Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Rand Paul Not Profitting From Profitt

Head Stompin' Not Music To Americans' Ears

10.27.2010 by Winsip Custer CPW News Service

One must ask after seeing the Timothy R Profitt video of his head stomping of a woman protester at the Rand Paul rally at which Profitt was working as a security guard, whether the Tea Party Movement, backed as it is by the Koch Brothers has losts it moorings.

Little has been made of the fact that the Tea Party's backers, the Koch's, are the same family that through the engineering firm of Winkler-Koch, aided Hitler's American agent, William Rhodes Davis, in building the Eurotank facility in Wilhelmshaven and Spandau for the Nazi's as Davis worked to supply Texas and Mexican crude to Hitler through the port of Brownsville, Texas.  Equally important is Ron Paul, Rand's father's enigmatic political background in a region of Texas that was the jumping off point for the mass exodus of Southerners who, following the Civil War, hoped they could work to create a slave Republic between the US and Mexico while also creating a "Golden Circle" of slavery in the Caribbean. 

No Texas county had more slaves than Brazoria County which Ron Paul calls home.  Do Liberterian values in this region mean deregulation of the laws passed since the Emancipation Proclamation?

The Petro-Chemical companies that line the bayous of the Brazoria region Southwest of Houston include Dow Chemical, DuPont, BASF,  Shell, and Freeport McMoran. Not far away is Koch's Invista plant on the Victoria barge canal.  Are these companies major contributors to Ron Paul, Rand's father?  If not, is their agenda advanced as much by a Liberterian platform as by a Tea Party candidate and is that the concordat that Ron Paul honors in order to appear independent and enigmatic?  Are Kock family investments as extensive in Ron Paul's part of Texas as they were with William Rhodes Davis in Germany?
Koch's Invista facility in Ron Paul's District

Following the Nuremberg Trials, Else Kohler Koch, the "Bitch of Buchenwald" was sentenced to life in prison. Her sentence was commuted to three years by General Lucius D. Clay, the Allied commander overseeing the Marshall Plan in Germany.  Following her release she was charged  by the German courts and sentenced to another life term.  Has anyone bothered to trace the connections of  Lucius D. Clay's decision to powerful members of the Koch families in Germany and America?

Following Mr. Profitt's kicking of a woman on the ground should we be looking for Brown Shirts worn by Rand Paul's Tea Party people who are beholding to the Kochs' for their financial support?

For a view of the Profitt foot bashing see
and for a discussion of the Winkler-Koch Engineering Co's support of Nazi oil see
Mystery Man: William Rhodes Davis: American Nazi Agent of Influence by Dale Barrington 

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