Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The House In The Middle Should Have Been The Houses On The Ends

Watchdog Group The Invisible Hand Questions The National Paint, Lacquer and Varnish  Association's use of Government Produced Test and  Resulting Film The House In the Middle

by Winsip Custer CPW News Service
Fueled by the recent articles on the 1950's government sponsored National Clean-Up, Fix-up and Paint-Up Bureau's use of the government sponsored weapons testing, testing that made the film The House In the Middle possible,  members of The Invisible Hand have filed a law suit against the U.S. Government.

Portrait using 100% non-toxic,
all natural, organic American
Indian paint, guaranteed to
support the MAD Theory of
Destruction and deter
the threat of nuclear war.
 "This was a clear violation of pure capitalism.  America's nuclear tests were used as a socialistic incentive to promote the paint industry, but whose paint companies?  We are representing five Indian Nations that have provided unquestioned evidence that their paint was excluded from use of the promotional material by their inability to gain membership in the National Paint, Lacquer and Varnish Association.  It's purely a case of discrimination," said George Royall, Director of the non-profit group, The Invisible Hand.  "The Indians have been making organic, natural, non-toxic and easily applied paint for about 5,000 years," said Royall.

     "You cannot claim this was a Civil Defense measure and that Americans were somehow obligated to do as the film directed out of patriotism.   That would be like telling people that they were unpatriotic for not buying health insurance instead of depending on a national health care plan.  Granted, it's an attempt to appear a bit less brazen when you're using a film about a nuclear bomb attack to benefit a particular industry that uses in paint much lead and oil, but it's still deceptive advertising with government interference in the free market.   When a national health care plan is implemented at least you can see a hand reaching into your wallet and taking your money and sometimes putting that same money into the Senators' and Congressmens' pockets.  In the past, you had to really avoid falling asleep at the switch to keep up with the Madison Avenue guys who would sell stuff that would kill you or make you think you could survive a 50 megaton nuclear explosion with only your hair muffed a bit.  All in all, this does not make our job of showing the betrayal of Adam Smith's 'Invisible Hand' any easier," said Mr.  Royall.

     "After the national strategy became the MAD strategy or Mutually Assured Destruction, the nation had an obligation to insure not only that the Soviets would become aware that any first strike would lead to guaranteed destruction, but also that those controlling our nuclear arsenal were also aware of it.  This meant that a complimentary Civil Defense strategy would have produced the film The Houses On The Ends and a rejection of paint as a means of surviving a nuclear holocaust.  That is the basis of our civil suit which will help us to continue the work of tracking and exposing places in the American culture where the Invisible Hand is not readily invisible or where claims of the power of the Invisible Hand have been violated as in this case.  We're also looking into suing Ford, GM and Chrysler for using American roads which were built by tax payer dollars and which made the communal high speed assembly line and Worker's Unions necessary while claiming that in a purely capitalistic system they were not," said Royall who also said, "If Henry Ford was a real liaise faire capitalist he'd have insisted on an all-terrain, all-off-road vehicle, but he didn't.  And the road construction on the tax payer's dime began before Hitler started building the autobahns in Germany, which means that Henry had his hand out long before Eisenhower argued that America needed these roads for national security."

     Royall summarized that "the earliest references to the MAD theory can be seen in the writings of Wilkie Collins in 1870 and in Frisch-Peierls Memorandum of 1940 and by August 1945 with Hiroshima and Nagasaki the idea of total destruction was widespread in the thinking of America's military strategists who also owned stock in paint, oil and lead companies...as we will clearly show in this suit," said Royall.   He said that it was not necessary to  promote the idea that lead paint stopped gamma rays since every school boy and his mother knew that the doctor wore a white lead apron during an x-ray.  Dutch Boy White Lead paint reminded all Americans of their loving physician who would never, ever harm them.   

     "We are also seeking to get Michael Melville Wood whose company publishes the paint industries internal magazine, STIR, as a hostile witness.  Very hostile, since he was the fraternity brother and class mate at Yale of George W. Bush."

     Royall said that his group's attorneys will show that the paint industry did not announce the danger of lead based paint until the paint-bomb strategy had played itself out in 1977.  Then it switched  to latex but not before the industry had shifted to the control of the latex market and moved from the bomb to the fear of lead-laced paint chips.  "The little Dutch Boy was turned into Vincent Van Gogh who hacked off his ear from eating lead paint," said Royall, "so latex paint sales soared while my Indian friends were still left in the wilderness again without their land or buffaloes or access to the free-market which they were led to believe was the only thing the white man had that was really free.  SUCKER!  You see why I get so passionate about my work?"

White Lead Paint by Dutch Boy
     Royall noted that Joseph F. Battley (1893-1970) was the U.S. Army staff officer who became the head of the General Service Command (1942-45).  As Brigadier General GSC in Washington, D.C., Battley was the head of the U.S. Army public relations program from 1945-1947 and then he became the President of the National Paint, Varnish and Lacquer Association where he worked tirelessly to delay the regulation of lead paint and to promoted its increased sales.  Battley is a key figure in the connections between Madison Avenue's increasingly sophisticated mind-control techniques, the lead industry and the marriage of the atomic bomb testing with the promotion of lead paint as a deterrent to the bomb blast ignition of civilian structures.  As the U.S. Army's chief information officer Battley was closely aligned with Alonzo F. Blario-Sicco and Amelia Azcarraga, president and founder, respectively, of the Inter-American Broadcasters Association, Senator Burton K. Wheeler, chair of the  Senate Interstate Commerce Committee, Clarence F. Lea, chair of the House Interstate and Foreign Commerce Committee as well as numbers of top ranking Army and Navy information officers. Burton K. Wheeler was the leading German Bund supporter in the lead up to World War  II and used his free governmental franking privileges to mail out a million pro-German propaganda post cards leading him to figure prominently in John O. Rogges' investigation into the German Nazi penetration into U.S. culture.
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     By Battley's efforts, the ban on lead paint in the U.S. was successfully stalled 50 years beyond its being banned in Europe because of the dramatic health risks.  More importantly, as with Dutch Boy White Lead, children were specifically targeted as the catalyst for lead paint sales and were given Dutch Boy painting books when they entered the paint stores.  Training materials read "Don't forget the children."

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National Paint, Varnish and Lacquer Association U.S. military, oil and lead legacy.

     Royall concluded by saying "their actions and connections to the American Military Industrial Complex are not above painting over the truth. Or lacquering it.  Or varnishing over it.  We look for the unvarnished truth and for the invisible Invisible Hand."

For an overview of the National Paint, Lacquer and Varnish Association....
(link to site broken, but overview can be purchased on-line) and appears:

The National Fix-up, Clean-Up, Paint-Up Bureau film used and endorsed extensively by the National Paint, Lacquer and Varnish Association....The House In The Middle which should have been, according to George Royall....The Houses On the Ends....

For a summary of the Lead Industry's knowledge of the dangers of lead poisoning dating to the 19th Century see....http://www.mindfully.org/Health/Lead-Industry-Public-Health.htm

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