Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Juan Carlos Caballero Reflects on The Loss of A Child

Caballero Not Related to Poncho Villas' Chauffeur

Juan Carlos Caballero Vega.  Poncho Villa's chauffeur
died on April 9th, 2010 at the age of 109.

by Winsip Custer CPW News Service

Following the tragic loss of nine-year-old Christina Greene in Tuscon at the hand of Jared Loughner, Costa Rican underground newpaper man, Juan Carlos Caballero, reflected on the loss of his own child, his twenty-three-year-old son, a University of Texas student, studying animal science and agriculture. He had a part-time job providing organic herbs and vegetables to the restaurant that  Dianna Southwood Kennedy helped make famous in Austin, Fonda San Miguel, the restaurant where George Walker Bush reportedly proposed to Laura Welch.

"You said that your son went from there to visit Mrs. Kennedy in San Miguel Allende and from there he moved from Austin to Kemah, Texas?" I asked.

"That's right. It was spring break and he and some friends accepted Mrs. Kennedy's invitation to visit her in San Miguel Allende, a popular writer and artist colony in Southern Mexico and a place that loves her fine cuisine and where she shared recipes with a cast of international characters," said Caballero.

"From there he went to Kemah and was working near the Jimmy Walker Restaurant?" I asked.

"That's right," said Caballero. "Jimmie Walker's goes way, way back. You see, the customs officials at Galveston were circumvented by ships that anchored at Roll Over Pass up the coast near Crystal Beach between Bolivar Peninsula  and High Island.  The first custom's officer was Gail Borden who invented homogenization of milk. They'd unload offshore and roll their barrels of contraband across Rollover Pass and take them to Kemah. It's all in Melanie Wiggin's book, They Made Their Own Laws."

Jimmie Walker's Edgewater
Restaurant, Kemah, TX.

"And your son was working on these docks that had a long history of skull duggery?" I asked.

"Not yet. He had just been given a job there the week of his death. Today it is home to a number of restaurants, but the latest controversy has been between Melanie Wiggin's family that owns the boardwalk and Tilman Fertitta, the Galveston, Texas restaurateur whose family ran the restaurants and clubs for Sam Maceo and whose cousins founded Ultimate Fighting Championships and Stations Casinos in partnership with GWB's partner in the Texas Ranger's baseball franchise, Richard Rainwater, from Fort Worth. Sam Maceo's famous Balanese Room in Galveston was closed by the Texas Rangers,  partially because of his ties to New Orlean's Mob boss, Carlos Marcello, whose granddaughter is married to the great, great grandson of the Confederacy's President, Jefferson Davis. The Italian mob and Southerners are natural allies against what they perceive as the bastions of communism in Central and South American and Cuba....dark skinned Latins whose history is tied to Spain and Africa. But from Operation Zapata, also called The Bay of Pigs, to Iran-Contra, Kemah was a hot spot for weapons and money shipments. Anyone who appeared to have knowledge of these things, particularly going into a political campaign like the one in 2000, would have been in dangerous waters," said Caballero.

"Your name is Juan Carlos Caballero. That was also the name of Poncho Villa's chauffeur. Do you think that...." I began to ask when he interjected....

"That they thought I was related? Who knows. Villa's Juan Carlos Caballero Vega, lived until 2010, I believe. My family has been in Costa Rica since at least the late 1700's. I am not related to the Poncho Villa driver, but I do have deep connections to other journalists and reporters in Central and South America, but I didn't know that Paul Kennedy's wife's and my son would meet at Fonda San Miguel in Austin nor that my son was working with them there," he said.

Fonda San Miguel founded with help
 by wife of Paul P. Kennedy,
Dianna Southwood Kennedy.
"Is it possible that they came to him when they found out he was in the city?" I asked.

"Yes, that's very possible. And I would have thought nothing about it except after he was killed. Then it was quite obvious that something went terribly wrong. You see, up until Paul P. Kennedy's reports on the Bay of Pigs, American's had little or no knowledge of the CIA involvement there. Castro, sent shivers down the CIA's spine. According to numerous sources including Charles Rappleye and Ed Becker whose All American Mafioso: The Johnny Roselli Story, Hollywood mafioso, Johnny Roselli, had been contacted by Col. Joseph Caldwell  'J.C.' King of the CIA to assasinate Castro. It was code named 'Operation 40'.  Col. King's right hand man was a fellow named William Carr. This was all known to Paul P. Kennedy and to his sources... Victor Alba and Ronald Hilton. Alba's history went back to Spain where it was intertwined with men like Antonio Garrigues, head of the largest law firm in Europe who married Helen Walker the daughter of ITT's senior executive and Antonio Garrigues Walker has chaired the United States-Spain Council Foundation for more than ten years and is a key member of the Tri-Lateral Commission that pushes for Globalization with the U.S., Europe and Japan in charge. But here's the problem. The CIA does not do its homework. J.C. King reported to Allen Dulles, whose cousin was the first U.S. Roman Catholic Cardinal after converting from being like Allen Dulles, a Presbyterian. Antonio Garrigues was tight with the Vatican and was hated by some Catholics who saw him as a liberalizing influence through his support of the Second Vatican Council. Well, the CIA made assumptions wrongly, as most can now tell you is nothing new following the invasion of Iraq and the Abu Gharib scandal which men like Porter Goss and George Tenet supported with bogus intelligence and denials. I believe that they made the wrong assumptions in my son's case and probably assumed that I was a communist working with South American leftists just because my great, great grandfather didn't want William Walker taking over his little nation. Maybe they thought I was related to Poncho Villa's chauffeur.  Maybe their blustering conceit blinds them to the truth or maybe they...as I often strongly believe...are reptilian " said Caballero, the veins in his head beginning to protrude.

"Why do you think that Stanley Ross, the professor at the University of Texas and head of the Institute of Latin American Studies at the University of Texas offered to edit Paul P. Kennedy's book, The Middle Beat?"

"Why? Look at how the book is laid out. It was edited after Paul's death. The most significant event in Paul's life, the uncovering of the CIA base at Retalhuleu, Guatemala, information that he acquired with the help of Ronald Hilton, was buried by Stanley Ross in the back of the book.  It's edited by UT professor, published by Columbia University Press, Columbia...where Texan, C. Wright Mills, did his work and studies on The Power Elite and Kennedy's biographic material is archived by Bell & Howell.  I call it containment. What does that tell you? The book flubbed by design by downplaying that important information, but Kennedy's reports on Retalhuleu were essential elements in understanding the CIA, Castro and US/Latin American relations during this time and if Paul P. Kennedy is a member of John F. Kennedy's family...oh, my God!" said Caballero. "That would have signed his death warrant with the William Walker filibuster-types.  I believe that Victor Alba may have been in the middle of it reporting on the journalists' work at the time to Washington and letting them know there what Paul Kennedy and Ronald Hilton were finding in Guatemala.  Victor Alba would go from Mexico to Kent State University in Ohio where he taught in the Latin Studies Department, but he was also there when the Kent State shootings occurred. At the time Richard Nixon's closest friend, Bebe Rebozo, had a home at the Ocean Reef Club in Key Largo, Florida near Miami, the same place where George Herbert Walker Bush had a home...Bush...the master-mind of Operation Zapata and Iran-Contra," said Caballero. "And, of course, everyone knows that E. Howard Hunt, one of Nixon's plumbers at Watergate, was in the middle of both 'Operation 40' the plot to kill Castro and 'Operation Zapata' or the Bay of Pigs," said Caballero.

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