Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Wednesday, September 3, 2014



Ivan Levin  for CPW News Services
     It is well documented that the CIA created Al Qaeda within Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood to help bring freedom fighters to Afghanistan to fight alongside the Mujahadin  in their battle against Russian occupation.  Houston, Texas’ Joanne Herring and Texas Congressman, Charlie Wilson, influenced the provisioning of  the weapons needed to defeat the Russians.... hand held missiles capable of taking down jets and helicopter gunships.   

     When Al Qaeda attacked the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001 many within the American intelligence community  were surprised to discover that the culprits were former allies against the Russians….who in the world of continual war racketeering  had been the former U.S.’s allies against the Nazis.
     What is not well understood is the attempt by Al Qaeda to establish themselves in the somewhat secular nation of Syria after they left Egypt.  From Syria, where they were expelled by Assad, they moved to Saudi Arabia.  Like Saddam Hussein, Assad did not like to share power with anyone.  Al Qaeda's relocation to Saudi Arabia found their evolving leadership taking advantage of the money and position of the Bin Laden family with Osama Bin Laden rising to the head of the terrorist organization right under the nose of the Saudi Royal leaders.  

     The Bin Ladens are the Saudi Royal family’s chief construction engineers.   Osama Bin Laden was the son of the Bin Laden patriarch and, therefore, close to the keeper of the keys of Islam's bifurcated high holy places of Mecca and Medina.   These holy sites involve the ongoing civil wars between Shiite and Sunnis with the Al Saud family of “Prince Bandar Bush” threading a tenuous position between these warring factions....or, as with two corners in a prize fight....controlling the corners for profit.  
     "You can't have the Bush family with their obvious primitive leanings toward the feudal system of primogeniture that is strictly observed by the Saudi Royals leading a first world country that is dependent on enlightenment versus barbarity," said economist, Fritz Von Flukenretizen. "I don't care how much money they churn up from beneath the desert sand when we have the technology to power the planet with alternative fuels for millions of years this barbarity is totally unnecessary, but it is compounded by the leaders we stupidly endorse!"  Von Flukenreitzen argued.

     "Like the Wizard of Oz behind the curtain of Islam's continuing drama, the Al Saud's sit atop the equivalent of the Inca and Mayan's head popping pyramids," said Barney Billibous of the Society for the Study of Pyramid Sitters in Lima, Peru.  "They control their civil wars for profit just as the 1833 U.S. power elites at Yale....Boston, Baltimore, New York....controlled the U.S. Civil War that was essentially a battle over the control of Middle Eastern opium from the Golden Crescent that was dumped in China in exchange for silk and other commodities leading to the Opium Wars and eventually the Cultural Revolution.   The rush for a U.S. Transcontinental railroad to the Pacific was the real prize in the U.S. Civil War, not abolitionism.  Abolitionism provided the nice lace curtains on the slaughter house.  That war was a race to the Pacific between the North and South.  It was repackaged, pre-packaged for the dufus civilians as the battle to free slaves who like  poor whites, confined to the ghettos or share-cropping farms of the South, were chemically re-enslaved over time," said Billibous noting the CIA's Iran-Contra drugs-for-weapons-for-hostages drama as clear and costly evidence.
     Steven Sotloff’s “freelance”writings….if we are to believe that he was not working for U.S. or Israeli intelligence, had addressed the place of Abib Shishakly in rallying opposition to Assad from exiled Syrians many of whom had gathered in refugee camps in Jordan.  Shishakly’s grandfather had been President of Syria in the years before Assad’s  ascension to power and, like the Shah of Iran, had been put in place by the CIA.  Young Shishalky, who runs two airline supply companies  in Saudi Arabia, not unlike James R. Bath supplying the fuel for Houston’s Ellington Airport,  founded companies in Houston, Texas along with the Masam Foundation for helping Syrian refugees and opponents of Assad. 

    Sotloff by lauding the work of the Masam Foundation and its financial backer, Adib Shiskaly, in FP or ForeignPolicy.com. was sticking his neck way out as was Foley for working for GlobalPost and their deaths don't just find utilitarian value for recruiting ISIS soldiers, but also fueling profits for the weapons dealers on both sides of the conflict.  Sotloff's article "Syrian Purgatory" was reminding the Syrian people of CIA interference in the Middle East's political history.  Just as it has been widely argued that the Benghazi Embassy disaster was related to a mission revealed by the evacuation of 23 CIA agents and 7 career diplomats, security was therefore the real responsibility of the CIA and U.S. military whose cover under the diplomatic umbrella was obviously wind torn.  Sotloff and Foley found this out the hardest way.

    Shiskaly's grandfather who was assassinated in South America after leaving Syria and Lebanon showing in concert with the reporting of Texas Monthly Magazine's Gary Cartwright that the U.S. Southern Border has much more to worry about than Mexican drug cartels.  Cartwright's book, Dirty Dealing shows that the Chagra Brothers, Lee and Jimmy Chagra, from El Paso and Juarez are not Mexican at all, but Lebanese gun and drug runners who paid to have the first Texas Federal Judge assassinated in over 100 years, John Howland Wood.  They chose the name "Chagra" for its amorphic linguistic quality which combined with their olive complexions and dark hair provided the perfect cover for cross-border materials transport. 

    While it is not known if the Houston-based CIA agent,  Roland Carnaby, also Lebanese, knew of these border breeches, Sotloff's coverage of the Masam Foundation in Houston is certainly cause for alarm.   Sotloff's death, along with Foley's, rather than furthering the cause of peace, fuels the flames of war....music to the ears of all arms dealers and weapons manufacturers. 

     Roland Carnaby may have known that the Bin Laden's owned the Houston Gulf Manor Airport near the Houston Ship Channel and NASA and Ellington Field where James R. Bath and GWB were Texas Air National Guard roommates was razed after 911, and that the 1992 FINCEN investigation that had the Saudi Royal family and its banker, Khalid Bin Mahfouz and his partner, James R. Bath, in its crosshairs.  FINCEN was investigating Saudi influence peddling and was shut down by the FBI in the run-up to the 1992 Presidential Election as was the book by Houston Post reporter, Peter Brewton....The Mafia CIA and George Bush....which was to have been published by Simon & Shuster with Alice Mahew as the editor....the editor for Woodward and Bernstein's All The President's Men.  Nixon's Watergate break-in was child's play in comparison to what FINCEN was uncovering.
    Shiskhakly is also a stalwart in the Houston art community. That community has the dubious distinction of finding Mark Lombardi, a curator at Houston’s Contemporary Art Museum, laying out in artistic, visual form, the key connections of the Iran-Contra fiasco.  That clustered kill-in with its back alley war racketeering, drug running and hostage exchange mimicked the elements that fueled America Civil War....ala, John Brown's Boston "Secret Six" backer, George Luther Stearns, the 1850's Bunker Hunt of lead mining.  Lombardi's work was verified by San Jose Mercury New Pulitizer Prize winning reporter, Gary Webb, who wrote the book, Dark AllianceLombardi and Webb pulled back the curtain on the power of fossil fuels to paint a convoluted, DaDa-Dali-ish oil portrait of Middle East, especially Saudi Araibian and U.S. dark alliances and retrograde political entanglements.  Lombardi died a mysterious death in 2000 just as the Bush/Gore campaign was battling over the White House.  Webb died too, not unlike West Point ethics professor, Col. Theodore "Ted" Westhusing, who had confronted General David Petraeus in Iraq over the racket of war.
     Houston, Texas was also the site of the Bin Laden family’s purchase of the Houston Gulf Manor Airport minutes from Texas’ sprawling oil refineries along the Houston Ship Channel.  It was purchased by the Saudi royal family’s  banker Khalid Bin Mahfouz and James R. Bath for the Bin Ladens who would be quickly escorted out of the U.S. following 911.  They bypassed the routine interviews required of any diligent investigator in a crime.   This was to the horror of rank and file FBI officials who are responsible for policing domestic terror.  The Houston Bin Laden airport was razed after 911 and evidence of the airport has been erased beneath the Tuscan façade of a new housing development near the NASA Space Center.  Understanding this reality puts into sharp focus the 2008 murder by the Houston Police of CIA Agent, and American Lebanese, Roland Vincent Carnaby who was working on security at the Port of Houston.  Carnaby died, not unlike CIA agent Matthew Gannon, who was pressing the CIA brass for answers to the blaring contradictions facing rank and file agents.  Gannon died on Pam Am 103 over Lockerbie, Scotland.  The HPD denises Carnaby's killing was a murder, but their crime lab along with the Harris County Medical Examiner's office were being investigated for corruption and the imported investigator was the firewalling investigator in the Iran-Contra debacle, Michael Bromwich.  Bromwich insured that Bush and Reagan went untouched and unindicted.  Bromwich went on to lead the investigation into the Deep Water Horizon disaster.
     In 1992 an FBI investigation titled FINCEN was called off in the run up to that year's Presidential election which found GHWB, Bill Clinton and H. Ross Perot locked in a heated battle.   

"Perot was investigating the Bush family connections to Iran-Contra and Indo-China's Golden Triangle which had cut into profits from the Golden Crescent's poppy growing region, the historic poppy pipeline that was once controlled by the British East India Company and Jewish import-exporter, David Sassoon, before being overtaken by the New England Brahmans and the American power elite....a subject informed by the book by Columbia sociologist, C. Wright Mills, in The Power Elite.    FINCEN's focus was Arab oil money and influence peddling which had James R. Bath, George W. Bush’s National Guard roommate, in its cross hairs.  Bath, featured in Michael Moore's film, Fahrenheit 911, was shown by Moore to be a significant concern for the White House, but not simply because of Bush and Bath's Texas Air National Guard records.  Consider that 'Poppy' Bush is also nicknamed 'Moloch' after the child-sacrificing deity of antiquity.   The deity's high priests cremated care and sacrificed children on the altar of their debauchery....other peoples'," said Von Flukenreitzen.
     “Who benefited from Sotloff’s death?” asked Fritz Von Flukenreitzen, chief economist for the Dutch financial newsletter, Geld Begrip.  “That is what is not entirely clear and clarity is the great enemy of the war racketeers.  Smoke screens  and camouflage are historic battlefield subterfuge methodologies.   Few know, for example, that the chief recipients of the Iran-Contra connection in Nicaragua and Honduras was Anastasio Somoza, the business partner of the U.S. Predator/Reaper drone manufactureer….Yale Skull and Bonesman (Class of ’58), Linden Blue.  Few know that CBS reporter, Bill Stewart, was covering Nicaragua after returning from Iran in the months before the 1980 Presidential election and likely knew of what was brewing with the Iran-Contra deal if Reagan and Bush went into office, not to mention the more immediate October Surprise.  Dan Rather would surely have known.  Perhaps Walter Cronkite, but judging from Cronkite's statements in Lewis Lapham's documentary on the American ruling class and Council on Foreign Relations he would never have taken on this group as Dan Rather did in covering GWB's Texas Air National Guard and Ellington Field records through the secretary of Bush's commander, Mrs. Marion Carr Knox," said Von Flukenreitzen.  Anyone near that seemingly random copulative assembly....which it was anything but, was in deep doo-doo!" Von Flukenreitzen reasoned.

     Blue’s company is set to benefit from the spread of war with each drone costing about $38 million and using depleted uranium from his uranium reserves....the largest in North America.   These shells are propelled by sulphur from the largest sulphur reserve in the world at Freeport, Texas, home of Freeport McMoran Sulphur Company on whose board is Henry Kissinger the cherub of bomb drops on Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia.  They didnt' stop that war.  Disgusted Americans did!  Kissinger owes his notoriety to mass murder made possible by Bernard Baruch and today he is selling his book that promises to tell you what is really going on, World Order.   Hah! People had not a friggin' clue as to the real reasons we were in Vietnam....well, the son of the USN Admiral in charge of the Gulf of Tonkin Affair did, Jim Morrison, lead singer for the Doors.  Fawn Hall, Oliver North's secretary, the shredding belle who married Morrison's music agent, Danny Sugerman.  Bo Gritz and H. Ross Perot were figuring it out.  Probably Obama's Chicago buddy and Weather Underground terrorist, William Ayers, whose Daddy....on the board of nearly every Midwest military contractor companies was put in charge of William's 'rehabilitation,' was figuring it out.  The dummy ISISians who step into a discarded M1 Abrams tanks will likely end up like Saddam’s million man army that smoldered along the highway linking Kuwait and Baghdad with the sizzle and rays of U.S. depleted uranium tank busters which have a planet polluting half-life of millions of years.  Obama?  What can he do but appear NOT to be trigger happy, but in the end will do what his handlers say.  This is what two-time Congressional Medal of Honor winner, General Smedley Darlington Butler, warned against in his book, War Is A Racket,” said Von Flukenreitzen who said "let them throw their war....just don't show up!  If Butler rejected the war racketeering which provided his Medals of Honor you can forego their shinny hollow trinkets and glistening sabos! Lead a sit-in against using U.S. tax dollars for endless warfare that just makes the fat-cat weapons manufactures richer and richer.....but be prepared for an incoming salvo of depleted uranium shells raining on your little shindig for a circling drone."

     Von Flukenreitzen believes that America's National Guard armories have been emptied, left in the overseas battlefields to provide a proving ground for the next generation of high tech deadly weapons.  They need targets on which to practice their ever evolving and highly profitable war craft.   The excess has been spun off to the homeland police departments which have been increasingly militarized.   "The only thing missing is the patsy soldiers to fire them up, but make no mistake, the tank tracks on the M1 and every tank since the invention of the tank track has been paid royalties from the very beginning even from Nazi Germany.  Money makes the warring world go around in ever explosive circles.  That would have been the inventor....Benjamin Holt....who used his invention to create Caterpillar Co. which made his plowshares into swords during World Wars I and II and more recently to rake the homes off the West Bank and Gaza inflaming groups like ISIS which if they are only there to manufacture consent for more war are doing a damn good job of it!"

     "If Sotloff and Foley were sacrificed, so was Bill Stewart, the ABC newsman who had flown from Iran to Nicaragua in 1979, seven months before the Carter/Reagan Presidential campaign concluded that was the focus of Ross Perot's query of a top secret October mission to the Iranians.   That mission to negotiate the release of the Iran hostages....an exchange that included weapons that some fear found their way back to the U.S. with the downing of New York's TWA flight 800 off Long Island in July, 1996...proving that the shelf-life of the missiles is significantly longer than the government has reported," said Von Flukenreitzen.  "That knowledge would have the Americans caught in the blowback up in arms.  Ms. Joanne Herring is petrified that she will be blamed for the downing of TWA Flight 800," he continued.  "Jimmy Carter?  He thought he was President and Commander and Chief in 1979, but SURPRISE!  I believe that Bill Stewart was onto the October Surprise that benefited the Contras and Iranians and showed the lunacy of America's unspoken policies which the freely elected President could not control!" said Von Flukenreitzen.

    "Stewart was murdered by war racketeer partner of Linden and Neal Blue, Anastosio Somoza," said Von Flukenreitzen.

    Shishakly, who obviously benefits from his relationship to the  royal house of the Al Sauds in Saudi Arabia, had a Houston address for one of his businesses, TAJ Global,  at 1 Glendenning.  That address was owned by both "Prince Bandar Bush" and the Qatar Consulate, the nation that is home to the U.S. military's forward headquarters in the Middle East region.  "Anything is possible with respect to the hacking off of the heads of both Sotloff and James Foley who worked for GlobalPost....a company with obvious ties to the U.S. Information Agency and  to the CIA.   The sad part is that these poor guys may be the equivalent of "fish chum" in the war racketeers' fishing expeditions," said Von Flukenreitzen.

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           Shishakly's place in the future of Syria, post-Assad, is foreshadowed in the Dan Rather Reports program that places Shishakly squarely in the video frames of Syria's future.   Dan Rather, formerly the CBS anchor who succeeded Walter Cronkite, is now part of the Ryan Seacrest/Anschultz Group which is part of the BlackStone Group with its connections to Pete Peterson and the Carlyle Group.  "This is essentially the 'Order' that Anthony Sutton told the world in his books and interviews, especially his book  America's Secret Establishment, uses a devilish dialectic to control war racketeering, like a fight promoter controlling both corners in a prize fight," said Von Flukenreitzen.  "I recommend that the U.S. and other complicit governments be tried under RICO statutes....not for their war tactics, but for the derailing of the FINCEN investigation that would have likely nabbed the Saudi connection to airplanes, airports and Saudi based terrorists who hijacked the 911 planes and trained in the U.S.."

      "You wonder why we didn't invade Saudi Arabia after 15 of the 19 hijackers came from Saudi Arabia?  Wonder at what?" asked Von Flukenreitzen.  "If we were serious about eliminating Islamic fundamentalism as a failed ideology we would have to eliminate the Saudi Royals' and their control of Mecca and Medina.  We could flatten those cities like we did the with Hitler's vision of a capital of Germania, but there would be those who would argue that we'd need to do the same with the Dome of the Rock and the Vatican to really get people's attention," Von Flukenreitzen continued by adding "is all that necessary?  How about just practicing sanity?"

    Von Flukenreitzen was even more specific, but aware that the "Hitler" critique is wildly over used.     "No.  No.  In this case it is accurate and right on.  Right on!  Bulls eye right on!  Because Hitler was a mad-man and his banker, named with Union Bank of New York and Prescott Bush, Fritz Thyssen, in a 1930's trading with the enemies' judgment finds their organizations are still quite chummy today.  Thyssen Oil shares the same Memorial Drive address with Qatos the investment firm of the former U.S. Ambassador to Qatar and Republican U.S. Representative from the Tanglewood district of Houston, Chase Untermeyer, appointed by GWB as top diplomat to the home to the U.S. forward military bases in that region.  Why there?  Why not our biggest ally in the region?  Because Saudi Arabia needs....especially with the constant reminder of the 15 Saudi hijackers still out there.....to keep a safe distance and the image of disconnectedness.  FINCEN would have lassoed the whole bunch which can only mean that the nipple of what we believe is the Federal government is malignant and feeding us a steady stream of putrid pabulum.  Also in the building are the offices of the U.S. Secret Service and GHWB.   Don't look for a terrorist attack there, however.  It's a place with much better security than the World Trade Center had....or Sotloff, Foley, Stewart and countless others," said Von Flukenreitzen.


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