Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Friday, January 7, 2011

Vancouver's Frasier Institute Sees Ten Cent An Hour Wages As Tremendous God-Send

Earth's Bright Future Looks Likes Its Dark Past Says Fraser Institute

by Winsip Custer CPW News Servicre

The Fraser Institute's Michael Walker in an interview with documentary film maker, Joel Bakan, endorsed 10 cents an hour for laborers in undeveloped nations while moving jobs from higher paid countries to more desperate ones.

"...the only thing that they have to offer anyone is their low cost labor...in effect what they are saying to the world is that they have this big flag that says 'come over and hire us we will work for ten cents an hour because ten cents an hour will buy us the rice that we need not to starve and come and rescue us from our circumstance' and so when Nike comes in they are regarded by everyone in the community as an enormous god-send. What happens in the areas where these corporations are unsuccessful? They soon find that they can't do any more in that country because the wages are too high now. That's another way of saying that the people are no longer desperate. So okay, we've used up all the desperate people there... they're all plump and healthy and wealthy so let's move on to the next desperate lot and help employ them and help raise them up," said Walker.

Oscar Wyatt

I attempted to contact Oscar Wyatt whose work with food as an incentive for desperate people was the subject of the U.N. Food-for-Oil scandal. Though unavailable an aide said "ten cents an hour in some cases is far too high.  Even after Kathy Lee Gifford's sweat shops were shut down in South America, Walmart was able to make her handbags in China for only three cents an hour.  What's fair is fair."
Vancouver Club
Calling for a meeting at the Vancouver Club less than a mile from the Frasier Institute's corporate headquarters, Little Johnny Falcon Talon of the Nuu-Chah-Nulth Indians has asked that he be allowed to be a part of the negotiating team that attempts to change the Fraser Institutes position on this matter. "We believe that we can help Michael Walker and his group see things differently," said Johnny Falcon Talon whose connections with influential members of the Vancouver Club have been been recently in the news. "I think they'll play ball," said Johnny who was accompanied by his associate Little Charlie Wolverine Claw. "We have been contacted by representatives of the Castanet Caste in New Delhi, India and they want to be a part of our negotiation team, too," said Johnny Falcon Talon who offered to cater the Vancouver Club meeting at no cost with the assistance from the New York company Strages Inc. which said that it is very much interested in the outcome of the proposed negotiations and the public relations possibilities for all parties involved.

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