Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Friday, October 15, 2010



by Winsip Custer CWP News Service

The San Francisco Christian Assembly Church has received the "Best of the Best" designation by the American Association of Newspapers, Magazines, Periodical and Ad Sheet Distributors for the tenth straight year. 

Measured by an exacting formula that balances on-site services, parking-to-auto ratios, community involvement and visibility, pew seating per-inches-of-average-posterior (this ratio has changed from 18" to 27" in the last ten years), color schemes and interior designs with ratio of 3-to-1 between fall and spring colors, landscaping layout with 50:50 balance between coloration and between annuals and perennials;  balance of music with 3-to-1 eclectic and traditional; carpet textures of prescribed number of fibers per inch as provided in the guidelines; acoustics within proper decibel levels for varying locations within the church facilities; consistency of ambient room temperatures per kilowatts usage; use of technological devices and state-of-the-art audio visuals in accordance with prescribed guidelines; number of baptisms per ethnicity of the baptized; 50:50 balance of evangelical fervor to social responsibility and corresponding 50:50 balance of preaching style to substance.

"While we are proud of our ten year accomplishment," said church pastor, Rev. Peter Paul Foster, IIII, "we are not complacent.  Not at all.  Every day we strive to build upon our stellar record," he said.  This year's runner up was the New Eden Assembly of Tucson Arizona, (N.E.A.T.).  Their pastor, the Reverend Joy Lilly Ferguson said of this year's competition "I hate to say it, but I think that there are unspoken things that finally make the difference between a good worship experience and the "Best of the Best".  For that reason we are replacing the 2.5" pew cushions with the more comfortable 3.5 inches and changing the color from Notre Dame Burgundy to Bimini Blue.  We expect to win next year, hands down," said Reverend Ferguson.  If she is correct she will be the first woman to win the coveted designation in the award's twenty-five year history and the first church to win it outside of the San Francisco area.

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