Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Hill & Knowlton: How To Dress Up A Really Ugly Pig

New York's Hill & Knowlton Mad Men Making Over Mind Boggling Image Problems While Avoiding Accountability

by Winsip Custer, CPW News Service

    In the Garden of Eden, the serpent had a problem.  How do you get the first humans to accept slavery.  Answer:  Paint the apple red!
    Fascinated by the role that public relations and advertising has had in recreating images, film director Matthew Weiner fashioned the wildly popular television series Mad Men into a nostalgic trip through the 50's, 60's and 70's Madison Avenue advertising and PR agencies as protagonist Donald Draper rose from obscurity to become a leading make-over artist who in season four, The Suitcase, said "Is this a substance much like bullshit?"  In season one Draper had given us a clue as to his motivations learned as a soldier....."I blow up bridges."   On Madison Avenue Don Draper struggled, sometimes well, sometimes poorly, with the ethical issues his profession did and did not address.
   The Mad Men series ended before the 1988 Young & Rubicam Co.'s Willie Horton attack ad showed the power of pointing beyond a candidates' flaws to another's thus deflecting the spotlight in order to redirect it toward a Presidential candates' better features much as Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton did in 2016 with a variety of lip glossings and lighting adjustments.  "If you have to be in a beauty contest choose who you stand next to and point to their wrinkles," said Sylvia Ramsay author of Beauty is Only Skin Deep, But Ugly Goes All The Way To The Bone.
   While Young & Rubican who employed George Herbert Walker Bush's nephew received the race card approval from the Bush campaign, there was on the horizon another ugly pig polisher....Hill & Knowlton.   When the Bank of Credit and Commerce International, BCCI also known as the Bank of Crooks and Criminals, the chief money laundering bank for the Iran-Contra Boland Amendment bashers needed a PR make-over they turned to Hill & Knowlton.  When the Church of Scientology was under the gun for it's abuse of its parishioners the e-emeter Dianetics devotees who followed the U.S. Navy intelligence insider and founder, L. Ron Hubbard, turned to Hill & Knowlton.
    There was no suitcase of bullshit that Hill & Knowlton could not, it seems, turn into a movable feast.  Take the Abu Ghraib Prison scandal, a story that had CBS's 60 Minutes' Dan Rather and Mary Mapes proclaiming that they broke in 2004 a year after Amnesty International had exposed the clear violations of the Geneva Conventions at Baghdad under authority of Donald Rumsfeld's Department of Defense while Rather co-owned the Las Vegas, New Mexico exotic game ranch, Tecolate Ranch, with Rumsfeld.  At the same time Rumsfeld owned the Mount Misery Plantation where Civil War Abolitionist and orator, Frederick Douglass, had been "renditiontioned" before being sent back to the South from the North to slavery.
    "You can't forget that a big ugly pig in our U.S. history, our Civil War, was actually a race to the opium poppies of the Golden Crescent," said historian Lowell P. Wigglesworth, "and not as we have been brainwashed into believing was a Civil War fought over freedom from slavery.  I have covered all of this in my writings....from the place that Jeff Davis, Franklin Pierce and Caleb Cushing had in molding public opinion under the guise of a 600,000 body count Civil War fought over ending slavery or protecting states rights.  Good people fought and died over that belief just as they did over the yellow cake induced war in Iraq when fifteen of the nineteen 911 hijackers were from Saudi Arabia as a growing number of scientists world-wide now hold the U.S. government's Official 911 Report in complete contempt," said Wigglesworth noting the support of their position from Bush economist and Texas A&M professor, Dr. Morgan Reynolds and former Under-Secretary of the U.S. Treasury for Ronald Reagan, Dr. Paul Craig Roberts.  They have pointed to the outstanding work of pilots, scientists, engineers and architects who have called the Official 911 Report written by Rice University's Philip Zelikow and managed most recently by CBS's 60-Minutes with the coverage of the Saudi royal's place in backing the alleged plot, but with no real effect on reopening a real investigation.   That was, perhaps, the biggest make-over of an ugly pig in world history, and not even Hill & Knowlton have the brainwashing ability nor lipstick to cover that fat pig of bamboozle," said Wigglesworth.
    Mad Men ends with Draper in total meltdown...emotionally, psychologically, spiritually.  We are led to believe that he is dropping out of the rat race and the big fat pig lip-polishing profession.  In the end he sits cross-legged at California commune overlooking the Pacific Ocean, perhaps not far from Fort Bragg just north of San Francisco near where it's namesake, Confederate General Braxton Bragg....business partner before and after the Civil War of Union General William Tecumseh Sherman....had worked with George Bragg securing the San Francisco terminus of the Transcontinental Railroad for the Union.  Perhaps Draper was near the Point Cabrillo Light House where in 1950 was discovered the wreckage of opium cutter Frolic built in the Gardiner Ship Yard in Baltimore for the New England Brahman Heard family....a shipyard that had employed the services of Frederick Augustus Washington Bailey, AKA Frederick Douglass, before he was invited to speak at Boston's Faneuil Hall as had been Jefferson Davis at Caleb Cushing invitation....a fine example of building consent for war....which Donald Trump would have us drop Andrew Jackson into the ring to stop the coming slaughter.  It was not Hill & Knowlton that was hired back then to rewrite history, but it was clearly rewritten by a tent full of P.T. Barnums.
    Mad Men's Don Draper's legacy is resurrected in the end when his face lights up and his thoughts turn to Coca-Cola and the iconic ad song "I'd love to teach the world to sing in perfect harmony."  That was just before Coca-Cola was documented by investigative reporter Peter Brewton  in his 1972 book The Mafia, CIA and George Bush to have been providing with the help of Houstonians' Walter Mischer and Coca-Cola's CEO, Charles W. Duncan, aide in funding the Contra death squads in Central America.  Teaching the world to sing in perfect harmony is NOT the agenda of the U.S. military complex in its push toward worldwide hegemony, not of the pig painters who polish up a really ugly bamboozle.
    Today, Hill & Knowlton's CEO is from Waco, Texas, home to the brutal government handling of the Branch Davidian Affair from a city that Brewton says domiciled the Iran-Contra's leading missile mule, Farhad Azima, who was transshipping weapons through his Waco-based Buffalo Airlines... the weapons used in the Iran-Contra weapons and drugs for hostages deal that almost cost Reagan and Bush an impeachment.  Waco would find the arrival of Kenneth Starr as the President of Baylor University coming there from Pepperdine and from the White Water investigation before that with no reference to his relationship to AIG founder Cornelius Vander Starr....to become the attorney, too, for the renegade U.S. mercenaries, Blackwater, and its founder Erik Prince whose sister is now in charge of U.S. education, in Blackwater's attack against its own employees killed chasing yellow cake and phony wars in Fallujah, Iraq.


Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Jon Meacham, Douglas Brinkley In No Position To Criticize Trump


Commentary by Lowell P. Wigglesworth for CPW News Service

     Okay, Donald Trump is no academic.  He's not a historian.  He's not even a good President and his credentials for running the U.S. were as riddled with cues about his questionable abilities as Hillary's were of her corruption.   This doesn't let historians, Jon Meacham and Douglas Brinkley, off the hook for their piling on of Trump's frumpy trip-up over the role of Andrew Jackson in U.S. history.
     Trump got it wrong.  Andrew Jackson was dead sixteen years before the U.S. Civil War so he could not have stopped it.....UNLESS.....he had seen the coalition between New England opium trader Caleb Cushing, Jefferson Davis and Franklin Pierce coming.....and sought to derail it, but that would have required a crystal ball.
     Meacham and Brinkley are gatekeepers of American spoon-fed mythology.   Meacham is a Bush chronicler and Brinkley has sat for years in the shadow of Rice University's Frank Vandiver who, as another premier American historian, made nothing about the place that Jeff Davis, Franklin Pierce and Caleb Cushing played in hiding from the masses the real motive for the Civil War.....the South's better access to the flatland of the Great Southwest and the Savannah to San Diego rail route to the Pacific and to the Ottoman Empire's Golden Crescent of Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India and Turkey's opium supplies that had made England an empire.  Picked up in Basra, then in Bombay when the Brits' premier opium middle-man, Sephardic Jew David Sassoon, was ejected by the Ottomans from Iraq, this U.S. triad of Cushing, Davis and Pierce saw the race to the Pacific as the race to U.S. riches.....for those who passed the laws to prohibit while controlling imports.  Problem was that you could not get an entire nation of people to slaughter each other over poppy-greed while the power elites wrestled over control of the rails.  We only do that for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Since slavery was not really being eliminated only changing its shackles....these two American academics are lazy or paid presstitute bastards.....or both.  These historians, not unlike Ken Burns relying on the work of Civil War historian Shelby Foote to the horror of serious historians in his 2005 C-SPAN interview from his Memphis office told Brian Lamb...."I consulted no original material.  It's all been gone over before."  Trump's faux pas may do one thing that's long over due.  Cause people to revisit their own history and find, as did Howard Zinn, Oliver Stone and others, that we've long been bamboozled.

Monday, May 1, 2017

An Open Letter To Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, Former Under-Secretary of the Treasury of the United States

Rethinking Everything
by Rev. Quillermo De Monrovia, CPW News Service


Dear Dr. Paul Craig Roberts,

     While touring the Guggenheim Museum I remembered walking through the Whitney on an earlier trip to Manhattan.  The Whitney had strangely unveiled the work of former Houston, Texas artist and curator of the Houston Museum of Contemporary Art, Mark Lombardi.   Lombardi had, from his front row seat in Houston's "Art Museum District" supported as it is by the petrochemical industry's Vatican, Mecca, Medina and Baghdad on the free flowing River Carbonicus Fossilius and supporting the evolution of industrialized applications of sulfur, lead and petroleum products....the backbone of the Texas economy and the U.S. military industrialist....and as you, Paul Craig Roberts now say, security complex....artfully sketched the Iran-Contra network of the 1980's in clear and vivid detail.  It was as if Martin Luther's 95 theses had been drawn in graphic form to help the rabble visualize the power structure of the top-down, pyramidal, monarchial mindset of the Pontiff's power base.
     That Lombardi's work emanated from the city where Julius Robert Oppenheimer had been defrocked from the Deep State's cloistered oil cartel assembly of acolytes led by the President of Rice University, Dr. Kenneth Pitzer, singing in harmony with the Gregorian chanting of William Liscum Borden under the direction of chorus-master, Gordon Gray, takes one to St. Peter's Basilica at the height of the Spanish Inquisition.   That this city produced not only Philip Zelikow, Paul and David Rhodes, but also....about fifty miles to the north in Huntsville.....Robert Abercrombie Lovett, father of the preemptive bombing of civilian structures....and Trump's Secretary of State, Enron's "T-Rex" Tillerson is obviously informative, but missing from Lombardi's grid work because of his untimely and questionable demise.
     Lombardi had visualized the entire Iran-Contra network that was woven through the Houston economy like a script of a dress rehearsal for the 2008 housing bubble pop and bailout, the earlier 1980's savings & loan crisis that Houston Post investigative journalist, Peter Brewton, showed was clearly staffed by the same bottom feeding opportunists, many of them proving the profitability of such butt-munching.  Between that earlier crisis and the later one that would not, could not, avoid implicating major Texas banks, like James A. Baker's Texas Commerce Bank that would be absorbed by the leading "too big to fail" bank of New York, Morgan-Chase, there was the failure of First City Bank that had been the key bank for Houston's Enron and their lawyers, Vinson & Elkins, who worked closely with CPA's Arthur Anderson Inc.....experts in hiding real debits and credits with a paper shredder.
     Some at the Whitney were saying that Lombardi's masterpiece of politically inspired reverse-Pollock-painting should have been shredded, too, but wasn't.   This brings me to the fact that you, sir, had the insider's seat at the right hand of Ronald Reagan's Secretary of the Treasury, James A. Baker, III.    How has that vantage point inspired your obvious change of position with respect to capitalism as the solution to the world's problems?  Do you feel bad that when reflecting on ABC's reporter, Bill  Stewart, having returned from Iran to investigate the connections in Central America between the Contras and the approaching 1980 election between Carter and Reagan, only to find Stewart blown-away by the hedge hog of Anastasio Samoza's National Guard brutes?  How has this inspired your claim that you had not, back then, a better understanding of the depths of our national corruption?
     As a theologian-in-the-trenches I have often reflected on the fact that from this same bastion of slick and slippery bamboozling that has produced, beyond Enron, the more recent blood-letting of Elizabeth Holme's Theranos,  the equally disconcerting, disharmonic screeches of a choir clearly off-key.  Yes, the academics whose nasally cantillations do not improve with their cranial-colon impactions have joined in all led by the likes of Rice University's Dr. Frank Vandiver, who for decades sat over the letter of Jefferson Davis to Franklin Pierce in which he describes their close fraternal fellowship with Boston's premier opium trader, Caleb Cushing.  Caleb's desire to reach the Pacific and the Golden Crescent's Yin of the growing complex's war-weaponry's Yang, anesthetics, informing the investigative work of historian Lowell P. Wigglesworth.  As James A.  Baker's chief strategist for "trickle-down" did you, Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, factor into the U.S. economy the unreported influence of this untaxed, or is it an unreported tax on America's urban poor, as part of the U.S. economic equation?
    I am mindful of that terrific Renoir painting "The Luncheon of the Boating Party" and I envision that in that masterpiece sits John Perkins Cushing, Caleb Cushing, the Forbes, Lowes, the Delanos, Huntingtons, Russells, Heards and Tafts....and with the Delanos....we can't forget the Roosevelts who said of Samoza..."He's an SOB, but our SOB".   There is also the wannabes.....who like some star-struck underling, Frank Buchman perhaps, or a Paul Adams Rush in the court of a Stuart Bowen, who aspired to sit on the yacht's fan tail sipping, not grog, but julips.   Forget that Caleb Cushing owned America's fastest cutter yacht, that the Heards' opium cutter Frolic was skippered by Edward Faucon, the opium hauler model for Dana's Two Years Before The Mast and that Cushing's personal impulses informed the development of the American merchant fleet and navy....about which Richard McKenna would write The Sand Pebbles, omitting the U.S gunboat Panay's defense of the Rockefeller interests merged as they were with the pursuit of oil and opioids.  There's reason why this history is a blur when the Hollywood director. Robert Wise, regretfully omitted as the opium connections in his 1966 film of the same name while historians have similarly done the same to the relationship between China's opium trade and the Union's Southern river clearing agent, Admiral Andrew Hull Foote, whose connections to the unexplored motives for the U.S. Civil War are unpacked by Lowell P. Wigglesworth in great detail.
     Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, have you read, by chance, the interview with Dr. Lucien Von Pyre titled "On Playing A Trump Card" or the other one relative to the Flint, Michigan water issues?  Are you,  sir, simply playing the Trump card in an effort to rewrite your own history?


Tuesday, April 18, 2017


Elizabeth Holmes, Theranos,  Enron, "Mad Dog" Mattis, George Shultz, Sam Nunn, Henry Kissinger, Adm. Gary Roughhead, Dr.  William "Bill" Frist and the Evolution of "Trade Secrets"

by Winsip Custer, CPW News Service

"What makes this crime so hideous is that it preys on peoples' fears and hopes when they are the most vulnerable.....usually when they are facing a long-term debilitating illness and when they are looking for answers.  I hope that there is a special place in a sulfur-bubbling hell for Ms. Holmes and her kind and given that her list of fraud-pushers.....attorney David Boies the attorney for Andy Fastow the Enron CPA who faced 78 indictments for fraud, "Mad Dog Mattis", Gary Roughhead, George Shultz, Henry Kissinger, William Perry, Sam Nunn and Bill Frist jumped on this greasy band wagon I'm hoping that they ride along with Ms. Holmes to a place where more will be required than a single drop of their ice cold blood or whatever it is that pulses through their obviously hardened arteries."    

  - Fabian Colbachi.

     Things were looking up for the daughter of Enron Vice President Christian Rasmus Holmes IV. Elizabeth Holmes, a graduate of St. John's School, Houston, Texas and of Stanford University, created Theranos, a California-based high-tech blood testing business that promised to revolutionize the way blood samples were collected and tested. Former Secretary of State George Shultz would be recruited by Elizabeth Holmes for the Theranos board of directors. Shultz assured the American people that Iran-Contra was an aberration and, during the Iran-Contra hearings gave the American people a civics lesson on honesty and openness in government. That was before Schultz joined Bechtel whose "Bechtel Water Wars" in Bolivia attempted to monopolize that nation's water supply restricting citizens from collecting rainwater from their rooftops. Hearing Ms. Holme's plans for Theranos, George Shultz promoted others for the Theranos board of directors leading to the arrival of U.S. Senator Sam Nunn, former Defense Secretary William J. Perry, former Wells Fargo Bank CEO Richard Kovacevich, General James "Mad Dog" Mattis, USN Admiral Gary Roughhead, former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger and former Tennessee Senator Dr. William 'Bill' Frist.  Lydia Ramsey of Business Insider analyzed the glaring contradiction in Theranos' need for medical expertise and board member selection based on political connectedness instead of scientific knowledge and qualitative and quantitatively critical thinking.  That contradiction came to a head with Tyler Shultz.
     Tyler Shultz, former Sec. of State George Shultz's grandson, was hired as a Theranos executive, but soon sought protection under a whistle blower law suit during which he proclaimed "fraud is not a corporate trade secret."
     "Tyler Shultz perhaps remembered George Shultz's testimony from the Iran-Contra hearings during which Michael Bromwich became the leading prosecutor, insuring that convictions did not include anyone higher in rank than Secretary of Defense Caspar Weinberger. Bromwich went on to lead an investigation of Houston's Harris County Medical Examiner's lab in the city that had spawned Enron where Elizabeth Holmes' father worked and, indirectly, Theranos," said independent investigative journalist Fabian Colbachi. "The Harris County crime lab was overseen by Dr. Joyce Carter and District Attorney Johnny B. Holmes. It is not known if Elizabeth Holmes is related to Johnny B. Holmes or to Boston surgeon, Oliver Wendell Holmes Sr. who coined the word 'anesthetics' for opium products, nor his son, Supreme Court Justice, Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr., whose judgeship overlapped the period of U.S. drug policy development that helped create the cultural climate for the U.S. 'War on Drugs'," said Colbachi noting Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr.'s connections to Boston where Caleb Cushing and John Perkins Cushing's opium trade fed the growing need for high grade pain killers within the growing field of surgical medicine as well as a battlefield necessity becoming the core product of Union artillery commander and pharmacist, Eli Lilly's, post-Civil War pharmaceutical business.  "That Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr. was the poet who wrote of Herman Melville's paternal grandfather, Major Thomas Melville, the poem The Last Leaf shows how close was Herman to the New England opium traders in as much as I am convinced that Moby Dick was a symbol of the traders' hot pursuit of the white drool of the Golden Crescent's opium poppies that would sink the Pequod, Ahab and the last life boat which led to Herman's tyranny-checking follow-up novel Billy Budd," said Wigglesworth.
     "Look," said Colbachi, "Elizabeth Holmes is a graduate of St. Johns School, Houston, the alma mater of William Stamps Farish IV, and of Sarah Blaffer Hrdy, daughter of Humble Oil founder and Rice University anthropologist whose colleague in the Rice history department, Dr. Frank Vandiver, sat over the letters of Jefferson Davis including that amazing letter from Davis to Barbara Pierce Bush ancestor for whom in speeches for his wife, Hillary, in 2016 and 2017 Bill Clinton strangely became an apologist, President Franklin Pierce. The Jeff Davis letter acknowledges the close three-way fraternal relationship of Jefferson Davis and Franklin Pierce to New England opium trader, Caleb Cushing. That is the alliance that historian Lowell P. Wigglesworth has claimed is the real motive for the U.S. Civil War....wrestling the Great Southwest flatland rail route from Savannah, Georgia to San Diego, California from the Confederates and putting the New England Brahmins with their minions at Yale, like William Huntington Russell, the Heards, the Tafts, Cushings, Delanos and others in control of the Ottoman Empire's Golden Crescent opium supplies and a war-footing dialect of bullets and pain killers that spawned the U.S. military industrialist security complex," said Colbachi.
     Colbachi noted that the Transcontinental Railroad's Leland Stanford sat over the Southern and Central Pacific that linked the route from Omaha to San Francisco while the South's ambitions were squelched. "You find no more clearly the evolution of this part of history than in the work of Lowell P. Wigglesworth who maintains that Stanford's Hoover Institution defector, Anthony C. Sutton, blew his own whistle on this secret history of the American power elite establishment while exposing the self-perpetuating, addictive and dynamic business model dialectic of bombs and pain killers'."
     "You have to remember as we watch President Donald Trump face resistance to his appointments that President John Tyler holds the record for Senate rejection of his cabinet appointments, but those appointments in 1843 help to underscore the place that opium had in our nation's history, much hidden from  our civics classes and university lectures.  In December of 1843 Tyler appointed the former Port of Boston Customs Collector, David Henshaw as the 14th Secretary of the U.S. Navy.  In March Tyler appointed Caleb Cushing as Secretary of the Treasury.   Henshaw was a druggist.   Cushing an opium trader.  Do you see any correlations there?  Well, when Henshaw proposed that factions within the U.S. Navy, factions that split along the North/South divide, he recommended that sailors from the North be assigned to the South while the sailors from the South be assigned to the North.  Henshaw's appointment was overwhelmingly defeated.  Within a decade Jefferson Davis was personally laying out the South's rail route to the Pacific from Savannah to San Diego with the South's own China Trade ambitions clearly coming to light, but swept under the rug of predominant U.S. mythology," said Wigglesworth. "It's hard to get soldiers to lay down their lives for yellow cake uranium hidden in the desert of Iraq from which, historically, David Sassoon shipped for the British East India Company Golden Crescent opium from Baghdad and Basra to China, much less to get 600,000 U.S. soldiers more than a century earlier to die over poppy greed as was the case in our Civil War.   Better that they fight like Spartacus over freedom and liberty imagined....especially when the war promoters knew that one set of chains would be replaced by another to their profit," said Wigglesworth.
     Wigglesworth has noted that it is Edwin Black's book The Transfer Agreement that challenges the assessment of Ronald Reagan's Under-Secretary of the Treasury, economist and Wall Street Journal contributor, Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, who said that the current U.S. NeoCon/NeoLib agenda of worldwide U.S. hegemony is an Anglo/Zionist conspiracy.  "It's not an Anglo/Zionist conspiracy, but a Aryan/Zionist conspiracy.....as shown by Edwin Black in the Germanic Aryan and Ashkenazi alliance that created the "transfer agreement" between Hitler's Germany and Zionist leaders.  The Anglos, especially the American Anglos had rejected the proposal of Rudolf Hess to create an Anglo/German alliance against the world.  However, that dream is at the heart of the NeoCon/NeoLib agenda still."
     "Elizabeth Holmes' father, a VP at the criminal enterprise of Enron that evolved from Robert Herring's Houston Natural Gas, also held positions at USAID, the United States Agency for International Development, which you must never forget has played a role within the story of John Perkin's book Confessions of an Economic Hitman. This makes Elizabeth Holmes the great great granddaughter of Christian Rasmus Holmes, Sr. who died in Manhattan, but who was buried in the Spring Grove Cemetery in Cincinnati, Ohio, the significance of which I have covered extensively in my writings with respect to Alphonso Taft, progenitor of Yale Skull & Bones and final resting place of the highest concentration of Civil War era Union Generals who are buried in Spring Grove near Alphonso Taft," said Wigglesworth.  "Taft, a Scottish Rite Mason in the vein of the KKK's legal counsel Albert Pike, Jeff Davis' chief Indian agent, saw William Howard Taft, Alphonso's son, join his Cincinnati SR temple in 1908, while Pike's brand of Free Masonry was not the same as the more egalitarian York Rite Masonry of George Washington, Benjamin Franklin and the other Founders, but instead came through the German/Prussian royal court, passing through the Jacobite regions of Scotland with its monarchial and pyramidal passions and leap frogging the Atlantic to infect and usurp York Rite Masonry in America.  This is a significant assemblage when you consider that Alphonso's and William Huntington Russell's associate, Caleb Cushing, who negotiated the first U.S./Chinese trade agreement, the Wanghia Treaty, was believed by President U.S. Grant, to be loyal to something other than the Union, a viewpoint earlier shared by Congress who refused to appoint Cushing Secretary of the Treasury for President Tyler.  I cover all of that in my writings," said Wigglesworth.  "By 1833 the New England opium traders and Yale power elites had canonized the Germanic traditions of Wilhelm Wundt and secretly aligned with an Aryan/Hapsburg/Jacobite tradition that was anything but supportive of the traditions of the Founders.  The monarchs of Britain had employed the Hessians of the Saxe-Coburg-Gotha region of Germany against the American colonists, which as researcher Edwin Black has shown us in his book The Transfer Agreement and War Against the Weak found no problem with employing phony, pseudo science if it furthered their draconian, Machiavellian cause," said Wigglesworth who is fond of reminding the world that the Godmother of George Herbert Walker Bush's sister-in-law, Elizabeth Kauffman Bush, was a Nazi spy and wife of the Saxe-Gotha-Coburg Duke of Windsor, Prince Edward, Wallis Simpson Windsor.
     "The Christian R. Holmes Hospital in Cincinnati was built with contributions from William Cooper and Jane Elisa Procter, Charles Phelps and Anna Sinton Taft, as well as Bettie Fleischmann Holmes, Christian R. Holmes’ widowed wife, and others indicating the relationship between the Holmes family and the Taft family of which Alphonso was the patriarch. It underscores their mutual interest in trade with the old Ottoman Empire's Golden Crescent, China and patent medicines and healthcare delivery systems worldwide. This cannot be overlooked when considering the evolution of Theranos or even of the Fleischmann Yeast Co. of which Christian R. Holmes was an heir and which was sold as much for a laxative as it was a bread dough additive," said Wigglesworth.
    "Neither can you forget that it was Tennessee Senator, close friend of George Bush, and surgeon, William Frist, whose HCA/Columbia merger produced through attorney, Rick Scott, the record setting highest Medicare/Medicaid fraud fine in U.S. history of $1.7 billion before Scott went from his Columbia/HCA CEO position with his $400 million severance package to finance his gubernatorial campaign in Florida where the electorate was swimmingly insouciant or deeply ethically challenged even after experiencing the 2000 Presidential chad-clinging under Florida Governor Jeb Bush.  It was Dr. William 'Bill' Frist who plugged that weird, errant, through-the-lung-bullet that hit General David Petraeus during a troop inspection at Fort Campbell Kentucky.  It was also in Houston, home of Christian Rasmus Holmes IV and daughter Elizabeth that the Washington Post's Metro Editor, Vernon Loeb, editor of the flagrantly flawed account of Pat Tillman's death in Afghanistan and Jessica Lynch's rescue in Iraq was followed by Loeb's co-authorship of Paul Broadwell's book All In: The Education of General David Petraeus, that ruined his career at the CIA moved to become Editor of the Houston Chronicle...right there in the cradle of cross-over corruption from the S&L scandal of the 1980's, to the same players involved in Iran-Contra according to Houston Post reporter Peter Brewton, author of the 1992 book, The Mafia, CIA and George Bush. From the S&L debacle to Enron and Theranos, not to mention the more recent cross-over of the Nabors/S&J/Miami Employees Retirement Fund scandal, the push-pin plops down on Houston where Connecticut resident GHWB was conveniently absentee-domiciled in the run-up to his 1988 election in a year that saw Osama Bin Laden's brother, Salem, flying a borrowed ultra-light into a high power line at Cibolo, Texas while CIA Middle-East agent, Matt Gannon, was returning to Washington to ask about Al Qaeda when he died on Pan Am 103 with General David Petraeus delivering Gannon's eulogy at Arlington National.  The arrival of Vernon Loeb to the city where Michael Bromwich had investigated the Medical Examiner's office for corruption guaranteed an umbrella over the Mecca, Medina and Vatican of oil cartel bamboozling dating back to the travesty against Oppenheimer by Kenneth Pitzer and Gordon Gray, father of Bush lawyer, C. Boyden Gray," said Wigglesworth noting the connection of LBJ's "Suite F-8 Group" to Houston and its place in the evolution of the "benzene bubble-blowers fellowship."
     When venture capitalist Tim Draper called Elizabeth Holmes a victim he inadvertently helped to underscore the historical cabal's wagon circling to protect its own in much the same way as was seen with the defense of Ken Lay at Enron before that ship went down like the Pequod.  Did Bloomberg or Forbes, the NYT or Washington Post ask "just who is Tim Draper?"  No.  Draper cut his teeth at Alex Brown & Company whose patriarch, Alexander Brown of Baltimore hatched Brown Brothers for which U.S. Marine General Smedley Darlington Butler wrote in his book War Is A Racket that he had helped pacify Nicaragua for Brown Brothers and Costa Rica for United Fruit which had preciously been Boston Fruit Company.    Ms. Holmes, for all of her rhetoric about wanting to help people get the jump on bodily health issues, she is aligned with the gears of the military industrialist security complex that grinds under peoples health in a myriad of high tech, but barbaric ways according to Colbachi.  "Draper argues that though Ms. Holme's Theranos may not have invented the holy grail of blood tests....the one prick....one drop do-it-all blood test....that someone will invent it," said Colbachi.  "Yes, well you can't claim that ground if you didn't plant a flag in it," said Colbachi and problem is that when someone does they had damn well better be phalanxed by a powerful wall of protection not to have these insipient cowbirds steal their babies," said Colbachi noting their historical proximity to the U.S.'s Deep State.
     "Nothing provides a 'get out of jail free card like a connection to the U.S. government's power elite and a corrupt local medical examiner," said Wigglesworth noting the Tuskegee Experiment and Pruitt-Igoe Experiment along with the "criminally negligent slow response to ban lead and asbestos that Europeans banned decades earlier than the U.S..   Legal penalties and fines leveled by the Feds against the corruption seen in Columbia/HCA or Enron cases, Theranos aside since its bold criminality and eventually deduced bamboozling-hype of $9 billion valuation prevented its 2016 IPO, still yields on average an 80% return to the criminals at taxpayers' or investors' expense when the news of the fraud hits the streets and the stocks plummet just after the prior bonus transfer of funds by the executives to their Swiss, Bermuda, Cayman or Channel Islands bank account," said Wigglesworth.
    "What makes this crime so hideous is that it preys on peoples' fears and hopes when they are the most vulnerable.....usually when they are facing a long-term debilitating illness and when they are looking for answers.  I hope that there is a special place in a sulfur-bubbling hell for Ms. Holmes and her kind and given that her list of fraud-pushers.....attorney David Boies the attorney for Andy Fastow the Enron CPA who faced 78 indictments for fraud, "Mad Dog Mattis", Gary Roughhead, George Shultz, Henry Kissinger, William Perry, Sam Nunn and Bill Frist jumped on this greasy band wagon I'm hoping that they ride along with Ms. Holmes to a place where more will be required than a single drop of their ice cold blood or whatever it is that pulses through their obviously hardened arteries," said Fabian Colbachi noting that Elizabeth Holmes discussed with former Secretary of State George Shultz the importance of people making their personal health information more accessible based on her vision of lower testing costs.  "Now there's a scary thought," said Colbachi.

     For an analysis of who is at fault for allowing and promoting the Theranos fraud see Tyler Durden's May 19, 2016 article in Zerohedge.

Wednesday, April 12, 2017



by Winsip Custer, CPW News Service

"Just two days after news broke of an alleged poison-gas attack in northern Syria, President Trump brushed aside advice from some U.S. intelligence analysts doubting the Syrian regime’s guilt and launched a lethal retaliatory missile strike against a Syrian airfield.'   -Robert Parry

      Robert Parry, founder of Consortium News doubts the official Trump-jump on Syria based on a theorized sarin gas attack.   Parry, chided for his acceptance of the Official 911 Report of the U.S. government by 911 Truth author David Ray Griffin, has cited the criticism of Middle East CIA field agents who have provided legitimate contrary witness to the Trump White House rationale for the recent attack. Supported by nearly 60% of Americans led by Senators Lindsey Graham, John McCain, Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer, Parry instead joins a growing cadre of disillusioned skeptics who believed that the U.S.'s core value is dishonesty.
      Meanwhile, the conservative talk show host who holds a PhD in what he says is epidemiology, San Francisco-based Michael Savage,  reviewed the film footage of the event and concluded that there is no evidence that it was sarin, a nerve agent.  Rather, it appears that the agent used in the reported attack was chlorine or phosgene, a choking agent, not a nerve agent.  Building on the improbability of either Russians or Syrians wanting to retreat from their assurances that chemical agents, banned by the Geneva Conventions as a war crime, will not and have not been used, Savage is joined by former Ronald Reagan Under-Secretary of the U.S. Treasury, Paul Craig Roberts, Hawaii's U.S. Congresswoman and Iraq War veteran, Tulsi Gabbard, and a growing array of concerned citizens calling for a Congressional investigation of the recent $60 million U.S. cruise missile strike on the Syrian airbase from which the gas attack was supposedly staged.
     Independent investigative author, Peter Pezonus, said "David Ray Griffin pummels both Bill Moyers and Robert Parry for believing in totally impossible miracles in order to accept the official U.S. government version of the 911 attack on the World Trade Center.  Here we see a continuation of the total disinformation of the Left/Right cabal of the U.S. NeoCons/NeoLibs who under the GHWB, Clinton, GWB and Obama administrations have led the U.S. and world toward a wayward anti-American policy coup of U.S. world hegemony while the U.S.  Middle-Class was stripped of their jobs under NAFTA, the Bush/Clinton legacy that included the repeal of the Glass-Steagall Act in 1999 leading to World-Com, Tyco, Enron and the 2000-2008 bamboozle of the housing bubble bailout.    Truth is the victim of this push toward imposed hegemony," said Pezonus.
     "Like it or not the old Soviet Union survived and thrived on the inclusion of cultures nurtured by the suppression of religion freedom.  The U.S. Constitution insures the suppression of misdirected religious freedom not by force of arms, but by force of will and conscience, but the effects are the same making us the U.S. and its allies, Russia and its allies natural teammates against ISIS, but along the lines of the message of Alexander Solzhynitsyn in his 1978 Princeton University commencement speech, A World Split Apart," said Pezonus.  "Solzhynitsyn  believed then that we were at a critical crossroads that would require the equivalent to stepping onto a new anthropological stage in world history.  And now? What we have going on since 911 is the use of religion by the fight-promoting war-mongering military industrialist security complex to profit from human misery and conflict," he continued.
    "The problem is," said Pezonus, "that ISIS, like Al Qaeda, is not a naturally evolving religion, but the product of the military industrialist security complex's evolution of the demonic lust for war profits with funding coming from the captured U.S. taxpayers and the oil money of the Saudi royal family which holds control over the high holy places of Islam's warring sects....Shia and Sunni Muslims....Mecca and Medina.  It's like Madison Square Garden on fight night with the war mongers controlling the beer and pop corn concessions and both corners of the ring.  They can count on ignorance prevailing when no new enlightenment  is allowed.  Their common denominator is fossil fuels and the belief that sludge is the center of the universe...which it isn't.  Not even our sun that will burn for about four billion years and create the earth's ubiquitous wind energy is that."
    Pezonus believes that we see the dark side of the U.S. intelligence apparatus' descent into the abyss of insanity with the 1988 death of Salem Bin Laden in Cibolo, Texas, at an airport owned by the in-laws of the National Reconnaissance Office's Commander General Bruce Carlson whose agency was responsible for the 911 games that essentially stood down NORAD on September 11, 2001.  1988 was the year that CIA agent Matthew Gannon was returning from the Middle East to ask the CIA brass at Langley just why the rank and file CIA agents like those being now cited by Robert Parry with respect to Syria, who had no reliable information on Al Qaeda which was organized with Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood, moved to Assad's Syria where Assad ejected them only to land in Saudi Arabia where they were receiving funding, diplomatic travel documents for their arrival in Afghanistan to fight alongside the Mujahedeen and for free access into the USA for flight training.   "The capital of the world's oil cabal is Houston, Texas and its surrounding climes...Freeport where Freeport McMoran Sulphur....Henry Kissinger on it's board who employed L. Paul Bremer at Kissinger & Associates before 911 with Kissinger being Bush's first choice for heading the 911 investigation until the 911 families asked if his clients included the Bin Ladens while Freeport McMoran and  Houston provides the ingredients for gunpowder and where National Lead Co. provides the ingredients for bullets while just up the road the Huntsville  there's the hometown of Robert Abercrombie Lovett who fashioned the U.S. policy of bombing civilian centers....also home to Rex Tillerson of Exxon and now like Secretary of State James A. Baker had in nearby Houston, where his Baker Center for Public Policy honored Alan Greenspan with an award for his 'Greenspan Put' and the irrational exuberance that led directly to the 2008 crash," said Pezonus.
    Matthew Gannon died on Pan Am 103, the same year as Salem Bin Laden's crash in Cibolo, Texas.  Gannon was traveling with the son of the FBI's head of counter intelligence who changed his flight plans at the last minute.  That FBI agent's father, the highest ranking non-appointed officer in the Bureau, was in charge of the Pan Am 103 investigation for the Bureau.  Gannon's eulogy was provided at Arlington National Cemetery by General David Petraeus, but Gannon's place on Pan Am 103 has been conspicuously absent in the retelling of the Pan Am 103 story.  "With the multi-billion dollar settlement going to the victim's families from the coffers of Kaddafi's Libya there is now no incentive to know the truth about Pan Am 103," according to Pezonus who believes that Houston,  Texas is ground zero for the 911 plot and not California as the 28 redacted pages of the Official 911 Report would have us believe based on a 2016 CBS 60 Minutes report.   "Houston is where the oil cabal stripped Julius Robert Oppenheimer of his leadership through the testimony of President Kenneth Pitzer of Rice University as Pitzer worked on fossil jet fuel taking Oppenheimer's national security clearance for not wanting to build the hydrogen bomb.  Rice is home to Philip Zelikow and of Paul and David Rhodes....Paul Rhodes the mouthpiece for the Obama/Clinton Benghazi attack, Zelikow the gatekeeper on the phony gong show of the Official 911 Report and Paul Rhodes' brother, now President of CBS, whose 60 Minutes reporters Lowell Bergman mis-reported the death of Salem Bin Laden for Frontline while Dan Rather botched the Houston-based Ellington Field memo story of GWB's Texas Air National Guard career from a CIA-linked airport where GWB's former roommate, James R. Bath, owned the fuel concession and was business partner with the Saudi royal family's banker Khalid Bin Mahfouz.  Both Bath and Mahfouz were on the board of BCCI, the Bank of Commerce and Credit International....the Iran-Contra plot's primary money-laundering bank," said Pezonus who cited Fabian Colbachi's article on the role of Zelikow and the Rhodes brothers.
    "It was no accident that the Washington Post's Metro Editor, Vernon Loeb, author of the Pat Tillman and Jessica Lynch stories that lied about the circumstance of Tillman's death and Lynch's rescue was Loeb's surreptitious work for building consent for war in Afghanistan and Iraq while he was also the co-author of Paula Broadwell's book All In: The Education of General David Petraeus, or that Loeb went to the Houston Chronicle to become the Managing Editor in a city where the corrupt medical examiners' office was investigated by the fire waller in the Iran-Contra Congressional investigation, Michael Bromwhich," said Pezonus.  "Goddamn it!  People have been totally bamboozled and don't seem to give a flip," said Pezonus a follower of U.S. historian Lowell P. Wigglesworth.
     Meanwhile, in 2004 citizen reporters captured celebrated CIA agent Robert Baer saying clearly that he knew the San Diego, California stock broker whose brother, working in the Bush White House, had told him to sell off his stocks just prior to 911. "The Corbett Report's James Corbett has that video at two minutes into his report on Baer, a 911 suspect," said Pezonus noting that Baer was never asked to explain his statement by Congress or the mainline media.  The fifth estate reporters had asked Baer to comment on the National Reconnaissance Office's questionable move to hold training games over New York on 911 that crippled NORAD and led to Scott Shuger's Slate.Com article IGNORAD.

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

American Foreign Policy In The Twilight Zone

As Trump Bombs Syria Ronald Reagan's Deputy Treasury Secretary, Hawaii's Representative Tulsi Gabbard and "Shock Jock" Michael Savage Join Alex Jones In Doubting U.S. Version of Gas Attack

by Rodney Jepurdy Meadows, CPW News Service

      In Rod Sterling's popular television series The Twilight Zone a bookish librarian hides in a vault so he can finish a novel uninterrupted.  He comes out of the vault to find that nuclear war has demolished the earth.   On April 9th five climbers in British Columbia stand together on a faulty ice ledge and plunge 1600' to their deaths.  According to Ronald Reagan's former Deputy Secretary of the Treasury and supporter of Donald Trump in the 2016 Presidential election, Paul Craig Roberts, we are now rushing headlong toward nuclear annihilation and we are collectively standing on a precipice....all out thermo nuclear war with a captured President in the White House.  Paul Craig Roberts (The U.S. Stands Before the World As A Criminal Nation, April 10, 2017) is joined by outspoken and circumspect former U.S. military soldier in Iraq, Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard of Hawaii who quit the Democratic National Committee when she became aware of the depths of corruption in the Clinton-led 2016 Presidential race.  CNN's Wolf Blitzer attempted to unhinge Gabbard for her skepticism concerning the Syrian incident.  She backed Bernie Sanders primarily because of his anti-war posture.  Enter Michael Savage.
     Michael Savage has joined the fray from what some believe is the fringe conspiracy theory elements of U.S. society.   Both Savage and Austin, Texas-based Info-Wars' Alex Jones are now claiming that the sarin gas attack in Syria was neither Assad's doing, nor sarin gas.  Savage who claims a background in epidemiology and health science believes that the agent was cholorine or phosgene based since sarin would have killed the majority of the first responders and didn't.  Sarin gas will stay in victims' clothing and release its deadly nerve agents for up to half-an-hour after a strike.
    Supporters of war with Syria include, according to Paul Craig Roberts, the NeoLiberals and the NeoCons....fringes of the former Conservative and Liberal elements of the U.S. body politic.  The NeoCons are the Bushites who under Paul Wolfowitz, Lawrence Summers, Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, Elliot Abrams and the Iran-Contra Republicans never saw a projection of U.S./World hegemony they didn't like.   These are the policy-coup leaders that General Wesley Clark said would create seven wars in the Middle East in as many years and are now the exact seven nations that are on President Donald Trump's no-fly list.....Iraq, Libya, Yemen, Syria, Somalia, Iran,  Afghanistan.
    "Chapter 7: Trump's War Against the War Machine" is Savages' expose' in his latest book on Trump's coming resistance to the U.S. power elite military industrialist whores for which he is now pimping.  "Phosgene is a choking agent and not a nerve agent," said Savage.  "He thought by appeasing the warmongering crowd, the McCains, he could raise his poll numbers......I thought Trump was a man of peace and not a man of war.....boy, was I wrong....Bannon was out, Trump's son-in-law was in a there was an attack.....It was a false flag....now you know you're on the wrong side....It looks like Hillary won and Trump is now doing their bidding."
    According to independent investigative reporter, Peter Pezonus, Senator John McCain is a mountebank.  "Yes, he's a fraud.  A review of his military record will send any conscience-minded American to admit that just because a man was captured and spent time as a POW, does NOT automatically make him worthy of deciding U.S. military policy," said Pezonus.
    "How is this an American First decision.....no foreign wars?"  asked Savage.  "It is a good question," said Pezonus.
     "Look, on October 26, 1967 John McCain was shot down over Hanoi.  He had already crashed a plane into the Gulf of Mexico while in basic training.  He had already mishandled his ordinance on an aircraft carrier in the South China Sea that lead to shipmates' deaths.  I believe he demolished five USN aircraft....a statistical impossibility for the average pilot....they would have been drummed out of the service, but McCain is the son of a USN Admiral.  He got special consideration," said Pezonus.
    "On October 26, 1967 under the command of Commander Burton Hale Shepherd, a sortie bombed the power station for Hanoi, North Vietnam.  Twenty planes from the USS Oriskany flew to Hanoi with instruction to avoid SAM missiles, drop their ordinance without unnecessary heroics and to return to the carrier.  Shepherd's mission was a success with one exception.   They lost one pilot, the son of an Admiral.  Shepherd returned with his wing to the Oriskany, refueled and returned to Hanoi to provide cover for the downed John McCain.  For that Shepherd received the Navy Cross, but his commendation does not mention what was surely the prayer of a lifetime.....'Dear God Almighty, Maker of Heaven and Earth, our help in ages past, our hope of years to come, our shelter from the stormy blast and our eternal home, don't let my entire military career be tanked by the loss of Johnny 'Yee-Hah' McCain....that little shit!'
    Admiral Burton Hale Shepherd went on to become a Christian clergyman and he delivered the sermon for Admiral Elmo Zumwalt at Annapolis.  "Zumwalt was responsible for spraying Agent Orange over the entire Mekong Delta and his son died, Zumwalt believed, from the use of Agent Orange in Vietnam, dying from lymphoma and Hodgkin's Disease at 42, a truth that Zumwalt said as a lawyer he could not emphatically prove, but irreversibly believed.  President Bill Clinton said at Zumwalt's funeral "Arleigh Burke has been called the 'spirit of the U.S. Navy', but 'Bud' Zumwalt was it's conscience,'.    Zumwalt lamented the use of Agent Orange all of his remaining life in the same way that iconic WWII US Marine, Chesty Puller, cried when his son stepped off a helicopter in Vietnam, tripped a landmine and blew both legs off and later committed suicide.  This moronic rush toward war mongering is a prescription for world-wide annihilation," said Pezonus.
    "Meanwhile, religion is used to justify the craziness.  In the U.S. we find the pulpits silent.  Franklin Graham whose family covers-over American misadventure under the shroud of Christianity finds no clearly articulated prophetic voices taking on the false prophets of their pseudo-religionists.  In cities like Houston where kiddos like Joel O'Steen and Ed Young, Jr. play religionists with their feel good oil-cartel supported bimbology.....while the legacy of Jesus, Peter, Stephen, Paul, Luther, Zwingli, Hus, Wycliffe, Knox, Calvin, Bonhoeffer, the Scholls, MLK and others go as limp as a dish rag.  On the other side of the line the Saudi royal family that controls the two high holy sites of Mecca and Medina plays Shia and Sunni traditions against each other not even making Trump's no fly list while they provided 15 of the 19  WTC hijackers....if we are to believe the totally unbelievable 911 Official Report of the U.S. government," said Pezonus.
   "It's time for a  10 million man/woman march on Washington.  You hear me?" asked Pezonus.  "We now need a 10 million man/woman march on Washington D.C. to demand the impeachment of Donald Trump.   We need not carry weapons, only ourselves and the number 1 on the front of our t-shirts and the number 2 on the back of our t-shirts.  Paul Craig Roberts, Tulsi Gabbard and Michael Savage should lead the walk to the capital.  Take it to the streets!"

Thursday, April 6, 2017



by Shirley Locke Holmes, CPW News Service

     With 40 percent of its T-45 jets from Meridian, Mississippi, Pensocola, Florida and Kingsville Texas grounded because of potential operational risks sights have turned to memories of tragic hypoxia incidents in and out of the military.
      With the Master's golf tournament in Augusta, Georgia opening with the memory of Arnold Palmer who in 1999 lost one of his leading golf course designers along with professional golfer Payne Stewart due to an oxygen issue on a Learjet headed from Orlando, Florida to Dallas, Texas, retired jet mechanic, Francois DeHavalond, from Toledo, Spain said "the U.S. Navy can't be too careful."
    "I remember when Payne Stewart was flying from Orlando to Dallas to meet with the builder of golf courses in Texas, Jeff Blackard, a close friend of the head of the University of Texas' privatized pension fund and partner with George Bush in the Texas Rangers, Tom Hicks, who has been pumping Texas University's money into an array of private defense contracting investments.  Anyway, the jet flew off course after reaching 39,000 feet and crashing in South Dakota.   NORAD scrambled jets to shadow the Learjet in a way that NORAD didn't do for the 911 hijacked planes, leading USN intelligence officer, Scott Shuger, to write his scathing Slate.com critique IGNORAD: THE MILITARY SCREW-UP NOBODY'S TALKING ABOUT.  The Learjet had two well-trained pilots on Payne Stewart's flight, one with years of experience at the controls of military jets and they were both trained in identifying oxygen issues.  Killed everyone onboard," said DeHavalond.
     DeHavalond said he has followed Mr. Blackard's career since that 1999 event and is troubled by what he sees.  "Yea, the guy has paid for the legal defense of Texas Attorney General, Ken Paxton, who is under investigation for securities fraud," said DeHavalond. "My buddies from the U.S. are wondering if the Paxton character isn't like another Texas Attorney General, Dan Morales, who went to jail for trying to cut out a private piece of the multi-billion dollar Texas Tobacco Settlement that included all the big tobacco companies including R.J. Reynolds whose biggest stockholders were Gordon Gray and his son, C. Boyden Gray, the Bush family legal counsel.  I'm not sure that I would fly on a plane anywhere near Jeff Blackard, but that incident raises issues for everyone who assumes that they are safe, particularly our young pilots who are just getting their feet wet with identifying potential high-flying oxygen and other issues.  You can't live without clean air and oxygen free of poisoning." said DeHavalond who noted that Blackard was building a development near one of the concerned USN bases in Kingsville, Texas and that some of the local citizens had lodged complaints about the development with Blackard's attorney, John D. Bell, and others involved in the project.
     "When it comes to our military pilots they need the assurances that their equipment and the systems that support them are 100% reliable and that they are breathing in dependable, life sustaining mixtures of oxygen and air and not some weird pollutant," said DeHavalond who has also followed the career of Learjet executive turned founder of General Atomics Inc. that makes the Predator and Reaper drones, Linden Blue, former business partner in Nicaragua of murderous dictator, Anastasio Samoza and Yale fraternity brother of George Bush.
     "These kinds of problems are quickly building the case for unmanned craft that are much easier to fly under extreme conditions and carry none of the conflicting moral or ethical dilemmas facing human beings in combat or on clandestine assignments to fulfill a secret kill list," said DeHavalond a  co-founder of the Remember Bill Stewart in Nicaragua Society, named for ABC newsman, Bill Stewart who was murdered in 1979 by Samoza's National Guard.



by I. Farron Balenze, CPW News Services

      With a $20 trillion debt bomb ready to explode like Assad's nerve gas bombs dropped on a Syrian village (if it was Assad who dropped them and not a false flag event for building consent for war in Syria as part of the original NeoCon agenda outlined by NATO Commander Wesley Clark with U.S. wars in a seven nation list that now includes the exact 7 nations on Trump's no-fly list), Americans are, according to former Reagan White House Budget Director, David Stockman, getting ready to experience the blow back from the 2008 bailout, the 1980's S&L  bailouts and chronic, long-term runaway gut stuffing motivated by mindless acceptance of Madison Avenue and Wall Street,  Goldman Sachs hyper-hyped marketing of the American Dream.  "Get out of stocks now," said Stockman.  Stockman's assessment is shared by a number of notable world watchers including Frederick M. Mellon. 
      "As the exceptional nation America still believes that its people are deserving of a cool castle even if their sub-prime junk mortgages crashed and burned.  Okay, many of those dream homes have vanished with the 2008 sub-prime housing bubble kaboom, but people are still taking what little castles they still have and are worshipping at the alter of 'buy Chinese,'" said  Mellon.
      "Most people don't realize that while their manufacturing jobs were being shipped to China, India, Korea or Malaysia, that the 2000-2008 housing bubble masked the effects of the Clinton/Bush backed NAFTA job stripping era....the period of "a giant sucking sound" described by H.  Ross Perot in 1992.   If you were a Benzene Bubba turning the spigot on your refinery job or got laid off in your oil patch roughneck job, you likely picked up part-time work in the building trades with your little hammer and saw.  You learned to supplement your income by hanging Chinese ceiling fans for a mu-mu-clad hunk of housewife-secretary longing for the latest look in spinning fan blades or perhaps in Chinese-made aluminum can-lights installed for about $125 each into your living room or kitchen ceiling.  You depended on Madison Avenue's Mad Men to sell the most modern unnecessary junk to help keep the trash/masher spinning and running up your formerly meager mortgage payment with a nifty home-equity loan," said Mellon whose economic theories have been previously covered in Winsip Custer.
       According to Mellon the big banks raked in the cash from Paulson's 2008 bamboozle, the Federal Reserve shut down interest rates for retirees who have since been pulling from their dwindling savings for their rehabs using Chinese nic knacks at 19% from Lowes' or Home Depot.  In the case of the Miami General Employees and Sanitation Workers Pension Fund, they invested the money in the oil patch, raked it off for the highest paid executives in the U.S. whose headquarters are in tax-sheltered Bermuda. The banks took taxpayer's money, promised to help those with upside down mortgages or that could have funded Social Security and other hard earned benefits, but it was all by design.  Little Lucy homemaker/office worker saw Jimmy Stewart's It's A Wonderful Life so many times that she bought into George Bailey's line that "is it to much to ask for people to live and die in house....with a kitchen and bathroom?"  The answer then as now is "no", but when Mr. Potter who owned the lumber mills and everything else teamed up with Wall Street and Fredie Mack and Fannie Mae and the others like Countrywide and the junk-bundling big banks that failed to use time-honored investment analysis like the 90% of  Main Street local banks that were solvent in 2008, while the bubble was built on selling to Joe Sixpack a mansion based on bamboozled financials and the whole big bank barrel turned rancid and should have been dumped, but wasn't. Mr. Potter sent his manufacturing jobs to China and made another killing from the re-import of cheap corner molding and LED lights," said Mellon.
    "Meanwhile, you go to Lowes or Home Depot on Sunday morning, skipping church, or squeezing in a 6:00 a.m. Mass at the local Cathedral and spend the day shoveling bagged manure-mixed manganese-rich compost onto your under-watered garden hoping for some nifty petunias," said Mellon who loves growing watermelons.
    "Americans live in more than a housing bubble," said Mellon.  Take the fact that NASA has to buy its rocket engines from Russia to lift supplies into space.....the RD-180 engine that burns kerosene and LG, liquid oxygen.  Well, I hate to break the news, but if kerosene is the future of inter-galactic travel we're all having to stay here for a good while.  Better to lay it on with developing renewable energy and high efficiency life styles and with all those earthquakes the world is experiencing like in Cushing, Oklahoma that scientists have indicated are the result of frack slurry sliding earth, better start living in decreasing density structures," said Mellon.

     "Decreasing density structures?" Mellon was asked.

      "A tee-pee," he said smilingly.

Monday, April 3, 2017

Neil Gorsuch's Mother, Anne Burford Gorsuch, Wore Combat Boots And Suckled Her Son on Lead Paint?


by  Farouche N. Souchiant , CPW News Service

     Anne Irene McGill Burford Gorsuch, born in Casper, Wyoming was Ronald Reagan's EPA Director.  Like Trump's EPA Director, Neil Gorsuch's mother didn't like the Environmental Protection Agency which she sought to dismantle.  She was held in contempt of Congress for failing to testify on issues before the nation...mishandling the $1.6 billion Superfund.  Beyond that she relaxed air quality standards, spraying of restricted pesticides and purposely overlooking EPA regulations to limit lead in gasoline.  European scientists had seen the dangers in lead decades before the U.S. outlawing lead in paint in Europe in 1922.
     There is a history with gasoline, cars and lead that informs Anne Gorsuch's political positions.  General Motors created an "anti-knock" additive called tetraethyl lead additive, TEL for short, assuring the public that there were no environmental issues.  At Standard Oil of New Jersey's Bayway, New Jersey plant workers at the "Looney Gas" building mixed the additive.....thus showing the marriage between the automotive, gasoline and lead industries and how they lubricated each other's core businesses while giving credence to Ralph Nader's future assertion that automobiles are "unsafe at any speed".....even idling in neutral.
     Debra Blum of Wired.com ("Looney Gas and Lead Poisoning: A Short Sad History," Jan. 5, 2013) wrote "In October of 1924 workers in the TEL building began collapsing, going into convulsions, babbling deliriously. By the end  of September 32 of 49 TEL workers were in the hospital; five of them were dead."
    Anne Burford Gorsuch was married to Bob Burford, the head of the Bureau of Land Management that deals with oil and mineral rights under public lands of which the Koch Brother have been beneficiaries....even leading within the bitter Koch brother's battle over control of Koch Industries Inc. to charges that the family defrauded the government on the mineral concessions.
   "Is it any wonder that the Koch brothers are pumping up the endorsement of Trump's Gorsuch nomination to the Supreme Court?" asked Kelly Smithers of Eugene, Oregon.  "I was down in Texas back in 1999 when Koch Industries was under fire for illegal benzene releases at 15 times the national allowable level.  A 100 count indictment and a $320 million dollar fine evaporated with the 2000 election of George W. Bush who would have loved Anne Gorsuch for his later administration.  After 2000 Koch's penalty turned into a 1 count indictment and a $20 million fine." said Smithers.
   "The myth of American modernity is exactly that," said Smithers pointing to the Winsip Custer article "The House In The Middle Should Have Been The House on the End," that explores the U.S. military industrial/security complex's illogical love affair with lead.
   "It's a lot worse than people know," said Ivana Driver who has shown the clear connection between the marketing of lead in paint to the author of  the 2001 Slate.com article, IGNORAD, Scott Shuger, through his family's Baltimore, Maryland paint manufacturing business..


Thursday, March 23, 2017

Delaware Court Decides that Goldman Sachs Nabors/C&J Merger Not Revlon Lipstick On Fat Pig

Miami General Employees and Sanitation Workers Retirement Plan Holders Still Wondering As Enron's Vinson and Elkins Lawyers Helped to Seal Deal

by Winsip Custer, CPW News Service

The Historical Context

     Historians know that New York City's Atlantic port funded westward expansion for Horace Greeley's "Go West Young Man".   Greeley is buried in Brooklyn's Green-Wood Cemetery not far from Murder Inc. founder, Albert Anastasia.  Nearby is the grave of Western Union's Samuel Finley Breese "F.B." Morse, inventor of the Morse Code whose telegraph poles ran alongside the Union Pacific's tracks originally envisioned running across the Great Southwest along the Santa Fe Trail and the Jefferson Davis surveyed Savannah to San Diego flatland route to California before the Civil War and invention of dynamite that made the Omaha to "Baghdad by the Bay"....San Francisco....a place reminiscent of the Gulf Coast's city of Bagdad (spelled without the h) at the mouth of the Rio Grande River near Matamoros.... more desirable to the New England power elites whose fortunes were made in opium. Opium shipped from the Ottoman Empire's Golden Crescent in Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan and India was dumped as a trading chip in China.  Jeff Davis' camel corps...to be made obsolete the completion of a Great Southwest rail route.... could provide a Pacific-to-Atlantic trade route for the Ottoman poppy products long purveyed by Sephardic Jew, David Sassoon (from Baghdad and Basra, Iraq, then Bombay, India), on a Smyrna-acquired camel caravan from Texas to San Diego.... were it not for William Tecumseh Sherman's pre and post Civil War work in San Francisco.  The New England opium merchants preferred Omaha to San Francisco instead of Jeff Davis' preferred route, but for the pesky Rocky Mountains, the instability of nitro-glycerin and no Dynamite until 1867, two years after the Civil War as the Union through the Buffalo Soldiers in Texas overseen by Giles Alexander and Morgan Lewis Smith kept the promise of a camel caravan to the Pacific alive.  A possible route across Northern Mexico was already nominally explored by Juan Gonzalez de Mendoza, the Society of Saint Augustine priest who spent two years in Mexico and who provided the fullest account of Chinese society and commerce based on the prior work of Jesuits previously in China and reviewed by Mendoza in Spain.
    It was in San Francisco named for Francis of Assisi, another Catholic saint and given by the Spanish colonists in California,  that William Tecumseh Sherman worked with George F. Bragg and J. Mora Moss at the SF Bay area Sacramento Valley Railroad south of Fort Bragg, named for Sherman's pre and post Civil War business partner Confederate General Braxton Bragg whose brother, Thomas Bragg, was the Attorney General for the Confederacy (Bancroft's Hand-Book of the Pacific States, published in 1864, p. 91).  Few historians relate that William Tecumseh Sherman and Braxton Bragg, the most hated Southern General among his troops, were business partners before and after the Civil War.
     Between his two periods of railway consolidation in California Sherman went to Vicksburg, Mississippi and Atlanta, Georgia to destroy the South's transcontinental rail dreams while abandoning endangered slaves at Ebenezer Creek to help underscore his real motive for twisting the South's "Great Rail Snout" into pretzels before the victorious Union plopped forts at San Diego to say to the South...."forget about it!".
      Domiciled amid the Jefferson Davis Letters at Rice University's Jefferson Davis Project in Houston, Texas near the James A. Baker Center for Public Policy, named for Secretary of State James A. Baker whose ancestors were lawyers for the Union Pacific, is a Jeff Davis letter to Franklin Pierce, ancestor of Barbara Pierce Bush. Davis' letter to Pierce notes their close mutual friendship with Caleb Cushing who Davis said was "like a brother".  Cushing's business interests surely included Davis' vision of a quick rail route across the continent joining the Atlantic and Pacific. Caleb was a close relative of Boston's opium king-pin John Perkins Cushing.  Caleb had negotiated the first U.S./Chinese trade agreement, the Wanghia Treaty, but there were problems with Cushing whose ancestor would accompany the Duke and Duchess of Windsor to the Texas ranches of right-wing oil wildcatter and owner of American Liberty Oil Co., Clint Murchison, showing the longstanding ties between the German/British royal Saxe-Coburg-Gotha  whose fortunes were made in a killer of a business dialectic.... anesthetics and weaponry. The family's links to German Fascism has been widely explored and verified.  Those fortunes, as with the New England power elites,  had been tied to opium as evidenced by the history of the British East India Company and the New Englander's whose patriotism and loyalty was sometimes divided between love of country and love of global merchantilism (Voyage of the Frolic: New England Merchants and the Opium Trade by Thomas Layton, Stanford University Press, 1999)....mostly the later.  Ulysses S. Grant said of Caleb Cushing that he strongly believed Cushing was loyal to something other than the Union.
    Grant's intuition about Cushing's ultimate loyalty was further born out about other Union officers as the largest assembly of dead Union Army Generals....forty of them....were buried alongside the founder of Yale University's Skull & Bones fraternity in Ohio. Along with opium king-pin, William Huntington Russell, Alphonso Taft created S&B at Yale in 1833.   He is buried the Spring Grove Cemetery in Cincinnati.
   Father of President William Howard Taft, William joined his father's Cincinnati Scottish Rite Temple in 1908, a Masonry based not on the York Rite Masonry of George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, the Founders and last President of the Texas Republic, Anson Jones, whose highly Christianized York rite temple at Galveston burned with all of its records just after the Civil War to be replaced by the Scottish Rite Order in Texas.  Scottish Rite Masonry in the U.S. was the legacy of Jefferson Davis' Chief Indian Agent, General Albert Pike, chief legal counsel to the Ku Klux Klan and a Roman Catholic owing that retrograde branch of the secret society and its evolution from the Prussian royal court and Giuseppe Mazzini in Italy to its further support of Jacobite Scots in the Roman Catholic Church's war against Britain's Tudor Queen, Elizabeth I.  Seen by the British as a miraculous evolution Elizabeth's amazing rise to power was validated in the mind's of the British people and world by her victory over the Spanish Armada.  She had already signaled her openness to more inclusion of people in England's political processes selecting Sir Francis Bacon, the "Father of the Scientific Method" as her top aide.  Then, by tipping her powdered wig to Kent, the strongly Puritan Protestant region from which would come Winston Churchill she said "Had it not been for Kent all of England would have gone over to the Spaniards,".....and with the Spaniards to the Italians and Pope at Rome and to a Jesuit Inquisition? 
     The current dominance over energy sources by fossil fuels controlled by oligarchs who disallow alternatives is the moral equivalency of silencing Copernicus and Galileo who said that the earth is not the center of the universe.  We live in a business-cartel inflicted Dark Ages that will require a new Reformation and Age of Enlightenment.
     Kent, unlike the rest of England, practiced gavelkind law and not the top down, pyramidal, monarchial, oligarchical paradigm....primogeniture law....that left the lion's share to the first-born....a scenario played out with great relish even in modern times in Mario Puzo's popular book The Godfather.  As if out of a scene of the Egyptian Pharaoh's slaughter of first-borns in the time of Moses or Herod's killing the first-borns in the days of Jesus, Puzo is well aware of the black hand's ancient order that the Judeo-Christian principle of David's selection as ruler, Jesus' "the last shall be first, and first, last," and "God is no respecter of persons," provided in positing a new paradigm that energized liberty, freedom and real fraternity.
     By the time Oliver Cromwell had chopped off King Charles' head and replaced the British king with a Lord Protector and Parliament, Jews exiled under Edward I, Longshanks, who had battled William Wallace, an ancestor of Vice President to FDR, Henry Wallace, had been repatriated to England. The Puritans saw in the Israelite traditions of Moses and David a well-defined ethic that challenges tyrannical rule....a perfect ally against institutionalized despotism, but let's come forward to more recent history.  Today's leading Jewish financial leaders, Hank Paulson and Alan Greenspan among them had sided with primogeniture oligarchical values and sold out their own best tradition upon which the American experiment was founded.
      Rice University took a central role in illegitimatizing Julius Robert Oppenheimer's plea for peaceful use of nuclear energy from within the dark citadel of the world's fossil fuel empire. Rice is also the alma mater of Ben Rhodes, Obama's 911 and Benghazi embassy attack spokesperson, David Rhodes his brother, the President of CBS, and Philip Zelikow whose oversight of the 911 Commission has been the subject of a wide range of speculation about the Official 911 Report and a widely-believed cover-up.  CBS' 60 Minutes reporters Lowell Bergman, Dan Rather and Mary Mapes would botch two important stories....Salem Bin Laden's 1988 death in a ultra-light aircraft in Cibolo, Texas and the 1999/2000 emergence of GWB's Texas Air National Guard memo story that could have impacted the 2000 Presidential election, but for CBS' failure to report it.
       As Rice University President Kenneth Pitzer prepared his testimony against Oppenheimer he was working on high-octane jet fuel for the fossil fuel cartel....the key component of America's growing extraction industry which would include mining. Also buried in New York's Green-Wood Cemetery  is the body of mineral extractor Anson Phelps Dodge whose future employees included the father of Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O'Connor whose autobiography speaks of her fond memories of her day trips to her father's business interests.  Phelps Dodge's extracted resources shipped out of the Southwest by rail especially after the stalled Southern Pacific was merging with the Union Pacific in the 20th Century.  The discovery of the world's largest sulfur dome stretching from Louisiana to Mexico along the Gulf Coast helped with the discovery of the Frasch extraction process, monetized by Bernard Baruch's Wall Street funding, the making of a wide variety of products, not least of which was gunpowder....needed to propel the bullets....formerly musket balls.... which brought Moses Austin from the Potosi lead mines of Missouri to Texas.
     F.B.  Morse's cousin, Texas soldier Col. James Walker Fannin, died at the hands of Mexican General Santa Ana's men while following Greeley's advice and traveling like other Texians on the funding coming primarily from New York's port and Wall Street money mill through the "Wall Street of the South".... Galveston.  All roads lead.... as the 911 hijackers fifteen of whom were Saudis would have us believe... to New York.  Few know that after the Civil War Confederates planned to firebomb the city of New York for funding that war while riding out the devastation unscathed.   One outspoken historian said "Damn Rebs had their heads in their colons.  They should have let the North fire the first shot, liberated all their slaves and promised them 80 acres, two mules and few dozen textile factories in Ohio, Connecticut, Massachusetts, New York, Illinois and changed the face  of the country in a couple of years on a raw military meritocracy, which some say we have become anyway, but to serve the oligarchs".....which brings us back to the Big Apples' Goldman Sachs and a Delaware Chancery Court case heard by Judge Andre Bouchard.
     The New York Federal Reserve is the big kahuna in the U.S. banking system.  Its revolving door spins on the coming and going of big bank fund mangers.....Steve Mnuchin, Jack Lew, Robert Rubin, Hank Paulson, NeoCons Lawrence Summers and Paul Wolfowitz, each of whose sensitivities have followed not Judaism's Moses/David tradition, but the Joseph tradition of the Pharaoh's little bootlicker. Clinton, Bush, Obama and now Trump have preferred the Joseph tradition, too, for all of the rhetoric to the contrary. Trump advisor, Steve Bannon, himself a Goldman Sachs alum said to work for Goldman Sachs was like working for the Jesuits.  The Jesuits, it is wise to remember, were in charge of the Catholic Church's Spanish Inquisition.  Many of these named have had their seats on the NY Fed that is the most powerful money manipulation mill in America if not the world.  They all shared a place at Goldman Sachs and from his position as U.S. Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson led the 2008 bailout that found 90% of Main Street banks solvent because they knew their clients and didn't create sub-prime mortgages based on faulty metrics conjured up by the Fed's friends like Nobel Prize winner, Robert Merton, Harvard understudy of MIT's Paul Samuelson....all close to Alan Greenspan whose "Greenspan put" filled their mutual fellowship (not to mention the world's economy) with a rather odiferous poot.
     Hank Paulson went on from Goldman and the U.S. Treasury Secretary to the University of Chicago in a city where the murder rate has skyrocketed in recent years to pump Chinese investments in the U.S..  A consortium of his fellow Goldman workers descended on the oil capital of the world, Houston, to presumably assist in the foreign purchasing of U.S. oil reserves.  In fact, wife of Texas Senator Ted Cruz, Heidi Cruz, returned to Goldman Sachs in Houston in 2016 following her husband's lost Presidential bid against Trump ("Heidi Cruz Returns To Goldman Sachs in New Role in Houston," Dakin Campbell, Bloomberg, September 23, 2016).
   While the State of Texas has a multi-billion dollar economic development fund at its disposal which could be used for the state to build local and USA-owned businesses in the same way that GM and Chrysler before them was funded by the Fed, the recent Chinese investment in Texas' oil infrastructure was a new departure.  Such a gesture would appear to be creeping socialism.  Better to import foreign money, according Goldman Sachs, whose Wall Street wizards know the promotional power of such a move for baiting IPO desirability and the promise of high returns even if it means partnering with the authors of China's Tiananmen Square massacre and undermining U.S. investment in its own infrastructure.
     The Chinese, seeing a coming fracking boom in the Texas Eagle-Ford Shale deposits of South Central Texas made their largest foreign industrial investment to date....an oil pipe plant that promised to employ several hundred local workers, but more importantly, providing Wall Street, Hank Paulson and Goldman Sachs with a big red push pin on a region that promised to churn up new big dollar investors on new drilling methods. 


    Enter C&J Energy, a Texas fracking company headed by Joshua Comstock and his close associate Joseph Winstead, neither of whom are now living. Like the close associates within the chemistry department of the University of Texas, William Gardiner and Mike White, both working on breakthroughs in hydrogen fuel cell technology when they died mysterious deaths, Comstock died at age 46 on March 11, 2016, the month after the strange death of Judge Antonin Scalia in Marfa, Texas near El Paso ("Scalia Got His Gun: Antonin Scalia In No Country For Old Men," by John Coffee "Jack" Walker, Feb. 20, 2016, Winsip Custer) and on the eve of Comstock's scheduled testimony (Law360, "CEO's Death Shakes $2.9B C&J-Nabors Class Challenge", Jeff MontgomeryApril 26, 2016) in a law suit that would include the Miami General Employees and Sanitation Workers Retirement Fund, Comstock would suffer an inexplicable late night heart attack at his rambling Houston home. 
     Winstead, Comstocks' VP and close associate would die in a tragic car accident in Sonora, Texas on November 17, 2016, but Comstock's deposition had already shown that he felt that his investment bankers at Citi-Bank, another of the "too big to fail" banks like Wells Fargo and Bank of America and on whose board had been CIA Director John Deutsch, had been manipulated by Nabors' investment bankers at Goldman Sachs as the new company's headquarters headed to Bermuda to avoid U.S. taxes.  For all of their good fortune at fracking Texas oil when it came to striking a deal with Nabors they seemed, along with Miami city employees, astonishingly unlucky.
     Comstock's hard work had led to a lucrative company and what appears now to be a hostile, very hostile, takeover.  Enter Nabors Inc., the company once headed by Eugene Isenberg, the New York management mogul whose "gifts" to Congressman Charlie Rangel of Harlem lost him his Congressional seat.  Isenberg would retire from Nabors, suffer a heart attack at 84 while his work at Nabors in the newly merging Nabors and Comstock's C&J was being picked up by Anthony Petrello.  It was shown that Manhattan District Attorney Robert Morgenthau, son of former U.S. Secretary of the Treasury under FDR and grandson of Henry Morgenthau, Sr. Woodrow Wilson's U.S. Ambassador to the Ottoman Empire,  owned Nabors' stock when he introduced Rangel to Isenberg ("Morgenthau Held Stock In Company Rangel Aided," by David Koskieniewski, NY Times, Aug. 24, 2010).
    To put Henry Morgenthau's Ambassadorship to the Ottoman Empire into context, Civil War Union General Lew Wallace who had written about his experiences in Bagdad, Mexico during the Mexican-American War would also become Ambassador to the Ottoman Empire developing a close friendship with Sultan Abdul Hamid II under whose rule opium exports skyrocketed.  Wallace also wrote the best selling novel, Ben Hur,  that managed to compliment the Christian, Jewish, Arab/Turkish cultures and even the Roman Empire which the United States was, thanks to its command of the world's sea lanes, quickly becoming.
    Isenberg's replacement at Nabors, Inc., Petrello, has been the focus of bitter Texas and New York real estate battles that have employed the work of Petrello's Houston lawyer, David Berg.   Berg's older brother was reportedly killed by Charles Harrelson, father of Hollywood actor Woody Harrelson. Berg has chronicled his own personal encounters with Woody Harrelson since Berg's brother's death including his interest in Woody's part in the Coen brother's film No Country For Old Men.  In 2013 Simon & Schuster published Berg's book about his brother, Run, Brother, Run.
    "Interestingly, Woody Harrelson plays an investigator on the heels of sociopath Anton Chigurh, a name strangely similar to J. Chagra, the El Paso Middle-Eastern drug and weapons dealer who hired Charles Harrelson from Lovelady, Texas to kill U.S. District Judge John Howland Wood in May 1979.   The subject of Gary Cartwright's book Dirty Dealing, I find the Coen brother's choice of Harrelson a fascinating one," said L.P Wigglesworth who noted that Charles Harrelson's best friend was Hampton Robinson whose family's Texas ranch was not far from the acquired ranch of the widow of brutal Nicaraguan dictator, Anastasio Samoza, whose granddaughter spoke at the 2016 Democratic National Convention and who fled Nicaragua after the murder of ABC newsman Bill Stewart as he covered both Samoza's death squads in Nicaragua and the Iran-Contra connections.
     Historian Lowell P. Wigglesworth said "Cormac McCarthy wrote No Country For Old Men which really focused on the treachery of oil capital of the world, Houston, when you consider the essence of that story that blends the drugs with crude's capital that was funding the storied operation from a building with hidden floors.  McCarthy shows the evolution and deviation of American mythology from the central theme of Herman Melville's view of the American life.  For Melville there was Moby Dick and the mindless pursuit of self-destruction....a great synonym for chasing whale oil, or was it the white drool of the opium poppy?    Melville was struggling with the answer to our dilemma and there's Melville's next novel Billy Budd that calls for a conscious mutiny from the tyranny of Ahab-types so that we are left with Melville's viewpoint that holds to a righteous core where God is God and we are wholly other.  McCarthy's book Blood Meridian which has been likened by Yale scholar Harold Bloom to Moby Dick  makes it clear that 'War is God', music to the ears of the American military/security industrialist establishment. That message is obviously more to the liking of the American myth-spinners in as much as Melville died penniless and unappreciated and McCarthy is quite wealthy.  That's a fundamental shift in the American ethos, but given the evolution of American history and the growth of the military industrialist/security complex fueled by Houston's oil where the city's leading cleric spins positive thinking and lives in $10 million River Oaks mansions never preaching as did Luther, Knox, Zwingli, Hus and others a prophetic message....it's an accurate one."
   "I'm not sure what to make of it," said Wigglesworth, "but Cormac McCarthy's first novel, Blood Meridian, traces the historically true and real-life story of an early Texas sociopath, John Joel Glanton, who had tried to murder a San Antonio pastor for challenging him.  McCarthy has the character Judge Holden, reminiscent of Ahab....the symbol of a corrupt utilitarian legal system that is anathema to the values of the cleric, side with Glanton's agenda. John Joel Glanton's downward spiral led to his scalping Mexican peasants, shaving the hairpieces like Commanche and Apache scalps and selling them to the Mexican authorities until the town mayors wondered what had happened to his citizens.  Grizzly stuff and less efficient than modern methods of land clearing currently employed in our name," said Wigglesworth. 
     Perhaps not ironically, the orphaned Woody Harrelson went to college on a scholarship attached to that pastor's denomination....the same as that of CIA Director Alan Dulles and Donald Trump, even Dwight D. Eisenhower who famously paid tribute along with Winston Churchill to the sulfur funder, Bernard Baruch, in his Manhattan apartment after WWII.  What does that say about art imitating life by chance or by someone's design?  About other Texas actors like Tommy Lee Jones who stared with Harrelson in both No Country for Old Men and Natural Born Killers (by Director Oliver Stone who credited his father Louis Silverstein, a stockbroker, for motivating his interest in directing Wall Street, but whose Untold History series has yet to really delve into the secrets of the American media establishment)?  It begs the question when aligned with Peter Brewton's analysis of Bill Whitliff's fraternity at the University of Texas, Kappa Sigma fraternity, to which Brewton gives a full chapter in his 1992 book The Mafia, CIA and George Bush: Corruption, Greed and Abuse of Power in the Nation's Highest Office, linking that club to more than innocent hazing" said Wigglesworth.  "It also sheds a spotlight on The Whitliff Collection at Texas State University, LBJ's alma mater, thirty miles south of Austin where there's housed the letters of Cormac McCarthy.


    Goldman Sachs' and Alan Greenspan's illogical enthusiasm for the stock market and the housing market bubble that blew apart the essentially anti-American-castle-ownership mythology and housing industry-employment-while-manufacturing-jobs-are-shipped-overseas reality in 2008 was based on Washington and the big bank's criminal repeal of the post-Depression business ethics tool of the 1933 Glass-Steagall Act.  That happened in 1999 under the soon-to-be-Bush-brother and mysterious apologist for the Presidential legacy of Franklin Pierce, William Jefferson Clinton.  Glass-Steagall prohibited the smegma-lathered orgy between the big banks' safe traditional commercial and unsecured investment functions....a separation in U.S. banking that Andrew Jackson found inherent in a non-central banking system.
     These two functions were never in Jackson's eyes equal. Hence, banking speculators back then were hung...as Jackson would have done today to the developers of the "Black-Scholes Credit Default Formulas" and even the idea of "short-selling"....betting against U.S. commerce for profit.  This bamboozle came under the misguided rubric of a free-market deregulation devoid of a commanding ethic like Ayn Rand's "achievement without plunder," the Ten Commandments' eighth...."Thou Shalt Not Steal," or Jesus' "Golden Rule."  Ronald Reagan's Assistant Secretary of the Treasury, Paul Craig Roberts, sees the 1999 repeal of Glass-Steagall as key to the failure of laisse-faire capitalism and the beginning of the current lawlessness.  It is also what separates Roberts from Libertarians who claim no government is the best government.  Some government is absolutely necessary to provide decorum and rule of law, but laws that serve freedom, liberty and justice.
   To jettison that tool is equivalent to taking away an animal's evolutionary adaptations and to invite extinction...to reverse engineer civilization into pond scum.  In Cormac McCarthy's Blood Meridian, Glanton was the worst kind of Anglophile social Darwinian genocidalist operating on the frontier of a rolling mercantilism seeking to link the poppy fields of the Ottomans to China and the rest of the world....East and West.... for profit.  The San Antonio preacher who became for McCarthy  the focus of Judge Holden's wrath offered the seemingly anemic myth of Christian love for 10% of the take that kept the crushing gears of progress lubricated and rolling on while inviting new investors to the promises of a better life.  With the preacher's retreat to the "Wall Street of the South," Galveston, as Glanton moved across the Southwest toward certain death at the Yuma River in what is now Arizona and ahead of the "progress" one wonders whether, this side of the Second Coming, religion offered a counter to absolute evil or the mere illusion of civility.
    Tennessee Williams' Night of the Iguana provided a similar storyline in fiction, minus the brutality.  Cormac McCarthy believes that religion is lace curtains on a slaughterhouse, but in Williams' misadventure the cleric does not retreat.  He simply stops at the Pacific and at the water's edge where in the dark night of his soul he confronts the human creature's, his own, unalterable reptilian nature and finds in the poem of a fellow pilgrim some comfort.   While even earth's best gifts are corruptible, there is a wholly other one that is not.  It hides not its ambition behind a mutating, camouflaging outer skin, but contains a natural, consistent and reliable piety:

How calmly does the olive branch
Observe the sky begin to blanch
Without a cry, without a prayer
With no betrayal of despair

Some time while light obscures the tree
The zenith of its life will be
Gone past forever
And from thence
A second history will commence

A chronicle no longer gold
A bargaining with mist and mold
And finally the broken stem
The plummeting to earth, and then

An intercourse not well designed
For beings of a golden kind
Whose native green must arch above
The earth's obscene corrupting love

And still the ripe fruit and the branch
Observe the sky begin to blanch
Without a cry, without a prayer
With no betrayal of despair

Oh courage! Could you not as well
Select a second place to dwell
Not only in that golden tree
But in the frightened heart of me?

    Houston in Harris County, Texas, perhaps all of Texas, is a difficult place to get a true and reliable reading on a questionable death.  It was, after all, Texas....the University....that received Admiral William McRaven as Chancellor, after the SEAL Team 6 killing of Bin Laden whose body was deposited into the ocean 34 years after Salem Bin Laden, Osama's elder brother, bought the NASA-connected Houston Gulf Manor Airport near CIA-connected Ellington Field with the help of the Saudi royal banker Khalid Bin Mafouz aided by GWB's Texas Air National Guard roommate James R. Bath, both Bath and Mahfouz on the board of BCCI....the Iran-Contra money laundering bank; 23 years after Salem Bin Laden died in a mysterious ultra-lite crash in Cibolo, Texas; 10 years after 911; nine years after Salem Bin Laden's airport in Houston was razed following 911 essentially erasing memories of the focus of Saudi power and influence peddling in the USA's "oil city".....the same city that helped spawn ARAMCO, the Arab American Oil Company that replaced BP, British Petroleum and challenged by OPEC.
     After former Washington D.C. Medical Examiner, Dr. Joyce Carter, moved to Houston to head up the forensics lab as the Harris County Medical Examiner, her lab was cited for a variety of errors and improprieties.  This led to the importation of former Iran-Contra prosecutor Michael Bromwich who many believe provided the firewall between the convicted NeoCons.... John Poindexter, Elliot Abrams, Caspar Weinberg, Bud McFarland and Oliver North.... and Vice-President George H.W. Bush and President Reagan, with Reagan believed by Paul Craig Roberts... Reagan's Assistant Secretary of the Treasury.... to be the target of constant NeoCon management and handling seemingly lodged with GHWB and his friends.  Reagan's push for deregulation led to the S&L scandal of the 80's, the publication of Peter Brewton's investigation into the Iran-Contra connections to the same S&L debacle in Houston and even to Katherine Austin Fitt's investigation in the Hamilton Securities fraud that would point to the Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac ripoffs all of which were prolegomena for or later proof of the further debacle of Clinton's 1999 failure to veto the repeal of Glass-Steagall in 1999 and the 2000-2008 washout of essential business ethics during the Bush bamboozle and the Hank Paulson 2008 ripoff of the people's sovereign tax dollars. 
     Michael Bromwich was paid for his investigative work for Harris County from confiscated drug money...millions of dollars of it.... and went on to be appointed by Obama to head up the agency overseeing the massive Deep Water Horizon clean-up and future such oil spills.  Located along I-10 and the North/South I-45 corridor that links Galveston and Houston to Dallas and considered "the most dangerous highway in America" murders and questionable forensic investigation finds follow-up incomplete, inconclusive or unattempted.


    Nabors' lawyers were the same as Houston-based Enron's and Houston-based First City Bank... Vinson & Elkins. First City Bank's connection to Houston's bamboozling was covered in Houston Post reporter Peter Brewton's 1992 book The Mafia, CIA and George Bush, but also by the admittedly problematic, tempestuous, but probling mind of Eustace Mullins who had worked with Wisconsin Senator Joseph McCarthy, whose New York attorney and mentor to Donald Trump was Roy Cohn also the attorney for Texas millionaire from the "Wall Street of the South", Shearn Moody, and a variety of New York underworld figures and power elites.
     Mullin's analysis of James Elkin's First City Bank provides the obvious connection to Citibank, the other half of the Goldman Sachs tag-team in the Nabors/C&J merger....the other that worked even more closely with Comstock, but which he equally distrusted according the court records in the Delaware court case. 
     While we think of New York as being the U.S.'s "First City"....as with Chicago's "Second City" ....in point of fact things have significantly changed save for the financial evolution of the game where Wall Street is still the major casino, defended by the NY Federal Reserve Office and by Madison Avenue's madmen, the "presstitute" media....all of which were more than ready, willing and able to pump up the housing bubble's billowy bomb blast while blaming it on the irresponsible middle and lower class who were told by George W. Bush that they could afford any house they wanted. 
     In Herman Melville's day the oil capital of the world was the whaling ports of New England where the Brahmin, who mainlined their kiddos into Yale and the other Ivy League schools, were using their fleets for double duty in the China Trade around the horns of Africa and South America.  That changed with the Transcontinental Railroad and Panama Canal, but not much.  The game remained the same, led to the phony War on Drugs where those who pass the laws to prohibit control the sea lanes and approved portals. As one observer right said "....the War on Drugs is the war of the big importers against the smaller one....as Panama's Manuel Noriega can attest....and did so by claiming the 'I've got Bush by the balls'."

Sulfur, Gun Powder, Anesthetics
and the Arsenal Arsenic of Freedom

     When Wall Steet's Bernard Baruch monetized Freeport McMoran's (Henry Kissinger being its long-time board member whose company employed L. Paul Bremer, the Iraqi Coalition Provisional Governor who was working for Marsh McClennan at the WTC on 911)  to expand its grip on Gulf Coast sulfur via Wall Street, Houston had because of its technological grip on sulfur, oil and gas extraction, become the world's "First City".    James Elkins, founder of First City Bank had gotten it quite right. Why else would Khalid Bin Mahfouz and Salem Bin Laden, the Saudi banker and builder be buying an airport in Houston...a small premiere airport widely used by NASA astronauts?  If there was no Houston, the Vatican, Mecca and Medina of a growingly anachronistic fossil fuel extraction and engineering industry that has provided well-head, refining and distribution services to the world's oil oligarchs and....as the folks at the Petroleum Clubs have long stated given their anemic support of alternative energy...."the world is SOL.  The lights would go out on Wall Street,  Michigan Avenue and all the Mainstreets." 
    "Is it?" asked Bill Nye "The Science Guy" who joins the growing ranks of those who believe the world simply lacks the will to reform....like when the Jesuits held Copernicus and Galileo under house arrest and continued to teach that Rome's key to the kingdom on earth demanded the denial of the science and reality upon which life itself is based. 
     The Halliburton connections to both CitiBank and First City Bank are clearly shown by Eustace Mullins' research.  Mullins noted that Robert Lovett of the Union Pacific Railroad, father of Robert Abercrombie Lovett, father of the Dresden policy of bombing of civilian centers and using the expansion of  what was formerly collateral damage as key to real psychological warfare during WWII were from the hometown of Trump's new Secretary of State... former Exxon CEO Rex Tillerson.... Huntsville, Texas... an hour north of  former Secretary of State James A. Baker's Baker & Botts Attorney's offices in Houston.  In their lifetime Tillerson and Baker could have easily driven to Rice University and talked with Rice President Kenneth Pitzer, a chemist for the fossil fuel industry... whose testimony with William Liscum Borden had helped to strip Robert Oppenheimer of his national security clearance for wanting the peaceful use of nuclear energy to create ubiquitous power and whose defrocking was led by Gordon Gray, father of Bush legal counsel C. Boyden Gray. 
    Tillerson like James A. Baker, who was joined at the 2017 Super Bowl by GHWB and Vice-President Mike Pense, could have driven to Texas A&M and talked with the historian and former Rice President like Pitzer, Frank Vandiver, who not only shielded the letter of Jefferson Davis to Franklin Pierce about their colleague Caleb Cushing for decades as head of the Jefferson Davis Project, but Vandiver would also, as head of the Mosher Institute for Defense Studies in College Station after he left Rice, write in 2005 the book Why America Goes To War.....a great question for the Director of an institute created by Ed Mosher of Mosher Steel whose company supplied 13,000 tons of steel for the first nine floors of New York's World Trade Center back in the 1970's after it was built by the NY Port Authority and its architect Minoru Yamasaki who had also built the infamous Pruit-Igoe Project in St. Louis, Missouri....which brings us back to New York, Goldman Sachs, CitiBank and the Nabors/C&J deal.


     When the Miami Employees decided to sue for loss of investment in the new company Vinson & Elkins defended Nabors Inc. in Delaware's court where the incorporation papers were domiciled.   The leading V&E attorney, Michael C. Holmes, argued the case for Nabors before the Delaware Court in a state noted for it shadowy corporate connections to subterranean business tunnels and back alley alliances ("Delaware Thrives As A Corporate Tax Haven" by Leslie Wayne, June 30, 2012).  The Delaware court cited the Revlon case which made it clear that corporate boards are under obligation to act in the best interest of stockholders, but that Miami's investment in the Nabors/C&J deal was NOT a violation of Revlon.  Miami's employees, by their fund leader's ineptitude or larceny, had no guarantee of a secure investment in the deal and the pumped up promise of quick profits from oil in frack-land, hyped as it was by the quick inflow of Chinese money, the mission of Hank Paulson's University of Chicago Paulson Institute, was not the same as a federally insured FDIC deposit.
    One court observer asked "Is Michael C. Holmes from Vinson & Elkins related to long-time Harris County District Attorney Johnny B. Holmes and are they related to Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr. who took special interest on the U.S. Supreme Court in fashioning U.S. drug policy....the son of the Cushing-class-Boston surgeon, Oliver Wendall Holmes, Sr. who coined the word 'anesthetics' as the 'river of forgetfulness' in the evolving science of poppy products and surgery?"
    Vinson & Elkins was not the only Houston law firm that seemed  to target the middle-class' nest eggs for a snake-like raid.  Following 911 Rudy Giuliani, whose Police Commissioner Bernie Kerik had been indicted and jailed since 911 on corruption charges,  had served on New York's Knapp Commission (the Serpico Commission) that found FBI agent Brian Bruh as its liason before he moved on to become liason for the Bureau with FINCEN (Financial Crimes Enforcement Network) investigation.  Giuliani in Houston's offices of Bracewell & Patterson became Bracewell & Giuliani even as NYFD fire fighters challenged his claimed heroics during 911.  In 2015 Giuliani moved to the Washington D.C. firm that employed Jack Abramoff while Abramoff had taken special interest in Texas 'bugman' and later darling of Dancing With the Stars, convicted U.S. Speaker of the House, Tom DeLay.
     FINCEN had Saudi influence peddling in the US in its sights, a program that stood down in 1992 as it moved too close to Saudi royal banker Khalid Bin Mahfouz, James R. Bath and the Bank of Credit and Commerce International (BCCI), the Iran-Contra money laundering bank of note.
     Mafouz and his Houston partner had bought for Salem Bin Laden, elder brother of Osama, the nearby Houston Gulf Manor Airport.   These historic connections to the House of Saud were in no way revealed in the 26 redacted pages of the Official 911 Report that sent readers looking into Saudi influence peddling not in Texas, but in California on the opposite side of the continent.
      Mahfouz' partner in Houston was James R. Bath whose Bracewell & Patterson attorney, William Edward King, a mayor of Kemah and Houston Mayoral candidate in 2015, was Bath's business partner at CIA-linked Ellington Field's Southwest Airport Services, Inc..  Bath was George W. Bush's Texas Air National Guard roommate and King and fellow B&G attorney Patrick C. Oxford had focused their attention on privatizing the Houston Fire Fighters' pension fund...an admittedly different strategy than that used in the Nabors/C&J/Miami case, but with the same effect. 
     The effect of the growing privatization of formerly publicly held resources like GWB's privatization of the University of Texas' multi-billion-dollar endowment into UTIMCO at the same time that student grants were dwindling, replaced by interest bearing bank loans was unpacked by Ronald Reagan's outspoken Assistant Secretary of the Treasury, Paul Craig Roberts.  Roberts sees this trend as indicative of an oligarchy bent on enslaving others and he used the story of Greece's relationship to the European Union as a case study for the U.S. and the evidence of what he calls "gangster capitalism".
     New York fire fighters were already leery of Giuliani because of his mishandling of the NYFD's resources in advance of 911....a viewpoint they believed was confirmed by Giuliani's post-911 grandstanding, equivocations and relationship to the NY Port Authority which owned the WTC and whose power and influence in funding and marketing with the help of nearby Wall Street various wars dating back to the early port tax collectors like Samuel Swartwout.
   By January 2017 Nabors/C&J found on its board Stuart J. Brightman, the President of Dresser Industries' Valves Division whose long-standing CEO had been Niel Mallon for whom Niel Mallon Bush, brother of GWB, was named.  Brightman had also been, according to Bloomberg Inc., the Chief Operating Officer and Vice President of TETRA Technologies (TTI: NY), an oil field services company started by known CIA insider James Hardesty Critchfield that had become a multi-billion dollar enterprise after the post-911 U.S. invasion of Iraq when it began retrieving spent carcinogenic depleted uranium shells. 
     Suddenly it was clear.  GWB's Yale fraternity brother, Linden Blue, the former business partner in Nicaragua of brutal dictator Anastasio Samoza whom FDR called "a son-of-a-bitch, but he's our son-of-a-bitch", founder of California-based General Atomic Inc. that mined uranium, fashioned it into nuclear fuel rods and then used the spent-rods in GAI's Predator and Reaper drones as depleted uranium shells as well as in the armor in M1-Abrams tanks, lined up alongside the Clinton's big funder Uranium One, Inc..   Meanwhile, the British royals....one of whose wives....Wallis Simpson Windsor....had been the Godmother of Elizabeth Kauffman Bush....GHWB's sister in-law.....as the British royal family found their $500 million estate growing to $14 billion primarily on investments in uranium and uranium weapons that, had she lived, Princess Diana who have opposed like she did land mines, but in even harsher terms.
    It now appears that there were two scams going on in the Delaware court.  One to relieve Comstock and Winstead of their company and secondly, to tap the Miami employees pension fund like a thirsty elephant siphoning a bucket of water and later peeing the proceeds into another outside the U.S. in a tax haven.
    Meanwhile, Comstock and Winstead's company was in someone else's hands and their measly millions in salaries and stock options had morphed into the newcomers many-multi-millions deposited in some bank in Bermuda, the Caymans or Channel Islands as Miami employees and other investors came up short...like Enron's employees had done in 2001.