Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Laura Ingraham Brain Dead Ingraham Family Members Threaten Lawsuit

Ingraham Family To Pursue Class Action Lawsuit To Silence Hate Radio Diva
by Winsip Custer

 Following Wednesday night's memorial service at Tucson, Arizona that paid tribute to Congressional Representative Gabriella Giffords, Laura Ingraham returned to the airwaves on Thursday morning to bludgeon the uplifting proceedings with all the tact of Carilla deVille putting down a Dalmation puppy.  "What's with this saying that 'we are all Americans here?'  We aren't all Americans here.  Maybe if they followed the law and became Americans legally we could say that," said Ingraham with the sensitivity of William Walker telling Californians that he was claiming Baja for future surfers or Central America for United Fruit.   It was a reference by Ingraham about speakers at Wednesday night's memorial service.

This immediately triggered calls from John S. Ingraham living in Tierra del Fuego to CBS, NBC, ABC, FOX and other news channels.  "Who does that bxxxx think she is telling us we are not Americans?  I'm an American.  A South American."

A similar call came to the Nashville, Tennessee family genealogical group called Ingraham Family Fellowship.  The call came from Barry W. Ingraham who lives on the St. Lawrence Seaway.  "That evil woman has embarassed this family enough.  I'm Canadian, but I consider myself an American.  Is she saying I'm not an American?  I'm calling her damn college and high school history and geography teachers and professors to see what kind of idiots they are to have allowed this kind of ignorance to pass as intellect.  In fact, I'm going to look into our family leveling a class action lawsuit against this woman's continuing slander of our good name by simple association.  I think we can get her to either drop off the air or change her name altogether...maybe to some to something like Ellie Fudd," said Mr. Ingraham.  "A Dartmouth College and Virgina Law School grad and this is what you get?  God help us!  Ivy League?  Yea.  Poison Ivy!" said Mr. Ingraham.  "Explain to me just how it is that two women who look so much alike can be so utterly different.  I think I know the answer to that.  It's as simple as explaining the difference between genuine and counterfeit, real diamonds and zirconiums, real angels and fallen ones," he reasoned.

Gabby Giffords and Laura Ingraham
For a view of Laura Ingraham's phobic attitudes toward "non-Americans" go to 5:09 minutes of the "Don't come in my ear" video at...

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