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Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Rupert Murdoch, Glenn Beck, Koch Brothers and Tea Party

Tea Party Leaders Wear Freudian Slippers

10.28.2010 by Winsip Custer CPW News Service
     According to Austrian psychotherapist, Dr. Boris Komski, the America Tea Party planners wear Freudian slippers.  He explains it this way..."Sigmund Freud's discoveries in psychology and psychotherapy were quickly put to work in the 1930's in the British Secret Service. Freud moved from Austria to London.  Given the House of Saxe-Gotha's connections to Germany, the Saxe-Gotha clan renamed itself as the 'House of Windsor' to soften the British distaste for imported German royals. George V whose son abdicated the English throne to marry American divorcee, Wallace Simpson, always had a problem with the British people. Winston Churchill. the great defender of Western Democracy with FDR, didn't trust the German royals and after Rudolf Hess attempted to forge a union with Hitler and the Duke of Hamilton and the Marquis of Tavistock, things got really dicey."
"Dicey?" I asked.  "In what way?"
     "Besides Churchill pressing FDR to remove Joseph P. Kennedy as Ambassador to Britain for being a German appeaser? Well, Freud's power to read, assess and control the human mind was astounding.  His work was cutting edge and everyone wanted to put his discoveries to work for their particular political and military agendas.  The Tavistock Group did the most to incorporate his mind control methods in their work, but for anyone who has read Ishiguro's Remains of the Day the tensions between the British democracy-embracers and monarchists was quite close and sometimes chilling.  The Tavistock Group was supported by the Saxe-Gothas, but also by the Rothschilds and, of course, we now know that the only Rothschild to die in a Nazi concentration camp was the estranged ex-wife of Baron Phillipe Rothschild of the Chateau' Mouton Rothschild.  There has been much speculation about that sad loss to a family that was able with its money to handle many liberating bribes.  After the war the American's, through their CIA,  imported Germany's leading scientist including their top psychiatrists and mind control experts whose work continued in the United States through the CIA's MK-Ultra program.  This was fully documented through the findings of the Church Commission."

"What does this have to do with Fox News, Glenn Beck and the Koch family?" I asked

     "Yes, well Glenn Beck works for Rupert Murdoch and Rupert Murdoch and the Koch brothers fund the Tea Party Movement in the U.S..  You must ask about the background of this powerful media mogul, Rupert and the Koch Brothers.  The Kochs worked with Hitler's American agent William Rhodes Davis, who repeatedly tauted his relationship to Cecil Rhodes, founder of the DeBeers Diamond mines and Jefferson Davis the President of the slave-holding Confederacy in America.  Now are you seeing the connection?  William Rhodes Davis is  the father of recalled California governor Gray Davis who was replaced by Austrian born, Arnold Schwartzenegger, a Republican and married to the granddaughter of recalled British Ambassador, Joseph P Kennedy.  Cecil Rhodes was a close associate of the Rothschilds in London.  But back to Rupert Murdoch.

     Keith Rupert Murdoch was born in Melbourne, Australia, the son of Elisabeth Joy Greene and Sir Arthur Keith Murdoch.  Rupert's father, Arthur Keith, was the son of Ann Brown and Patrick John Murdoch.  The Brown name will come up again and again in British and American relations for good reason, but too much to go into now.  Rupert's mother is Dame Elisabeth Joy Greene a member of the Order of the British Empire. Her granddaughter, Rupert's niece, is married to Matthew Freud, Sigmund's grandson.  It's is all quite inbred, but to understand how this bed of twisted vines supports the monarchist system of the royals which the Americans resisted in their first Tea Party you have to understand the work of the Tavistock Group's leading amalgamator, Elliott Jacques.  Jacques, who worked hand in hand with British monarchist-industrialist, Lord Wilfred Duncan Brown of Glacier Metals, incorporate Freud's powers of personality decomposition to make increasingly palatable the acceptance of the pyramidal order of the ruling class in Western Capitalism.  

Lord Wilfred Duncan Brown (L) and the
model used as Glacier Metals which Brown's
management insights promised to improve.

     The irony of all of this is that while Hitler's Reich was purely pyramidal like the British Saxe-Gotha-Windsors, the Reich was based on personal accomplishment and merit within an increasingly narrow and genetically similar gene pool....and merit was based on brutality," said Dr. Komski.

     "Tavistock's Elliot Jaques would argue that within the capitalist system there was stratification of workers based on their ability to conduct increasingly complex and longer and longer tasks.  At the bottom of the caste were those who could do simple assignments that required little ability.  Sweeping and mopping comes to mind.  Above them were those able to do more complex projects, like fit Henry Ford's bumpers onto metal bumper hangers.  Then there were those who were able to oversee a few dozen bumper hangers.  Then there were those able to see the bigger picture and order the new bumper for next years' production and run the whole automobile plant.  At the top of the heap were those able to see the very big picture...twenty years out into the future.  These were inevitably the same people who had a big bank account, usually inherited....well, like the Saxe-Gotha family or the Rothschilds or the Murdochs.  You see a pattern here?"

      "Most realistic capitalists will tell you that in their world nobody sees twenty years into the future.  The myth supports the desired conclusions so there you have the connections of Murdoch to the Kochs and to Freud and to the power elites using Freud's mind control methods.  That their group in the US carries the name 'Tea Party' is quite laughable," said Dr. Komski.  "Jaques assumed that the top of the pyramid had the corner on vision and he and Lord W. Duncan Brown called the pyramidal model the 'requisite organization'.  That is comforting to monarchists....that they are required above all else.  Of course Oliver Cromwell didn't think so and lopped off the king's head as did the French with their king.  That's what George Washington would have done, too, but unlike Cromwell, Washington was surrounded by guys like Jefferson, Franklin and others who didn't accept the British requisite model and did quite nicely in the New World that is quickly becoming the Old World.  Jacques was a dutiful Canadian, a British subject, who lacked the wit of the Canadian artist, Robert Bateman, who commissioned by the Canadian government to paint a picture as a wedding gift for Prince Charles and Princess Diana,  titled it 'Aquatic Birds'.   It was two  loons, but without the ears and jewelry " said Dr. Komski smiling.

Tea Party Promoter with
Koch brothers
 and Glenn Beck,
Fox New's Rupert Murdoch
     "You can't do today's job with yesterday's methods and be in business tomorrow," said Dr. Komski.
     "You can't do today's job with yesterday's methods and be in business tomorrow?" I asked.  "That's what Jacques said the mop-sweeping-non-visionaries do, they repeat yesterday's methods?"
     "Jacques didn't say that," said Dr. Komski.  "Those are Lee Iacocca's words as he turned around Chrysler which is now owned by the German company Daimler," said Dr. Komski.

     "And, of course, I haven't even mentioned the American Nazi Bund's attempt to get General Smedley Butler to overthrow FDR with a 500,000 man army led by Butler who testified that Henry Ford, Firestone, Burroughs, Lindbergh, Prescott Bush and others were behind the proposed coup' de tat.  John O Rogge's book would link this movement to William Rhodes Davis while the book Mystery Man: William Rhodes Davis: American Nazi Agent of Influence by Dale Harrington shows Davis' connection to the Kochs' through the Kansas engineering firm of Winkler-Koch which built Hitler's refineries."

     I explained that all that was a long time ago.  "Could you be wrong about all this?" I asked.

     "Could I be?  Yes.  But I am not.  And of course you have simply to look at President George Herbert Walker's daughter, Doto Bush Koch, to see the connection.  Her husband is head of the Wine Institute that lobbies for American wines like those produced by Baron Phillipe Rothschild and Robert Mondovi in Napa Valley called Opus One.  Could I be wrong?  Yes.  Am I wrong?  No.  Sadly I am not," said Dr. Komski.
     For a view of Lord Wilfred Duncan Brown's monarchical and pyramidal view of management (based on the Tavistock model incorporating Freud's work as it was honed by Elliott Jacques) see....

For a view of Ray Iott, Ohio Tea Party Congressional candidate with an interest in a Wiking SS reenactment group, called Wiking, that appears to have a revisionist history bias that further supports this story, see The Atlantic....http://www.theatlantic.com/politics/archive/2010/10/why-is-this-gop-house-candidate-dressed-as-a-nazi/64319/

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