Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Elliott Abrams Reminds America Of George W. Bush's Concern For Freedom of Speech in Egypt

Abrams Still Thankful For George H.W. Bush's Pardon for
Iran-Contra Affair

Elliott Abrams being sworn
in during Congressional
Iran-Contra hearings which
led to his indictment.

by Winsip Custer CPW News Service

Writing for the Washington Post on January 29th, former Iran-Contra player, Elliott Abrams, reminded Americans that George W. Bush took the high road when it came to Hosni Mubarak's shadowy suppression of free speech and open elections. Of course the high road was still about like New Orleans' Jefferson Highway in the days weeks and months following Katrina.

Elliott Abrams, who along with John Poindexter and Oliver North were pardoned by George W. Bush's father for their part in the Iran-Contra arms for hostages (with some cocaine thrown in that back of the planes) deal, has seen the light condensed from the thousands points of light that missed him during his work in the Bush Sr. White House. "Well, those lights were infra-red, but I can tell you from experience that things like death squads and ripping people out their homes as happened in Central America during the Iran-Contra fiasco is not good for democratic processes, especially when communism falls under its own weight anyway and I can tell you right here and now that had we not been stopped then, we'd look like old Hosni now cause we were the greediest bunch of scum suckers you've ever seen, but people change. Little George got it right when he confronted Hosni, even if it came in 2008, eight years after he came to office and about twenty-eight years into Hosni's helping our secret renditioning programs that some say was going on there like the death squads in Central America. They don't know everything. How could they? Hip, hip, hooray for GWB's excellent foresight in renouncing Hosni Mubarak and God bless us all," said Abrams who is reportedly trying to help Mr. Mubarak and his family determine whether they will move to a small island nation in the Indian Ocean or to Mr. and Mrs. Abrams garage apartment or to one of the Mubarak's many exclusive properties.

In an online question and answer period provided by the Washington Post whereby readers could ask Elliott Abrams question about his article I asked "If convicted of torture or other crimes against Egypt and if he had it in his power, do you think GWB would and should pardon Mubarak as his father pardoned you for your role in the Iran/Contra Affair?"   Abrams yelled  "shut the xxxx up, you xxx xxxxxx xxx xxxx."

for Mr. Abrams Washington Post article see

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