Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Angespannt German Chancellor Angela Merkel Uptight Over Much

Chancelor of Germany Gives Up on Multi-Culturalism
German Chancellor Angel
Merkel photographed
during happier days

by Winsip Custer CPW News Service

Germans were taken by surprise when their Chancellor Angela Merkel went public with her assessment of Germany's post World War II experiment in multi-culturalism before a meeting of the Christian Democratic Union.  In her opinion it has been a dismal failure and an unworkable model for the German nation. "We said, 'They won't stay. They will be gone,'" referring to foreign immigrants.  "But this isn't reality. And of course, the multicultural (society) has utterly failed," said Merkel.

I contacted Dr. Wilhelm Haus Von Hessian  of the Heidelberg Institute for Cultural Diversity.  He was deeply concerned that the German Chancellor has seemingly forgotten the lessons of history.  "You see, Hitler's 'Night of the Long Knives' was not merely the beginning of a purge of German's smaller ethnic groups, Gypsies, Jews, the mentally retarded and physically handicapped.  It was also the purge of Hitler's Brown Shirts who were not ethnically dissimilar, but politically dissimilar only.  When you see a call for abandoning ethnic diversity, the next wave of intolerance will be even more oppressive."

I asked Dr. Von Hessian if there was any way to see the Chancelor's remarks coming.  "Why yes," he said.  "When your President George W Bush's kind attempt at a simple back massage to get Angela to ease up and his simple gesture was rejected there was some indication that our Chancellor took herself way too seriously."

In following, I asked what Dr. Von Hessian might recommended in order to counter the Chancellors' attitude.  He said....."There is alway in the back of our minds this narrow attitude of anti-inclusion.  I feel it every time my wife hogs the covers on a cold night.  First comes the flash of anger.  Then comes twin beds.  Then separate rooms.  Then the garage.  Then you're thinking about burning the house down.  It's a depressing downward spiral that must be countered with something stronger than the hate that informs it."

"So you are saying that love is stronger than hate?" I asked him.

"Yes, but love needs help.  This is why I am so concerned about the cutting off of music and art in our modern schools.  We need music like they had in the immediate post World War II era and music that's like that picked up by bands like Hootie and the Blow Fish.  My personal preference is for the Ukranian Jew, saxaphonist Stan Getz and his early gigs with jazz legends Charlie Parker or John Coltrane.  I think we should bring back Jazz like when Getz's group played the wonderful music of Brazilian songwriter Tom Jobim. That's multiculturalism at its best and when we remove the cultural diversity in music and art we are back on the road to rigid goose-stepping and Wagner's stuffy militant music and finally to Auschwitz and Dacau."

For a view of jazz saxaphonist in a multi-culture event in Copenhagen in 1970 as he plays Tom Jobim's Bossa Nova hit 'Wave' see 

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