Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Friday, February 22, 2013

Johnny Depp or Johnny Dipp?


By Winsip Custer CPW News Service

      Appearing on the David Letterman Show on February 22nd, Johnny Depp made no mention of his place in the controversy over the release of the West Memphis men who at 18 years of age were convicted in 1994 of the brutal ritualistic murder of three eight year old boys in 1993.  Damien Echols, Jamie Misskelley, Jr. and Jason Baldwin were released in 2012 following a 2011 Alford Plea, a judicial technicality which Judge David Laser accepted releasing the boys for time served and ten-year suspended sentences.
        Johnny Depp had been at the front and center of their defense, but on this week’s Letterman show Depp teamed up with long-time Austin, Texas friend Bill Carter to perform Carter’s song Anything Made of Paper.  Carter explained that the song was written following a conversation with one the three men’s parents. 
     When Aleister Crowley died leaving his Ordo Templi Orientis cult headquartered in California in the hands of Grady Louis McMurtry the satanic sect bifurcated like a Southern Baptist Church with the splitting off of the Church of Satan and the Temple of Set led by the self-professed U.S. head of the Satanic Church and Setians, Anton LaVey and Michael Aquino. LaVey’s list of good friends included the U.S. Army’s National Security Agency advisor and psychological warfare specialist Aquino.  Aquino will forever be linked to the Presidio child abuse scandal, while LeVay was a mentor not just to Aquino, but also to Johnny Depp’s close friend Marilyn Mason.  Another Crowley colleague was the  man called by imported Nazi rocket scientist Wehner Von Braun “the real father of the U.S. space program”, head of L.A.’s JPL or Jet Propulsion Laboratories’, Jack Parsons.  Parsons was a close colleague of fellow gnostic ritual amalgamator and head of the Church of Scientology, L. Ron Hubbard.  Hubbard, like LaVey who never contributed to healing hospitals, but who died in one, believed that Scientologists are suppose to heal themselves.  This was a feat that women like Tom Cruise's wife, Katy Holmes, often found troubling especially following difficult pregnancies.  Reportedly, when L. Ron Hubbard took off in Parson's boat with his girlfriend, Parsons called down the powers of hell on Hubbard. The winds shifted.  The boat sank.  Sadly, 38-year-old Parsons was unable to reattach his own hands and face following an explosive mishap in his garage laboratory.
     While California has often been called the “land of fruits, flakes and nuts” there appears to be a shift to Texas where its capital city, Austin, is now home to not only Johnny Depp’s friend and songwriter, Bill Carter, but also to the successor of Col. Michael Aquino’s Temple of Set, a professor in the local community college.  Austin is a city that has no trouble living up to its mantra “Keep Austin Weird”.  With a type of hippie tree-hugging student population, Austin has also imported a new Formula 1 high-performance mega-polluting auto race track.
      Wiley Walker Christianson, Austin’s leading authority on gnostic traditions and their fascination for petro-chemical scientists, alchemists and wannabe-wizards,  has said “many of them are phenomenal scientists while others are absolute quacks.   The migration of these bad-asses to Texas, home of the Johnson Space Center and pinnacle of missile and rocket delivery systems is totally understandable.  They want to rule the world. They can do that best from the high ground.  Space is higher than that. But it is clear to me that when Bill Carter is singing about the ‘shadows of religion’ and the ‘blood moon of October’….a reference to the pagan ‘hunter moon’ of Northern European traditions, he’s not talking about Christmas or Easter.  Aleister Crowley has long been associated with Nazi satanic cults and was suggested by Ian Fleming of British intelligence as the right person to first interview Rudolf Hess, the number three in the Nazi Reich who flew his Messerschmidt to England to attempt an alliance with the British for world conquest.  The German American Bund of the 1930’s would have applauded this move….including Henry Ford, Harvey Firestone and John Burroughs whose kin, William S. Burroughs was a mentor to Depp’s good friend Hunter S. Thompson.  Both Burroughs and Thompson have reportedly had problems with ritualistic killings,” said Christianson noting Thompson's bizzare appearance on an earlier Letterman Show.  Thompson is widely reported to have produced a snuff film at the Bohemian Grove north of San Francisco in a brutal ritual witnessed by Paul Bonacci who won his Franklin Coverup Case in Omaha, Nebraska with a $1 million judgement against Omaha's leading Republican fund raiser, Larry King.

Lyrics of Bill Carter's Anything Made of Paper

     “When I think that the industrialists of the 1930's 'business plot' would have led a coup against an elected U.S. President, FDR, while another of their inner circle, Fred Koch, a founder of the John Birch Society, was supplying Hitler with the petroleum refineries that ran the Nazi war machine, I understand why the Koch brothers apparently have no affinity to polluting American streams and rivers with their paper mills.  Bill Carter’s song says that the paper roses made from a spent magazine are more beautiful than the flowers in a stream.  How screwed up is that?” asked Christianson who said “now there’s your ‘shadow of religion'.   Artificial and contrived, plastic or paper are the non-choices of human plunder that fuel a fashion frenzy and speed the runiation.   Depp's a Dipp for not having the guts to say what it is he is.  In the end actors never ever come clean.  They're always looking for the next role while mentally negotiating whatever Robert Johnson at the crossroads deal they might need to cut to get it.  And John Birch was no better being sent to China as a Christian missionary on the one hand, while his power elite supporters were making the Chinese into opium junkies, on the other.  Of course, they are consistent.  Their junkies in China sold us enough junk on credit to enslave us again.  They did the same to their own homeland as Gary Webb reported in Dark Alliance about the governments drug dealing in L.A.’s poorest neighborhoods....a situation that, no doubt, had a significant part in sending Chris Dorner over the edge.
     Christianson is fixated: “It’s obvious that Bill Carter wasn’t thinking about the three butchered eight year old boys that were sacrificed up like some gutted sheep on an altar to some monster's misguided ambitions.  What song would Carter and Dipp....ah, Depp....write for them?”

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