Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Wednesday, February 6, 2013


Killer of Chris Kyle May Have Had More Than PTSD

by Peter Pezonus for CPW News Service

     Eddie Ray Routh, the expert Marine marksman who killed America’s most lethal SEAL sniper may have had more going on than PTSD.  According to his sister and brother-in-law,  Gaines and Laura Routh Blevins, while Eddie said that “I traded my soul for a new truck,” he also said “we were out shooting target practice and I couldn’t trust them so I killed them before they could kill me.”
     Routh’s sister and her husband advised Routh to turn himself in.  Instead, he told them he was going to Oklahoma to flee authorities.

     This is not the first time in the recent past that a murderer  has fled to Oklahoma to avoid authorities following a high profile killing linked to SEAL territory in California.  In 2008 Christopher Bryan Ablett murdered the leader of California’s Hell’s Angels, Mark "Papa" Guardado.  Ablett, a member of the California-based Mongols Motorcycle Club drove to Bartlesville, Oklahoma to seek the security of a friendly rival motorcycle gang, the Bandidos.  Both the Mongols and Bandidos, called “one-per-centers” along with the California based Hell’s Angels because of their commitment to an outlaw lifestyle that fewer than 1% of the human population embraces, are not anglophiles like the Hell’s Angels.  Hell’s Angels forbid blacks and Hispanics from joining. 
     Former Minnesota Governor,  Jesse Ventura, is a self-professed card-carrying member of the Mongols which he claims he joined the year after he left the San Diego based USN SEALS.  It was in nearby Coronado, California at McP’s Irish Pub that Chris Kyle reportedly struck Jesse Ventura in 2006, an incident that Kyle made public the week that his book, American Sniper, was released from San Francisco based Harper Collins.  Ventura claimed that the incident never happened and sued Kyle.

     Dr. Marvin Powers of the Center for the Promotion of Peaceful Terrorism said “There is some really bad blood between these motorcycle gangs.  In 2006, Anthony William Benesh III, was attempting to start a Hell’s Angel’s chapter in Austin, Texas.  He was told by Bandidos not to wear the Hell’s Angel’s death head insignia in Austin.  Around 7 p.m. on March 8th, Benesh was leaving Soccone’s Pizzeria in Northwest Austin where he and his wife and two boys, ages 9 and 11, had just finished dinner.  Stepping into his truck Benesh was struck in the head by a sniper’s bullet in front of his children and wife.  If Chris Kyle was somehow associated with the Hell’s Angels and Eddie Ray Routh had been recruited in San Diego or elsewhere by the Mongols or in Texas by the Bandidos, you had the makings of a gang battle hidden within the convenient diagnosis of PTSD,” said Powers who noted that the killer of Benesh was still at-large while Ablett turned himself in to the Bartlesville, Oklahoma police seeking their protection.
     The Fox News reporter who claims that 911 was a drug deal gone bad and who goes by the name "Flapping Jowls" reported that Bartlesville, Oklahoma is a Bandido stronghold and the Bandidos and Mongols share a hatred of the Hell's Angels.  "That's clearly why Ablett bolted there after killing Papa G, but ironically, Bartlesville is also home of the Conocophillips Petroleum Company on whose board is Bush family strongman, Richard Armitage, and whose VP was the brother of former Texas Congressman, Tom DeLay.  "The murder of Chris Kyle may be the same drug deal gone bad," said Flapping Jowls who noted that all of the bikers in this case could be pawns in a sick game controlled by even "bigger bad asses who keep all the little pawns on a short string at the street level drug spiggot."

Anthony William Benesh III (l) Hell's Angel murdered in
Austin, Texas in 2006.  Christopher Bryan Ablett (c) Mongol
who fled California to Bartlesville, Oklahoma after
murdering leader of the San Francisco based
Hell's Angels, Mike "Papa" Guardado (r) in 2008.
    “I would want to know from those who know both men well, whether they were involved with these motorcycle gangs.  If Chris Kyle, whose company is named 'Craft' used a skull as its insignia, was  he hopeful of getting a pop for the sale of his book with the announcement of an altercation with Jesse Ventura in Coronado, and if Kyle was like gonzo journalist, Hunter S. Thompson embedded with the Hell’s Angels….and you must remember that the HA’s  are headquartered in San Francisco….which is home to anglophile power elites like Myron Du Bain, then all hell could break loose with Mongolian goulash hitting the proverbial fan.   The Kyle and Ventura altercation was reported to have happened in 2006, but not reported until 2012 six years later when Kyle's book was published.  San Francisco resident and President of Fireman's Fund Insurance Co. also a member of the Pacific Institute where Donald Rumsfeld worked, Du Bain, the OSS and CIA related president of the Stanford Research Institute which conducted the black ops studies that included the use of LSD and other drugs in mind control, was close to Wally Hilliard whose Venice, Florida Huffman Flight School trained Mohammad Atta and two other 911 hijackers.  Flapping Jowls reported that  Du Bain and former Secretary of State George Schultz, both residents of San Francisco, helped the owner of the Misery Plantation where Abolitionist Frederick Douglas was tortured, former U.S. Defense Secretary, Donald Rumsfeld, to find work when he wasn’t working for the U.S. government.
     On March 8, 2008 Phillip Stannard of the San Francisco Chronicle  wrote after Christopher Ablett turned himself in to the Bartlesville Sheriff Tom Holland. "Why Ablett would be in Oklahoma - nearly 1,800 miles from San Francisco - is unknown, Holland said. Bartlesville is a kind of island, a relatively large town 40 miles north of Tulsa that is surrounded by tiny agricultural communities. Most of the people in town work for ConocoPhillips, which bought out Phillips Petroleum Co. and its Bartlesville headquarters years ago.    Holland said his detectives believe there are a couple of former Mongols or sympathizers living around Bartlesville, perhaps giving Ablett a local connection. But Ablett could just as easily have friends or family in the area, the chief said - or simply have been passing through."
     In fact, Oklahoma had a longstanding relationship with the Bandidos.  In the 1970's Connecticut native Edward Winterhalder, a U.S. Army alum,  moved to Oklahoma to begin the first chapter of Bandidos.  In the 1990's in Canada, the Hells Angels declared war on all other motorcycle gangs in Canada.  Soon over 160 bikers were dead.  Winterhalder who has written extensively about the battles, was responsible for assimilating the strongest Canadian opponent of the Hell's Angels into the Oklahoma and Texas based Bandidos.

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