Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Monday, July 15, 2013

George Zimmerman Genetically Predispositioned To Domineer


by Liam G. Mailer CPW News Services

     With the DNA research conducted on the ancestors of Thomas Jefferson and Sally Hemmings to determine that Jefferson and Hemmings had offspring together, eyes turned to the "Grey Eyed Man of Destiny", American renegade filibusterer, William Walker to assess his relationship with the George Herbert Walker Bush clan.  "Yes, it's true.  DNA analysis has become so sophisticated that we can make highly reliable, but seemingly sweeping deductions from the evidence," said Dr. Lee Wen Woo of Genetigene Inc. a Philadelphia-based DNA analysis company with new cutting edge procedures for separating myth from reality.
     "William Walker was despised by most of those Latins who love Simon Bolivar's anti-imperial leadership in Central America.  William Walker wanted to turn the entire Caribbean basin in a Golden Circle of Slavery," said Woo.  "William Walker died in front of a firing squad for using the Monroe Doctrine as his justification for family exploitation of Central and South America's resources," said Woo whose father died at the hands of the Chinese Green Gang that supplied opium to the Chinese people in the late 18th and early 19th Centuries...delivered first by British and then by Americans and carried from Turkey, India, Pakistan and Afghanistan.  "The drug money was used partly to fund the American Volunteer Group or AVG that fought the Japanese in the years prior to World War II much as the Iran-Contras were funded by drug money from South American cocaine cartels and fought the Nicaraguans who Ronald Reagan and George Bush claimed were, like Japan's invasion of China, had imperialistic designs for Honduras and El Salvador," said Woo who indicated that the sad rise in murders in Honduras recently may be tied to a U.S. policy of subversion by William Walker ancestors with high ranking political positions still in the U.S. government.

    "George Zimmerman's father is Jewish and his mother is Peruvian," said Woo.  "This means that George Zimmerman may have a very precise and select body of characteristics associated with certain strains of Judaism as well as characteristics inherent in ancient Peruvian royalty.  The Peruvian royalty, as you know, sat on the top of their pyramid at Machu Picchu and sacrificed the peasants. Robert Zimmerman, George's father, shows strains of DNA from those Jews who through the years made the best boot polishers in the court of the Egyptian pharaohs refusing to join Moses in the wilderness and staying instead in Egypt.    Being the keeper of the secret to the hidden chamber in the pyramids, they where often  buried alive after the Pharaoh's death," said Woo indicating that this made their gene pool smaller and their genetic markers that much more distinct.
     "George Zimmerman would never be able to identify with Moses because of this genetic predisposition.    Unfortunately Zimmerman's DNA markers show none of the requisites for following Moses' lead in rejecting slavery.
     Woo noted that the artifacts from Peru's Machu Picchu were removed to Yale University by U.S. archaeologists where they were warehoused until a civil lawsuit returned them to Peru.  "Between 1912 and 1915 Hiram Bingham dug up the bones and shipped them to Yale where they were kept until a law suit returned them in 2011 and 2012.  Yale power elites like to collect artifacts, bones and other items from ancient cultures.  Some even from more modern ones as with the removal of Geronimo's skull from a museum in Fort Sill, Oklahoma in the hopes that their mystic powers are miraculously transferred to them," said Woo noting that he is trying to isolate the "bone collector" gene as another DNA marker that should prove helpful in future political elections.  "I see the day coming when a candidate for office will have to present not only his political and professional biography, but his family's DNA markers.  You don't want to select a shepherd of the flock that has dominant wolf or pit bulldog characteristics," said Woo who is very concerned that the "bone collector" gene could be linked to the "child ritual sacrifice" gene, the "cannibal" gene which may also be linked to the "Joseph" or "Kiss the Pharaoh's Butt" gene instead of the "Moses" or "Freedom Lover" gene.
     Woo, whose father, grandfather and great grandfather imported Bengal Tigers, Rhino horns and elephant tusks to China, said "I'm am very understanding of their interest in transferring power from one object of power to another."

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