Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Tuesday, February 15, 2011



by Winsip Custer CPW News Service

"The American dim-wits have a memory about
 this long,"said Rumsfeld to the Keystone
Cop-like tag-team
hosting Monday morning's Fox & Friends
American voters have gotten what they deserve and voted for....nose-picking eugenicists who have turned the American Dream into a nightmare by using the media outlet, FOX NEWS, to white wash the Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld era,  repainting it as the reason for the Egyptian Revolution.  Architect of Abu Ghraib Prison, Donald Rumsfeld, appearing on Fox & Friends on Tuesday, February 15, sent a valentine to the nation.  "We're the sweethearts who made the progress in Egypt possible."  He was referring to George W. Bush's administration including Dick and Lynne Cheney who would join Rumsfeld at his home for dinner on Sunday Night with Fox New's, Juan Williams.  Rumsfeld's home, Mount Misery Plantation, was where American abolitionist Frederick Douglas was renditioned before being returned to the Southern slave plantation from which he had escaped.

"Rumsfeld's story was as plausible as John De Murdia's novel Jack The Ripper Is Your Friend or Carlyle P Pudriollo's Great Recipes from Jeffrey Dahlmer's Kitchen.  It's as if someone has rerouted the plumbing and the toilet pipes have deposited their previously flushed contents in the middle of your living room.  Thank you Fox News," said one viewer.

The day before Rumsfeld's appearance on Fox & Friends, on Sunday, February 13th, Chris Wallace, son of Mike Wallace whose capacity to boot-lick was passionately played by Christopher Plummer in the Academy Award winning The Insider, and Juan Williams double teamed the nation and attempted to sell the complimenting story that Mrs. Dick Cheney, Lynne, delivered the speech heard round the world....the one, whichever that was, that challenged the Egyptian people to rebel and create a whole new era for themselves on the world stage.  The supporting video of Dick Cheney tauting his wife's accomplishments miscued on air and instead a news clip of Vice-President Joseph Biden, appearing to egg-on the Iranians to rebel, appeared in its place, thus showing that Biden and the Obama administration were slow in the uptake to the freedom fighting valentines, Dick and Lynne Cheney, who humbly took credit for the new wave of Egyptian sanity.  The Cheney's had helped the Egyptians to reclaim their nation from the thirty years of renditioning by America's leadership through at least five presidents including....human rights violations, repression, boogie-man-making and the secret renditioning that led CIA agent and author, Robert Baer, to say "If you wanted them tortured you sent them to Syria.  If you wanted them to disappear you sent them to Egypt."

Meanwhile a secret poll conducted by the advertising and public relations assessment firm of Turner, Grogen and Collie Inc. revealed a poll indicating that 86% of Fox New watchers are under two years of  age, mentally challenged or in the early stages of dementia. "The other 14% are in the shower or kitchen....or perhaps the dog sat on the TV controller," said Michael J. Turner who conducted the study.  "When taken side by side with the Rumsfeld appearance on Fox and Juan William's comments to Bill O'Reilly about people in Muslim garb breeding fear on airplanes which landed him the high paying Fox job, we see the mind-control-spinning-media-dervish laid bare.  What can I say folks.  It's all a sham and brain-dead people like shams.  It takes their minds....or what passes as a mind....off of reality....whatever that is."

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