Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Sunday, October 24, 2010

CIA Misdeeds

Auschwitz Survivor Connects the Dots

by Winsip Custer CPW News Service

Dr. Boris Komski is ninety two years old now, but his mind is sharp and his eyes are bright.  He survived Auschwitz, returned to Vienna and became a physician at a time when Sigmund Freud, Alfred Adler and Viktor Frankl left an indelible mark on the Austrian Capital.  "Freud and Adler had already developed their theories of pychology and psychotheraphy, but Frankl's were, of course, fashioned from his experience in Auschwitz," said Dr. Komski.  "Viktor's Institute in Vienna would be matched by one in San Francisco," said Komski.

I asked Dr. Komski to expound on his experiences in Germany and Austria.
"Freud, as you know, moved to London and lived in the Tavistock area where his theories were being incorporated into programs of the British secret service.  After the war his insights were put to work on those who had 'shell shock', what we now call 'post traumatic stress', but it didn't take long for those insights to be put to use in mind control in the Cold War era.   Even before Frankl was sent to Auschwitz the number three man in the Third Reich, Rudolf Hess, had flown his Messerschmidt to the home of the Duke of Hamilton  for what most believe was an attempt to bring a military union between Britain and Germany.  That was in May, 1941. The satanist, Alesister Crowley, was asked to interview Hess which was a strange connection in itself, but the Marquis of Tavistock was also part of same circle as the Duke of Hamilton to whom Hess had reached out in his night time solo flight to England.  Churchill would downplay the flight since parts on Hess' Messerschmit were made in the United States and he could not afford to offend the supporters of Lend Lease," said Dr. Komski.'
"Frankl had been a doctor in Austria's capital.  Do you suppose that the Nazi's with their fettish for meticulous record keeping would have overlooked the fact that Viktor Frankl was a doctor?  And being a doctor do you think that this information would have escaped the pervue of Joseph Mengele, the Auschwitz physician who was conducting among his many heinous experiments those dealing with mind control?  There may never be a full telling of Viktor's duties at Auschwitz, but I can tell you this.  If my family was taken forceably from their home, herded into cattle cars and put to slave labor in a place where people died daily and the stinch of death was everywhere I would have one thought.  Not of Freud's theory of pleasure as man's highest concern. Nor for Frankl's finding meaning. That would be like an opiate in the midst of some radical surgery.  The only meaning I could find in that hell would be to get out and to take some others with me trying.  No.  It was Adler's position that power had to be met with power.  Love with love.  What we create begets a peculiar and particular corresponding response.  I found it strange that Victor Frankl's work would be called Logotherapy from the Greek word for 'word'....not 'meaning', but 'word' and that Greek word 'word' was nowhere given more meaning than in its application to the Christian God-Man, Jesus.  Viktor commandeered in his use of the Christian/Greek 'Logos' a term that would pull from the Christian lexicon and the Christian world's deep interest in his work, and give broad interest to his theories, but there were Christians like Bonhoeffer and Niemoeller whose lives were cut short or radically altered precisely because they were not willing to accept survival as humankind's highest calling.  If you told them that their highest calling was to survive and that to survive they would need to find meaning in whatever hell they were enduring, they would have repulsed.  Bonhoeffer had found meaning in opposing evil and was willing to give his life to that calling.  I don't think that he was living with the illusion that he was on some kind of self-help program to make the world better, he just wanted to keep it from getting any worse.  Today I hear therapists telling their clients to 'love what is'.  Well, that's fine when loving what is means embracing sanity and love, justice and equity and peace."
I discussed for a time Dr. Komski's understanding of Bonhoeffer's sacrifice and he soon returned to Frankl's work.

 "When I had heard that Viktor Frankl's institute had been opened in San Francisco, the home of the Presidio where many of the Nazi scientists were employed after the war  by the CIA  in the mind control progrom titled MK-Ultra I began to wonder.  This hideous chapter in American history that began with men like the son of a Presbyterian Minister and CIA Director, Allen Dulles, William Corcoran and others who pulled Nazi criminals into the US in a CIA program called 'Operation Paperclip'  first deposited these mad scientists at Randolph Air Force Base in San Antonio, Texas. Then they gave ligitimacy to lunacy which ended with great brutality against unwitting American's through MK-Ultra.   MK-Ultra was swept under the rug until the CIA crimes were exposed by the work of the Church Commission. Named for Senator Frank Church, this commission exposed this evil chapter in American life...a chapter that received apology from President William Jefferson Clinton."

Project "Paperclip" Nazi scientists who worked on U.S.
rocketry as well as MK-Ultra
"Today," said Dr. Komski,  "the CIA is discredited, while the Tavistock Group, a multi-billion dollar private investment group, has built awe inspiring golf courses, hotels and resorts worldwide which appeal to the wealthiest of the wealthy including one on the very estate where Rudolf Hess landed his Messerschmit in hopes of cutting a deal with the Duke of Hamilton and Marquis of Tavistock.  The money to build this fine golf club came from the consolidation of employee benefits of American healthcare workers whose companies have placed them in shell corporations in order to limit their own liabilities and responsibilities to their employees, most of whom could never afford to visit the club much less stay there."

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