Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Friday, October 22, 2010

Bill O'Reilly Set Up Juan Williams For The Fall

Juan Williams Victim
of Fight Promoter
Bill O'Reilly and Fox News

by Winsip Custer CPW News Service

According to Willimena Cullen Davis of the non-profit End Fight Promotion Now Coalition of Newark, New Jersey, Juan Williams has fallen prey to the tactics of America's media fight promoters.
Senator McCain with America's leading "Hate Radio"
personality and fight promoter
Michael Alan Weiner, AKA Michael Savage,
of The Savage Nation radio show who escapes the fight world
he promotes by yachting on his 40 ton Grand Banks
in San Francisco Bay

"Fight promotion is the ploy of those wishing to pocket money and political capital from fights they promote. We have seen a dramatic increase in fight promoting as a means of making money and the poor slobs who fight are pawns with the managers of the two corners making the bucks. Whenever there is an economic downturn, the fight promoters spawn like Piranha. You see it in the capitulation of the critics like Senator John McCain who initially took on the free-for-all warfare of the Fertitta's whose Ultimating Fighting Championships have brought a steady stream of blood letting to home television, especially on Sunday nights...which in the early years was reserved for Walt Disney's Wonderful World of Color. You see the decline of American culture in the entrance of the wife of World Wrestling Federation's Vince McMahon in the NY Senate race. Vince McMahon's father was himself a fight promoter handing the African American fighter Jack Johnson.  Under Vince McMahon and the Fertitta's fight promoting is on hyper-steroids.

Linda McMahon, wife of fight promoter Vince McMahon,
kicking opponent

"Juan Williams was set up for this," said Mrs. Davis. "It was a long time coming and now he is the lightening rod for those who would pit American Blacks against all Muslims. The Jews will support him, but they didn't ask him if he got nervous when seeing a Sephardic Jew wearing phylactaries getting onto an airplane, do they? How about if you have to sit next to a Hari Krishna? Does that make you nervous? How about next to a four hundred pound Anglo woman with three overweight kids? You see, anyone can be a fight promoter just by the images we put out there.  You start the fight, but just make sure you own the popcorn concession or in O'Reilly's case, the media's advertising revenues.  In the years leading up the the Civil War, George Luther Stearns, one of the backers of John Brown who proposed raising an army of liberated Southern Blacks, also controled lead mining...as in bullet production, but James Hamlet, the Baltimore Black who was working at the Brown family's Merchant Shot Tower where they made bullets from lead was the test case for the Fugitive Slave law and Mr. Tallmadge, the soldier who handled James Hamlet's return to Baltimore, also carried the printing press from New York to John Brown in Kansas for Brown's propaganda.  You see how it works?  When on a trip to  New York George Luther Stearns was asked by some colleagues if the coming Civil War was inevitable,  Stearns said 'If there are two men on the street facing off and four watching them,  three of the four will egg them on and one will try to promote peace.  I'm betting on war, boys.'  That's why statesmanship is in short supply and lunacy is everywhere," said Davis.

Jewish Phylactaries
okay on plane flights?
I asked Ms. Davis what she thought would happen to Juan Williams. She said that she thought the money would be there for him from other networks like "from the fight promoting Fox News popcorn salesmen", she said. "But I think that NPR would be wise to ask him to come back and that they give him a position not as a contract employee, but as a top executive who knows just how important it is to have legitimate and unbiased reporting today," she said.  "If he goes for the money, his wonderful career will be significantly redirected and indelibly tarnished."

"What is your advice to Mr. Williams?" I asked Ms. Davis.

"Stay focused.  But he will probably be one of the three fourths who hire a good lawyer buy a big bag of popcorn and sit back and watch the show," she said

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