Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Friday, January 7, 2011

Water For Lithium: Bolivia, Bechtel the World Bank, Enron and the Rebecca Mark Jubasche Connection

Bolivia Was Target of World Bank and Bechtel 
by Winsip Custer CPW News Service

     When riots broke out in Bolivia in 2000 as people feared the take over of their nation's water supply for the subversion of freedom and liberty and the exploitation of their lithium, the World Bank demanded that Bolivia's loans be tied to the privatization of its water.  The Bolivian laws were rewritten to prohibit even the collection of rainwater.  This prompted the riots and subsequent deaths.
     Juan Carlos Caballero of the underground newspaper La Historia Y Mythos told us that "you were correct in your earlier reporting."  I asked which reporting and he said "yours" and then pointed out the following...
     "Jack E Golden, the BP geologist, left Standard Oil of Ohio to show BP where to find the deep reserves off of New Orleans.  He left BP and went to work for Cobalt Energy and joined the Carlyle Group.  Cobalt Energy's CFO, Rodney Gray, leaves Cobalt in June, 2010 shortly after the BP spill.  His severance package from Cobalt hasn't been made public, but if it's anything like Azurix, he's sitting pretty.  He had been CFO of Azurix the Enron inspired water "consolidator", but left Rebecca Mark in charge of Azurix after the initial IPO began to drop before the total Enron collapse.  Then Rebecca left it to John Garrison, now head of Bell Helicopter.  Rebecca was married to Thomas Mark, when she worked for First City Bank, a Savings and Loan scandal-related bank whose law firm was Vinson and Elkins...the lawyers for Enron.  Divorced, she remarried J.M.  Jusbasche/Jusbache a Bolivian businessman with ties to the Bolivian chemical industry and to Bechtel which was involved in the 2000 Bechtel Water Wars in Bolivia.....a country sitting on the second largest Lithium deposit in the world.  Lithium means rechargeable car batteries. Mr. Jusbasche was working at the time for Aluminum Chemicals In Bolivia (UCIB) Inc. from which is made Aluminum Sulfate a key ingredient in water purification.  With Bechtel securing the water resources UCIB, Azurix and Altivia would purify it for a price.   But Bolivia didn't want to pay 20%  of the average family income for Bechtel's water supply.  Bolivia needed to privatize and spread the mineral wealth, but the World Bank insisted that it do the Bechtel water deal which if it did, it would have sold out, lost its opportunity to pull its own people up and been basically an international banking cartel takeover....especially if they were giving their executives the same kind of golden parachutes that went to the Azurix folks....Gray and Marks.... and Garrison?....Rebecca Mark Jusbasche got $80 million and moved from the little farm in Missouri to the bigger ones in Colorado and New Mexico."  Today Rebecca Mark Jusbasche lives in Telluride, Colorado where she is active in the Telluride Foundation founded by U.S Army General Norman Schwarzkopf.
    Schwarzkopf, the hero of the first Gulf War, was not new to events in the Middle East where second only to oil is water.  In 1953, Norman's father joined Kermit Roosevelt in overthrowing a freely elected Iranian government replacing with it the monarchical and tyrannical Shah of Iran whose secret police were as brutal as any in Iraq, Syria, Egypt or Saudi Arabia. Norman's father was also the New Jersey investigator who initially sought the kidnapper of the Charles Lindbergh's baby.  In the 1930's Charles Lindbergh was implicated in the "business plot" with Henry Ford, Harvey Firestone, John Burroughs and others who sought to recruit two time U.S. Marine Congressional Medal of Honor winner, General Smedley Darlington Butler, to lead a 500,000 man army in overthrowing FDR.  From his experiences Butler would write the book War Is A Racket.  With the outbreak of WWII, FDR's detractors were folded into the resurgent U.S. nationalism and all but forgotten.  No U.S. publishers wrote of it and no high school civics classes reported the truth of it.  Presumably, the business plot's leaders, aligned as they were with the German American Bund, refrained from criticism of FDR's policies as part of their pennance.  In subsuquent years, however, books like War Against the Weak by Edwin Black showed the degree to which the group's influence had super-charged German Nazi imperial longings and ideas of racial purity.

Telluride Foundation members with Gen. Schwarzkopf (top right).
Rebecca Mark Jusbasche (right, at Telluride Foundation event).
     Wisdom would dictate that J. Michael Jusbasche, Rebecca Mark's new husband, is now involved in Lithium importing.  So is he?  He works for Altivia which among other things imports Lithium to its Point Comfort, Texas, facility between Port Lavaca and Seadrift.  "Seadrift is where the shrimper lady who dumped oil on herself at the BP hearings lives," said one former Altivia employee.  Altivia was previously Coastal Products and Chemicals.  Does that mean it's related to Coastal Refineries' and Oscar Wyatt?  "I don't know," said Mr. Cabellero,  "but Oscar was indicted in the UN Oil for Food scandal.....selling charity food to the madman Saddam for oil.  Food for oil.  Water for Lithium? It's not a stretch."

Juan Carlos Caballero's flow chart from article Agua Por Lithium
     "I have watched again and again the documentary The Corporations and it says that by 2025 most of the world will be water starved and that the move toward private ownership of water supplies is an enormous threat to human freedom.  If you have not seen this documentary you must see it," said Caballero. "The sad part is that with Bechtel and Enron conspiring to enslave the world's water at the same time companies like Exxon and BP are spraying it with COREXIT, they are clearly peeing in the lemonade and in time they will use a line from Colin Powell on Iraq...'We broke it.  It's ours!'

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