Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Edward Snowden, David Baldacci, Valerie Plame Wilson and the Marketing of Mass Ignorance

How Charlie Rose, Wall Street, Madison Avenue and Washington Keep You In the Dark

by Connie Foote Rubicam CPW News Service

   It wasn't until the week of July 19th, 2013 that the chummy connections between Wall Street, Madison Avenue, America's largest publishers and Washington's intelligence community came together to attack National Security Agency whistleblower, Edward Snowden.   The pile-on showed the depth of U.S. depravity according to some NSA watchers.

   Former Bush administration UN Ambassador, John Bolton, attacked the young whistleblower on Fox News.  No surprise there, but then came the other attacks all within a 48 hour window of media blitzing.  National Public Radio that gave Mr. Baldacci a microphone for attacking Snowden, AKA NPR, long known to be an arm of U.S. propaganda and often providing cover through a reputation as a left leaning public media platform, can be judged by the political leanings of its board members.

"Of the 55 percent who support charging Snowden
 of the 43 percent who support this attack on Habeas Corpus,
how many understand the depths of the bamboozling that
the George W. Bush administration pulled after 911?" asked Coste.

 "Take Henry Catto," said Imelda Maher Coste of San Antonio, Texas.  "Good old Henry was the U.S. Ambassador to El Salvador up until the time when the Contras would begin paying midnight visits to peasants longing for a better life.  They got a better life, but not in this world," said Ms. Coste.  Coste pointed to Reagan appointee, Robert White, who in 1981 as El Salvador's new Ambassador was a whistleblower like Snowden who began a process of what he called "failing upwards".  Catto would go on to become the Director of the U.S. Information Agency.  Catto's family ties to the Houston media machinery provided little coverage of the arrival of Michael Bromwich to investigate the corruption in the Harris County Medical Examiner's office according to Coste. 

     Bromwich, characterized by his critics who lament a lack of vocal critics like Ambassador White, was the "firewaller on Iran-Contra and insured that Reagan and Bush didn't do jail time," said Coste.   "Bromwich left his work at the HCME to investigate the BP Deep Water Horizon disaster for the Feds," said Coste.

    "Then there's Valerie Plame Wilson meeting with David Baldacci along with the producer of Charlie Rose, Carol Ross Joynt.  That was in 2007, but shows the proximity of the players to each other and without much apparent savvy as to where each stands....or squats to polish boots. Coca Cola Company and every other military industrialists war monger in America fund Charlie Rose's program on Public Television.  Sometimes I can't help but believe that Rose keeps Americans purposely in the dark about the toxic muddy waters rising in the pool of the American experience," said Coste who noted that Coca Cola had been linked to the murder of its own workers in Colombia.  "Those killings didn't go unnoticed by students at Yale who when the CEO of Coke spoke on campus splattered their t-shirts with ketchup, but did that event show up on Charlie Rose's program?" she asked.

    Coste pointed out that the brutality in Central America has returned in Honduras where political murders are now quite common.  "Honduras was the nation where William Walker was executed after trying to take over that nation in Aaron Burr fashion in the 1850.  Many believe that William Walker, supported as he was by Franklin Pierce, is a direct descendant of George Herbert Walker Bush as Barbara Pierce Bush is a descendant of Franklin Pierce.  "They use the Monroe Doctrine to conceal from the American people a misguided ambition and accompanying brutality," said Coste.
    Coste noted the silence of Charlies Rose in covering so many important elements in Amerca's growing brutality and its diminishing influence which she said can be seen in a number of Rose's recent programs and covered here, according to Coste:

Boomerang:  Michael Lewis, Kyle Bass, Meredith Whitney and Charlie's Fading Rose

Trolling for Milton Friedman's Free Market:  More on Voo Doo of Merlin-Omics

     "I want to hear from Thomas Tweeton, Valerie Plame, Robert Barer, the family of Matt Gannon and other former CIA agents. Will they come forward to take a stand as they have before and show some support for a kid that smells the same rats that they have smelled?" asked Ms. Coste.  "Or are they in the Hayden, Bromwich and Baldacci camp of those succeeding downward?"


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