Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Friday, February 11, 2011

Obama Celebrates Egyptian Revolution and Pledges to Investigate U.S. Complicity in Mubarak's Abuses

American Arsenal of Freedom Clearly Used to Oppress Through Mubarak Regime and Obama "Don't Want That Ball!"

by Winsip Custer CPW News Service

Citing the errant training that was provided to him by Ronald Reagan, George Herbert Walker Bush, Bill Clinton and George Walker Bush, President Obama pleaded with the American people to be lenient with his inexperience and spinelessness in not admitting the U.S.'s complicity in supporting Mubarak's repressive regime for thirty years.

"Thirty years isn't so long. I might as well have been a slave overseer, but what the heck? You think I'm going to stand up to our military and the big boys who are behind them hiding behind their corporate structures and billions in oil, chemicals, munitions and other power resources. You think I want to be lynched in the Rose Garden by the Secret Service? I wasn't born yesterday. Why do you think I kept Gates as our Secretary of Defense? He wasn't hiding the family jewels down there at Texas A&M University, home of the Bush Presidential Library for nothing. I don't want to hack off the Bonesmen and their henchmen. What? You think I'm nuts? I've been taking tap dancing lessons from tapes of Gene Kelly and Sammy Davis Jr. and I'm still having trouble dancing around this horrible position our nation is in. Good grief. The Egyptian's leading general was at our Pentagon when the whole thing came down. They might have come to the White House for an unscheduled visit. If our military mission turned a blind eye to the problems of the average Egyptian in order to bring stability to the region and big bucks into Mubarak's pocket and the pockets of our big boys.....what am I suppose to do about it?" said Obama, "give Michelle and girls Karate lessons?

"What do you think we were suppose to do? Be like George Washington and Thomas Jefferson? They owned slaves. Okay, like John Brown then? Wasn't he supported by the same guys, George Luther Stearns for example, who were making money off the Civil War by providing lead for bullets? That's the same guys that support our military missions today. Heck for all I know John Brown is part of the Brown & Root family.....KBR and all that. I'm suppose to challenge that as America's leader? I'm sorry, but if that's what I was suppose to be as leader of the free world, Obama don't want that ball. But I will appoint a commission to investigate....headed by Secretary of Defense Gates with Elliott Abrams, John Negroponte, Former Ambassador to Egypt, Edward Walker, with George W. Bush, Bill Clinton, George Herbert Walker Bush, Former Secretaries of State George Schultz and James A. Baker to tell us all just how sneaky that damn Hosni Mubarak was in pulling the wool over our pure and innocent eyes.  Unfortunately, President Jimmy Carter declined participation as did Google's VP  Wael Ghonim," said Mr. Obama.

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