Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Edward Snowden's Legal Defense Team

Daniel Sheehan, Gerry Spence and Jonathan Turley To Defend Edward Snowden?

Gerry Spence, Jonathan Turley, Daniel Sheehan

By Percy Haynes Foreman CPW News Service

     With the announcement that U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder will not seek the death penalty and that he will appoint Edward Snowden a suitable attorney, speculation as to which attorney would provide an unbiased defense of Mr. Snowden has become a major issue for the American Civil Liberties Union and a plethora of citizen’s groups.

U.S. Senator Frank Church (l)
and CIA Director William Colby (r)

     Citizens for Restoring Habeas Corpus have joined with the Citizens for the Resurrection of CB Radios and Homing Pigeons.  John Birdwell of the later group stated, “Mr. Snowden has admittedly not revealed the U.S. intelligence community's “family jewels” as did Senator Frank Church and CIA Director, Bill Colby.  While Bill Colby died a mysterious death which his son has argued was a simple accident, nobody hauled Frank Church to court for being a whistle blower, nor Mr. Colby before his drowning.  Doesn’t, therefore, Mr. Snowden deserve the very best impartial legal representation that the American citizens' group we have created for his defense, No Snow Job for Snowden, can secure?” asked Birdwell.  Birdwell wondered what civil statute Eric Holder would invoke in order to prevent Edward Snowden from choosing his own defense attorney/s.  


"Snowden might as well have Trayvon Martin's prosecution team defending him if Holder appoints an attorney for him," said Birdwell who believes that the death of Trayvon Martin and the subsequent trial and jury verdict was a travesty including Holder's responses to the case.  "That case had all the markings of a fight promoted by the military industrial complex's trust fund babies," said Birdwell noting the location of the Zimmerman/Martin case (Florida where like Texas the "Stand Your Ground" and "Castle" laws were test cases for citizen-on-citizen brutality).  "Florida is a state with deep ties to George W. Bush, Jeb Bush and even the new Governor, Richard Scott, who came from Texas while the Bush family history connects to the Walker Colt pistol, the brainchild of Samuel Hamilton Walker and loved by Samuel Prescott Bush who was in charge of supplying ammunition to the U.S. military during World War I.  Historically the family connects to renegade filibusterer and proponent of the Golden Circle of Slavery in the Caribbean basin, William Walker, who was staunchly defended by President Franklin Pierce who connects to the Barbara Pierce Bush side of the family....not to mention that GWB's grandfather worked for E.H Harriman whose wife funded the deeply racist eugenics program at Cold Spring Harbor, New York.   The son of early Florida Governor, Burr Duval, was a close Samuel Hamilton Walker associate as was Samuel Colt," said Birdwell.  "Richard Scott, like Mitt Romney, loves vulture capitalism.  Why else did his company, Columbia/HCA, in which Scott's partner, Richard Rainwater, a co-owner with George Walker Bush in the Texans' baseball franchise, receive the largest Medicare fraud fine in U.S. history at $1.7 billion dollars?" asked Birdwell noting "Scott makes a vulture look like Julia Childs."


     "With the imminent departure of Holder and the arrival of James Comey who was a supporter of MItt Romney we will see vulture capitalism being applied to the U.S. Justice Department," said Birdwell who uses homing pigeons to communicate with his closest associates.

Oliver North, John Poindexter, Caspar Weinberger, Eliot Abrams
     Birdwell would like to see the defense team of Gerry Spence, Daniel Sheehan and Jonathan Turley working for Mr. Snowden.  Spence represented Karen Silkwood who was not told of the government’s radiation poisoning she received from a regulated U.S. nuclear facility.  Sheehan’s notoriety was scored in his work for Daniel Ellsberg and his outing of the U.S. government’s role in the Iran-Contra drugs for weapons for hostages that was verified by Gary Webb’s Dark Alliance and validated by the convictions of Oliver North, John Poindexter, Eliot Abrams and Caspar Weinberger.  Jonathan Turley, a constitutional law scholar who has taken on the government’s Area 51, would round out the legal team for Edward Snowden.


     "I wouldn't be at all surprised to see resurrected as the government's prosecution team leader, Michael Bromwich, the Iran-Contra prosecutor who insured that the Iran-Contra government-gone-wild-melt-down didn't result in an impeachment trial, a criminal conviction and  need for a presidential pardon by the Reagan/Bush successor," said Birdwell.  When the Joe Horn case came up in Houston, a case that focused on "The Castle Law" as Zimmerman's had on the "Stand Your Ground Law" in Florida, Michael Bromwich was in Houston "helping" to correct the problems at the Harris County Medical Examiner's Office left by former Washington D.C. ME, Dr. Joyce Carter, who was in office when the Danny Casalaro "suicide" effectively kept the lid on the explosive Iran-Contra debacle, according to Birdwell.


     Appearing on CNN with Candy Crowley (no admitted relation to Satanist, Aleister Crowley) Diane Feinstein, Chair of the Senate Intelligence Committee, argued that Snowden handed the most sensitive information he could acquire....which she claims he planned well before working for the NSA....and took it to our World War II ally, Russia and our other World War II ally, China...."from which like the Brits we made fortunes from the sale of Indian, Pakistani, Afghanistani and Turkish opium," said Birdwell,  "and in the process of a significant treaty violation negotiated by American opium smuggler, Caleb Cushing, betrayed any idea of fair play and government protection of citizenry."
     "The legal team that we are planning to assemble for Snowden know all about betrayal of America's core values," said Birdwell who is hoping will use the "Good Will Hunting" defense.  "Who's to say that the NSA damage creators and controllers didn't route Snowden through these nations for the PR value of the obvious 'pile on'.....and when Candy Crowley and Diane Feinstein pile on that is truly a flattening experience," said Birdwell who claims that just as NRP had provided a microphone for author David Baldacci  to jump on the Snowden pile, "CNN filters, packages and repackages the truth, presenting it in homely, bulbous bundles for the feeding frenzied gullible couch-sitting mindless."

Heavy weights Diane Feinstein and Candy Crowley piling on to Edward Snowden's appeal for asylum.


    Birdwell invoked the words of Senator Frank Church in prophetically cautioning the American people, as has Snowden, of the dangers of the NSA's ability to  invade....as had the British in their "quartering laws"  the citizen's homes when Church said....

'That capability at any time could be turned around on the American people, and no American would have any privacy left, such is the capability to monitor everything: telephone conversations, telegrams, it doesn't matter. There would be no place to hide.  If a dictator ever took over, the NSA could enable it to impose total tyranny, and there would be no way to fight back.'"
     “Our prayers and concerns for Edward Snowden cannot be more seriously registered than in our willingness to put his defense team together.  One that is able to put Edward Snowden's simple whistle blowing into greater context,” said Birdwell who is hopeful that the wife of U.S. drone pilot, Mrs. Simon Megs, will at some point be called as witness to illustrate the problem of what Birdwell calls "Government-Gone Wild".  "As Sheehan had done in helping with the defense of Daniel Ellsberg in the Pentagon Papers Case, the same must be done to help Snowden.  Those were the Pentagon's papers.  THESE ARE MY PAPERS  AND EMAILS, TEXTS AND PHONE CALLS!" shouted Birdwell frightening his cage of eighty carrier pigeons.

     "If the threat of Islamic terrorism is justification for our losing our cherished liberties, I say 'live with the threat of the Islamists,'" said Birdwell, "at least they are an uncertainty.  These others are bona fide nut cakes."

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