Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Monday, January 17, 2011

9-Year-Old British Columbian Indian To Build Earthquake Resistant Structures With Vancouver Club Funding

New Design Will Be Taken Up By Young Vancouver Entrepreneur
by Winsip Custer CPW News Service

Celebrating his 9th birthday on Janurary 15th, Vancouver, British Columbia entrepreneur, Little Johnny Falcon Talon, announced on Saturday that his new company I Feel the Earth Move Inc. will begin manufacturing earthquake survivable structures based on the design of the CALTECH/MIT award winning model. 

"My production manager, Little Charlie Wolverine Claw, has been in negotiations with area suppliers and we feel that we can make a substantial impact on several fronts....our homes and larger commercial structures will be very affordable relieving the homeless population by up to 50% within six months and providing a high degree of certainty of survivability for commercial businesses. We are looking into creating our own insurance company based on the promising actuarial studies of our revolutionary design.  The revolutionary construction will reduce the desecration of the Northern forests which are now being shipped to China so that they can build the same out-of-date structures that fall on people's heads when earthquakes occur here.  We use three to five-year-old growth instead of older trees which is good for everyone.   The Japanese and Koreans are a potential buyer of our revolutionary homes that we call "Declining Density Structures," said Little Johnny Falcon Talon. "There are eighty-seven countries where the design can be patented so we are moving quickly to secure a technological advantage over the building competition in those locales," said the company attorney Gerald Spence.

 "Best of all we have found a consortium of backers who will fund our start-up and early expansion....a group of kind, loving, visionary and highly motivated members of the Vancouver Club who love helping bright young kids," said Mr. Falcon Talon who took the opportunity of his birthday party to unveil several of his new homes.

American musician Carole King has provided, pro-bono, the theme song for the new business, but Key West muscian Jimmy Buffett has asked that his song, When The Volcano Blows, be used as well....

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