Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Monday, October 11, 2010

California Scientists Propose Radical Remediation Plan

Plan Aims At Fixing California's Earthquake Woes

Cyanocrylate, also
known as Super Glue
10.11.2010 by Winsip Custer CPW News Service

Dr. Wilson R Phillips of  SRR, Scientists for Radical Remediation, has proposed to California's leading business and political leaders the support of a remediation plan which builds upon the 1942 discovery of Kodak Laboratories' scientists Dr. Harry Coover and Dr. Fred Joyner.   "Their discovery of Cyanocrylate is the clear answer to California's earthquake problems," said Dr. Phillips.  "A massive injection of Cyanocrylate along the fault line could help to forstall a quake well into the future.  The entire nation will have to support this massive effort.  If they like their vegtables from the Imperial Valley and wine from Berringer, Mondovi  or Coppola wineries, they will have to support this plan.  There is simply are no other option," said Phillps.

I asked Dr. Phillips if Cyanocrylate is Super Glue.  He said "some call it that. I prefer to call it Cyanocrylate."

When asked just how much Cyanocrylate would be needed he said that the combined Cyanocrylate producers have not been able to give an exact quantity citing unknown factors given the shifting fissure sizes along the entire fault line, but that a figure of $20-50 billion per year for five years was not an unreasonable figure.  "We propose five large infusions at forty mile intervals along the fault line immediately.  And I mean immediately.  We have no time to waste," said Dr. Phillips.  "If this holds we will be able to pump more Cyanocrylate along the remainder of the crack and fix the problem once and for all over the next five years.  Meanwhile a fleet of trucks able to deliver such massive doses of Cyanocrylate will bring new jobs to America along with a rise in jobs with the Cyanocrylate producers," said Phillips.

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