Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Saturday, July 6, 2013

John McCain Takes Renegade Stance Against Egyptian Moderates and Military

Master of the Flaming Fighter Aims For Another

by Shepherd Burton for CPW News Services

     On the surface it looks like a coup d'etat.   Following the ousting of loyal American-backed dictator, Hosni Mubarak, during whose regime the Muslim Brotherhood rose to power, that same Brotherhood surfaced following the Arab Spring to dominate political processes in Egypt.   During the 2012 overthrow the Egyptian military's top brass, many educated in the U.S and trained in U.S. tactical and strategic military philosophy were in the U.S. and substantially detached from the events in Cairo.

    Wael Ghonin, the Google executive who was jailed during the initial uprising for opening a Facebook page on the events stated: “There was no Muslim Brotherhood presence in organizing these protests.  It was all spontaneous, voluntary. Even when the Muslim Brotherhood decided to take part it was their choice to do so. This belongs to the Egyptian youth.”

     CIA agent and author of Syriana and Sleeping With the Devil: How Washington Sold Our Soul For Saudi Crude, Robert Baer, has made clear that the Muslim Brotherhood came to prominence during the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan.  The Brotherhood was initially a U.S. ally and within its ranks emerged Al Qaeda and Osama Bin Laden who fought with the Mujahidin in Charlie Wilson's war...which was really the Bush/Reagan War.  "That today John McCain and members of the Brookings Institute are decrying the dangers of backing the Egyptian military and their moderate Islamists is a travesty," said Seymore Klearly of the Foundation for Human Toleration and Progress.

     According to Klearly the Muslim Brotherhoods roots in Islam date back to the 1920's and to the rise of the Grand Mufti in Iraq who would become Adolf Hitler's agent in the Middle East.  This was confirmed by John O. Rogge's Official German Report published in 1967, but which covered his investigation into the German American Bund and "Business Plot" that would have been in the U.S. a military coup that would have used Smedley Darlington Butler as its leader.  He refused, blew the whistle and wrote War Is A Racket.  This also means according to Klearly that the remnants of the "Business Plotters" had used their ally, the Muslim Brotherhood, throughout the Middle East including the creation of Al Qaeda for use in Afghanistan to fight the Russians.    The anger of Egyptians against the Muslim Brotherhood reveals, therefore, a progressive movement and the Egyptian military have acted in the initial removal of Mubarak, as with the Brotherhood, with remarkable restraint.  Klearly sees the Muslim Brotherhood as a force not unlike the John Birch Society or KKK in America.

    "Baer has also noted that when a CIA agent, Matthew Gannon, found out that CIA foot-soldiers in the Middle East knew nothing about the Muslim Brotherhood and Al Qaeda's history he decided to return to Washington to press the CIA brass for answers.  Gannon boarded Pan American flight 103 which blew up over Lockerbie, Scotland," said Klearly.  "The CIA's top brass does not like questions from anyone, particularly their own," said Klearly who questions the official explanation about Pan Am 103.  "Anything is possible with respect to the Lockerbie explosion," he concluded. 

     Fouad Ajami, a Sr. Fellow at Stanford University's Hoover Institution and a member of the Muslim Brotherhood, has said "we should never think that we could extricate it, or that anyone could extricate the roots of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. They run deep.  Right to the late 1920's.  The Muslim Brotherhood should always be in the game and many of the liberals who if you will, begrudge the Brotherhood's influence they ran for elections against the Brotherhood and lost."
Klearly said, "Yes, which means that with Mr. Ajami sitting on the Hoover Institute with its ties to the American conservatism of Donald Rumsfeld and Condoleezza Rice who claimed like Gannon to know nothing about Al Qaeda, the reasons for Gannon's confusion were laid bare.  When Al Qaeda and Osama Bin Laden flew up the U.S. drug supply lines through flight training schools in Florida and elsewhere with a long history of supplying drug smuggling bush pilots, Bin Laden and Al Qaeda was shown to be to the Muslim Brotherhood who with the U.S. secret establishments support of Mubarak and Morkey, what William Ayers and the Weathermen were to the U.S. Military Industrialist Complex forty years earlier.  Al Qaeda didn't just turn on the Muslim Brotherhood, but on the Muslim Brotherhood's handlers in the U.S.. The new Egyptians don't want to serve a resurrected pharaoh anymore than you or I do and who can blame them?  That's real progress," said Klearly.

     "What is John McCain thinking?  McCain who decried the incivility of  America's extreme cage fighting as brutal blood sport and then withdrew his critique....McCain who chose Sarah Palin as his running mate is telling the Egyptian military what?  The Egyptian military and the moderate majority are playing the statesman's role in rejecting their own history of succumbing to Pharaohs and dictators and McCain sees that as undeserving of our help?   So we kick them when they most need our help?", asked Klearly.

     "It is my understanding," said Klearly that during the first sortie over North Vietnam after the Gulf of Tonkin Affair, pilots were told not to risk collateral damage or death and to abort should they find themselves confronted by a surface to air missile.  John McCain, an Admiral's son and grandson did not heed this order and attempted to deliver his Skyhawk's payload as a missile trailed.  His was the only plane lost in that sortie, but in all he had lost 5 U.S. Navy aircraft.....a statistical impossibility for any active duty serviceman with any hope of a career as a pilot," said Klearly.

    "Well if the one nation on earth that we historically associate in Biblical proportions with the dysfunctions of top down, pyramidal, monarchial, dictatorial models of leadership and economic slavery had a dry run in figuring out just who the Muslim Brotherhood was and is, then that's real political progress on their way to a brighter future," said Klearly.  "John McCain need not crash and burn again.  Just shut the hell up!" said Klearly. "You should have been grounded long ago!"

     "As for the Brookings Institute taking a stance against progress in Egypt, what do you expect?" asked Klearly.  Brookings current Director, Nelson Strobridge Talbott III was educated at Hotchkiss (Henry Luce, Henry Ford II, Robert Bork, Porter Goss) and at Yale he was the editor of the Yale Daily News, a position previously held by Henry Luce and William F. Buckley.  Talbott's immediate successor at Brookings was Bush family strong arm, Richard Armitage," said Klearly.  "I can only imagine that Nelson Strobridge Talbott III sees himself as a kind of Ramses III," said Klearly with a chuckle, "And worships in his closet a black cat named 'Crystal' which he hopes to be buried with beneath a pyramid in Arlington National or better yet, Spring Grove Cemetery in Ohio," said Klearly.

     "Brookings has recently entered into an organic relationship with Washington University of St. Louis, Missouri," said Klearly.  "Phyllis Schafly, the anti-feminist member of the John Birch Society is a Washington University alumni as is William Webster one of the few people to have been both CIA and FBI Director.  More importantly, William Webster was the main obstacle to the Tower Commission investigation into the Iran-Contra Affair refusing to release documents as well as holding up the Walsh Report.  Given our nation's sorry record of statesmanship in Central and South America and given Webster's attempts to derail investigations in the Abu Ghraib torture scandal, it's clear that McCain and Brookings are not looking out for the best interests of Egypt nor the U.S.."


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