Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Fast Acting Cancer Accelerator Is Patented By New York Company As BTExcite

Velox Auctus Is Patented by Strages Inc. For Use As Taste Enhancer and Workplace Incentive
by Winsip Custer CPW News Service

     It sounds like a story out of a science fiction novel, but it is not a novel idea.  Judyth Vary Baker, friend of David Ferrie, the eccentric pilot and character from New Orleans associated with the Marcello crime organization and the JFK assasination reported that she and Ferrie were seeking ways to induce cancer in humans.
     Now the New York company, Strages Inc., has patented the Velox Auctus toxin for use by what it terms "high intensity upper end users".

Nigel Rothsteinberger, the company's CEO, believes that the demand for his toxin will be substantial with what he terms the "more demanding corporate clients whose limited liability status is helpful when using more aggressive employee incentives.  Fear is a marvelous motivator," he said.
     I asked pharmaceutical testing and protocol expert, Winston Ruffin, of Paradox Environmental Consultants LLC if the threat of induced quick acting cancers didn't put Strages Inc. in a legal liability delima.  "Not at all," said Ruffin.  "The toxin cannot be shown to induce the six or eight cancers that it accelerates, though it clearly has a positive effect on cancer growth in those specific cancers, quadrulping the growth rate in the more lethal cells. Until another lab can demonstrate that the toxin causes the cancers it accelerates, there will be no threat of liability.  So Strages will market the new product as BTExcite.....from 'Benign Taste Exciter'.  Kind of like MSG on Chinese food," he said.  "You can't sue Air Products Inc., if for example, it's selling people pure oxygen and they used it as a fire accelerator.  You can't sue Shell Oil when an arsonist buys its gasoline to help burn down a building simply because a criminal uses it irresponsibly."
     When asked where he saw the biggest potential demand for his product beyond those mentioned he said "hospices and funeral homes that provide community meals...fish fries, pancake breakfasts or spaghetti dinners for the public.  That sort of thing."
     It is not believed that the FDA will approve BTExcite for food grade taste enhancing, but that will not prevent Strages from securing its patent.  "If it's not approved as an enhancer, then we'll sell it under the title "BT Excite a concrete mix 'filler' which can be just about anything," at the same price.  I asked Mr. Rothsteinberg if this attempt to pass Velox Auctus through the FDA approval process wasn't an elaborate public relationship ploy to get Strages' Velox Auctus into the public arena with free negative publicity.  Rothsteinberger had no comment, but asked me to try his new artichoke spinach dip on a Triscuit.

for an overview of the Judith Vary Baker story see... 

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