Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Tuesday, July 23, 2013



By Ismael Sarofim CPW News Services
     When the Nobel Prize was presented to Robert Merton for constructing the complicated, exotic formulas that provided the rationale for credit default swaps and then tanked the U.S. economy causing Hank Paulson to bailout Wall Street in November and December, 2008, the media failed to ask "where was the Nobel Prize Committee?”  Not so for a Seattle investor turned inventor.

   The middle-aged independent American businessman trusted his banker-investor who sold him on mortgage backed securities that turned as sour as a green persimmon.  Not wanting to be identified, but who since 2008 has been taking a variety of martial arts classes, the investor says that he is looking closely at the Nobel Prize Committee for its unusual lack of insight.  “You would think after Robert Merton's blunder the Nobel Prize Committee who gives the celebrated Peace Prize was founded by a bomb maker or something.”
   “If they got it so wrong and in doing so validated a criminal….I consider Merton a criminal…..what else have they gotten wrong?'' the man asked.  "Merton gave the cozy Wall Street bankers and investors who had been barred from mutual copulation with the Glass-Steagall Act a fat mattress and giant jar of KY jelly.  He unleashed the ragin' and rape-crazy' bulls of Wall Street a ticket to ride like Billy boy gave Monica Lewinski in the Oval Office  before Glass-Steagall was repealed during Clinton's last year in office.  That was  just before GWB took office in 2000.  That paved the way for the return of the three R's," said the investor.  "No not reading, 'ritin and 'rithmetic, but 'rapin' the system, runnin' like hell and 'retirin' in Florida," he quipped noting that in Florida they would steal the 2000 election under Jeb Bush, elected the largest Medicare fraud fine recipient and CEO in U.S. history as it Governor. That Governor, Rick Scott, would stand his ground on a law straight out of Cormac McCarthy's Blood Meridian.  "I Don't care if the spirit of Simon Bolivar takes Florida to Margaritaville," he concluded.
   Jeremiah “Flip” Merganzer, a Seattle health food owner and friend and fellow inventor, said “I was going to make a new sports drink called UltraHydro which uses Nitric Oxide as a vasodialator allowing the fluids to hydrate the body faster.  It was also going to be sold as a pre-blood donation drink for blood donors  who hate more than one attempt by the nurse at sticking their arm or for patients needing frequent ‘sticks’ to give them what nurses often call ‘fluffy veins’,” said Merganzer.  “Then I found out that Nitric Oxide was being used like crazy in a variety of healthcare and hospital venues.  I was going to put the powdered form of NO in my sports drinks though Viagra could do the same thing, but needs a prescription, but talked to my pharmacist who said he’s never seen NO used as anything but an ‘orphan drug’.  I asked him what that was and he said it was a non-approved FDA application. I asked him if I knew more than he did because of my wanting to put it in my UltraHydro and because it was suddenly legitimized by a 1998 Nobel Prize," said Merganzer.   "I should have questioned that.  One of the fellows received the Albert Lasker Prize…..Lasker being the advertising executive who was most responsible for selling cigarettes to American while his wife was President the American Cancer Society.  The pharmacist didn’t know, but there was plenty of the powder being sold to serious sports trainers for the same purpose….a hydration enhancer," said Merganzer who noted that from his investigation the sale for that purpose would be a false claim.
     According to Merganzer who said as a child he was mercilessly chided for being a “strange duck” said “that experience gave me my fearless tenacity.”
      “My friend and I are planning on getting answers from the Nobel Committee and the recipients,” said Merganzer from a chair at the Fayez Sarofim Health Science Center in Houston.  “I knew there was something really wrong when I found out that it took 30 grams of the stuff in powder form to fluff your veins.  About 10 grams in less than four hours of the stuff will make you puke your goddamn guts over your shoulder.  I don’t know what we can believe and not believe about anything that the Nobel Committee ever tells us,” Merganzer concluded.

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