Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Sunday, October 17, 2010


Astronaut Speculated on Interstellar Capital Markets and Monetary Policy

10.17.2010 by Winsip Custer CPW News Service

Gordon "Gordo" Cooper
NASA Astronaut was played by actor
Dennis Quaid in movie based on Tom
Wolf's best selling book
The Right Stuff

Following his report of the sighting of an alien craft while flying with other USAF officers on training missions over Germany, NASA astronaut Colonel Gordon Cooper had another UFO experience.  The first sighting was followed by another at Edwards Air Force Base in California when an alien saucer with tripod landing gear was photographed by a USAF camera crew. Cooper forwarded the film to his Washington D.C. supervisors and he had not seen the film again after its delivery.  Before his death in 2004,  during a conversation with a Ventura, California waiter at the small cafe he frequented, Gordon "Gordo" Cooper speculated on a inter-galaxy monetary systems.

"I asked Col. Cooper to speculate on whether or not the civilization of the space travelers capable of making interstellar flight would be expected to have a monetary system similar to the ones here on earth," said waiter Robert J. Reed.  "Would they use charge cards as we do here on earth?  What about interest rates?  Are credit scores important to them?  Is there the equivalent of a FED-EX or will FED-EX and UPS along with the U.S. and other postal services become quickly obsolete?  Do they have cashier checks?  What about late charges? Do they tip waiters better than here or is it about 15 per cent on average?"

Mr. Cooper responded..."You've asked a whole bunch of question there, fella.  I'd say that they are way beyond worrying about interest on their investments and that they find the whole idea of banking quite primitive."

"Then does that mean that they don't have to balance their checkbooks each month as we do here on earth?"

"Well, remember that we would be seeing the equivalent of their Columbus or Sir Francis Drake or Erik the Red and not their hometown boys, so to speak....the couch potato types that sit and dream up schemes for making people's lives hellish.  Unless, that is, they've been visiting here for a few million years.  In that case we may be seeing their retired presidents out on a Sunday afternoon drive. Or if they are really advanced it may be some teenagers who took a wrong turn on their way to school. They might have the equivalent of Quicken or Quickbooks, but I kind of doubt it, but hey,  until they tell us we can't know for certain.  Their internet is obviously a lot bigger than ours and it's totally wireless.  They probably use fiber-optics technology in antique lamps.  For all we know they eat and refuel their bodies by mental telepathy. But one thing is sure.  If they don't have any need for the bankers and money managers and changers and all that stuff and we learn from them, then Alan Greenspan and Wall Street boys are going to be out of work."

For a view of Gordon Cooper report of the UFO encounters in Germany and California see...

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