Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Monday, July 15, 2013

Winning Trayvon Martin's Civil Case

How the Martin Family Can Win Trayvon’s Civil Case and Save The World

By  Walter Kravitz Wenchell CPW News Service

      With the testimony of Vincent di Maio, the Medical Examiner from San Antonio, Texas, the state where Joe Horn stood not on the “Stand Your Ground Law”, but on the “Castle Law”, though it wasn’t his castle, but his neighbors', eyes are now turning to the Trayvon Martin civil case. 
     U.S. Attorney General, Erik Holder, himself under fire for IRS overreach, is now saying that proving that Trayvon Martin’s right to life and liberty were violated, would require proving that George Zimmerman was a racist. 

     Meanwhile, conservative author, Ann Coulter, is proclaiming that it is not a violation of someone’s civil rights to follow them.  "Tell that to her stalker," said one Coulter critic.
     Stanley Fawzs of the citizen’s group Earth Law:  Harmonizing the World’s Legal System Starting With the Golden Rule differs with Holder and others.

     “You have to remember that in civil court you can sue anyone for anything.  The key is in finding the right charge.  In this case it is not the violation of civil rights based on racism.  In both the Joe Horn and Trayvon Martin case it’s the principle spelled out in Davies vs. Mann which established the “Doctrine of Last Clear Chance,” said Fawzs.  Fawzs noted that this doctrine, sometimes called the "Humanitarian Law" is now out of favor in a legal system that is increasingly litigious, makes  no income without conflicts, sends the fight promoters into the government positions that create the very laws that discredit humanitarian decision making within an unjust legal framework.  "Either civilization's legal system provides for just rule and harmony or that civilization is replaced by the next one that is faced with the same choice: justice or death," said Fawzs noting that Florida's Governor, Rick Scott, who presided over the largest Medicare fraud fine in U.S. history while CEO of Columbia-HCA Hospitals and to remove to the Governorship of Florida with a $400 million dollar severance package to stand firm on the "stand your ground law", was also a partner with Richard Rainwater, George Walker Bush's partner in the Texan baseball franchise.
     Fawzs explained that a donkey was left shackled on the side of the road.  A passerby hit the donkey and claimed negligence on the part of the donkey’s owner.  The passerby, however, was responsible according to the doctrine of last clear chance.  He had the last clear chance to avoid the catastrophe just as George Zimmerman had in the Trayvon Martin case.  Zimmerman also had the first clear chance.  Without any claims that Trayvon Martin was engaged in any form of criminal mischief….and with the marijuana and other U.S. drug laws a known source of income for those power elites who prohibit in order to profit just as during Prohibition and as later evidenced by the Iran-Contra scandal and CIA's drugs for weapons for hostages operation….Trayvon was a kid with the munchies on his way to Skittles rack, but no criminal.
     Anyone who has been driving a car up to an approaching intersection when another car runs a stop sign has experienced the essence of this law.  “You want to gun your engine and plow into the bastard,” said Fawzs, “ that is insane.”  Davies vs. Mann established the principle that one person can be wrong and in the wrong for an offense, but the other person has no defense against his last clear chance of avoiding a catastrophe. Trayvon Martin was guilty of no apparent offense. Joe Horn and George Zimmerman blatantly violated the ‘Doctrine of Last Clear Chance,’ said Fawzs, “but Horn’s targets had actually burglarized his neighbor’s home, not so for Trayvon.  Leave the racism back in the dusty past where it belongs.  Spartacus, Moses and countless others have buried the racism argument long ago....the only ones wishing to push it are the fight promoters!" said Fawzs.  "Humans are human!  We are 99.99% the same unless you want to practice Eugenics and Frankenstein science. Which some of the world's most degraded rich people did in 1930's and 40's and even now, but evil has its reasons that reason never knew!" said Fawzs
     ‘When you put the ‘Castle Law’ or the ‘Stand Your Ground Law’ together on the scale of justice, they in no way outweigh the ‘Doctrine of Last Clear Chance’”, said Fawzs.  "They are the toothpicks of a cannibal class."
     This is why Zimmerman’s money came from the NRA supporters and gun manufacturers Fawzs believes and why Florida Governor Rick Scott, formerly from Texas, and with a sad history at Columbia/HCA, stands behind this unjust law.  His closest friends make money off of guns, conflicts and the legislation that protects the phony drug war.  They are fight promoters and as long as the legal system is focused on picking a fight rather than avoiding one the emphasis is in their corner Fawzs maintains.  “We all know that the most brilliant scientists on planet earth believe that the ‘Doctrine of Last Clear Chance’ is the highest form of human law and that the survival of civilization depends on it.  When Carl Sagan, author of Cosmos, was asked to envision an encounter with intergalactic aliens visiting us, he sincerely believed that they had evolved beyond castle laws, eyes for eyes and teeth for teeth.  From his prophecy came the marvelous movie Contact.  When Albert Einstein and J. Robert Oppenheimer were told that their next big project would be the creation of a hydrogen bomb, Oppenheimer refused and was stripped of his nation security clearance.  He wanted to use nuclear power for peaceful purposes.  He resigned the program, but the men that testified against him were the President of Rice University in Joe Horn and Dr. Vincent Di Maio’s home state of Texas where two of the last three Florida Governors also had substantial ties, Jeb Bush and Rick Scott.  The other witness against Oppenheimer was William Liscum Borden, the Yale University classmate of William Gardiner White, the tail gunner in George Herbert Walker Bush’s plane that did not make it home form Chichi Jima during World War II,” said Fawzs who noted that Kenneth Pitzer was working on high octane gasoline for the petro-chemical industry at the time of his testimony against Oppenheimer.  “Pamela Pitzer Willeford, who was with Dick Cheney when poor old Harry Whittington got his face sprayed with buckshot is related,” said Fawzs.  “Talking about standing your ground and last clear chance!” said Fawzs.  "I believe that the current assault on private property rights going on between surface and mineral right owners and coming to a head in 'fracking' will be settled with the 'Doctrine of last clear chance'.....who had the last clear chance to avert catastrophe?" asked Fawzs

"Not only is the Golden Rule or 'Doctrine of Last Clear Chance' heavier
than the combined "Castle" and "Stand Your Ground Laws", but
the universe is created in such a way that the fulcrum's position
 always favors it."  -Stanley Fawzs.

     If there is race-baiting it is by the same power elites that used John Brown to incite Civil War at Harper's Ferry when George Washington had abandoned slavery in 1799 based on the Golden Rule….which we see now as the ‘Doctrine of Last Clear Chance.’  Unfortunately, John Brown’s backers were men like Boston lead miner George Luther Stearns whose ancestors and fellow bullet makers would figure ways to put lead into high octane gasoline when bullet sales were slow…thank you President Kenneth Pitzer at Rice where the James A. Baker Center for Public Policy isn’t pushing for a new Global Warming Museum in Houston’s Herman Park.  Stephen F. Austin and his father, Moses Austin, were like George Luther Stearns, lead miners. In Texas they sat on top  of one of the world’s biggest sulfur deposits….an  essential ingredient in gun powder,” said Fawzs noting that Freeport McMoran, the primary exploiter of that sulfur reserve, has on its board long time promoter of American wars and security advisor to multiple U.S. Presidents, Henry Kissinger.

      Fawzs notes that the fight promoters will argue that George Zimmerman will now need his gun more than ever to defend himself against retaliation.  "Those who live by the sword usually die by it," said Fawzs.  "Jimmy Stewart and John Wayne trained us well.  When there's a bad guy somebody's gotta shoot him.  Somebody has to be 'The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance', though young Trayvon hardly looked like Liberty Valance. Well, no they don't.  What if poor old George Zimmerman had been the 'Man Who Pepper Sprayed Liberty Valance?' or 'The Man Who Tazered Liberty Valance?' because he couldn' t get a gun.  Trayvon would have had a fighting chance to protect himself if Zimmerman had just been carrying a knife and Zimmerman would not have a target on his back for all of eternity," said Fawzs.

    Fawzs noted that the first fugitive slave to trigger the fugitive slave laws that incited Civil War worked at the Brown's Merchant Shot Tower in Baltimore, Maryland....James Hamlet.  It was where Alexander Brown would build what would become what Smedley Butler called the "The National City Bank boys for whom I was a goon on three continents", before Butler saw the light.  This connects Alexander Brown to Brown and Root, Kellogg Brown and Root, to Brown Brothers Harriman and even to Sidley Austin Law Firm in Springfield, Illinois which in 2000 merged with Brown and Wood the New York law firm.   Sidley Austin, the historic law firm of Mrs. Mary Todd Lincoln whose cousin was John C. Breckenridge, a member of the Knights of the Golden Circle and backer of William Walker the filibusterer who promoted a "Golden Circle of Slavery" in the Caribbean basin employed Mrs. Michele Obama after law school.  Barack Obama's good friend William Ayers, a member of the Weather Underground in Chicago had gone radical growing up under his father who sat on the board of several of the largest U.S. military defense contractors during the Vietnam War.  Fawzs believes that all of this explains Obama's lackluster leadership in his second and much of his first term as well as his abandonment of Rev. Jeremiah Wright, whose main weakness was in retreating into  pronouncements of "racism" instead of embracing the "Doctrine of Last Clear Chance" which  cuts across any and all ethnic groups and which has in medicine its counter part in the Hippocratic Oath of "first do no harm". 

      "Jesse Jackson's political ambitions were derailed by his failure to leave the racism issue behind and assume that others, whites especially, were capable of leaving it behind, too.  This was Obama's strength, but on July 15, 2013 Barack and Michelle hosted at the White House a celebration of the private family foundation of George Herbert Walker and Barbara Pierce Bush...the Points of Light Foundation...headed by Neil Bush their son  and a key player in the savings and loan scandal's Silverado Savings.  Along with Operation Zapada (the Bay of Pigs), Iran-Contra, the S&L debacle, the period of deregulation that unleashed the abuses of Wall Street that led to Enron, WorldCom, Columbia-HCA, a company that gave us the largest Medicare-Medicaid fraud fine in U.S. history and headed by the Florida Governor who took great interest in the Trayvon Martin case, Rick Scott,  the partner with George Bush's close friend, Richard Rainwater, an owner in the Texas Ranger baseball franchise, one could have easily called it 'A Thousand Points of Darkness' given the history of the power brokers who support it," said Fawzs.  Fawzs added...."What's Obama going to do?  Refuse to host the Thousand Points of Light and risk becoming another Trayvon Martin?"

      In the future, every citizen of planet earth will need to have the mind of physician and nurse.  This means that many accepted life-style practices will be called into question from lack of birth control to extraction of mineral and water resources to a prophetic challenge to all power elites who have made their fortunes by using food, medicine and all other resources as weapons.   This will be very difficult in as much as many physicians blindly support the status quo....a world where even the battlefields are places where the munitions makers use the modern MASH unit as surgery training school.  We know from the Hawthorne Study that people improve in numerous ways when the  spotlight focuses on them.  This is true for war zones or exclusive, unresponsive enclaves of the economically insulated," said Fawzs who also note that when John F. Kennedy crated the Peace Corp to counter the U.S.'s proclivity for war he was assassinated.
     “Our organization calls Davies vs. Mann upon which the  ‘Doctrine of Last Clear Chance’ developed the ‘Golden Rule Law’ upon which the future of all civilization depends.  All those who oppose it are marching backward in time and arguing that humanity should regress into slime.  Who had the last clear chance of avoiding catastrophe?  That will be the last question asked before civilization descends into total darkness.  There is a reason why the Houston Medical Examiner, Dr. Joyce Carter, was removed from her job there and that it was there that the Joe Horn case surfaced.   The Houston M.E.'s office was investigated by Michael Bromwich  the lead Iran-Contra investigator who insured that this clustered copulation didn't lead to an indictment of Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush.   The ties to Texas and Florida run through the American gun manufactures'  offices and parlors where the patron saints are Moses and Stephen Austin and Samuel Hamilton Walker whose recommendation to Samuel Colt sent many an indigenous tribesman readying an arrow into nirvana.  The U.S. military industrialist complex about which two time Congressional Medal of Honor winner, General Smedley Darlington Butler warned in his book War Is A Racket, promotes endless war on an individual and global scale.  Trayvon Martin was a victim of that racket as have been countless others....Tomas Young, Pat Tillman, Col. Theodore "Ted" Westhusing and George Zimmerman is either a willing or unwitting pawn.    Seeing his father's connections I'd say the former.  A serious civil case and accompanying investigation could look much more closely into this possibility through early phone records connecting the dots between George Zimmerman, Robert Zimmerman his father, and the gun lobbyists and manufacturers.  Dr. Di Maio is from San Antonio where the NSA has built a data mining and storage facility the size of the Alamo Dome to warehouse citizen records for future reference in an increasingly fascist state,” said Fawzs.  “Behind the NSA is the military complex and the sons and daughters of America’s richest weapons systems developers and trust fund babies who do not play nicely in the sandbox of life, but whose offspring will be asking that most important of questions:  Who had the last clear chance to avoid catastrophe?” asked Fawzs with an unswerving steely gaze.

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