Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Saturday, October 9, 2010


Enron Clone Targeting Lowly Homeowners
Citizen's Group To Clog Company's Veins
10.09.2010 by Winsip Custer CPW News Service

When Henry Gonzalez's friend encouraged him to sign up with Texas energy company Ambit, he thought he was doing the right thing.  A disabled senior citizen living in McAllen, Texas Gonzalez thought he would save money while helping out his friend.  He got a lower rate the first month.  The second month his rate doubled and the third month it tripled.  He read the small print in the contract and noticed that the rate was only for the first month.

Henry wrote:
"They told me I have a two day grace period. so I can pay it on the 3rd and not be penalized. But every month on the 2nd, they add around $2oo of late charges and reconnection fees. I have to call every month and try to work it out with several supervisors. Sometimes I wait several weeks before I hear from them. Sometimes they don't return my calls. Sometimes they give me partial credit, sometimes they do not. This company is a pyramid that sooner or latter will have its source of customers dry up as more and more of their multi-level-marketing scheme reps leave them, unhappy because only the top people are getting rich, not the sales reps. Only Brian McClure, their MLM director is becoming a multi-millonaire with this scam. Their peons and their customers will leave them little by little and the Pyramid will crumble, just like the Babel Pyramid of wicked ancient Babylon crumbled. The modern Babylon the Great will also soon be shattered to pieces because of its wickedness."

When Garland, Texas resident, Justin McDowell Dumas, found out that the company had targeted his brother-in-law through one of its agents, he had just purchased a copy of Success Magazine at Office Depot and digested its pages.  "It made me sick," said Dumas.  "The CEO is Jere Thompson an heir of the Southland or 7 Eleven Corporation and he knows better, but here is the wealth flowing up again with jack squat trickling down.  As I read the magazine I was getting nauseated then angry. The entire magazine....every article....featured the Ambit success story and I thought I was buying a magazine about generic success in the home business area. I was buying their advertisement.  I wanted to haul the Office Depot folks out into the parking lot for a game of "let's make road rash on your buttocks," said Dumas.  

"Advertisers included Rosetta Stone, Carnival Cruises, Ultimate Resort International.  It all looked so legitimate with glossy photos of nice looking people who worked for Ambit sitting on motorcycles or boats or in their front yards.  People just as nice looking as Jeffrey Skilling or Ken Lay or Andy Fastow. That's when I got an idea.  I'd take advantage of their job offer to become an Ambit agent and I'd clog the company's digestive system with bogus orders. Then I'd recruit my friends and family members to do the same thing and keep the company so busy checking out false orders and encouraging an atmosphere of paranoia so heavy that it would eat itself alive," said Dumas.

"So is it working?" I asked Dumas.

"Time will tell," he said. "But if that doesn't work I have a few hundred other tricks up my sleeve."

Ambits founder Jere Thompson is the son of Jere Thompson who is President of the North Texas Turnpike Authority which has been pushing for a Trans Texas Corridor.  When I asked Dumas if he knew that he said,  "Well you can't clog the Trans Texas Corridor with paper.  Have to do that with blown transmissions, cracked axels with a few hundred blown head gaskets thrown in, but we can do that, too, when it comes down to it.  The Indians in Boston Harbor tried to clog the British pyramidal scheme with tea.  That worked pretty good.  Whatever it takes," said Dumas.

I checked Mr. Dumas' complaint against Office Depot for selling a magazine that is essentially a company's advertisement with an eye to the possibility that birds of the same feathers flock together.  Office Depot has a long history of overcharging local school districts for school and office supplies.  Its executives have been with companies like Aramark a food service company that has also been sued for price gouging American schools.
For a view of the Office Depot's problems in Florida see:

http://www.freerepublic.com/focus/f-news/2588765/posts or
http://www.naplesnews.com/news/2010/jul/24/special-report-state-staffs-failures-office-depot-/ or for Nebraska
http://www.auditors.state.ne.us/content/pr//Office_Depot_Press_Release_4-28-2008.pdf or for Texas, Alabama, California, South Carolina and Georgia see...

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