Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Monday, January 31, 2011

Walid Phares' Message On Laura Ingraham: The Demonstrations Were Sparked by Moderates Wanting More Democracy

Laura Ingraham's Response:  The Tea Party Movement Is 'The American Movement'
by Winsip Custer CPW News Service

Walid Phares
"The demonstations in Cairo began with
moderates wanting more democracy and now
there is a race for control just as in
Germany in the 1930's."
Walid Phares has made it clear.  The demonstrations in Egypt were sparked not by radical Muslims like the Muslim Brotherhood, Al Qaeda or Hammas, but by moderate, peace-loving, democracy-embracing Egyptians who have had enough of Mubarak's hypocracy.  "The demonstations began with Twitters, emails and other instant messages calling for the moderates to take to the streets to bring peaceful change, 85,000 of them," said Phares on the Laura Ingraham morning radio show on Monday, Janurary 31st.   Phares' appearance and his clear and lucid message had been prefaced by Ms. Ingraham's assertion that the U.S. Tea Party should be called 'The American Movement' and that the people of American should not stand for the slaughter of Coptic Christian or of any other Christian groups in Egypt, thus fueling America's racial, ethnic and religious fears. The same technique used by National Socialist in Germany in the 30's.
Phone calls to Ms. Ingraham to ask her if she would trace the connections of the Tea Party's largest supporters, the Koch brothes,  to William Rhodes Davis, Adolf Hitlers U.S. Agent and father of California's Governor Gray Davis were not returned.

Laura Ingraham
"The Tea Party Movement
should be renamed the
'American Movement'."
 Walid Phares, in describing the situation in Egypt as similar to what happened in Germany in the 1930's parallels what is happening in the U.S. with the rise of the Tea Party Movement.   "The people were democratic, but their democratic longings were commandeered by the National Socialists," said Phares. With that message Ms. Ingraham immediately stepped in to redirect the conversation back toward the importance of the Tea Party's place in the American political scene.
In Racho Mirage, California, three days before Ingraham's broadcast, on Janurary 28, Green Peace flew a blimp over a Tea Party assembly.  The blimp carried a message that was motivated in part by Green Peace's knowledge of this aspect of the Kock's history. Governor Gray Davis' ties to the Enron backed attack on the California energy supplies led to Davis' recall and his replacement by Arnold Schwarzenegger.


  1. Oh puh-leez. Grow a pair and go talk to some real people who support Tea Party principles: Limited gov't, fiscal responsibility and free markets. You wouldn't know a true grass-roots movement if it hit you in the face. P.S. I've been a part of the Tea Party movement since its inception and it is (as Barabasi says, describing self-organizing networks) 'a web without a spider'.

  2. Dear Ms. Miriam,

    I have talked to some real people who have grown up not in the wings of the Koch Industrial mansion, but in the main parlour. The Koch's "Tea Party" which usurps the idea of original movement, isn't what you think. First read this from Bloomberg


    Then respond here and I'll give you the next site that will have you changing your mind or dawning your Nazi uniform in public, well beyond the protective parlour.

    Big enough for you?


    Winsip Custer

  3. P.S. Miriam....here's another assignment.....

    William Ingraham Koch in 1999 attempted a take over with J. Howard Marshall III, son of J. Howard Marshall Jr, the Yale educated lawyer head of the U.S. military oil supply pipeline during WWII. Koch had built Hitler's refineries in Germany and in the U.S. his agent was William Rhodes Davis.

    What's the relatioship between Laura Ingraham and William Ingraham Koch?

    After hemoraging the cancer causer Benzene into the air in its Corpus Christi, Texas refinery, receiving a 97 count indictment and a $350 million fine, who was needed in the White House in 2000 to insure that the EPA was muzzled and that the fine and indictment dropped to only 1 count and a $20 million fine? What was the winner's relationship to a U.S. industrialist who was cited for trading with the enemy during WWII?

    Good luck and if yours shrink a little as you do your assignment? With a serious change of heart and mind you will find them to have miracuously grown again. Unfortunately, by then you will be sterile and your choices diminished by the Invisible Hand of totally free market. Of course with world over population that is a good thing. Ask Laura.