Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Sunday, July 14, 2013



by Wilma Duit CPW News Service

     Actor Morgan Freeman believes that the lousy verdict in the Trayvon Martin case is the result of putting six women in a room together for too long.  "They aren't thinking about the case at hand," said Morgan.  "In all likelihood they are jump jivin' about the next necklace sale or latest diet fad.  Any group of men would have been more circumspect in their decision making.  Women bought the defense attorney's lines and as a result.....knock, knock....who's there?  Nobody if you know what I mean. You put garbage into a woman's mind and you get garbage out.  You do that with a male jury and you get a pile of compost and a green garden," said Morgan.

     "In the end, I believe that this was planned poetic justice for the O.J. Simpson verdict in which he walked free after killing his wife and her lover in California.  The difference is that this was a 17 year old boy with the 'munchies' walking through a neighborhood  and in the years since the O.J. Simpson case we've not improved ourselves one iota," said Freeman from his home in Hollywood, Florida where he is a part-time brick layer and Little Theater actor currently starring in To Kill A Mockingbird

     "Trayvon wasn't selling drugs in that neighborhood...and speaking of selling drugs, is Mr. Zimmerman's mother the Peruvian aware that during the 1980's America's inner city blacks in South Central LA and elsewhere were the funding source for the Iran-Contra money....an undeclared tax.... that was used to circumvent Congress to fund the Reagan-Bush war in El Salvador?  Gary Webb tracked that dirty little secret down like Dog chasing his bounty," said Freeman noting Webb's book Dark Alliance. "Had Webb's story not been uncovered Mrs. Zimmerman relatives would have been next in line, unless she's part of Peru's upper echelon of power elites who don't care about people," said Freeman noting that the artifacts at Machu Picchu were commandeered by Yale University and that Yale had to be forced to return that nation's cultural heritage with a civil suit....like the one that will be needed to bring George Zimmerman to justice," said Freeman.

     Morgan Freeman is a member of the Ethiopian Coptic religious sect that for years inhabited an enclave on Star Island in Biscayne Bay, Florida three mile from the Bush family and Bebe Rebozo enclave, the Ocean Reef Club, that was center of voracious drug activity at the height of the "Cocaine Cowboys" era.  The Coptic's main sacrament is smoking ganja or gunja or marijuana and Freeman favors the repeal of marijuana laws in the U.S.A..  "Willie Nelson and Woodie Harrelson offered to be character witnesses for Trayvon when the defense forced the showing of his blood test, but the incompetent or biased, lackluster and brain dead prosecution wouldn't put Willie and Woodie on the stand," said Morgan.

     "I want big brother government out of my life," said Freeman.  "I'm with Woody Harrelson and Willie Nelson.  Somebody is making big bucks off our country's war on drugs and creating a culture of violence, retribution and gun sales," said Freeman who has encouraged his church to ban smoking gunja and instead, because of it nutritional value which exceeds wheat, to bake it in bread and to eat in the church's Eucharist or Holy Communion.  "Wine has alcohol and warms you going down.   Gunja brings a soothing spirit that is prefect for studying peace, meditating and prayer, but can also create the munchies which it actually satisfies in the bread itself," said Freeman.

    "I expect that the NRA whose point man for putting a cop with a gun on every school campus is former DEA Director, Asa Hutchinson, who didn't protect the key witness in the Iran-Contra case, Barry Seal, from being machine gunned on a Baton Rouge, Louisiana street.  That was in front of the courthouse where he was to testify as to just how high up the political food chain the Contra funding sources went.   The NRA which employs Hutchinson and which is the political action group for America's wealthy munitions makers,  will push to give George Zimmerman a school job in one of the Sanford, Florida elementary schools if he survives a civil suit for depriving young Martin of his civil rights," said Freeman.




  1. Wow, I did not realize he was a sexist pig as well. :(

  2. Many American men are sadly a product of their age, era and environment. On the other hand, Morgan Freeman offers some poignant insights into the kinds of analytical filters that differentiate men and women and which could turn a serious murder 2 criminal case into something akin to two school boys fighting...and as we all know...."boys will be boys."

    Morgan Freeman seems to believe that all men suffer when a jury of women float off into their "mothering" role when what is needed is the analytical perception of Madame Currie, Golda Meir, Margaret Thatcher and Nandi kaBhebhe eLangeni, mother of Shaka, king of the Zulus....instead of Mildred Pritchers, Wanda Willis, Flo Goldman, Sue Moody, Lisa Mapes, Harriet Hogg....or whoever the jurors were.