Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Dr. Robin Robinson and Senator Richard Burr Dueling Band Joes

B.A.R.D.A. Exempt From Transparency As Big Tobacco Attacks Ebola
By Nicholas “Nicco” Teenschot for CPW News Services

    North Carolina Senator, Richard Burr, a cousin of Aaron Burr who like renegade filibusterer, William Walker in Baja California and Honduras, had hopes of  annexing much of the Louisiana Territory for his own personal country and shot Alexander Hamilton in a duel, has annexed big pharma.  Richard Burr was the sponsoring U.S. Senator of the bill that created B.A.R.D.A. within the Department of Health and Human Services.   His bill exempted B.A.R.D.A. from the Freedom of Information Act.  Senate Bill 1873 was passed in 2005 supposedly to help medical researchers fast track new medicines.
     John Blewett of the Society for the Separation of Government and Medicines said “our companies don’t think they can trust that their proprietary medicines and research won't be short-circuited by a bamboozling group within government that could alter, copy or steal their ideas for the sake of a consortium of do-gooders backed by the bad-doers of big tobacco.”

     J. Cruz Messeles of Freedom Fighters for Freedom of Information said “Burr is a burr under the saddle of common sense.    Senator Burr, the bozo who succeeded Senator John Edwards, providing the slight improvement of the Republican alternative to the sad Democratic freak show  when John Edwards may not have given his wife cancer, but abandoned her when she got it and then vacated his North Carolina Senate seat....Burr is the mouth organ of big tobacco and he prays up the praises of big tobacco like Rev. Franklin Graham shouting like Moses from the top of Black Mountain while pointing to Senator Lindsey Graham as the perfect example of loyal Americanism....nicotine and numb nuts.    Now that Dr. Robin Robinson of B.A.R.D.A. has told us that big tobacco is behind the ZMAPP non-vaccine medicine that is supposed to be effective against Ebola….given the secretive nature of big tobaccos’ lengthy assault on human health how would we know it’s not anything but snake oil?” asked Messeles.   Messeles is also skeptical that Ebola is anything but a military bio-weapon being used to create consent for hysteria and a charade for the hijacking of the world’s citizenry.  “It would be incredibly easy to create a benign virus which may well be what happened at Marsburg, Germany,  one that masks the actual bio-weapon....one part that is seen through the microscope while the non-detectable toxin provides the disintegration of human tissue and organs and goes unseen while the samples are held under close control through the threat of a pandemic by an ignorant and untrained health care system.   All that's needed is a tightly controlled antidote.   Since 2005 we had the bird flu epidemic whereby with the help of Richard Burr's bills billions were spent on Tamiflu and its effectiveness has been widely questioned.  In Florida we had the rape and pillage of the Medicare system by big business like Governor Rick Scott and the Columbia-HCA system that was fined $1.7 billion for fraud.”
     “Look,” said Messeles, “you can see Burr defending big tobacco and seeking to limit tobacco’s liability for health the health deficits tobacco caused that have vastly  exceeded Ebola's death rate thus far.   Burr is Sir Galahad of the R.J. Reynold’s tobacco company whose heirs were Gordon Gray and his son, C. Boyden Gray, the White House legal counsel for the Bush family.  Gordon Gray was head of the commission that stripped J. Robert Oppenheimer of his national security clearance.    Senator Burr has also taken a keen interest in nuclear energy which when expended in reactors is unloaded as depleted uranium on non-bucolic battlefields.  So here you have big tobacco in bed with big oil that opposed Oppenheimer's proposal that nuclear energy could peacefully and inexpensively light the world.   And we're suppose to trust that Burr and friends have people's health in mind?   I'm sure they believe that big tobacco and the other corporations that sacrifice people for the sake of the money mill is justified by the old adage....'you've got to break some eggs to make an omelet.   We are their omlet!"

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