Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Tuesday, July 23, 2013


If You Break It You Own It

By Dora D. Fletcher CPW News Service

   The “no fault” verdict of the Trayvon Martin case in Florida, a state previously led by brother of George Walker Bush, Jeb Bush, whose newest Governor was fellow Texan, Richard Scott, whose $1.7 billion Medicare fraud fine of Columbia/HCA Hospitals was the biggest in U.S. history, “must be addressed” according to General Colin Powell.  “I’m hoping Rick Scott will push for it from Florida and get behind it like he did when he moved from Texas to Florida, used his $400 million severance package to run for Governor in a state doesn’t care too much about the history of their leaders.”
   Powell is pushing the Senate and Congress to pass the “You Break It, You Own It Bill.”
  “I clearly stated that as with Iraq….if you break it….you own it,” said Powell, noting that what was good enough for Iraq should be good enough for American citizens as well.  "That's what my mother use to say to me when I was walking with her through an antique or china shop," said Powell pondering the origination of his reasoning and which is exact opposite of the Muslim law....."You break it and you can't restore it to 100%  you lose your hand."  Many foreign diplomats are arguing that Powell's statement fueled a rise in a push for Sharia Law, which the Egyptian revolt has ironically not embraced.  Egyptians are more aware that just as the conservative religious element in the U.S. is controlled by the wing nuts, so are the conservative religious elements in the Muslim world," said one diplomat who wished not to be identified.
     “George Zimmerman broke Trayvon.  Well, he was probably getting his butt pummeled at the time and drew his concealed handgun for which he had a license.  I personally believe that it was Trayvon’s voice on the 911 tape because the boy stopped yelling and I know when I’m in a battle and someone’s trying to kill me I pull the trigger several times and keep on pulling while yelling ‘take that you xxx xxxxx freak!’, but that’s me,” said Powell.  "Unless," he continued, "I'm expecting that recording to show up in court later on and I don't want to incriminate myself."
    The “You Break It, You Own It” Bill requires all concealed handgun licensees in whatever state in the U.S. to carry insurance that pays anyone killed by their gun, by them or anyone else, $200,000 per incident.  “That’s the estimated value of a human life if the body parts are carefully rendered and sold on the open market under normal ethically stringent guidelines,” said Dr. Filbert Pistasche of Hickory, New York.

     Dr. Pistasche, a member of the Last Clear Chance To Do No Harm Society, an International assembly of physicians and philosophers who believe that the world in headed to ruination without "wise regulation enacted by informed citizens instead of foolish regulation enacted by weapons dealers or their Congressional shills."
       “We are also approaching the International Court at The Hague to discuss ways to implement an international law that duplicates the Colin Powell Bill world-wide.  The nation of Greece has indicated that it would like the sole rights to provide the insurance program that underwrites the international version of the Colin Powell Bill named, not surprisingly, “The Last Clear Chance To Do No Harm Bill.”
     "The fact that George Zimmerman can walk away a free man and that it was like a no-fault auto accident is ludicrous," said Pistasche.   "Even so, in the case of a no-fault auto accident the insurance covers the losses which is 100% more than what happened with Trayvon Martin."
     Economists in Greece are delighted with the prospects of using much of the recent infusion in funds from other nations to underwrite the insurance on the "Colin Powell" and 'Last Clear Chance To Do No Harm Bills," as was 60 Minutes co-anchor Steve Kroft who is reportedly working on this story for 60 Minutes.  

     Kroft's report will focus, additionally, on the cost of the Iraq War according to the Brussell Tribune.

Cost of the Iraq War
(Brussels Tribune, March 27, 2013)

   According to those close to General Powell the celebrated military commander of the 1st Iraq War, Powell said "Three trillion?  I heard $1.7 on CNN and FOX!  That means that had we just paid $200,000 for every dead Iraqi it would have cost $290 billion dollars, not $3 trillion!  xxx xxxx xx!  xxxx xxxxxx xxxxxx xx xxx!"

   "I know that this bill....the 'Last Clear Chance To Do No Harm Bill' is too conservative and sensible for some who think that the world is best left to free wheeling and dealing or for lawyers who make their living off of conflicts.  They want the rule of law, but laws that promote domestic and international warfare.  But you have to break some eggs to make an omelet, which is what will happen to Iraq after Halliburton is finished fracking the hell out of it. So then, you make people carry insurance.  We can call it the 'Omelet Bill'," Powell is reported to have said as he was leaving his therapist's office where he is being treated, along with Condoleezza Rice, for acute Stockholm Syndrome.

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