Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Monday, July 8, 2013



by Guy I. Reasoner CPW News Services

    Sanford, Florida and Pasadena, Texas have much in common.   Guns are good for defending property in both states. In Florida, under the ‘Stand Your Ground Law’ and in Texas under the “Castle Law”…..a man’s home is his castle...and worthy of lethal defense. 
     In Pasadena, Texas Joe Horn a former AT &T employee saw a break-in next door.  It was broad daylight.  He called 911 as did George Zimmerman from his own phone and disregarded the 911 operator’s instructions to wait for the police.  He exited his house with shotgun in hand and killed the two intruders, one with a prison record, both black illegal aliens or undocumented men depending on your political persuasion....Hernando Riascos Torres (AKA: Miguel Antonio DeJesus) and Diego Ortiz.  There were reportedly undercover police officers whose names mysteriously evaporated in the hoopla.  To remain undercover they stayed anonymous to the public, but were reportedly in the area, but arrived too late to intervene.  This all happened in a city where the crime lab under the former Medical Examiner, previously  from Washington, D.C., a black woman, Dr. Joyce Carter, was in such disarray that the medical examiner's lab had to be investigated by Michael Bromwich, the leading prosecutor in the Iran-Contra affair.  That was the late 80's drugs for weapons for hostages scheme that many felt should have led to the impeachment if not imprisonment of Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush.  "The debacle at the Harris County Crime Lab had two effects:  it served to cover up important evidence from prior crimes with an "oops" defense while discrediting the entire race of the black physician responsible, Dr. Joyce Carter," said one Pasadena resident, Placenta June Indoogu.

    "My nineteen year old mother, a non-English speaking immigrant named me 'Placenta June' because I was born in June and Placenta had a certain ring to it.  She heard the delivery RN say it first.   I took a lot of ribbing for that name and could have changed it, but after hearing that Johnny Cash song 'A Boy Named Sue,' I thought 'why do that?'  I'll prove that a rose by any other name or color is still a rose.  So I worked my way through college at Columbia and graduate school at Stanford.  Sure, my diplomas read 'P. June Indoogu', but I'll be damned if I will dishonor my struggling mother's best efforts to give me a good start in life.  Maybe she couldn't hand me a family trust fund filled with stock in a company that made Agent Orange or aerial drone killing machines or stealth bombers, but she did the best she could," said Indoogu who admitted that after a twenty five hour delivery of her daughter she wanted to name her "YuYu Bittyshit". 
     In Sanford, Florida the 911 telephone call came from Zimmerman’s phone and he, like Joe Horn, disregarded the 911 operator’s instruction.  Zimmerman left not his home, as did Joe Horn,  but his car in which he was following young Martin.  Zimmerman started tracking Trayvon Martin on foot. 
    In the aftermath of the Martin killing,  Zimmerman was released by Sheriff William Lee, no admitted relation to Confederate General Robert E. Lee,  who was told by the black Sanford City Manager, Norton N. Bonaparte, no admitted relationship to first FBI Director, Charles Joseph Bonaparte, had instructed Sheriff Lee that he could not attend the hearing of the 911 telephone tape when it was played before all the Martin family members.   Lee's wisdom in presenting the tape to each family member individually and in private so as not to bias the conclusions was therefore excluded from the tape playing by an unsophisticated black city manager, Norton Bonaparte.  "Either that or Bonaparte was going along with what we see from the Sheriff and most of the Prosecution that patched their case together like a homeless wino .tying slivers of bed sheets and burlap sacks together on a cold night," said Indoogu.  "The Florida Prosecutors were likely brain dead and the Medical Examiner made Dr. Joyce Carter  in Houston look like  Sherlock Holmes between cocaine injections," said Indoogu.
     Bonaparte and the Sanford Mayor, however, sat in on that  tape playing session of the final shot and scream.   Zimmerman’s defense  attorney asked if it was normal for the City Manger to instruct the police department in their work.   Lee, who was fired for his actions, said that it was not normal, but the defense attorney did not, obviously, ask Sheriff Lee if he cautioned Bonaparte about compromising the investigation. Many felt that Sheriff Lee's release of Zimmerman citing the "Stand Your Ground Law" had already indicated his position on the case and given the Medical Examiners ineptitude he made Dr. Joyce Carter look like life-time member of Mensa," said Dr. Barney "Stitch" Grimm of the victim support group Medical Examiners for Examining Botched Protocols.

    While it was reported that Trayvon Martin had marijuana in his blood when the incident took place, no toxicology report was given on Zimmerman’s blood alcohol or drug levels.
    “You put three beers in one guy and a reefer in the system of the other, 10 to 1 the aggressor will be the beer drinker and those early pictures of Zimmerman say 'Dos Eqis', said Stanley Fawzs of the citizen group Earth Law: Harmonizing the World's Legal Systems Starting With the Golden Rule.  Fawzs believes, however, that from photos of Zimmerman at the time of the shooting that Zimmerman had employed the services of Adam Pollack, a personal trainer, in order to prepare for the encounter with Trayvon Martin or whatever person of a darker skin tone than Zimmerman who happened to be passing through his neighborhood that night.  'The beer chugger was buff,'" said Fawzs. "
     Forget all that BS about his body fat in relation to Trayvon.  That was all from earlier photos and from when he was eating tons of dehydrated potatoes in prison after his incarceration.  So when he was getting his ass kicked by Trayvon after all that preparation he knew he wasn't the most interesting man in the world.  So he went for his gun, the sorry a-hole," said Fawzs who said that the ineptitude of the prosecution in not cross examining the personal trainer, following a time-line of the photos of Zimmerman before and after the encounter, nor pinning Sheriff Lee on his lapse in common sense and their overall mismanagement of their performance  indicates that this case, should Zimmerman be acquitted or not be convicted of First-Degree murder, was "rigged from the get-go."     Fawz believes that even the timing on the case and the verdict being released in mid-summer in the height of the summer heat when coupled with the massive amounts of money provided to Zimmerman's defense from the gun industry shows a pattern of race-baiting, fight promoting and propagandizing aimed at what has historically be war profiteering.

     "This was cold blooded, premeditated murder.  I wish there was double jeopardy in Zimmerman's case.  That you could apply for a mistrial based on the Judge's reversal of her earlier ruling not to allow the toxicology report.....not without releasing the same on Mr. Zimmerman," said Fawzs.  I'd kick it all the way to the Supreme Court where I would then lay out the agenda of our group...Earth Law: Harmonizing the Worlds Legal Systems Starting With the Golden Rule, but I'm not a lawyer," Fawzs admitted.

"The beer chugger was buff."
    "There are undercover officers in Houston where Pasadena is a suburb….a city that for a long time had a KKK store front on Main Street.... that would take two black aliens, especially if they are already in trouble with the law, tell them they’ll have a house that’s a sitting duck for a break-in, offer to fence the goods and set them up for a Joe Horn shooting.  Target practice in Texas," said Fawzs.  "I say the prosecution should have called former Texas Governor George W. Bush and his little brother, former Florida Governor Jeb Bush, whose ancestor was Texas Ranger Samuel Hamilton Walker after whom the Walker Colt pistol was named, as witnesses not for either Zimmerman or Martin, but for setting the stage for jurors to understand the bigger picture in a world where Presidents are judged not for their ability to keep the peace, but to wage wars," said Fawzs who noted that another Florida Governor's son, Burr Duval, rode with James Walker Fannin whose relationship to Samuel Hamilton Walker has long been assumed based on Fannin's relationship to Samuel F. B. Morse, inventor of the Morse Code and whose Western Union lines ran alongside the Union Pacific Railroad of E.H. Harriman whose wife was a life-long supporter of the pseudo-science of Eugenics...a grandiose name for 'anglophilia'.  Guns, butter, barbed wire, sulphur for gunpowder shipped by Mr. Harriman who employed GWB's grandpa....it's all part of the mix and there's plenty of fight promoters who love this stuff and see Trayvon and Zimmerman as just a couple of unwitting pawns or one unwitting victim and a dutiful dufus," said Fawzs noting Zimmerman's father's work as a Virginia magistrate before moving to Florida.  "Any state that elected as its Governor after Jeb Bush the  Texan, Richard Scott, the CEO of Columbia-HCA Healthcare which in the period of deregulation ushered in by Ronald Reagan in the 80's and continued in George W. Bush through the World-Com and Enron scandals, when Columbia-HCA had the biggest Medicare fraud fine in U.S. history has got to tell you something about Florida's culture and history as a retirement home for major rip-off artists and upper-class criminals," said Fawzs.

    Fawzs does not believe that the Zimmerman case shows that the KKK runs the nation.  "Not at all.  The Order does....a mixture of anglophile, militaristic, weapons producing power elites who sell civil strife to make profits for their families like selling yellow cake uranium to a revenge hungry nation following the World Trade Center attack..   I agree 100 per cent with Professor Wigglesworth's thesis.  He has laid bare the mythology, stripped it down to the bare kernels.  Now I now that Ann Colter has said that the Black community and Al Sharpton have said that the KKK runs the country.  Sharpton hasn't said that, but being a New Yorker he is in the heart of the Wall Street beast  and even though he had that little problem with cocaine kickbacks, he is more able to understand the Order's warped power than most...though Jeremiah Wright knew, but was thrown under the political bus by Obama whose wife, Michele, worked for the historic Springfield, Illinois law firm of Sidley Austin which merged in 2000 with New York's Brown and Wood Law Firm.  That merger shows alot with its historic ties to Brown Brothers Harriman and the National City Bank Boys that General Smedley Darlington Butler knew was the war profiteering power mongers he addressed in his book War Is A Racket.  Sidley Austin was the firm that represented Mrs. Mary Todd Lincoln whose cousin, John Breckenridge, was an unrepentant slaver and a Knight of the Golden Circle which was the support group for filibusterer William Walker," said Fawzs  "There nothing wrong with Ann Coulter that a marriage to Jamie Foxx wouldn't fix," said Fawzs.
    "Detective Chris Serino said in court testimony that Trayvon’s father had told him that he could not tell if the voice on Zimmerman’s phone was  his son’s voice, or Zimmerman’s, a charge that Tracy Martin, Trayvon's father, flatly denied on the witness stand.  "The scream for help stopped when the shot was fired.  If it had all been spontaneous Zimmerman would have still been yelling 'I told to to stop, damn it.  I told you,' but instead there was silence.  Then when the prosecution had so squirreled the case it slam-dunked the verdict by trying to switch it to a child abuse and manslaughter conviction in the 11th hour.  How odd was that?"  asked Fawzs.  The head of the NSA and CIA have just shown us how difficult it is to get a government official who will lie under oath.  No problem," said Fawzs who believes that if he is acquitted George Zimmerman and Joe Horn should go in together to open a shooting range in upper Idaho surrounded by a deep moat filled with Michael Vick's pit bull dogs.  "Hell Vick went to jail for killing dogs and Zimmerman doesn't get squat.  It just goes to show you if there are no eye witnesses you can get away with murder in this country."

City Manager Bonaparte (l), Sheriff William Lee (2nd from l),
Interim Sheriff replacing Lee (C), Sheriff Myer (far r) new
Sanford, Florida Sheriff.
    "Unless or until all of the laws across the world are harmonized into what we call 'Earth-Law', there can be no solution to the fight promoting that spins and re-spins the narrative in ways that promote fear and loathing, murder and mayhem and makes lawyers and magistrates wealthy like George's father whose book will likely sell quite well at Mr. Martin's expense.   The lawyers don't like our group, but so what! Scribes and Pharisees.  Neither do the Sharia Law advocates," said Fawzs who thought Mr. Zimmerman's second book should be "My Son George:  Dead Man Walking". 
     "We also believe that the 911 terrorist attack was planned to coincide with the telephone number 911, the emergency telephone number, so that when the 911 system is overwhelmed as it is now, murder and mayhem will follow in order to open the door to fascist rule.  It's the type of global Gesthalt that would have made Joseph Goebbels proud," said Fawzs reflecting on the current NSA surveillance program and American's loss of Habeas Corpus.   "The only one who will then be safe are guys like Edward Snowden who will soon be living in the mountains of Bolivia or Julian Assange in the Equadorian Embassy in London," said Fawzs.

     Fawzs was particularly focused on the Monday, July 7th C-SPAN appearance during the massive coverage of the Zimmerman case of former CIA Director under Bill Clinton, James Woolsey, talking to students at Johns Hopkins University, a school that former Hoover Institute member and critic of America's secret establishment, Anthony Sutton, said is a key cog in the establishment's continuing educational venues.  Woolsey spoke of the 911 telephone system used by Horn and Zimmerman.  "That's right said Fawzs.  "Woolsey scares the beegeezies out the students by describing an electric pulse created by a solar flare or a nuclear bomb attack that could, in an instant, disrupt communications.....kind of like the one imagined in the old film, 7 Days In May, that set the stage for a military coup d'état.  Woolsey said that "sometime in the wee hours of April 16th the day after the explosion in Boston that ended the Marathon, something between one and four individuals showed up near San Jose at an electricity station that included a number of transformers.  One report says that there were twenty transformers.  Another that there were seven, but a number of transformers.  Gunshots were heard......some other individuals, it may have been part of the same group, lifted a 250 pound man hole cover and gone down twelve feet into a chamber where all of the wiring was for the 911 emergency calls. Although some cellular emergency calls got through the land lines were the ones that were cut and after an initial dispatch of several Deputies to look into the matter as they came closer the culprits were signaled, one can apparently get this from the surveillance videos that PG &E had, as the they came closer to the people who were shooting or otherwise doing what they were doing were warned by a flashing flashlight and they left,"  said Woolsey. 
     Not far from San Jose is San Francisco where James Bamford has indicate that the NSA is looking into people's internet and cell phone communication.  Further South is San Diego, California where the U.S. Navy Seals' headquarters are shaped like a swastika in the city where the Sheriff is the former FBI agent in charge of the Ruby Ridge killing of Rebecca Weaver.  San Diego was home to the son of the U.S. Navy Admiral that oversaw the Gulf of Tonkin affair in Vietnam, Jim Morrison of The Doors.  "Morrison was either a dope salesman or a pissed off son of a U.S. military industrialist with Oedipal issues like Obama's friend, William Ayers," said Fawz.   Woolsey cited PG&E... means Pacific Gas and Electric... the company made famous by Erin Brockovich and her work at Hinckley, California where the company had poisoned the water wells.  A chief legal counselor for PG&E was also the father of John Walker Lindh, the American Taliban," said Fawzs.  "Is Woolsey capable of spreading a well-constructed prevarication or planned media event that sets the stage for citizen on citizen violence as they stand their ground in the middle of a massive communication blackout?  Get your friend to buy CB and Short Wave radios," said Fawz.  "Was the U.S. Civil War needed or just another profit center for the military complex?  Woolsey is no less likely to be spinning a pot of propaganda than the current CIA Director, James Clapper, or the NSA's General Alexander were when they lied to congress about data mining," said Fawzs.  "In a word,", Fawzs said, "Yes, and this all plays upon people's sense of helplessness and fear.  AT&T offered a $250,000 reward for information leading to an arrest of the transformer bandits.  AT&T was the primary culprit in what James Bamford said is the government's overreaching surveillance program, so anything is possible with respect to that story.  It could be another Una-Bomber...a home grown nutcake or some jack booted element of the NSA seeking to justify their mission like an arsonist fire marshall.   John Walker Lindh perhaps not unlike the Weather Underground's William Ayers, friend of Barack Obama, saw something in his father's life that decries the  'land of the free and home of the brave'," said Fawzs.  Fawzs also expressed concern that Woolsey's timing on the 911 telephone tale was as seemingly choreographed as his nearly immediate suggestion that Iraq was responsible for the World Trade Center attack," said Fawzs who added...."Well crap here we go again, Woolsey is part of the Nightinggale singers of John McCain, Ollie North, Bud McFarlane and Jim Webb...though I think that Webb is more balanced even though like Zimmerman he carries his own heat through the halls of Congress.  Woolsey is also a graduate of Stanford and Yale.  What do you expect?"

     "Woolsey raised the spectre of a larger plot.  The sheriff of San Jose said that it was sabotage, but it was also obviously done with those with insider information on which cables to cut," said Fawzs noting Woolsey's presentation on the 911 telephone system at the same time that 911 telephone systems were a key part of the Zimmerman case in Florida and the earlier Joe Horn case in Texas.

     "During the jury deliberations the cable companies ran all of Charles Bronson's Death Wish movies about an American vigilante who took justice into his own hands.  Add to that the fact that from Florida to Texas the Gulf Coast of the U.S. was the northern border of a proposed 'Golden Circle of Slavery' envisioned by the Knights of the Golden Circle whose patron saint was American filibuster, William Walker, who many in Honduras believe is the ancestor of the George Herbert Walker Bush family who has always had designs on this region under the guise of defending the Monroe Doctrine," said Fawzs

Earth Law Poster
    "If this sounds conspiratorial consider that the Tammy Hall case included many hundreds as did the Serpico case in New York and that the Savings and Loan Scandal of the 1980's and the sub-prime housing bubble and bundling of toxic assets included hundreds of thousands and the Iran-Contra scandal tens of thousands and that many millions watch modern cage fighting so much that they think that fighting is the solution to every problem.  Throw in the 2008 Wall Street meltdown and raid on the U.S. Treasury and all the folks involved in that siphon job and it's not at all unreasonable," said Fawzs who believes that the harmonized "Earth Law" will not create Utopia, but a more just, free and livable society.

     "When asked what penalties would be implemented for violation of the Golden Rule," Fawzs admitted that an ancient custom of trial by ordeal would be nice.  "I favor the snakes taking a barefooted walk through a quarter-mile trench filled with rattlesnakes, copperheads and water moccasins and leaving the outcome and verdict to a Greater Power.  Couldn't be anymore screwed up than the present system," said Fawzs.  

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