Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Monday, January 31, 2011

Tear Gas Cannisters Used In Egypt Made "Somewhere Other Than The U.S.A."

Photo Making the Rounds on the Internet

by Winsip Custer  CPW News Service

Doctored photos of tear gas cannisters used in the Egyptian demonstrations have been making the rounds on the world-wide web.  "These doctored photos are obviously meant to throw off public opinion from the delivery of crowd control weapons being used in the Egyptian uprising against Hosni Mubarak's dictatorship," said a spokesman for a group of demonstrators calling themselves the CCC or Crazy Cannister Collectors.

"We think that these retouched photos are being distributed by very amateurish misinformation experts within the CIA or Mubarak government or perhaps a group of kids somewhere in the U.S.A.  whose parents work at the tear gas plant making the cannisters," said the CCC spokesman.

A spokesperson for TearGasToGo, Inc.,  a Portland, Oregon cannister maker for police and security forces world-wide said "yea, well this stuff has to be made somewhere.  Just like you.  You had to be born somewhere didn't you?  But that doesn't mean that these cannisters were made here."

The many changing faces within the "danger zone" of Egypt are causing a growing fear among American exchange students caught in the country.   News of a Viking gang wanting to provide an alternative to the Muslim Brotherhood have reportedly brought new tear gas cannisters to the region that read "Made Somewhere Else".

Meanwhile, the spokesperson for CCC said "with the high unemployment rate in Egypt and the Middle East we're wondering what it takes to make tear gas cannisters.  They don't look that hard to make and one of our members is friends with the owner of a canning company and nail-bomb plant just South of Cairo on the Nile.  He's looking into making tear gas cannisters here so that we can export them to other places like the damn Americans and Vikings.  The repeat business in nail-bombs is not good compared to gas cannisters.  Finally we can have some tear gas cannisters that proudly read "Made In Egypt".  This lack of economic growth and development by Mubarak is one reason that we want him out.  But sometimes it takes a crisis like this to really grasp the wide open opportunities that are out there.  The Muslim Brotherhood seems to have already cornered the club, baton and ball bat market used by a variety of Middle Eastern security forces, some even sold to Hussein in Iraq before his fall and to the Iranians security forces during their last uprising.  Their clubs read "Made In Mecca," said the CCC spokesman who wished to not be identified.

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