Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Thursday, January 5, 2012

David Reis, John Robert Reeves and the Anatomy of a Tragedy

Fabian Colbachi on the San Diego Top Gun Shooting

by Winsip Custer CPW News Service

     The New Year’s Day killings of four beautiful, bright and promising young people in San Diego, California has sent shock waves through a hub city of America’s US Navy arsenal.  The bizarre circumstances of the deaths seem to have found an answer in the coroner’s assessment of a love triangle with a murder/suicide as it modus operandi.
     “Not so fast,” said security and intelligence analyst, Fabian Colbachi.  “My heart goes out to the families of these young people.  I don’t have all the facts and it will take a while for them to all come out.  The police aren’t even releasing the  name of the young man who gave them a partial witness to the event.  Who was he?  Is he, like Reis and Reeves, USN?  Why are they not releasing his name so that a free press can ask him about what he saw?  What are the families' and friends' impressions of these young people, particularly John Robert Reeves and his  capacity to carry out such a grizzly enterprise?” asked Colbachi.
     Reeves' friends Josh Buck and Shane Cameron from Maryland indicated that it was totally out of character for Reeves.  Others have agreed.  "But here comes the psychological experts," said Colbachi, "and they'll give all manner of assessments of purported Reeve's on-line comments that come from who-knows-where?"
     Surprisingly, the editor of the Coronado Clarion, Al Graham, the ex-brother-in-law of The Doors' lead singer and son of a USN Admiral, Jim Morrison, was at the scene as police and ambulances were still arriving taking his own videos of the tragedy.  Colbachi noted that Graham would later report that he had interviewed Reeves in July, 2011 to cover the human interest side of Reeves' travels from Maryland to Coronado....not exactly an interesting story for a community built on jet pilots noted Colbachi.  Graham would explain how his earlier encounters found Reeves standoffish and moody..."even vindictive....which is an interesting word for a reporter to use on a cursory interview that is so juxtaposed to the testimony of the boy's friends," said Colbachi. So Graham decided not to write a story at all.  "How friggin' odd is that?" asked Colbachi.  Colbachi noted that Al Graham's wife is the paper's publisher and their own description from their September, 2010 article describing their new venture states....
There will be a strict policy of zero advertising but we will do positive stories about the services and businesses which we feel offer bona fide contributions to our community.  At the Clarion, we want to promote our citizens to support its local small town entrepreneurs and business enterprises. Further, we want to encourage Coronado residents to do their shopping locally in support of our shopkeepers and restaurateurs instead of their having to depend mostly on tourism revenues.
     "That's real dedication for a 68 year old non-profit newspaper man at 2:00 a.m. on New Years' Eve with his own video doing a blow by blow," said Colbachi with wry sarcasm.  In mid 2009 the major San Diego newspaper, the San Diego Union Tribune, a paper once owned by Adolph B. Spreckles, a Nazi sympathizer during the 1930's and 40's, was sold.  It was in the 30's and 40's that the Coronado Hotel was frequented by Nazi sympathizer, England's Prince Edward and American-born Nazi spy, Wallis Simpson.  The San Diego Union Tribune was bought by Boston based Bain Capital in 2009.  Bain has been accused of being a vulture capital group by Newt Gingrich and Rick Perry as they leveled criticism of Republican presidential campaign leader and Boston-based Bain executive, Mitt Romney.  Romney and Bain Capital have a reputation of slash and burn business practices that's undeniable.  Within days of the Bain purchase of the San Diego paper they laid off over 150 reporters and support staff effectively erasing the community's long-term memory-base.  By July 4, 2010 the Coronado Clarion published its premier issue.
     There is in Coronado a Graham Memorial Church and Mrs. Graham posts to that website. The preacher was educated in the Cushing's hometown of Boston at a seminary on whose board has served Billy Graham and Chuck Colson, the Watergate conspirator turned minister to the drug-pumped U.S. prison system," said Colbachi.
      "Yea, the seminary students will work in the homes of the leading Boston Brahmin families.  Names like Josiah Spaulding or Henry Cabot Lodge.  Spalding was a Hotchkiss School grad and Yale Bonesman. At Hotchkiss was Henry Luce, Porter Goss, Robert Bork and Spaulding also sat as Chairman of the Board of George Washington University which was founded by the first Roman Catholic Bishop of Baltimore, John Carroll.  Baltimore is home to Alexander Brown, whose companies Smedley Butler called the 'National City Bank Boys' for which Butler said he was a 'goon on three continents.'   Come to think of it Henry Ford was Hotchkiss, as well, and named by Smedley Butler as a conspirator with the German American Bund in the 1930's.  Fascist leanings.  Antonin Scalia went to GWU, but of course historically, Italians don't have Fascist leanings....except for the Dons and Musolini," said Colbachi  who noted that Scalia also led the 2000 Supreme Court power grab that  chose Bush over Gore.  "The nation should have demanded a recount of the whole state of Florida, but hey, the Sheriff of Coronado is Sheriff Gore, so Republican or Democrat what's the difference?" said Colbachi noting that Spaulding was also the head of the Republican Party in Massachusetts, home of Mitt Romney and Bain Capital.  George Washington University is also home to Norman L. Hicks, the former World Bank economist whose son, Sander Hicks, opened and closed Vox Pop Coffeeshop in Flatbush, NY and published the book by Jim Hatfield, Fortunate Son, about GHWB's cocaine arrest.  Hick's Soft Scull Press picked up the paperback after St. Martin Press under pressure burned the first edition and declined to publish.  Hatfield, like so many others died under mysterious circumstances.  Hicks also picked up the story of the Louisiana dentist, Dr. David Graham, who had met two of the 911 hijackers who had first entered the U.S. through San Diego.  Graham was, according to Hicks, poisoned before his testimony could be heard, though he had written his own report and presented it to FBI agents ten months before 911 along with a ninety minute video of his encounter with their Pakistani land lord.  The FBI agents told Graham that his fears were misguided.
     Sheriff William D. Gore, San Diego's leading lawman was also the FBI agent in charge of Ruby Ridge before being appointed Sheriff of San Diego County.
     Ruby Ridge, an incident that cost the Federal Government a $3 million settlement hardly compensated Randy Weaver for the death of his wife and son.  "It was a national disgrace  When Randy Weaver appeared before Congress, Tennessee Senator Fred Thompson from the same state as Al Gore and Dr. Thomas Frist, expressed his deep sympathies. Thompson never indicated that he was the attorney for Farhad Azima, the key arms merchant for Iran-Contra and the drug pipeline that it involved," said Colbachi.  
     In 2010 San Diego citizens were outraged that Sheriff William D. Gore brought a high tech sound weapon called an LRAD to a town hall meeting presumably to be used against rioting elderly. "You see why I'm concerned?" Colbachi offered noting that the San Diego police and county sheriff defended the purchase and use of the LRAD.  "William D. Gore is a perfect choice for a magistrate bent on keeping the lid on a larger scandal," said Colbachi.
    California is full of mind boggling relationships according to Colbachi.  The FBI agent in charge of the nearby LA office, Ted Gunderson,  married the widow of Anton LaVey, high priest of the Church of Satan, who preceded CIA operative and LaVey disciple, Col. Michael Aquino.  Aquino split with LaVey and created the Temple of Set at the Presidio," said Colbachi relating a child abuse scandal at the Presidio's daycare program that was repeatedly linked to Aquino.  "You can't make this stuff up!" he said.

     The leading U.S. merchant families made fortunes in the China Trade like their British cousins….opium from the Orient and Middle East.  Through a powerful navy they usurped the old British Empire which was trading in opium before the U.S..   New England Brahmins like the Russell family, the Cushings and Cabots and Alexander Brown maintained strategic ports in the Orient and England, too, specifically Liverpool.   Leading China Traders set U.S. drug policy and passed laws to prohibit even as they controlled the trade routes and illegal imports.  San Diego was initially to be the western-most terminus of the Transcontinental Railroad before San Francisco and it's importance relative to the opium crops of Turkey, Pakistan, Afghanistan and the Golden Triangle was followed by the opening of the Panama Canal.  In time that region, too, flowed with the flood of drugs....cocaine.... from South America as evidenced by the Bush jailing of Manuel Noreiga who became an embarrassment for his handlers .  
     Families like those in the Francis Ford Coppola film, The Godfather, late arriving Italians and Irish Catholics, were infringing on these well controlled and secret territories first secured by America’s leading families….the Russells, Forbes, Tafts, Roosevelts, Cushings and others.  From above the table they control the laws and from under the table they control the contraband, hence their obsession with good public relations and cover-up.  
     "The move to prohibit drugs by law is a total sham. Total sham.  The Coppola scene of Marlon Brandon anguishing over whether to sell drugs in a crime family conclave may not have happened, but the anguish was real.  There was already a major supplier and it wasn't any of the five New York Italian crime families," said Colbachi.  
     In that same Coppola scene, the Don's say that they don't mind selling drugs to blacks, as if they are sub-human....a practice of the CIA that was well covered by Gary Webb in his reporting for the San Jose Mercury News and his book, Dark Alliance, but it wasn't Don Corleone doing it, but the CIA.  "When the son of Coronado's Admiral George S. Morrison, Jim Morrison of the Doors, sings the song titled WASP and speaks of joining the blacks out on the edges where they are 'stoned immaculate' the rock star was selling the very product his father's navy had protected for decades, if not centuries," said Colbachi indicating a type of culture/sub-culture dialectic at work. "So when Morrison's singing turns really, really dark toward Oedipal urges of patricide, that too is a sham since the USN protected the drug routes and Jim was a natural born druggie guru," said Colbachi singing..."China Traders sang bass, Papa sang tenor and little Jimmy chimed right in there."   Colbachi favors decriminalization of drug use and of private cultivation of small quantities of anything that could feed a drug cartel and monopoly.  "Like the repeal of prohibition, you legalize it and you kill these spineless spiders that lure our young into their web of deception and lies.  You pull the plug on their hidden profits and send the bankers into apoplexy, but also legitimate enterprises."
     Colbachi noted that the Navy Seal headquarters in Coronado are clearly a Swastika shaped structure built in 1967 at the height of the Vietnam War. He coupled the earlier complaint of Marine General Smedley Butler with current events noting that Butler had been approached by the heart of a Fascist element within the military to lead the overthrow of the democratically elected president FDR.  "You didn't learn about it high school and college presumably because FDR's New Deal depended on support from exposed industrialist culprits so a bargain was struck."  Colbachi pointed out the interest of Prince Edward and Wallis Simpson in the Coronado area along with the Fascist ownership of the Union Tribune showing that there may have been a resurgence of fascist power that Butler's courage helped to loosen this hard core before World War II.   Colbachi suggested that the recent purging with the lay offs at the Union Tribune could be an indicator of a return to Fascist sentiments as was Ruby Ridge.  "Weaver may not have been paying his taxes, but he wasn't hiding money in the Cayman Islands," said Colbachi. Colbachi also noted the strong San Francisco and LA interest in the Nazi occult.  "Gray Davis, the recalled California Governor is the son of Joseph Graham Davis, son of William Rhodes Davis, Adolf Hitler's oil agent in the USA (Mystery Man: William Rhodes Davis: Nazi Agent of Influence by Dale Harrington, 1999) You know an apple or orange tree by the fruit it produces," he said noting that without Gray Davis in office the rape of California by Enron would have been impossible.
     Anger and resentment among the leading Irish, Italian and Northern European families runs deep and the peace is a shallow one.  The sentiments get picked up in the Scorsese film, The Departed, when Costello says...." I don't want to be a product of my environment. I want my environment to be a product of me. Years ago we had the church. That was only a way of saying - we had each other. The Knights of Columbus were real head-breakers; true guineas. They took over their piece of the city. Twenty years after an Irishman couldn't get a fucking job, we had the presidency. May he rest in peace. That's what the niggers don't realize. If I got one thing against the black chappies, it's this - no one gives it to you. You have to take it."
     So now blacks, too, have received equality and  have served in the Office of President like the Irishman, JFK of the Roman Catholic persuasion, but both had Ivy League educations....Harvard...commandeered from the Protestant Bostonians by the burgeoning Irish Catholic immigration of the early and mid-19th Century. The Ivy League schools have been a repository for future leaders from among these key families, but none like Yale, and now they fear they are losing their grip on their empire or so Colbachi believes.   He thinks we see this somewhat in the recent Penn State Sandusky scandal where the traditional Northeastern families have had to move over to share power with names like Paterno, now unable to confirm or deny the connections, whose program  existed on the Western fringe of the Northeastern power elites’ frontier but in an Ivy League school.   If these elites operated as a law unto themselves, pedophilia was just another range of perversions that exists alongside other forms of repression and economic slavery.  "The Omaha scandal had the head of the Republican party there paying a $1,000,0000 settlement to the boy who leveled the charges," said Colbachi noting that the boy's attorney wrote the book The Franklin Cover-up.   Addiction to their drug products, as with alcohol,  cigarettes and nicotine was the icing on their lucrative cake. The hard working Italian, Coach Paterno, would not want to risk years of building this program by challenging these brutal, repressive and repulsive elites.    There may be no connection to it, but John Robert Reeves was in the Navy ROTC program at Penn State triggering in anyone’s mind an illogical, but visceral reaction….’oh well, what do you expect?',” said Colbachi who thought that the Sandusky revelation dropped between the Penn State and Nebraska game, with Omaha, Nebraska also being the center of pedophilia scandal called The Franklin Coverup, was suspicious.  The cover up centered on abuses by Republican activist, Larry King, a black banker indicted in the S&L scandal who was accused of using boys at the Roman Catholic Boy's Town for pawns in a pedophile ring.  Among notable Boy's Town graduates was the USN's Commander of the USS Pueblo, Cdr. Lloyd M. Bucher. 
     Colbachi believes that the more interesting story about John Robert Reeves...and there is so little being written about this young man whose quiet funeral was held on Saturday, January 14th in Maryland, may not be as the Coronado Clarion editor believed about Reeve's truck, but about Reeve's father's interest in boats.  Specifically high-speed hydrofoils, thus linking the Reis' and Reeves' family histories.   Reeve's father appears to have been a member of the International Hydrofoil Society before his death in 2001. The Society celebrates the history of the hydrofoil which was an important interest of American eugenicist and inventor, Alexander Graham Bell and his wife Mabel Gardiner Hubbard Bell.  Following World War II, Operation Paper Clip scientists from Germany, leading Nazi scientists, were imported to the U.S. and the West to help develop not only rockets, nuclear weapons and mind sciences, but also the promising new hydrofoil.
      "A member of the IHF is Helmut Carl Koch.  It is not known if this hydrofoil scientist, a man who partnered with Eastern European and Bolivian metals miner and Bolivian tourism advocate, Darius Morgan, whose Santa Maria tin and lead mines in Bolivia were once owned by one of the world's richest men, Simon I. Patino, is related to Fred Koch of Koch Industries, but it does not seem a stretch given their German and U.S. military roots.  This Helmut Koch built a hydrofoil called the Albatross in San Diego.  In Bolivia and Peru a copy of the Albatross was brought in to provide a link to the tourist route between La Paz, Bolivia and Cuzco, Machu Pichu, Peru.  Machu Pichu has long been the interest of those concerned that Yale University connected as it is to CIA leaders was raping and pillaging weaker nations and that Machu Pichu's historic artifacts were appropriated by Yale and were only recently returned after a lengthy legal battle that focused on stealing a people's history and heritage," said Colbachi noting that the Nazi occult saw the acquisition of the cultural artifact of conquered civilizations as a source of power.  He believes that this is ultimately what brought the German Saxe-Gotha-Windsor prince to the Coronado Hotel as much as his interest in Wallace Simpson, but also sent him into exile at Churchill's command. 
     "There's also a big question now about whether or not Helmut Koch is the Helmut Koch whose interest in Nazi SS pagan worship, the Black Sun and other pagan symbols of the Thule Society were at the center of the Nazi occult.  It was not until the reunification of Germany that films surfaced from 1943 when a central occult book of Thule paganism called Necronomicon was filmed during and after its removal from the Bibliotheque Nationale.  Some of the photos included a Nazi soldier named Helmut Koch are shown holding the book," said Colbachi who indicated that this was another reason that the godless Russians claimed to distrust religion.  "Apart from the universal Golden Rule that finds a counterpart in most of the major religions of the world, the Nazis saw the Golden Rule as a sign of weakness," said Colbachi.  Colbachi noted the hypocracy in Stalin's socialism, but also that Alexander Graham Bell's leading hydrofoil scientist was Frederick Walker Baldwin a graduate of Ridley College in Canada.  Ridley is the alma mater of John Irving Bell, a noted geneticist on the board of Roche Pharmaceutical Co. which has recently been in the news for the false claims of its pandemic flu defense drug called Tamiflu.  Tamiflu is a drug which the Bush government stockpiled to the tune of $8 billion and which Secretary of Defense Rumsfeldt purchased for the U.S. military, but was reported in late 2010 and early 2011 to be ineffective in combating flu.  Rumsfeldt's work for other drug companies included JD Searle and the push for FDA approval of Aspertame or Nutri-Sweet and which critics often cite as a sample of FDA mismanagement.  Rumsfeldt was called by President Richard Nixon "that ruthless little bastard."
     Colbachi noted that murdered aviator, David Reis and his sister, Karen, were from Bakersfield, California, a city embroiled in the satanic ritual child abuse scandal of the 1980's that tied to Col. Michael Aquino's child abuse case at San Francisco's Presidio army base that many said went to the top of America's power elite's pyramid.  Aquino's molestation case was dropped by the same U.S. District Judge who was identified by Gary Webb as a firewaller for the CIA and Ricky Ross' cocaine pipeline to California.  Reis' mother works with families in Bakersfield and with many neglected, mistreated and abused children.  "Can you think of a more powerful message to 'shut the hell up' in light of everything else that San Diego's Navy Seal community has been experiencing lately?" asked Colbachi who believes that teachers, social workers and other helping professions are the first to comprehend the sources of community problems.   Colbachi reiterated that the San Jose Mercury News was the same news paper that had covered the Presidio child abuse case and made Gary Webb's connections between the Northern California judge, Joseph Russenniello, who dismissed the Aquino case, but was also providing judicial cover for the Iran-Contra/Freeway Ricky Ross drug highway into L.A..
     Karen Reis worked at Trader Joe's a company owned by the German Aldi Group, founded by Germany's richest men, the Albrecht brothers.  Today, an Aldi store stands on the sight of Spandau prison  home to infamous Nazi war criminals including Rudolf Hess.  "Spandau was demolished to prevent it from becoming a Nazi shrine, but what does that make of the business built on top of it?" asked Colbachi.   Hess who was born in Alexandria Egypt... the country where Alister Crowley said his cult originated... moved to Germany with his parents.  Rising to the number three in power in the Nazi Reich, in 1941 Hess flew to the estate of Lord Hamilton in England, crashing his plane in the process of trying to negotiate an agreement with elements of the British leadership opposed to Churchhill. British intelligence officer and future 007 author, Ian Fleming, attempted to allow Alister Crowley to interview Hess for British Intelligence, an idea flatly rejected by Churchhill.  Like the Albrecht brothers, Hess shared a love of horticulture, specifically growing orchids.  Trader Joe's was the target of the pro-union grocery worker's unions in California in the fall of 2011 who picketed the stores blocking access.
     During Prohibition in the 1920's especially along the US/Canada border where Hiram Walker owned the bulk of the distilleries, fast boats were needed to outrun the Feds.  The same was true in South Florida where in the 1980's the drug of choice was not alcohol, but cocaine.  The boat of choice was the Donzi or Cigarette speedsters made by Miami businessman, Don Aranow, but Miami was also home to Darius Morgan's earlier hydrofoil production facility.
     In the 1920’s George Reis and Gar Wood set new speed records on the water with their cutting-edge speed boats.  This would lead to them making a fortune in the speedboat business and eventually winning them a contract for the USN’s PT boat.
      In San Diego is a post-hardcore  musician named John Reis.   In his band, Hot Snakes, is bass guitar player, Gar Wood.  Is Gar Wood the grandson of the speed boat builder, Gar Wood, who ran with George Reis and Italian big band leader Guy Lombardo?  I don’t know,” said Colbachi, “but I’d bet money on it and it’s the kind of thing that a San Diego detective working on this case or the coroner who is trying to help solve it will in all likelihood not think is important.”
     “On John Robert Reeves’ Facebook page is a picture of  President Abe Lincoln holding an assault weapon.  Why Lincoln?  I suspect that it's because Mr. Reeves knew that Abe Lincoln had a particularly deep appreciation of the U.S. Navy, especially the first Navy Seal,  William Barker Cushing, AKA Sea Eagle,  whose story is told in the book The Sea Eagle: The Civil War Memoires of William Barker Cushing.  While it is difficult to find a direct connection between Sea Eagle and the Cushing family of Massachusetts, the fact that he used his connections with the Secretary of the Navy to his advantage and placement says otherwise.
     Directly next door to the condo where the killings took place lives Don Hubbard.  Hubbard, a retired USN commander and expert in SIB’s or ‘ships in a bottle’ served as consultant on the Robert De Niro film, The Good Shepherd.   I would want to know if he is related to the USN intelligence officer and wacko religionist and the head of Scientology, L. Ron Hubbard, whose connections to Alister Crowley he has admitted and both of whose connections to the movie industry are well known. L. Ron Hubbard's son has also spoken publicly of his father's use of his navy connections and Scientology money for drug smuggling. Is he related to Mrs. Alexander Graham Bell?  I would suspect that David Reis’ next door neighbor, Don Hubbard,  knows Naval Criminal Investigative Service Association (NCISA) member George Reis….the same name as that of Gar Wood’s close associate and boat builder,” said Colbachi.  "How are they related?" he asked thinking there might also be a connection to Mabel Gardiner Hubbard Bell.
     Colbachi believes that America has come face to face with its own failed drug policies and hidden feudal form of capitalistic chauvinism.  He believes that the free market is forever tied to the morality and ethics inherent in the Golden Rule and that the warring factions disregard it. “The USN will accept the love triangle explanation in deaths of Reeves and Reis long before it would admit to an attack on its own corrupt system.  It’s time to change America’s drug policies for the sake of the nation and world,” said Colbachi.  “The Skull and Bones boys won’t be happy about it and neither will the Gotti’s, Giancana’s or Whitey Bulgers, and whoever else... like Freeway Ricky Ross in years past... the conduit for the South Central LA pipeline, and others from Harlem, Miami or the South Chicago drug cess pools, but enough is enough,” said Colbachi who believes that no politician in American is up to the job given the people's lethargy and the extent of the corruption.  "I'm not a Utopianist, but the world simply cannot continue with this infantile lunacy and the War on Drugs was always a sham.  Add to it the Mexican and South American drug war baddies and the battles in the Middle East over oil and poppie fields and you get the picture of a dire situation that only a new vision of the world will address and perhaps forestall Armageddon.  Don Hubbard said that San Diego has never had this level of violence.  People will feel comfort in believing that it's another case of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) or a kid with a severe case of unrequited love or too much testosterone mixed with booze," said Colbachi, noting the 2010 tirade of another Coronado Seal on the Vegas Strip which the young man's attorney explained away with a defense of an unintentional drug induced stupor.   Colbachi said that he had read at least four posting by Reeves' friends who will not believe he did it.  "If these postings are the real thing it keeps open the possibility that something else was going on.  What do other friends say?" he asked "and when will we hear from them?  Remember that medical examiners said that Gary Webb killed himself and that Col. Theodore 'Ted' Westhusing killed himself, too.  Bull!  Families should demand to see every shred of evidence including the microscopic kind."  Colbachi noted especially the words of the father of Reeves' close friend, Theodore Karol.  Karol's father, Eugene, is the vice president of the Calvert County Public School System where Reeves went to school. "It just doesn't make any sense at all," said Theodore's father.

     “So you don’t think that Reeves killed himself and the other three?” I asked.

     “This whole thing looks like the perfect definition of a cluster fxxx,” said Colbachi.  “Great care should be taken, now.  I'd advise the families not to cremate their bodies.  Don Hubbard has a publishing company called Sea Eagle Publishing.  If someone were wanting to take a slap at the Navy leadership in a way that sends a chilling statement….as De Niro does in The Good Shepherd when you think about it...this would do it.   I don’t have any concrete answers, but I have some damn hard questions that are unsatisfied with the San Diego PD’s all too easy solution to this tragedy,” said Colbachi who admitted that he didn't want to see a shift from America's leadership toward an American-Italian model.  "I like Sicilian pizza, but not their codes of silence and dictatorial and capricious government.  I don't like that in any culture."
     Colbachi believes that the remedy for a diseased democracy is more democracy.  He said that sunlight is a great disinfectant, but cautioned that opening the door to a prison system that has packed in the drug pushers' pushers would likely lead to something akin to a new Peasants' Revolt.  "The middle ground is what we need," said Cobalchi who also noted that the attack on America's middle-class is killing the very salvation of the nation. "We need the homogeneity of the Swedes but with people of various skin tones, religious preferences and eye shapes," said Colbachi.  "We need a responsibly armed, educated, drug-free and decriminalized-drug-warless nation."

     “With so many Coronado soldiers lost in the Osama Bin Laden attack, and twenty one Seals killed in another helicopter crash in the months following, something seems wacky," said Colbachi.   "Among them was another Robert Reeves and his good friend from Louisiana, Jonas Kelsall whose father is the CEO of Lakewood, California Chamber of Commerce between LA and San Diego.  Seals are selected for their superior qualities from all regions of the country, but even so with that many dead Seals who appear to me to come from strategically placed hometowns from across the U.S it's even wackier.  A public relations ploy to garner widespread sympathy for the enterprise of war? It could be a coincidence that two Robert Reeves who are Seals die within such a short time span under such mysterious circumstances, but  it could be something else.    Jonas Kelsall, like Col. Theodore "Ted" Westhusing, went to the University of Texas in Austin where Kelsall graduated with a degree in French in 2001.  Austin is also where conspiracy radio talk-show host, Alex Jones, has claimed that the Seal Team 6 loss of so many Seals was not coincidental.  Using the inarticulate reporting of what Jones calls 'Col. Sixx'....a Colonel who judging from the man's voice is African American and though this shouldn't make any difference, his stammering weakens his argument. Alex Jones claims Col. Sixx predicted the firing of General Stanley McCrystal triggered by a scandal, presumably fired by Patraeus, but is there any bigger scandal than the death of Col. Theodore Westhusing after his confrontation with Patraeus?  "Would such a prediction increase Col. Sixx's credibility as a source or just add confusion? Jones makes the case that the Bin Laden raid was intended to place President Obama in the best possible light, but Obama’s connections to the Lincoln/Cushing/Navy Seal connection was already apparent before the Bin Laden killing...a killing doubted by former Delta Force soldier and Minnesota Governor, Jesse Ventura, who cites Bin Laden's kidney condition and need for dialysis as reason to wonder if he was even alive in 2011. "If a Bin Laden look alike was in that room and didn't surrender, he was a dead man," said Ventura. "But the Seals could have been fooled themselves," said Ventura.   
     Obama's connections to Republican President Lincoln and the first Navy Seal, William B. Cushing, is seen through Michele Obama's work at Sidley and Austin the Springfield, Illinois law firm that handled the affairs of Mary Todd Lincoln and which merged with Brown and Wood of New York about a year before 911.  Brown and Wood was domiciled in the World Trade Center,” said Colbachi.  “Austin, Texas is also where the current leader of Col Michael Aquino’s Temple of Set lives and works.  In the introduction of the successor of Col. Michael Aquino, Stephen Edred Flower's book, Black Runa, he describes the connections of the satanic church of California to Texas,” Colbachi continued.
     Colbachi drew the connections between San Diego's Brandes International and Matheson and Jardine, the British company that had excelled in the China Trade even before the New England Brahmins. "Matheson and Jardine knew that the Transcontinental Railroad punching through a Southern route laid out by Jefferson Davis in the 1850's at San Diego would cut months off of their shipments of oriental imports and opium reaching Europe.  They helped to back the building of that southern rail route in Texas in partnership with Uriah Lott, but the injection of the Civil War aimed at securing this route proved problematic.  The rise of the KKK stalled their takeover of the southern route to San Diego so the Northern rail barons pushed the route north through the  Rockies to San Francisco and with it, the upper hand in rail transportation. This halted the need for Reconstruction. The Brahmins used the period of Reconstruction to further stall the South's transporation ambitions and the Southern route was completed a full ten years after the golden spike completed the Rockie Mountain route.  The Southern Atlantic ports were out of luck and New England remained in power.  Charles Brandes was a disciple of Benjamin Graham, a relative of Warren Buffett.  That may be another connection to Graham Memorial Church in San Diego," said Colbachi noting that Buffet's hometown of Omaha, Nebraska was the key hub city in the northern Transcontinental railroad route.  "And don't forget that while we took over the China Trade from the Brits while sending Christian missionaries there to be our ambassadors of good will, Pearl S. Buck, the daughter of Christian missionaries to China wrote The Good Earth, returning to the States, she renounced her church affiliations and worked for better American China relations by helping Chinese orphans created partly by the very Opium Wars that we had continued," said Colbachi.
      "You are saying that our leaders would sacrifice American soldiers for a public relations ploy?" I asked Colbachi.
      "Read The Expendable Elite by Daniel Marvin.  Consider Pat Tillman, Jessica Lynch, Ted Westhusing," said Colbachi.
     “George H.W. Bush was USN,” I said,  “That’s right.  And Bones,” said Colbachi, “And Obama went not to San Diego to thank the Seals for the Osama kill, but to Fort Campbell, Kentucky, home of the helicopter unit from the National Guard where the new head of the CIA, General Patraeus, was struck with that mysterious bullet that was sewn up by Senator Dr. Thomas Frist.  Bush has the most modern aircraft carrier in the U.S. fleet named after him and Nero was building monuments and fiddling while Rome burned.  And not ten miles from Bush's place at the Ocean Reef Club in Key Largo, Florida Don Aranow was gunned down for supplying the U.S. DEA with boats capable of catching the very boats Aranow had already supplied to the drug runners.  You see a pattern here?” asked Colbachi.   "Randy Weaver was a Green Beret and Col. Bo Gritz, the most decorated soldier in Viet Nam says we were there for the Golden Triangle drugs and oil," said Colbachi. 
     I asked Colbachi if he could be more specific.  "Sure.  Running within this group you will find a cadre of civilians who are experts in ground, air and water hot rods.  Consider the Reno Air Show and the recent crash there that claimed nine lives.  As with NASCAR's connection to bootlegging, so the fast boats and planes have connections to smuggling that are historic.  That continues.  I'd look for close connections to the keys players in the San Diego/Coronado killings, or even in the reporting, not just to the George Reis/Gar Wood history, but to more recent history.  Are there people close to all of the key players, Reis, Reeves, the insurance agent, even the reporters covering or covering over the story in this sad tale to more recent murders, and by recent I'd say in the last twenty or so years.....from about the time of the Iran-Contra debacle, say about 1988, and the connections made by Gary Webb to the California smuggling operations from South of the border.   Remember that the Coronado USN Admiral that oversaw the entire Gulf of Tonkin incident during the Vietnam War was Adm. George S. Morrison, father of The Door's lead singer, Jim Morrison.  Morrison's unauthorized biographer was Danny Sugerman who married Oliver North's secretary, Fawn Hall, leading her into a cocaine addiction. Until his death Morrison's father lived in Coronado.  An attack on the Coronado history would be an attack on the US power elites themselves and if these murders were to send a message, that message could be going in either direction....either as a breaching or a fire-walling by one side or the other of the warring parties.   The murders of Mickey Thompson and his wife by Mike Goodwin come to mind, as well.    Thompson broke the 400 mph land speed record and was a Baja racer.  Following these speedsters is the same as saying 'follow the money.' My bet is that with drugs coming up from the Mexican cartels, just as opium products do from the orient through U.S. Navy protected California ports, you will find a clear connection of fast boats, cars and planes between San Diego, Coronado and Tijuana, Cabo San Lucas and Mazatlan.  In England where Jim Morrison, Jimi Hendrix and Janis Joplin played their last concerts at the Isle of Wight, a leading grocery chain like Trader Joe's is called Morrison's.  It's leadership comes predominantly from former Matheson and Jardine executives. Is there a family connection to Jim Morrison of the Doors and his father's family?  I don't know, but it's quite possible and there's that key connection of England and the Isle of Wight where Morrison, Hendrix and Joplin did their last concerts before dying of drug overdoses.  The Isle of Wight has a long history of pagan cult connections even with its close proximity to Plymouth and that city's importance to the departure of the Pilgrim Puritans looking for a New Jerusalem. This region of England has a longstanding interest in hydrofoils for speeding across the English Channel.  After World War II ferrying soldiers quickly across large bodies of water was seen as an important military tactic. The man in charge of the Manhattan Project with J. Robert Oppenheimer and General Leslie Groves was Vannevar Bush.  It's nearly inpossible to connect Vannevar to the Bush family, but the pumps used on the Manhattan project were built by Dresser Industries whose Bush family connections are clear.  Vannevar Bush was also keenly interested in hydrofoils for moving troops quickly across water and was President Truman's advisor on the new technology," said Colbachi.   
     Colbachi described the connection between the Admiral's son, Jim Morrison, to beat poet, Michael McClure whose galaxy of fellow poets included Jack Kerouac, Alan Ginsberg and William S. Burroughs, son of the founder of the National Cash Register Company and member of the German American Bund  that made up the "Business Plot" against FDR.  Noting that McClure and Burroughs often pounded the sand at Venice Beach where The Doors first practiced together in seaside condo, Colbachi  said "I still think that William S. Burroughs is related to Harold Burroughs Rhodes who created the first electric piano that The Doors' keyboarder, Ray Manzarek, made famous."
     Colbachi noted that The Doors’ recording of Break On Through To The Other Side has been characterized as their defining song.  Released in 1966, by 1968 even Anglican Bishops like James Albert Pike in San Francisco were writing spiritualist books containing the title....The Other Side: An Account of My Experiences With Psychic Phenomon.  Morrison’s close friend, Scottish poet Michael McClure, is recorded in the film Classic Albums: The Doors after reading the lyrics to this song says 'that’s a real positive statement,'  Then he quotes William Blake who said…. '…the road of excess leads to the palace of wisdom.'  Then McClure applies another Blake poem to Morrison, the Admiral’s son,  ‘…Blake said 'Prudence is a rich, ugly old maid courted by incapacity'  and I think Jim utterly lacks prudence.'  McClure smiled a toothy grin after saying it.  Of course few realize that Blake is a central figure to Alister Crowley’s Gnostic Mass which he considered the crowning achievement and the central rite of his Ordo Templi Orientis cult. William Blake, whose philosophy had been richly informed by the anti-monarchial reformers of the English Civil War era wrote… “Men are admitted into Heaven not because they have governed their passions or have no passions but because they have cultivated their understandings. The treasures of heaven are not negations of passion but realities of intellect from which all the passions emanate in their eternal glory," Colbachi quoted.   "Any way you cut it Blake makes heaven as much an earned destination as Crowley made of its opposite, which I believe negates the entire idea of it just as Crowley desired, but hey, I'm no expert.  But, of course, the monopolies that fed the passions and this whole cabaret of bizarre blitherings were the disguised monarchies that controlled and still control the highways, rail lines and shipping lanes leading towards capitals of re-enslavement," he said.  Colbachi also noted the connection between L. Ron Hubbard, the U.S. Naval intelligence officer and founder of Scientology and his wife Sara Northrup who had been involved with John Whiteside Parsons, the Cal Tech rocket scientist who was also a member of Crowley's Ordo Templi Orentist cult in California.  Northrup, who divorced Hubbard, maintained his mental, emotional and physical cruelty in the divorce petition including ritualistic torture and she charges that her child was kidnapped by Hubbard and two associates including the adopted son of famous Hollywood movie mogul, Cecil B. DeMille, Richard B. DeMille.

Colbachi smiled.  "And do you really think that excess leads to wisdom?  Since when?  It is like opium's or LSD's promise of freedom. There's the intial relief from pain and the initial expanded horizon and then comes the gut punch of realizing you're falling out of a twenty story building.  Excess leads to wisdom?  Wasn't that the original temptation?   McClure may smile for his dead friend, but I rather think that the young man was in agony given the double bind he was in, but it's war," said Colbachi relating this agony to the possibility of Reeve's situation and then doubting it.  "It's war, though it doesn't have to be, and as General Smedley Butler said 'war is a racket'."

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