Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Monday, July 1, 2013



by Wiley Khai Yotee   CPW News Services

PLC Communications Inc., in Alexandria, Virginia guarantees its clients that their communications whether telephone, cell-phone, email or fax are excluded from NSA or other data mining programs of the U.S. government.

"PLC stands for Physicians, Lawyers and Clergy's Communications Inc. and as anyone in America knows including James Comey, James Clapper or the Attorney General that communications between a person's lawyer, clergy person or physician is protected by a higher level of privacy than the general public.  Our service contract establishes an official legal and binding relationship with respect to legal counsel, medical counsel and spiritual counsel for all three disciplines.  We feel that this will help to strengthen privacy rights in the U.S. in as much as all communication with our clients are subject to our professional scrutiny and we take a very dim view of their records being open to Mr. Clapper's clap trapping," said Will I. Evertell, chief legal counsel for PLC.   Evertell is a graduate of NYU Law School, of Northwestern University Medical School, and Perkins Theological Seminary.

"Mr. Evertell has 2.5 million subscribers waiting and he is pressuring ATT, Verizon and all other U.S. communication providers to exclude his client list from any government intrusion without due process.   This will require the reinstatement of Habeus Corpus for this group while likely increasing citizen awareness of rule of law, medical representation and religious affiliation," said Bowman A. Didley a Verison spokesman.

We asked Evertell to verify the size of his client list.  "That was a month ago," said Evertell.  "Today we have a list of 22.5 million angry Americans and growing.  We are the only corporation to my knowledge that incorporates the power of these three disciplines and the long established tradition of attorney, physician and clergy in a  client/patient/parishioner agreement under the corporate veil to insure the sanctity of personal privacy.  When HIPPA laws regulating patient/physician information appear violated, the attorney/client privilege kicks in, and when those appear in jeopardy, the clergy/parishioner privacy is sacrosanct," he concluded.  "The only thing stronger is the one known as the 'Mute Rule'....'four people can keep a secret when three of them are dead," said Evertell.

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