Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Friday, January 28, 2011

Chinese Man Arrested Outside Rush Limbaugh's Home for Trespassing Police Take Wrong Man To Jail

Limbaugh Released and Officer Makes Apologies

By Winsip Custer CPW News Service

Wi Van Hu, an American Chinese whose Calamari-To-Go Restaurant located in New York's China Town  was arrested for trespassing on Wednesday afternoon in front of the New York home of EIB Radio personality and conservative talk show host Rush Limbaugh.  Angered by Mr. Limbaugh's impression of China's Prime Minister following his visit to Washington, Mr. Hu said "I just couldn't let Mr. Limbaugh's impersonation go unanswered."

"I have been, as have many Chinese Americans, the butt of people's jokes about language and it hurts.  For years my Anglo friends told me that my mother named me by dropping a drawer of forks, knives and spoons on the tile floor and the first sounds she heard was my name.  Well, I knew they were lying because we used wooden chop sticks.  "You've got no class, Wienerman," I told my inconsiderate friend," said Hu.  "Neither does Mr. Rush Limpballs," Hu continued.  "Rush Limbaugh," I said correcting Mr. Hu.  "That's what I said," he returned.
Mr. Hu's Limbaugh costume
in evidence room of
NYPD Precinct 11

NYPD officer, John Carlyle, said "When we arrived it was my job to assess the situation and make a rapid determination.  The 911 call indicated that there was a trespasser impersonating Mr. Limbaugh on the front porch of Mr. Limbaugh's home and the caller identified himself as Rush Limbaugh.  Well, when I drove up I asked a neighbor if this was the Limbaugh home and he said "Yes, there's Rush up there in his favorite chair," but I knew it was the impersonator so I took action.  Unfortunately, Mr. Hu had already left the property in his costume which he had made in the storeroom of his Calamari Restaurant.  It WAS Mr. Limbaugh, but I cuffed him and brought him in by accident.  Which was no easy task as you can imagine," said officer Carlyle. 

Mr. Wu was released after paying a fine for a misdemeanor trespassing charge and promising to provide the officers at Precinct 11 Calamari for their staff luncheon next Monday," said officer Roy Williams at the Precinct 11 headquarters.  Officer Carlyle made a personal apology to Mr. Limbaugh for the mix-up.

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