Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Robert Filner, Anthony Weiner and The Roots of Our Disconnections

by Angie Tayshon CPW News Service

    It was only two years ago that Congressman Robert Filner championed for children a school environment free from intolerance and hatred.  Since then, the National Rifle Association has hired Asa Hutchinson, former Drug Enforcement Agency Director and Arkansas Attorney General assigned the protection of Iran-Contra scandal witness and CIA operative, Barry Seal, who was gunned down in Louisiana before he could testify, the job of promoting a gun carrying police officer on every U.S. public school campus.

     On April 29th, 2011, the National Day of Silence, highlighted the need to end bullying and harassment in schools across the country.  Filner said: “Children should be able to attend schools in an atmosphere free from expressions of intolerance and hatred.  The National Day of Silence brings much needed attention to this worthy goal.”

     Today, Robert Filner has essentially nailed his mayoral office in San Diego shut while he hunkers down to allow the criticism to blow over.  Seven women have accused him of sexual harassment.
     The second largest city in California, San Diego is not without its controversies.  San Diego is home of the Navy Seals where Jesse Ventura and the U.S.’s most successful sniper, Chris Kyle trained (and where Kyle claims he and Ventura scuffled in a local pub) and where Admiral George Stephens Morrison departed for the Gulf of Tonkin to oversee the kick-starting of the LBJ initiative in Vietnam.  Admiral Morrison’s son, Jim, would go on to sing “People Are Strange” with The Doors after he had lit so many fires in the hearts of screaming female admirers.
     People are strange.  In San Diego the American Nazi spy, Wallace Simpson, met the Duke of Windsor, heir to the British throne who, for Ms. Simpson’s hand in marriage, abdicated the British throne and sat out World War II at Winston Churchill’s command in the British Bahaman Commonwealth where they could do little harm.  Today, not far from the Coronado Hotel where they met, the U.S. Navy Seal headquarters were built in the shape of a Nazi swastika.

     That Filner, a Jew who was active in the Civil Rights Movement and whose father was a prominent U.S. Communist with deep ties to the Teamsters’ Union,  finds himself a Democratic mayor in a city with broad connection to the U.S. Navy and Marine Corp is significant.   Like former U.S. Congressman, Anthony Weiner of New York, Filner finds himself under a thick cloud for similar reasons. The two men appear to have no  direct connections, but initial impressions are deceptive.  San Diego's Marines and Navy protect the lucrative trade routes that fund New York's money machine, Wall Street, as well as the more tightly controlled historic companies that we are now being told make their fortunes from inside the Wall Street bubble before Joe Six-pack knows what hit his investment dreams.
     San Diego County Sheriff, William Gore, imported to San Diego as an interim who subsequently won the Sheriff's position in public election, was the FBI agent in charge of the Ruby Ridge killing of Rebecca Weaver and her young son. Randy Weaver, a former Green Beret and Rebecca’s husband, had moved his family to Idaho to distance himself and his family from the government intrusion he believed was coming.   It arrived anyway.  More recently Sheriff Gore has threatened to turn high frequency sound weapons on citizens at San Diego public hearings.  San Diego has attracted strange people.

     Filner, born in Pennsylvania, his father attended the Little Red School House in New York City which was founded by Elisabeth Irwin and built as a joint venture between private and public education to test the educational theories of John Dewey.   Dewey’s educational objectives were the objectives of the large foundations, Ford, Carnegie, Rockefeller, Peabody, Sloan and Slater.  Called "Progressives" they were social experimenters with a bias toward power elites pulling the significant strings.  Receiving his doctorate from Johns Hopkins in 1886 under Hegelian philosopher George Sylvester Morris, Dewey’s roots through his mentors, Morris and G. Stanley Hall, are anchored in German rationalism which as the world learned in World Wars I and II isn't always rational.  Within Dewey’s Hegelian dialectic the rights of the individual are squelched.  For Dewey, people exist to serve the state whether they are coming from a Soviet-style Communist/Socialism or a Hitlerian National Socialism.  Their history and agenda was exposed by former Hoover Institute member and Stanford professor, Anthony Sutton, whose book America's Secret Establishment provides a concise and clear overview of their councils and connections.
     Sutton revealed that this power elite funded the emergence of the Soviet Union with economic aid.  Sutton's revelation was confirmed by Zbigniew Brzezinski, National Security Advisor and Council on Foreign Relations member.
     “You can see why, therefore, the mayor of San Diego, Bob Filner….a Jew…. with San Diego’s deep ties to the American military complex and its tendency toward conservatism, even fascism, if we are to believe Randy Weaver, is consistent in his inconsistencies,” said Jedediah Percival of the Patriots for the Purification of Political Prevarications.
     Percival has traced the founding of the Little Red School House, built on property provided by the First Presbyterian Church of New York which dates to the early 1700’s, to a Scottish heritage infused in the early 19th Century with the Germanic idiosyncrasies inherent in today’s American power elites.  “Yep, the celebrated pastor of First Presbyterian Church, Harry Emerson Fosdick, was a convert from John D. Rockefeller’s American Baptist Church.  Throughout his illustrious career Rockefeller’s support of Fosdick’s work was ubiquitous.  A Progressive, Fosdick was pumped by Rockefeller’s public relations agent, Ivy Lee, as much as Billy Graham was pumped by Henry Luce of Time/Life,” said Percival.  “Seeing these roots growing into a root bound ball it’s easy to understand just how the Business Plot of the 1930’s which included Henry Ford, Harvey Firestone, Charles Lindberg, John Burroughs and even Prescott Bush, united within the German American Bund and with the recruitment of General Smedley Darlington Butler would have provided a Fascist coup d'tat as an alternative to Franklin Delano Roosevelt whose family was as much a part of the governing order as the rest.  The dialect swings from pole to pole as required to maintain homeostasis,” said Percival who does not buy the Henry Ford hype as America's leading champion of progress.

     "Henry Ford was asked how he knew what the people wanted.  Ford said 'hell, the people haven't a clue what they want.  If I had asked them what they wanted they'd have said a 'a faster horse'.  You have to tell the people what they want," Ford stated according to Percival who added "I know what I want.  A super sonic personal hoover craft that needs nothing that the gas guzzling, tire balding chuggers need and that doesn't run across tax payer paid roads on the hardened goo by-products of the petroleum tar pits that Edward Koch says his brother stole from beneath public lands.  Give me that if you're so friggin' smart, Mr. Ford.  Oh, and I'd like it for under ten grand and I'll use it to rescue Edward Snowden from the Moscow airport and drop him on his family's doorstep."

     Anthony Weiner and Bob Filner know what they want, too.  "Filner grabs it and Weiner exposes it like a Ford medallion.   Henry Ford would have sent Weiner and Filner to the end of the assembly line.  Hell, he may have sent them to the gas ovens if he had his anti-Semitic way.  Freda Kahlo, wife of Communist artist, Diego Rivera, famously asked Henry Ford at dinner...."Is it true that you are Jewish?"
     “Ivy Lee, on the other hand, was hired by Rockefeller to repair the petroleum mogul’s image in the wake of the Ludlow, Colorado miner massacre during which Rockefeller turned machine guns on his employees.  Lee, a founding member of Rockefeller’s Council On Foreign Relations, was called by muckraker, Upton Sinclair, “Poison Ivy”.  Along with Albert Lasker and Edward Bernays, few others brought together the expertise for manipulating the masses like Ivy Lee,” said Percival. 

     “Understanding the evolution of the current order of American power politics, helps one to make some sense of the complexities.  Graduating from the Little Red School House was the Rosenbergs, convicted of spying for the Soviets and executed.  Also, Angela Davis, who during the turbulent 60’s called for violence and was supported by the denomination that funded her school and education,” said Percival.

     “Its  this background that helps one to understand how America’s power elites have put their own spin on reality.  This is the trust fund babies of the American Military Complex replicating their control of the established order in each new generation.  Whether it’s Henry Ford Sr., Jr. or the III, John Burrough’s children whose uncle was Ivy Lee, the Firestones, Rockefellers or DuPonts, they spin the properline and then defend it to the death, but not theirs,” said Percival. 

     “Take the Council on Foreign Relations member, Lewis H. Lapham, whose grandfather was Mayor of another California city, San Francisco, and whose great grandfather was a founder of Texaco Oil Company.   As Leland Stanford solidified his stronghold on the nation with a Transcontinental Railroad that dead-headed into San Francisco Bay where lumber from the Northwest and cotton, metals, oil and chemicals shipped for overseas markets, the China traders flowed East.  'Go West young man,' said Greeley, 'but watch out for the stuff flowing East.'   Lapham, like Ivy Lee, would have us all believe that he’s just a good ole’ boy from simple American roots and not part of the root ball just described, or a gentile and erudite and benevolent member of the otherwise brutal and slyly dictatorial Progressive/Fascist ruling class .  A graduate of Yale, the incubator for the U.S. intelligence community, Lapham would write in 1993, The Wish For Kings:  Democracy At Bay in which he argues that Americans long for a monarch.  This book was followed by Pretensions To Empire: Notes On The Criminal Folly of the Bush Administration, in 2006 only three short years after the Bush Administration had doctored intelligence that sent the U.S. into a protracted war in Iraq and Afghanistan, the source for China Trade’s opiates which triggered opium wars between Britain and China and then between the U.S. and China when our power elites took over the Brits’ lucrative trade routes.  Lapham's 2005 documentary film The American Ruling Class took impressionable young Ivy League college grads to the doors of the Council on Foreign Relations and told them that behind the doors were the people who controlled America.   Subtle,” said Percival.


     “What Lewis Lapham, the former publisher of Harper’s, which had a direct hand in creating the image of Jolly Old Saint Nick....the red and white clad, bulbous nosed, opium pipe smokin' emperor of the Northern Robber barons' year end orgy of guaranteed debtor debt, didn’t say is that his family’s fortunes came from their place in the China Trade through the American-Hawaiian Steamship Company whose ships often loaded at Bush Stores at 42nd Street in Brooklyn and in Hawaii.  The Lapham patriarchs helped build the railroad across southern Mexico from the Pacific to Vera Cruz, before William Walker failed to annex Honduras and before Teddy Roosevelt,  the Vanderbilts and others,  punched through the Panama Canal,”  said Percival.  "From Bush Stores in Brooklyn at 42nd Street ships loaded with munitions sailed for Cuba during the Spanish American War, but trying to link Rufus Bush to Samuel Prescott Bush, Prescott Bush or George Herbert Walker Bush is as difficult as proving a link to Vannevar Bush whose control of the Manhattan Project that was provisioned with cooling pumps for the ultra-secret weapons project by Dresser Industries....long associated with the Bush clan," said Percival.  "It appears obvious to me, but DNA analysis could tell you for sure," said Percival who married a descendant of Thomas Jefferson and Sally Hemmings.

     "Harper's and Lapham would employ the celebrated Englishman atheist, Christopher Hitchens, who moved from the left and right on the political spectrum like a marble on a ship's deck in a hurricane," said Percival.  When Hitchens produced Texas: America Supersized a documentary that lauds Texas as the future of America and speaks glowingly of George W. Bush's "cowboy" image and his invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan, Lapham's self-confessed disdain for the Yale grads who attempted to recruit him into the CIA, seems disingenuous. "Lapham's disjointedness reminds me of a Praying Mantis, but preying and praying for, what or on?   More gullible schmucks?" asked Percival, "or is this the genius of the ruling class' profit centers?  The pain of life amid strange people longs to be ameliorated with recognition, satisfaction of burning needs or deadening with opiates and other pain killers when the bill comes in."
     “Just north of Lapham’s Pacific port of San Francisco where his grandfather was the 'Lord of Pebble Beach', the power elites cremate care in ritualistic displays of their solidarity.  Elsewhere, their leaders do the equivalent of passing out dimes trying to help the vanquished forget the machines guns at Ludlow or the IEDs in Baghdad or Kandahar, the opium dens in Shanghai, the addicts of Compton, Queens or Newark.  Their pawns protect their trade routes, clear the land for their right of ways and subterranean plundering while their spokespersons like Walter Cronkite or Kurt Vonnegut tell the young grads that they will know that they have arrived at the seat of power when they are invited in,” said Percival noting that Filner is mayor of the California city that more than any other projects America's military and naval power that has protected its ruling class' legitimate and illegitimate trade routes and practices since the early 19th Century.

     Weiner and Filner have, strangely enough, much in common with another politician, not a former Congressman or mayor or mayoral candidate, but a Governor.  Governor Rick Scott of Florida, the state where Jeb Bush signed before his departure the gun-sales-friendly "Stand Your Ground Law".   From New York, home of the Progressives' Little Red School House and the wizards of Wall Street, of Anthony Weiner and Eliot Spitzer, of Donald Trump and John Gotti,  Andy Warhol and Woody Allen, Bernie Madoff and  the bankers that Marine General Smedley Darlington Butler called his beloved National City Bank Boys for which he was a 'goon on three continents' and otherwise known as 'United Fruitcakes'....comes a steady flow of retirees to Jeb Bush and Rick Scott's Elephant burial ground....Palm Beach, Orlando, Lake Worth, Boca Raton, Miami, Key West where Hemingway swore the light house keeper was looking through his bedroom window and where the salvaged stores from wrecked ships misjudging the light's mysterious location were readied for auction in massive warehouses.  Is it any wonder that from Florida would come the death of Trayvon Martin or that from Rick Scott's prior home of Texas the Joe Horn case focused attention on that state's 'Castle law'?  How about the stealing of a Presidential election, though Al Gore is probably a member of Sheriff William Gore's clan?  And don't forget that Rick Scott, Florida's highest elected public official also received the nation's highest Medicare fraud fine at $1.7 billion, was furloughed from Columbia/HCA, HCA being the health care firm of Bush's buddy Tennessee Senator Bill Frist, with a $400 million nest egg which Scott used to campaign for his new  government job in the Sunshine State, supported Mitt Romney who decries government jobs in favor of private industry," said Percival.  "And if you cannot see the Progressives' connection to Fascists yet, consider that Mrs. Barack Obama worked for the historic Sidley Austin Law Firm of Mrs. Mary Todd Lincoln, the Republican's patron saint of American power politics....whose firm merged in 2000 with the New York law firm of Brown and Wood making the organic union with the 'National City Bank Boys' as obvious as Weiner's on-line gear shifter," said Percival

     “Within this caldron of confusion one easily understands how Mayor Filner's head gets screwed on backwards and why New York’s mayoral candidate, Anthony Weiner, proudly whips out his non-photogenic dinky in a display of self so obviously disconnected from  most people's reality,” said Percival. 


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