Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Friday, August 2, 2013

George Zimmerman's Texas Trek

Release of Texas Police Officer's Ticketing A Brilliant NRA PR Ploy

by Bart "Trigger" Wesson-Gloch CPW News Services

     It's not often that the dash cam videos of a police officer making a routine speeding ticket stop on a U.S. freeway makes it to the national news desks of America's largest media outlets. "Convenient,.  wasn't it?" asked Simon S. Saez of Citizens Against Police Publication of Minor Offenses.

     "We have been fighting this type of hype by police departments for ten years," said Saez whose sister was driving topless in her Suburban on LA's Santa Monica Freeway when pulled over for driving 6 miles per hour above the speed limit.  Simon's sister, Simone, was issued a warning ticket by officer Claude Jones. "My sister sat there for three hours while the officer filled out the ticket and then the dash cam video was released to a television reality show," said Saez who believes that the speedy release of Zimmerman's ticketing was given a top priority for some unexplainable reason when compared with the length of time it took for his sister's video to hit the airwaves.

  "My sister sued and won. Then took the winnings and got breast implants and a tattoo that said 'No Pigs! Oink. Oink." said Saez.

     Saez believes that the release of the dash cam video of George Zimmerman in Dallas was to let the whole world know of the marriage between Texas and Florida for the gun-happy elements of American society.  Many gun owners....and hiders....who don't like the ratcheting up of the police state's ever expanding invasion of private citizen's privacy rights must think Zimmerman a celebrity.  "Is it legal to distribute this video?  That's one thing, but so was the British Quartering Laws before the U.S. patriots acted to pull the rug out from under the unwelcome British sofa surfers," said Saez who is both a gun owner, hider and hoarder.  Saez believes that the U.S. power elites who make the laws get their power from gun sales.  "This is the essence of the what Dwight Eisenhower warned against," said Saez.  "The same group passes laws to restrict drugs and then imports them as legal and contraband shipments.  You saw in it the Martin Scorcese film Gangs of New York when the head of Tammany Hall said 'We must be careful to enforce the laws even as we break them,'" said Saez.

     Saez is more specific.  "In the 1980's under Ronald Reagan and George Herbert Walker Bush the U.S. power elites....not the U.S. in general....funded a private war against Nicaragua by backing, in Honduras, the Contras. Remember that it was Honduras.  That's very important as early 19th Century as well as events in Honduras since 2009 shows.   It was a mess of guns for money for drugs for hostages in Iran and became known as Iran-Contra because of the money pipeline between the Middle East and Central America controlled by U.S. power elites' secret foreign policy.  It could have, many say 'should have',  taken down Reagan and Bush.  The whole affair was exposed when a CIA cargo plane was shot down over Nicaragua and Eugene Hasenfus was captured.  His boss was Barry Seal.  Barry Seal faced a lengthy prison term, but turned witness for the government.  Not a good thing to do when the government is corrupt, but even if you catch a sudden case of dementia you have no guarantee of inoculation from retaliation.  Hoping to get a lighter sentence for his cooperating with the government and showing just how high up the authorization went, Seal was machined gunned in front of the Baton Rouge courthouse before he could give his testimony.   Little Rock Arkansas' attorney general, Asa Hutchinson, is part of the Seal story. Since the case originated in Arkansas with the Mena airport Seal's base of operation and from which the Seal smuggling project transported weapons and drugs in Governor Bill Clinton's state, Hutchinson was responsible for providing the protection for Seal.  As a result of this failure to protect a career should have been wrecked.  Instead Hutchinson was promoted to Director of the Drug Enforcement Administration under GWB.  Then Hutchinson, following  the most recent school massacre at Sandy Hook, was hired by the NRA to lead the push for armed police officers on every school campus.  Was George Zimmerman headed to Texas to apply for a job at one of these schools?   Or to talk with gun manufacturers at the secret George Zimmerman Appreciation Day Banquet?" asked Saez. 

     Saez also noted that Bill Clinton had a significant history in Texas where he was the campaign co-chair for George McGovern along with his presidential historian and Clinton biographer, Taylor Branch, from Ivy Lee's home state of Georgia.  "Known as 'Poison Ivy' by the muckraker, Upton Sinclair, Ivy was the PR man responsible for redeeming John D. Rockefeller's image after his thugs machine gunned workers at his Ludlow mine in New Mexico.  Ivy had Rockefeller hand out dimes, but you cannot separate Texas from Rockefeller's Standard Oil Company turned Exxon, nor from Texaco Oil that links directly to the handler of the Bush family blind trust....William Stamps Farish as well as the New England 'Brahman' power elites like the Laphams, Cabots, Lodges and Cushings whose namesake, Cushing, Oklahoma, set the price of crude oil for over a century.  The Keystone Pipeline is projected to pass through Cushing on its way to refineries in Texas," said Saez.  That was before the rise in Arab oil power, the evolution of ARAMCO to siphon Middle East oil from the British and the response to ARAMCO with OPEC whose divorce from ARAMCO could not be consummated if the Saudi royal family desired to keep the U.S. military power at their service.  This element of American society loves to see anything that will pump gun sales along with oil according to Saez who knows that his viewpoint sounds conspiratorial.

     "How many do you think were involved in Tammany Hall or the Credit Mobilier scandals?  How about Iran-Contra or, in Texas, the Texas Land Board Scandal?" asked Saez who believes that U.S. government's leading detractors and power brokers would not stand the scrutiny of a serious RICO investigation.

     "Texas and Florida are Siamese twins.  Ever since William Walker, the filibusterer and 'Grey Eyed Man of Destiny' envisioned a Golden Circle of Slavery incorporating the entire Caribbean basin from Florida through Cuba to upper South American, Central America, Mexico and Texas, this region has been ideologically and politically linked.  U.S. excursions into Chile, Argentina, Bolivia, Peru and Bazil show the extent of Walker-esque ambitions further south.  William Walker desperately wanted Honduras for a Central American canal.  Supported by President Franklin Pierce who had also backed the Trans-Mexican railroad and the ancestor of Barbara Pierce Bush, William Walker is as likely the ancestor of this wing of American slaving families as was Thomas Jefferson a sex partner of Sally Hemmings," said Saez.  "Burr Duval, son of William Pope Duval, the first governor of the Florida Territory, was head of the Kentucky Mustangs and a Texas Revolutionary War hero.  Duval County is named for him and was the Texas county where LBJ's infamous ballot box 13 paved the way for the Gulf of Tonkin affair led by the U.S. Navy Admiral and father of famous Doors lead singer, Jim Morrison.  National Review Magazine's stanch conservative, William F. Buckley, Yale's prominent media guru also grew up in Duval County not far from the ranch home of the author of The Power Elite, the most comprehensive analysis of the American Military Industrial Complex since World War II, C. Wright Mills.  Jimmy boy, Jim Morrison,  went over the wall like Obama's friend William Ayers  and the American Taliban, John Walker Lindh, whose father is a top lawyer for Pacific Gas and Electric in California without which Enron would not have taken fortunes from California taxpayers," said Saez noting the connection between California Governor at the time, Gray Davis, and Hitler's oil agent in the U.S., William Rhodes Davis.   William Rhodes Davis whose story is covered in Mystery Man: William Rhodes Davis:  Nazi Agent of Influence by Dale Harrington tells of this connection.  William Rhodes Davis operated during the 1930's and 40's out of Brownsville, Texas according to Saez.

     "So is there a conspiracy in the Zimmerman dash cam release to the major media outlets?  Who controls the media outlets?" asked Saez, noting the power elites wide ranging influence on commercial television, radio and print, including National Public Radio which recently used popular author David Baldacci to slam Edward Snowden.   Saez also  noted that Michele Obama had worked for the Springfield, Illinois law firm of Republican stalwart, Mrs. Mary Todd Lincoln, a law firm that merged in 2000 with the New York law firm of Brown and Wood,  long associated with National City Bank for which Marine General Smedley Butler said 'I was a goon on three continents for the National City Bank Boys.'   That was before his writing War Is A Racket which pre-dated C. Wright Mill's The Power Elites by over thirty years.   "Together these books  provide a clear picture of the situation and National City Bank has long been a key player in Madison Avenue and New York media machinery," said Saez.

    "It's no different here today than it was in ancient Peru.  Zimmerman's mother is, as Liam G. Mailer has pointed out,  Peruvian.   American power elites took from the ruins of Machu Picchu, the pre-Columbian artifacts that represented the height of that country's achievement.  Albeit, that achievement was on the backs of the peasants whose tyrannical leaders sacrificed them and their children in brutal ritualistic sacrifices to their deities," said Saez.  "We do the same thing on the battlefields of various places around the world and pay for the opportunity with taxes, blind religious fervor....sometimes directly....like when soldiers didn't have flack jackets or armor in Iraq and a double tax on their families paid for it while Donald Rumsfeld sat out the bullets at his Misery Plantation where Frederick Douglas was renditioned after fleeing slavery.  By the way, those artifacts were returned to Peru from Yale University following a civil suit in 2012.   We all know Yale is the repository for the U.S. power elites' intelligence fish farm.  Fishy?  Yea, it's fishy," said Saez.

     Asked to explain, Saez said that the power elites of Peru were likely the ones in the early part of 19th century who gave Yale graduate, Hiram Bingham, the green light on the transfer of these cultural symbols of dark alliances.    The relics' power is not some  ancient hocus pocus, but believed to be high physics by the power elites.  "What else could the vanquished Peruvians, now Roman Catholic converts, do but go along?  The Nazis famously tried to siphon off of ancient relics the dark powers of previous tyrants.  This is not Hollywood hyperbole.  Anthony Sutton has shown clearly the U.S./German American Bunds' connections to Nazi occultists Rudolf Hess, Heinrich Himmler and the Nazi's chief propagandist,  Joseph Goebbels, yet most American have no idea which U.S. oligarchs were in the German American Bund in the 1930's.   They haven't read Edwin Black's War Against the Weak nor O. John Rogge's book on the Nazi penetration into American culture, The Official German Report.  As a member of the Hoover Institute where Donald Rumsfeld and Condoleeza Rice are members, Anthony Sutton witnessed first hand the Hoover Institutes' warehousing of hundreds of tons of documents from the Nuremberg Trials...themselves artifacts from the Nazi civilization...if 'civilization' is accurate.  Hoover also owns the diary of Joseph Goebbels and is not far from San Diego, the training base whose Navy Seal headquarters were built in the shape of a swastika.  San Diego was to have been the Western terminus of a Southern Transcontinental Railroad laid out by Confederate President, Jefferson Davis in the 1850's, but that effort was thwarted by a Civil War that had Leland Stanford's agent, General William Techumseh Sherman, tearing up the Confederacy's Eastern terminus at Savannah and delivering Oakland, California into Stanford's hands prior to and after the Civil War.  The U.S. Navy Seal headquarters in San Diego whose patron saint and 'first Navy Seal', also known as 'Lincoln's Commando', was William Cushing....a member of Boston's Caleb Cushing clan.  The SEAL offices are a stones' throw from the Coronado Hotel where the Duke of Windsor, the German Saxe-Gotha prince of England's Windsor clan, met the German Nazi spy, Wallace Simpson.    He married Simpson after abdicating the British throne," said Saez.  "The Duke was betting against Churchill and the British in favor of his Hessian roots and a Nazi victory," said Saez.

     Saez noted that the thousands of Hessians who fought against the American colonists, not returning to Europe, followed Horace Greeley's advice to 'Go West'.  In the West they found along with anonymity Indians whose land they gladly and efficiently appropriated.  They eventually found their Germanic sensibilities and corresponding Thule and occultist proclivities reinvigorated with the rise of German National Socialism in the 1930's.   The German American Bund arose as a response.  After World War II their communities in the West became the perfect incubators for hatching for the U.S. power elites' refined methods of militarism and empire expansion with the importation of leading Nazi scientists through the CIA's Operation Paperclip.  "It was as if World War II was a stepping stone in their designs on empire," said Saez noting the battle even among the Yale power elites during the Yale Political Union debates in November of 1940.

     Saez chronicled the control of the newspapers in Peru by powerful media moguls whose ties to the U.S. media moguls are clear.   These historic families in Peru go back to before the Spanish Conquistadors...."hell, maybe to the royals of Machu Picchu who were conquered by the Castillians," said Saez noting that in South America Simon Bolivar threw off the Castillian's ambitions of empire.  "This was why so many young Latin American embrace Che Guevara, the communist physician turned revolutionary," said Saez holding up a copy of the film The Motorcycle Diaries.  "The trick is in resisting the urge to embrace the twin devils of absolute fascism and communism," said Saez. "Which is why Anthony Sutton has shown that the two corners controlled by the power elites in their dialectic paradigm of war-waging among the masses is so important to them.  When you control the fighters and the ticket sales, the means of transportation to the events and weapons and concessions you always win."

    Saez noted that Luis Miro Quesada of War and Alejando Miro Quesada Garland of El Commercio de Lima, Peru's biggest paper and member of SIP (not to be confused with Harvard's Rockefeller Institute's SIP Peru internships...."Student Initiated Projects") or Sociedad Interamericana de Prensa, are among Peru's publishing magnates."

     "It's gotta be confusing for Harvard students on internships for the Rockefeller program in Peru to arrive for their SIP project  and to see SIP as a political arm of political control in Peru, but it's not unlike things in the U.S. where CBS, NBC and ABC,  heck even NRP, are tools of official propaganda," said Saez.

      A key leader of SIP in Peru, Alejando Miro Quesada Garland, is a great benefactor of public causes and artistic endeavors  However, SIP has been criticized by researchers, journalists and various media associations in the Americas, North and South, for their disregard for the poor and their lack of defense of journalistic freedom.  According to Juan Alberto Bozza, a professor at the National University of La Plata, the SIP is a hardcore anticommunist group who in the early 70's and since have passionately positioned themselves as puppets of the U.S. political objectives.  "By that I mean that the U.S. power elites control the U.S. agenda with every available tool including using the Monroe Doctrine to hide their narrower objectives.   Those objectives are aligned with William Walker's desire to own Honduras.  The 'Grey-eyed man of destiny'?  His....not yours!  Yep, they will use every tool to achieve their goal including the voo-doo of vanquished nations," said Saez.

    Bozza claims that SIP has been highly criticized in the region since the 2009 election in Honduras when a coup replaced its president with Robert Michiletti before a new "election" of a president more favorable to the historic William Walker agenda.  "SIP's members simply ignored the deaths of 23 journalists and the growing number of political deaths in Honduras that now look much like El Salvador in the 1980's," said Saez.

    "George Zimmerman appears to me to be a similar shill  for the fight promoters in the U.S. who make fortunes from the sale of the modern weapons, are historically tied to William Walker's slaving ambitions that would turn back the clock on U.S. progress and who collect at great cost the beloved firearm antiques of the 18th and early 19th centuries.    When the U.S. power elites at Yale usurped the agenda of George Washington and Benjamin Franklin, they increasingly prized their Walker Colt pistols.   Dreaming of being William Walker's agents or actors like Marlon Brando or Ed Harris who played the quirky Aaron Burr wanna-be in films, they locked their treasures in bank vaults for safe keeping while reaping the profits from the antiques' rising appraisals and from the newer guns sold for the extension of the empire.   The American Dream never legitimately envisioned their version of it. The U.S. citizens are now realizing the dream is turning into the same nightmare that has brought down every empire before it," said Saenz quoting Jack London:

      That sporadic oligarchies may flourish for definite periods of time is highly possible;  that they may continue to do so is as highly improbable.  The procession of the ages has marked man.  From the chattel slave, or the serf chained to the soil, to the highest seats in modern society, he has risen, run by rung, amid the crumbling of the divine right of kings and the crash of fallen scepters.  That he has done this, only in the end to pass into the perpetual slavery of the industrial oligarchs, is something at which his whole past cries in protest.  The common man is worthy of a better future, or else he is not worthy of his past.

    Saez noted that Oakland, California was the Western Terminus of Stanford's cross-continental railroad, delivered by William Tecumseh Sherman and secured  in 1850 by Texas Ranger turned San Francisco Sheriff, John Coffee "Jack" Hays.  Hays rode with namesake of the Walker Colt pistol and fellow Ranger, Samuel Hamilton Walker. Hays' cousin John Hays Hammond was the right hand man of Rhodesia's mega-wealthy mineral miner, Cecil Rhodes.  Oakland was the blue collar industrialized cesspool of the West, while across the Bay, San Francisco was high society and on Nob Hill Leland Stanford and the successor of Jefferson Davis' Southern route, battled over who had the finest home.  "They also found it to their advantage to keep the peons battling with each other as Oakland became the home of bothr the all white 'Hells Angels' and the 'Black Panthers,' said Saez.  "So when San Francisco 49'er wide receiver, Jerry Rice, played for the Oakland Raiders, it was seen as a betrayal, but in reality it just exposed the game at every level."

     Saez noted that they will argue that it could be worse.  We could have Castillian overlords had England not defeated the Spanish Armada.  George Washington could have lost his head to King George whose name the British have resurrected in the new Windsor/Saxe Gotha royal baby whose father wore for his royal wedding not a dress blue military jacket like his famous father, but a brass buttoned Eaton jacket...the Colonies' hated 'Red Coat', said Saez who noted that his younger brother, Harry, didn't dare wear a Nazi uniform as he had on one occasion.  "Instead we have here in the U.S. a pack of cranially impacted preppies who are too cowardly to go into battle themselves and so send the poor in mass or drones when the poor are likely to complain and who usually do their killing quietly in staged suicides and fly by wire turkey shoots.  Large scale genocide is harder to hide." said Saez who noted all those hoarded weapons and the unpredictable nature of the American colonists now in their second century of existence, but with most of their rebelliousness still churning just under the surface.



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