Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Anthony Weiner Receives Conditional Backing of NYPD and NYFD Officers' Association

Weiner Salutes NY's Best, But Will Wife Deliver?

Anthony Weiner (r) and wife, Huma Abedin (l)

by Alfredo Lanza Fetucini CPW News Service

     The New York City Police and Fire Fighter's Associations have agreed to throw their support behind Anthony Weiner for Mayor even though he announced on Wednesday, July 24th that he was sexting his penis after resigning from the U.S. Congress for sexting his penis.

    "We were initially against Weiner," said Josh McClelland and Ernie "Hoseman" Farlucci for the two highly celebrated law enforcement and fire fighting organizations.  "Not since Mayor Rudy Giuliani dressed in drag or Bernie Kerik went to jail for corruption just after being rejected as George Walker Bush's Director of Homeland Security have we had so much excitement," said McClelland.  "That's right," said Farlucci who added  "the support came on the heels of Mrs. Weiner's promise to start sexting her breasts.  It's not about Anthony Weiner's weiner anymore,  it's about her," said Farlucci.

     Mrs. Jackson Dada Pollock, of Concerned Citizens For New York, asked the officers "aren't you going to make a laughing stock of this fine city, the diamond in the crown of the Empire State?"

"A city's mayor must project a certain image representative
of the people he leads." -Ernie "Hoseman" Farlucci

     "Mayor Giuliani should have thought about that a long time ago and if he didn't tank our image, the Wizards of Wall Street and their credit default mumbo jumbo sure as hell did," said McClelland.

Don Imus, Bo Dietl and Bernard McGuirk..."Drop our Weiner before you tank
our city's image....you slime ball."
     New Yorker, Don Imus, of Fox Business News was asked for his comment, but he was at his ranch in New Mexico where he says he will stay for the foreseeable future.  His spokesperson said "He'd rather be stepping in the bull xxxx out here than the bull xxxx in Manhattan."

    Meanwhile, Imus' right hand man, Bernard McGuirk and frequent quest and former NYPD detective and self-professed friend of John Gotti, appeared on Fox News' Hannity program to implore Weiner to withdraw from the New York Mayor's race before he totally tanks the city's already tarnished image.

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