Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Jerry Sandusky, Second Mile Foundation and Penn State Locker Room

Penn State Child Rape Scandal No Tailgate Party
Grand Jury Indictment 23 Page Report
By Winsip Custer CPW News Service
     Jerry Sandusky saw his Second Mile Foundation as an opportunity, but what kind of opportunity? News that famed Penn State defensive coordinator, Jerry Sandusky, abused his position and had a long undisclosed fetish for young boys has brought a wave of shame, remorse and resignations from key Penn State officials who should have known better.

     Long used as a tactic by organized crime to control political figures, Sandusky's compromising lifestyle has many asking the degree to which Penn State’s program was corrupted by organized crime and whether the Second Mile Foundation was in any way linked to the Franklin Cover-Up which involved key political figures during the same time period at Omaha Nebraska’s Boys Town.

Coach Joe Paterno claims to have appropriately
handled Sandusky's "little problem".  In 2006
Paterno made light of the rape of a woman by
Florida State linebacker A.J. Nicholson.
The National Organization of Women called for his resignation.
      Frank Noonan, Pennsylvania Police Commissioner and former FBI Special Agent, could not be reached for comment, nor was it immediately apparent whether Noonan is related to the Reagan-Bush Presidential speech writer Peggy Noonan who coined the term “1000 Points of Light” for the George Herbert Walker Bush Presidential campaign. The Second Mile Foundation was recognized as one of President Bush’s 1000 Points of Light.  The Franklin Savings case provides evidence that the practices uncovered in Omaha went straight to Washington D.C.'s highest political circles, but so may Happy Valley.
     Former Governor Ed Rendell whose crusty appearance and speech gives the impression of a stereotypical Mafiaoso-type, has admitted his longstanding friendship with Pennsylvania mob figure, Louis De Naples, Jr.. Rendell could not be reached for his take on the Sandusky/Penn State scandal, but sources close to Rendell said….“It was Louisiana’s Hewey P. Long who used to say ‘I have this election in my back pocket unless I’m discovered in bed with a dead woman or a live boy.’ Mobsters know that if you want to control someone you get them in a compromising position like the one Sandusky provided for the whole Penn State athletic program and University System. It’s a ticket to robbery and plunder.”
     It has not been disclosed whether or not former Pennsylvania Governor Tom Ridge had any knowledge of the events at Penn State nor whether or not during this period the Homeland Security color coding system of warning citizens of terrorist alerts could have been used to warn Pennsylvania boys of the domestic terrorism afoot in Pennsylvania.  Sources close to Ridge indicated that his move to the first directorship of the Office of Homeland Security where he fought to secure the nation from international terrorists was preferable to living with the continued threat of an explosion of this sort on the Penn State campus.  Former Philadelphia Eagles Coach, Dick Vermeil, an honorary Second Mile Foundation board member is said to have commented "Philadelphia is the city of brotherly love, but Sandusky forgot that you have to be of age and a willing party or it's child abuse and/or rape."  Vermeil had commented in Jerry Sandusky's autobiography published in 2001 titled Touched: The Jerry Sandusky Story, that "Jerry Sandusky may well be the Will Rogers of football".  Of course Vermeil couldn't have been further off base than the old Michael Vick rescuing a Pitt Bull at a dog shelter.  "Will Rogers said....'Live in such a way that you would not be ashamed to sell your parrot to the town gossip,'" said one Sandusky critic.

Sandusky leaves Penn State in 1999 and becomes
one of two members of the Paris Corporation's Audit
Committee with Paris'CEOs sitting on the
Second Mile Foundation Board "Pete" Retzlaff.

     Brian Laminature, of the citizen watchdog group, Better than Bloodhounds, of East Memphis, Tennessee said on Monday, November 7th, that "just after Gerald A. Sandusky retired from Penn State in 1999, he became a prominent board member for the Paris Corporation whose former president and current president serve on the board of Second Mile.   Palmer E. "Pete" Retzlaff serves on the Paris Coporation's Stock and Salary Compensation Committee and Second Mile Board.  With three others and on the Audit Committee the former NFL Player's Association President and 5 time NFL Pro-Bowler, Philadelphia Eagle, "Pete" Retzlaff, and Gerald A. "Jerry" Sandusky serve as the two members of the company's audit committee.  Did Sandusky audit the Second Mile Foundation balance sheet and income statement and budget which provided the President of the Second Mile with a $2 million income in 2010?  It's good to have the goods on the guys deciding corporate compensation packages," said Laminature.  "Especially when Retzlaff and Sandusky have between them 100% of the power of company auditing in a culture of corporate greed, blatant financial malfeasance and Napoleanic nepotism, you need someone with Sandusky's unique qualifications to insure compliance.  Otherwise, how can you come close to the certainty that your guys get the compensation packages they believe they deserve even when stockholders and the general public are resistant," said Laminature.  "Sadly, the children are pawns  in the slimy grease pit of human corruption and decadence.   I am waiting to hear from the wives of these men and think that a good forward thinking publisher would offer a group of the wives a huge advance on an insiders' story.    That would give them the freedom they need to come out of the shadows together and kick butt for the sake of the children.  They could name their book Inappropriately Touched:  The Real Jerry Sandusky Story," said Laminature.

"I'd look at the past presidents of Penn State, to see who might have had the greatest incentive to hide this type of corruption.  For example," said Laminature, "Henry Bryce Jordan, was president for a good number of years during Jerry Sandusky's tenure at Penn State.  As a former president of the University of Texas was he groomed for the role of gatekeeper of secrets?  It was at UT where in 1999, the same year that Sandusky leaves Penn State, and a year after missing D.A. Ray Gricar who disappeared after refusing to prosecute Sandusky, that George W. Bush, transferred the UT investment program over to his buddies.  Did Jordan have a proclivity toward subterfuge from his Texas days?" asked Laminature.

"Additionally, former Philadelphia Eagles linebacker, Al Chessley, who was born in Washington D.C. and played at the University of Pittsburgh provides the clearest link between the Franklin Cover-Up connections to Washington D.C. and the apparent cesspool uncovered at Happy Valley.  Chessley has told his story of abuse in Washington and he's called on the NCAA to step up and support bills aimed at reigning in this wretched blight on our nation's homeland.....a blight that is every bit as dangerous as the terrorism we supposedly face from abroad.  But here's the problem.   You look at the NCAA Board and you find that the connections to these twin towers of pedophilia......Happy Valley and Omaha.....linking as they do back to our nation's capital and good god!  For example, Marvin P. Bush, the brother of George Walker Bush whose security company watched over the twin towers of the World Trade Center on 911, is on the NCAA Board of Directors.  So is Anthony Welters of United Health Group whose founder found sanctuary in Florida like Jeb Bush and Florida Governor, Rick Scott.  Robert Tobias is on the NCAA board, chairman emeritus of Eli Lilly Co. founded by Eli Lilly a Civil War armaments expert who saw the value of war supported by opiates and then there's Robert J. Brown with ties to Brown Brothers, Alexander Brown of Baltimore and backer of the 'National City Bank Boy's' opposed by the prophetic two-time Congressional Medal of Honor winner, General Smedley Butler in his book War Is A Racket.  Nor can you overlook Joe Paterno's graduation from Brown University and his longstanding connections to the McClure Syndicate in Baltimore or a call for him to retire from the National Organization of Women. There's Kenneth Chenault of American Express on the NCAA board....a relative of General Claire Chennault whose connection to the Chinese Green Gang is well documented (the family alternatively ads and drops an "n")?  As a Bowdoin College grad that puts Mr. Chenault at President Franklin Pierce's (Barbara Pierce Bush...Merrill Lynch Pierce Fenner and Smith AKA Merrill Lynch) alma mater and there's Calvin Hill of the Dallas Cowboys....a 1969 Yale grad....and who or what's at Yale....CIA Central?.... All with deep ties to America's military industrialist establishment which the NCAA cannot disclose....and its leaders use the American sports system as a spawning pool for what?  Broken boys as willing subjects?  Cannon fodder?   So who can you trust?" asked Laminature.  "Calvin Hill had hoped to be a preacher early in his career, but his career took a different turn, eventually from football to baseball where he worked for Baltimore Orioles owner and criminal attorney Edward Bennett Williams, attorney for Texas Governor John Connally, Frank Constello, Oliver North and Michael Milken.  Williams also represented Robert Vesco, Frank Sinatra, Jimmy Hoffa and his Baltimore team was a centerpiece in the hometown of Alexander Brown who provided the foundation for what General Smedley Butler called the 'National City Bank Boys'.  Calvin Hill's boss was a Holy Cross insider like Pennsylvania Governor Bob Casey.   If there was a cover up in Omaha at Boys Town related to the inner workings of the Roman Catholic Church then you would expect to find a similar situation in or near Washington D.C..  Supreme Court Judge, Clarence Thomas, himself accused of sexual impropriety like Herman Cain, like Edward Bennett Williams and Bob Casey, was a graduate of Holy Cross a Jesuit college, just like Omaha's Creighton University that honored Herman Cain with a degree.   If Calvin Hill wants to leave a lasting legacy for the NCAA he should unite with Al Chessley and use his knowledge and persuasive personality to sand blast the barnacles off of the rusting hull of a once fine vessel," said Laminature.  "Make it a federal offense not to call 911 when you see a sex crime against a minor and make it a federal offense to lose the recordings of the 911 calls.  Call it the 'Millstone Law'....'better that a person have a millstone tied around their necks and be dropped into the sea than to harm a child.'  In as much as these crimes are less about sex than they are about control and power, you will effectively yank the teeth out of the 'Nitwitty Liars' and replace them with a real Nittany Lion....from the Algonquin's who in their primitive society simply took the offender into the woods never to be seen again."
     Laminature is deeply concerned that the Omaha/Happy Valley connection may even include current Republican presidential hopeful, Herman Cain.  "Cain came to Godfather's Pizza in Omaha from Philadelphia where he worked at the headquarters of Burger King.  Cain eventually put together what appears to be a sugar-coated deal to buy Godfather's Pizza from Pillsbury at the same time that Larry King, the top black Republican fund raiser in Omaha and the center of the Franklin Cover-Up story was stealing money from Franklin Savings.  So,  what appears to be a totally disconnected relationship between Jerry Sandusky and "Pete" Retzlaff of Paris Corporation, a paper products company is not at all disconnected from Omaha and the William "Willie" Theisen pizza connection with Larry King's pedophile ring there.  You see, Retzlaff is also on the incorporation records for Southwest Farm and Ranch, Inc. and Southwest Dairy Inc., two companies that take Midwest grains, as does Pillsbury but for human consumption, and sells it to the cattle industry for what?   Meat for Burger King hamburgers and Godfather's Pizzas.  Investigative journalists would have a field day with this were they not working for their own gatekeepers who protect the system, but it is way, way, way, past time for a house cleaning!  Al Chessley, former Philadelphia Eagles linebacker has sadly noted that the only group that will not back legislation to eliminate child abuse in America is the Catholic Church and Herman Cain received an honorary degree from Creighton University in pedophile-plagued Omaha, a Jesuit university and alma mater of a long-time CEO of Coca-Cola in Atlanta, Georgia, where Herman Cain worked before moving to Burger King and Pillsbury," said Laminature.

Longstanding relationship between
Godfather's Pizza and Boystown
      "And then there's the reference on page 142 of John de Camp's book The Franklin Cover-Up....' Willie Thiesen's name had been linked with Larry King's as being homosexually involved...and that King had also had similar relationships with Harold Andersen, Eugene Mahoney and Bob Wadman'.  Willie Theisen had sold his pizza chain to Pillsbury which sold it to Herman Cain.   The connections are solid," said Laminature who was saddened to see that the Penn State student body did not take to the streets for the victims and their families.  "All that education and so little common sense," he said.  "This Saturday Penn State plays Nebraska.  Half-time would be an excellent opportunity for John de Camp to address the crowd on national television to lay out the obvious connections and to mobilize people closest to the heart of this American tragedy," said Laminature who also noted that John de Camp was an aide to CIA director, William Colby, who died under mysterious circumstances.  Robert Wadman was hired by the GWB administration to train police personnel in U.S. occupied territories and he has taught law enforcement in Utah since the Franklin Savings scandal according to a 2005 interview by radio journalist, Michael Corbin, with a Franklin Savings insider. 

The road through Pennsylvania and Nebraska to Washington D.C.


  1. Outstanding article Sir. I've been waiting for somebody to start defining the connections between Franklin Saving's & Loan, Omaha, Larry King and Happy Valley. I did not expect to find Herm Cain's name in here. I am waiting to see Deborah Jeanne Palfrey's DC Madame "Little Black Book" and Hunter S. Thompson's supposed exposure to snuff films and human trafficking figure into this somewhere along the line as well. But then again, nothing surprises me anymore. My oh my if the sheeple had even a hint of an idea how deep this sordid rabbit hole goes they would be gobbling blue pills. These matters transcend politics and are firmly rooted in Luciferian good/evil grounds. Outstanding work. I am scouring the internets for more connections as this nascent story develops.

  2. Lays it all out in a nutshell
    Google George HW Bush and pedophile
    the results are incredible

  3. The tragedy at Penn State is bad enough without you making up wild conspiracy theories.

    Shame on you.

  4. Dear Susan,

    Since your response on November 13, 2011 the President of Penn State, Graham Spanier, was indicted for covering up the story. The connections are solid. How many conspirators do you think were actually involved in the Credit Mobilier scandal of 1842? Tammany Hall? Iran-Contra? The invasion of Iraq based on WMD's and yellow cake when 15 of the 19 911 hijackers were from Saudi Arabia? Was the Civil War a conspiracy costing 600,000 lives when with the stroke of a pen it could have been avoided?

    This is a smaller one in comparison, but just nastier because of the clearer connection to innocent children, who like you...and like me at one time in the not too distant past, are the least suspecting and always the last to know and understand.

    I have written about Spanier's other connections in an article titled "Somewhere Between the Properline and the Dirty Low Down".

    Winsip Custer

  5. Dear Susan.....Somewhere the Properline and the Dirty Lowdown.


  6. Hi, Ben Stein is a pedophile. Story and police report are on my blog. I met him when I was 12 and a child actor. Morgain McGovern

  7. I also found a picture of George Bush Sr and Ben Stein together, think they are close.