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Winston Churchill so much concern during the rise of Nazi Fascism in Europe in the 1930's, but which had its corresponding earlier rise in the U.S. in the 1830's.  By the 1940's with Vanavar Bush supplying through Dresser Industries the cooling pumps needed for the Manhattan Projects, our U.S. Fascist element, the Order as many call it, was calling the shots with a blaster so deadly that its use was insane, but providing the umbrella-threat under which endless wars could be fought to fuel their military empire and worldwide ambitions.

    Many have raised concerns that the sale of Sea World by Anheuser-Busch to the Blackstone Group may be hiding a deeper secret.   Blackstone Group's founder Pete Peterson (generally credited with the development of the children's program on Public Television, Sesame Street) was business partner of longtime Lehman Brothers CEO and Skull and Bones member the same year as George Walker Bush at Yale, Stephen Schwartzman, at whose 60th birthday party Rod Stewart sang as Condaleeza Rice and General Colin Powell looked on.  When Lehman Brothers failed and Hank Paulson used their bankruptcy as the excuse for forcing the Wall Street bailout, the uninformed U.S. citizenry failed to see the nets closing on their freedom like an Orca pod in a narrow fjord.  Meanwhile, setting aside the longstanding Western Tradition of anti-slavery sentiments, the U.S. military undermines the very democratic traditions that it claims it was fighting to provide the Iraqi people.
    U.S. News and World Report (The Army Trains Skeptic Corp to Counter Group Think, May 15, 2008) featured the problem with a decidedly pro-slavery spin when it reported on one U.S. Army program in Iraq:

     They also study competitive models. One of the students' favorite reads is the book Moneyball by Michael Lewis, about how a small-market baseball team like the Oakland A's regularly gets itself into the playoffs by placing a premium on traits that most big-league teams overlook, like discipline at the plate. They want the player who's reliable at avoiding the out and getting to first base, not the star who's always batting for the far bleachers. "But normally in America," says Topping, "we bring in the superstars. That's how we build our teams." The point is to expose officers to a subject they think they know very well, like baseball, and turn it on its head. "Then," he adds, "we ask what are some other ways you can look at problems—whether you use western, eastern, or competitive models—that you haven't before? That's the task of the Red Teamer."
     That is the theory. In practice, such input has not always been so well received. "We challenged a few things that they were simply unwilling to engage on," says Lt. Col. Jeff Ragland, commander of the first Red Team at U.S. military headquarters in Baghdad until October 2007. He recalls questioning the surge in its planning stages. "I was wondering if you look ahead two years whether we'll have the right number of people, what happens to transitory security when it ends—things that are coming to pass now." The response he got, he says, was "Who the hell are you, and what are you doing?" Nor did he get much traction when he wondered, for example, about the feasibility of employing 12-year-old Iraqis to do odd jobs, a practice contrary to U.S. child labor laws. "We have a preconceived image of an American 12-year-old. But in Iraq, they may be, in everything but age, the head of the household—engrossed in the economy, governance, day-to-day life," says Ragland. "We've mirror-imaged it." And in so doing, he adds, perhaps ceded some chance to help and influence everyday Iraqis.

    Tell this to a 12-year Orca that, counter to all the Sea World mumbo jumbo, actually has a life-span that's about the same as a human and desires more than a bucket of fish and slimy human hand-job.  An attempt was made to contact Lt. Col. Jeff Ragland whose Red Team was previously managed by General David Petraeus at Leavenworth, Kansas in the home state of the Koch Brother's key businesses before moving to Houston, Texas.  Ragland's group incorporates a few (less than 400) members in the 75th Army Reserve stationed at Ellington Field, the same base associated with James R. Bath, the Texas National Guard roommate of George W. Bush.   Ragland's arrival in Iraq was  after the arrival of West Point ethicist, Col. Theodore "Ted" Westhusing who countered the corruption there by confronting Petraeus.  Four hours after Westhusing's terse exchange he was found dead of an apparent suicide, but Westhusing, who was responsible for training the equivalent of the captured Orcas, Iraq's indigenous security force, had been preceded in that task by New York City Police Commissioner, Berine Kerik, later jailed for corruption, but George Walker Bush's first choice for Director of Homeland Security.

Captive infant Orca and Iraqi child at work, reported by Human Rights
Watch, World Vision and Amnesty International as a growing
human tragedy.

      The de-evolution of Western Society and its core emphasis on freedom and liberty, learning and human rights has accelerated since the 1830's  and given way to reverse-evolution that is spun by the captors as the ticket to progress, but is it?  "No," said Wilkomen according to Tilikum who was also suffering from Helsinki or Stockholm Syndrome induced by a bucket of fish from his captors.  These bastards would put Moby Dick in a netted fjord and sell the uninformed air fare and a ticket to watch an example of their own demise,"  Wilkomen said quoting Tilikum's concluding assessment of his betrayal.
     Moneyball was the book by Michael Lewis that described the metric system used to run George W. Bush's Texan baseball team...a team that historically pooled some of the leading steroid junkies in their performance enhancing charades.  "These are the monopolists who would crush Adam Smith's Invisible Hand that in a post-industrial world, depends on an educated population to enforce its own freedom and eradicate the monopolists....and by that I mean those who are acutely aware of any and all threats to freedom and liberty whether they are ideas pushed by their evil coalition or a religious movement whose pedophile profligates feed on the uninformed or tell young women to have all the babies they can without regards to the impact of their actions on future freedoms.  In accepting their enslavement they will mindlessly re-enslave their own," said Robert Turnbull Flutie an expert on pseudo-science and economics.  "You will find that behind the Moneyballers are those who have historically tried to corner the precious metal markets while tanking the economy just as Tilikum is being 'tanked'," said Flutie.

       Flutie noted that in 2009, the Dallas Observer reporter, Daniel Whitt, wrote:

 ..... there's no denying that the Texas Rangers now have more big-name stars linked to performancing-enhancing drugs than any professional team this side of a European cycling club.
Ruben Sierra. Jose Canseco. Ivan Rodriguez. Juan Gonzalez. Rafael Palmeiro. Alex Rodriguez.

      "These players are not unlike the handlers of Tilikum who have said 'if we refuse to do the job there is someone else who will and we lose our income."

      "Slaves are made in such ways," said Flutie who noted that the U.S. Supreme Court Justice who guaranteed the status quo in 2000 was Antonin Scalia.    "With the 'appointment' of George Walker Bush as President one year after Bill Clinton's administration and Congress repealed the Glass-Steagall Act that led to the rape and pillage of Main Street, we now see that Antonin Scalia's son is representing those who want to keep Tilikum in slavery.  As goes Tilikum so go the rest of us!"

     "I don't have all the answers," said Flutie, "but in the year that Glass-Steagall was repealed, a law that sought to make clear the social contract between the nation and its people, Jurgen Habermas, who had suffered the indignities of the Third Reich wrote the following with no particular religious axe to grind, but clearly with strains of Wilberforce mixed throughout," said Flutie providing Habermas' quote:

For the normative self-understanding of modernity, Christianity has functioned as more than just a precursor or catalyst. Universalistic egalitarianism, from which sprang the ideals of freedom and a collective life in solidarity, the autonomous conduct of life and emancipation, the individual morality of conscience, human rights and democracy, is the direct legacy of the Judaic ethic of justice and the Christian ethic of love. This legacy, substantially unchanged, has been the object of a continual critical reappropriation and reinterpretation. Up to this very day there is no alternative to it. And in light of the current challenges of a post-national constellation, we must draw sustenance now, as in the past, from this substance. Everything else is idle postmodern talk.

      "A product of the Frankfurt School that has informed the American and European power elites' dialecticism for almost two centuries and given Habermas' relationship to Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger whose ties to Nazi Germany were a source of concern in his selection as Pope, is this a poor choice in arguing for better treatment for Tilikum and his handlers?  Is Habermas unchacteristically promoting this 'normative self-understanding of modernity' as an opiate for the masses before they, like Tilikum, are enslaved?" asked Flutie.

      "The words of Ronald Reagan come to my mind.  'Trust, but verify,'" said Flutie, "unless you are a native American or Tilikum.  They've trusted enough already."

PUBLISHERS ADDENDUM DECEMBER 1, 2013:  Sadly, Paul Walker IV was killed in a strange flaming car crash in California on November 30.  The Porsche was driven by what was identified as a "friend", but who was not named in initial reports, the police cordoned off the area as a crime scene.  The family will want to have a secondary autopsy, a thorough background check of the "friends" relationships as well as a thorough forensic analysis of the automobile.

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