Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Vancouver Club Pedophiles Caught With Pants Down

Eight year old Native Indian Boy Becomes Multi-Millionaire from Child Prostitution Ring
by Winsip Custer CPW News Service

Eight year old Johnnie Falcon Talon, a Nuu-Chah-Nulth Indian,  may have an angelic face, but beneath the dimples and cutesy smile is a heart of steel.
Johnny Falcon Talon's Pet
Falcon "WingNut"

Quickly becoming the Nuu-Chah-Nulth's dominant power broker for children's rights he says he had to do a few "wrongs" to make it all happen.  "You have to break a few Eagle's eggs to make an Eagle egg omelet and if the eggs are from an endangered specie, can I help it?  Do you think the Indians killed off the eagles?" he asked in his high pitched scratchy voice.

Having grown up in a United Church Residential School near Vancouver, Johnnie Falcon Talon realized at six that if the kids were going to be abused anyway, he needed to organize them into what he called a COA or "cooperative of the abused" like the Cub Scouts or Brownies.  He read Viktor Frankl's book Man's  Search For Meaning (Children's version) and decided that he would also take the advice of his Native American mentor, Willie Hollow Eagle Beak, whose advice was always "If you're going to be raped and pillaged, you might as well make big bucks off of the experience."
Little Charlie Wolverine Claw was put in charge of the camera which would catch, with the help of several of the older boys, the photos that have made Johnnie Falcon Talon wealthy.  The local native American chieftains who had apparently received payoffs to keep the child abuse secret, now pay Johnny Falcon Talon financial tribute for fear that the whole network of pedophiles will unravel like rubber bands off a scalped golf ball.

When the Federal Canadian judge tried to throw out the photos in the criminal case against two of the Vancouver Club members caught with their pants down, Little Charlie Wolverine Claw emailed photos of the judge in an equally compromising position to his wife at her work at the Bureau of Indian Affairs.  "The woodpecker and the hare never rise together," said Johnnie Falcon Talon showing the origination of the Anglo version of the saying "the pecker and the hair never rise together."    Meaning that fear is an awful aphrodisiac except in extreme sociopaths....which pedophiles are.  "They are aroused by power and control over what they believe are the powerless," said Vancouver psychologist, Sylvia Wiggins.

Wiggins is doing research on the fear factor in pedophiles to see the effects of fear when it is combined with contrary actions of their typical prey....children.  She says her research will help sort out whether or not what she calls the "Little Chucky" or "Problem Child" elements in the Johnnie Falcon Talon ring is triggering the pedophiles' abnormal behavior....providing a motivation for the large sums of monetary "payoffs" the children are receiving from the Vancouver Club members.  "Many pedophiles have trouble getting aroused when their target is coming at them with photos that will be sent to their children, mothers, grandmothers and friends documenting  their crimes.   One of my pedophile patients said that if kids are that aggressive then perhaps a hatchet or butcher knife is not far away," said Wiggins.  Wiggins suggested that a concealed hand gun law for children may be in order at least in Vancouver and that she would be the first to support such a measure if her research proves that pedophiles' behavior is altered by fear of 44 cal. slug coming at them from the hand of an eight year old.

Attorney for Johnny Falcon Talon, Gerald R Spence, wearing a buckskin coat and black fedora with long red feather said in Ottawa, "My client, Johnnie Falcon Talon, is ready to make a vigorous defense of the boys and girls at the Residential Schools and he will spare no resources to see to it that these kids are treated well.  If respect requires fear, then they must learn to fear their own Achilles heels," said Spence.

We attempted to contact local radio personality and historian, Kevin Annett, whose first hand experiences in Vancouver has led MIT professor and author Noam Chomsky to say that Annett is more deserving of a Nobel Peace Prize than many who have previously received it,  but Mr. Annett was unavailable.
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