Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Michael Vick Bushwacked by Richard Hunter the Pit Bull Lover

A Cock-eyed Commentary on Ambush Journalism

by Winsip Custer CPW News Service

My best friend screwed up.  Bobby Hunter and I were hunting when a cute little Beagle dog came over the crest of the hill, perhaps wanting to join in the hunt.  Instead he took five bullets in the side from Bobby's Remington Nylon 66 Rifle.  I had never seen Bobby so violent except for one day when we were on the outskirts of town and some boys twice our size began chasing us with sticks.  Bobby turned and fired a dozen rounds at their feet.  I was glad and I always, after that, had respect for Bobby.  If I was in a tight spot I'd want him with me, but I grieved over that poor dog.  What had he done?  Nothing.  It wasn't fare.  So I was determined that I'd never intentionally mistreat an animal.  I haven't and my dog is my best friend.
So Michael Vick screwed up just like Bobby Hunter, only for profit instead of a quick thrill.  Bobby Hunter whose family name didn't come as perhaps Michael Vick's did from an unrelated family,  Hunter's probably came from being part of a well known group of efficient hunters....like Mr. Mason's came from his family of stone masons, or Cartwright's from making cart wheels,  Baker's from baking, Farmer's from farming and so on.

Michael Vick bred dogs to die a violent death in a dog fighting ring and he bet money on them.  He brutally forced them to fight to their death and those that showed no potential he killed in equally brutal ways.  He was caught.  Jailed.  His career seemingly destroyed and he paid the price.

Now the "Comeback Player of the Year" he addressed a crowd in Dallas, Texas and told kids to watch out who they hang out with, to respect their parents who love them and to try to do right.  After that Richard Hunter, who adopted one of Michael Vick's dogs ambushed Michael Vick following the ceremony. 
I am asking anyone with proof that Richard Hunter's dog was actually adopted from the Michael Vick's kennel to show the proof.  Send us the proof of adoption and Mr. Vick...don't you dare walk away from anyone claiming to have adopted one of your pets.  Use that opportunity to clearly address the issue and to say it was wrong, but afterward send you friends....and I will be one of them.....to investigate the sincerity of the challenger.  Why?  Because you have done your time and from where I stand everyone deserves another chance.   I'm no Christian, but I believe that someone said "forgive 70 times 7"....so take him up on it!
As for the brutality of our society?  Ask Mr. Hunter to ask Senator John McCain to resurrect his attack on Ultimate Fighting Championships and its blood lust.  Go waylay, Mr. Hunter, Lorenzo Fertitta in a back alley with ambush journalism.  Go ask Vince McMahon what he learned from his daddy about violence in our society and who handled the fights of heavyweight, Jack Johnson, at Madison Square Garden?  Ask Mr. Hunter to do an expose' on the way dogs were treated in preparing Army medics for battle.  That one will break your heart.

Mr. Vick,  you know what a 2 minute drill does for winning football games and holding the opposition at bay?  Practice your responses to men like Richard Hunter with the same tenacity you learned in leading a team of fired up Eagles. Ask some of your Eagle buddies to drill you on your response to the Richard Hunters of this world.  And Mr. Vick....hold your head UP.  UP!  High UP! And keep on winning!  Not at any price...but at the right price for the right cause.

 If I believed there was a God and sometimes when I hear of people like you making such comebacks I nearly do....If I did?  I think he'd want you to do this, too.

For Richard Hunter's Ambush Video....

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