Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Would America's Power Elite's Look the Other Way To Keep Hosni Mubarak's Regime In Place?

Carter, Reagan, Bush and the Inslaw Case
Backdrop to the Chaos in Egypt

by Winsip Custer CPW News Service

Now that Egypt is in flames, we must ask what price the U.S. power elites paid in looking the other way when it came to Mubarak's abuses as we did with the Shah of Iran and Saddam Hussein's long reign of terror in Iraq.  Hate radio personality, Michael Savage, explained on Friday, Janruary 26th, that America has betrayed Iran and Egypt and that the brutality of these leaders was necessary to maintain control in a region ready to explode.  So is the region ready to explode because of a bearded boogieman that we are told is Islamic Fundamentalism or is Islamic Fundamentalism fueled by the brutality of U.S. supported leaders like Saddam, the Shah and Mubarak.  

CIA agent Robert Baer said "If you want a prisoner to be tortured send him to Syria.  If you want him to disappear, send him to Egypt."  Baer was explaining the secret "renditioning" program used by the CIA.  Baer would also explain the death of CIA Beirut Bureau Chief, Matthew Gannon, as part of a plot to keep the lid on the U.S. power elites skullduggery in the region as Gannon  returned to the U.S. on Pan Am 103 to press his concerns with the CIA at its Langley, Virginia headquarters.  Pan Am 103 exploded over Lockerbie, Scotland.  Included in his concerns was why rank and file CIA agents had nothing in their files on the Muslim Brotherhood.  The Brotherhood was the same organization that would foster Al Qaeda in Egypt and kill Anwar Sadat, two years after President Jimmy Carter brokered the Israeli-Egyptian peace accords.  Then Carter's accomplishments were further attacked by Reagan's efforts to delay the release of the Iran hostages...a story that has it roots in the Inslaw case as well.

Ross Perot, who would send a team of his own security forces to extract his EDS workers held hostage in Iran, would discover during his presidential campaign against George Herbert Walker Bush, the depths of the brutality of America's power politics. Perot dropped out of the race for fear of threat to his family.

Sadat, the peacemaker, was murdered by Al Qaeda causing them to flee to Syria while finally landing in Saudi Arabia where they recruited the son of the Saudi Royal family's builder-engineers... Bin Laden.  With Prince Bandar "Bush",  a leading Saudi power elite sharing a nickname that symbolized his closeness to the Bush family, the Bin Ladens would purchase an airport in Houston, Texas minutes by car from the NASA Space Center and Houston's oil refineries.  Agent for the purchase was James R. Bath, George W. Bush's roommate during his Army National Guard days.  Bath worked with Saudi Royal family financier, Khalid Bin Mafhouz.

So would U.S. power elites who would steal :Trojan Horse: software, as in the Inslaw case and sell to it to our allies support the rise of the Muslim Brotherhood in order to provide the Middle East with a "boogie man" in order to fuel chaos?   Would it then tax its own people in order to make fortunes while appearing to bring about order and stability though the US Military Industrialist Complex?  Would it hide important information on the Muslim Brotherhood from its rank and file CIA members in order to prevent whistle blowing?  We have only to look at the fact that Tunisia's president did not flee to the more liberal West nor to moderate Arab nations when recently deposed.  Instead, he fled to Saudi Arabia, as did Al Qaeda.

The Middle-East/US Military Industrialist Complex Money Mill.  Egypt's $1.5 Million is "peanuts" compared to
the average of $140 billion/year pumped into the Iraq and Afganistan wars.

Walid Phares, an expert on Egypt appearing on FOX News said Friday, Janurary 28, 2011 as the riots raged in Cairo that "We have not engaged the culture and society of  Egpyt because the U.S. State Department told us that the Muslim Brotherhood was more important."  Phares has testified before committees of the U.S. State, Justice and Homeland Security Departments, Congress, the European Parliament, the United Nations Security Council. He has been a terrorism expert at NBC from 2003 to 2006 and has been a contributor at Fox News since 2007. In 2008 he became a professor at the National Security College in Washington, D.C..

"If the CIA was willing to take Inslaw's software and create from it a Trojan Horse that was sold to our allies while trying to put out of business the American businessman who created it,  what does that have to say about the U.S. as the 'keeper of the keys" of the free market system?" asked one Washington insider who was well-informed on the Inslaw case.

Elliott Richardson would say that the Inslaw theft and distribution by the U.S. Government showed significantly greater malfeasance on the part of the U.S. government and Department of Justice than Watergate and pointed to both Bush and Reagan as major players in the Inslaw debacle which ultimately had the US government losing its court battle against Inslaw and paying Inslaw's owner $8 million dollars. Elliott Richardson would go to work for Inslaw as their chief legal counsel to help them and other private enterprises from being pirated by a government that claims to embrace private enterprise, but acts like the KGB or Gestapo in some cases.

For a summary of the Inslaw case and its relationship to the Middle East see...

Would the U.S. government that was willing to perpetrate the Inslaw case encourage Hosni Mubarak to disregard principles of shared governance that most Western Democracies hold sacrosanct, while allowing our associations with Mubarak to undermine our goodwill both in Egypt and around the world?  Attorney specializing in goverment-industry security issues related to technology and computer software, Wally Coxswain of the Society for Responsible Remuneration in Richmond, Virginia, said "normally when the U.S. goverment is aware that a designer of some sort has created a tool that is of great benefit and interest to national security, it steps in and pays individuals for their substantial contributions.  The Inslaw Case showed the degree to which in the Reagan and Post-Reagan years those principles were abandoned at the same time free enterprise....and I emphasize the word "free"...was the mantra of the Reagan-Bush free marketeers.  It's just sad.  In the case of the Mubarak delima and the $1.5 billion in U.S.  aide given to Egypt each year, it's peanuts compared to the average $140 billion dollars per year spent on the Iraq-Afganistan wars since 2003.  That kind of money makes the abandonment of principles the norm and provides a prescription for continued chaos.  The winners will be the fight promoters, unless the people organize and organize quickly and let the world know that there is no boogie man and do it resolutely and from the ground up in stead of the top down.... the fight promoters and arms dealers will step in and have their way....which our own Pentagon and politicians have historically shown is their agenda, too.   Hardly guilt by association, the Inslaw case, when seen as prologue to the Egyptian crisis, is an eye-opener.  Inslaw went to the heart of our most cherished trusts and alliances.

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