Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Saturday, July 6, 2013



by Simon Bolivar Agua Dulce CPW News Service

     After the daughter of George Walker Bush traveled to a large family ranch in Paraguay near the head waters of the Amazon River, eyes turned to the earlier Bechtel water wars with Bolivian citizen who sit on top of one of the largest Lithium deposits in the world. Bechtel was going to provide through the initiative of the World Bank, once headed by Larry Summers' colleague within the Bush cabinet,  Paul Wolfowitz, a plan for Bolivia's future water needs and Lithium distribution. Lithium is used in the resilient Lithium-Ion batteries that power electronic devices and automobiles.  Water is essential for all of life on planet earth. Former U.S. Navy Seal and Minnesota Governor, Jesse Ventura, has spoken with clarity about the trillion dollar Lithium deposit located in Afghanistan as justification for our continued presence there.

    Following Wolfowitz's two years as the head of the World Bank, appointed by George Walker Bush, the Nobel Prize winning economist for the World Bank, Joseph Stiglitz said "The World Bank will once again become a hate figure."  The Bechtel initiative in Bolivia would mean that the U.S. could avoid paying a sovereign nation a fair price for its resources.  "We used to call that piracy, now we call it capitalism, but with the fall of the Berlin Wall it's a hollow premise and the real motives are laid bare," said one critic of Bush and Obama policies and of the persecution of Edward Snowden.  "Snowden has joined the ranks of Julian Assange and Daniel Ellsberg, but Snowden told the American people not their Pentagon's papers were being assessed, but that their own personal telephone conversations and emails are being assessed and warehoused by an increasingly fascist leadership," the critic continued.

   In 2000, Bolivia's president Hugo Banzer, bolstered by the Bush 43* election had used the police and military to crush opposition to Bechtel's plan.  Bechtel had been headed by Secretary of State George Schultz.  The plan backed by Banzer, the World Bank and Bechtel was so draconian that Bechtel would supply Bolivia's water for about 20% of their average monthly income in perpetuity.  The citizens of Bolivia had to agree that even the rainwater belonged to Bechtel and the Banzer government.  The Lithium connect while unstated was as obvious as the oil under Iraq and the poppies in Afghanistan.  Bolivians revolted replacing Banzer with Evo Morales.

   "Why the hell a national gutsy young patriot like Edward Snowden has to go to Bolivia to be branded a communist is beyond reason.  This is what a nation gets when it trusts in infinite nihilism.  For Christ's sake if this is what the future holds for the U.S. count me in Snowden's camp," said Vince Packard who writes for La Voz de los Perros

   Packard believes that this was a simple attempt to control the Bolivian's Lithium by controlling their water.  "The large Bush family ranch is in the same region of Paraguay where Sun Yun Moon, head of the Unification Church and multi-million-dollar backer of GWB while in and out of office, bought an 8 million acre ranch," said Packard.

   "Wolfowitz, the Bush neo-con, was the primary backer of the Bush Doctrine.  That doctrine is nothing more than the policies of national embarrassment and anti-statesman thievery and money grabbing that has sent the U.S. military into disarray, our standing as a world leader into question and the nation into a philosophical morass. William Walker  hiding behind the Monroe Doctrine used his misguided patriotism to dish out misery and pain for his family's profit," said Packard.  "That's essentially the Bush Doctrine.  By definition the frontiersmen in America needing their own water were communists.  Brand me a communist with a big 'C' in the middle of my forehead," said Packard.

    As Secretary of State, George Schultz testified before Congress during the Iran Contra hearings essentially helping to give Ronald Reagan a pass for his part in the CIA-backed plot to fund death squads in Honduras and Nicaragua.  Called "Iran-Contra",  guns and missles were exchanged  for Iranian hostages and cocaine profits and inflated weapons values funded the Contras fighting to depose a freely elected leader in Nicaragua.  The recent ousting of Honduras' elected leader and his replacement by Roberto Micheletti until Porofirio 'Pepe' Lobo Sosa  replaced Micheletti brought U.S. compliance in Honduran foreign policy, but also proved fatal to many Micheletti and Sosa opponents.

     Dr. Pat R. Gonea noting the similarities in the Bolivian and Honduran situations wrote: "The elected leader of Honduras was in exile in Brazil and a CIA shill named Micheletti held down the Presidency.  The government went to Porfirio 'Pepe' Lobo Sosa.   Roberto Micheletti's and Sosa's critics began dying in Honduras after Sosa replaced Jose Manuel Zayala who while in exile resigned his presidency in a letter he claims he never wrote.   As part of a coalition of South American countries joined together against what they have always felt was William Walker's influence.  They include Cuba, Venezuela and Bolivia. Bolivia was especially sensitive to American  intervention because of the Bechtel "water wars" and the temptation to exploit Bolivia for its vast Lithium deposits.  The articles called for the exhumation of William Walker's body from Cementerir Viejo in Trujillo, Honduras for confirmation of Walker's relationship to GHWB.  It looks to me that Micheletti whose father was from Lombardy, Italy and who spent much of the 1970's in Tampa, Florida and New Orleans, Louisiana, was the resurrection of the Batista criminal class in Central America holding off what will be argued was Zayala's leftists.  It's a big merry-go-round, without much that's merry.   I assume that it wasn't in the best interest of someone in the U.S. State Department to allow Zayala's resistance.  Perhaps they are afraid that they cannot make a palatable distinction between the Monroe Doctrine and a modern Aaron Burr or William Walker annexation attempt and so cloak it all under the dialectic of left-right politics.  It's there that William Walker's family and constellations of corporations can hide their motives quite nicely."

    "It will be argued that Snowden is giving aid and comfort to our enemies," said Dr. Gonea.  "But just what did Bolivia or Honduras ever do to us?  Drink OUR water?  Not give us their Lithium?", asked Packard

    "If Snowden decides he's had enough and wants to put his mind to rest he'll have plenty of Lithium in Bolivia to do that....it also an anti-psychotic drug.... but he may not have the water to wash it down with," said Gonea.

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