Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Michael Vick Invites Florida Governor Richard Scott to Joint Appearance

Michael Vick and recovered pit bull dog
named "Whupass"
Vick Picks Governor's Nit

by Winsip Custer CWP News Service

Florida Governor Rick Scott
sporting red power tie and
 the "subliminal blue" shirt to
identify with the masses.
"Always remember that the
truth must be covered by
a swarm of lies," he told
photographer.  "Or stone
cold silence!"

Following his appearance on Fox News' Fox & Friends today, Florida Governor Richard Scott received a phone call from Michael Vick, Philadelphia Eagles quarterback and "Comeback Player of the Year" who had just received the Key To The City of Dallas.

"I thought I had made a great comeback, but I had to go through the ringer. I heard Governor Scott say that he was going to make Florida the most fiscally conservative state in the nation and that he would sink the $1.5 billion dollars in state debt with drastic cutbacks. I thought to myself, 'why he could sink a chunk of that just by giving back the nearly $400 million dollars he received from Columbia Healthcare when he was forced to resign after bilking the tax payers through the largest Medicare fraud fine in U.S. history,'" said Vick.

Governor Scott fielding a question from Jacksonville
longshoreman, Henry Wilson  who asked
 "if you don't help sink the
Florida debt with some of that Columbia
money don't you think we'd be justified in shipping
you in one of  these cargo containers to China?"
I asked what Mr. Vick had in mind. "Well I had been reading about the Eco-Echo-Micro-Macro Theory of economics which says that we are all parasites. I was a parasite living off the ticket sales of the football franchise in Atlanta and even now in Philly. The franchise owners were building stadiums with taxpayer dollars. My dogs were parasites living off of me....for a while.....and I was parasite living off of them. Governor Scott and the stockholders of Columbia/HCA Healthcare Co. and its hospitals and clinics were parasites living off of sick people and when that wasn't enough they bilked the Medicare system for more and were fined $1.7 billion dollars in the largest Medicare fraud fine in U.S. history....kind of like Genentec Pharmaceuticals getting the largest drug fraud fine for similar reasons. I did my time. I admitted my guilt. I was caught. I'm not doing it anymore, but how come I go to jail and Governor Scott become Governor of Florida while paying a dinky little fine and retaining his $400 million in stock of the company he used like a pit bull kennel?" asked Vick. "We're all parasites. Heck, at least religious people, the real ones who think deeply about it admit its true. We're a planet of parasites and the religious go week after week to have communion by eating what they call the Host. Host. All parasites need a host. And we're all parasites....but some don't like to admit it.  That's all I want Governor Scott to admit. And he can start by allowing some of the Florida parasites to eat off of his ill-gotten gains from the Columbia crap pile. Don't you think now that he's still on the government take as the Governor of Florida he could help out.... hell, with that $400,000,000 don't you think he'd offer to work for free and  pay rent?" asked Vick who went on...."And that Hosni Mubarak can give back some of his crappy money to his people, too. Enough is enough.  Join me Governor at my next appearance or, heck, come to Texas where I have the key to a city and we'll hold an open meeting to answer people's questions.....like the one from Rick Hunter, that guy who wants me to say something about one of my dogs he adopted.  I'm going to pay for food and healthcare for that poor dog for the rest of its life if it turns out to be one of mine and if he's lying.....which is entirely possible since we're all parasites, then I'm going to report his abuse of that dog's good name to the ASPCA and ask that I be allowed to get my dog back.  You could do something just as magnanamous, Governor Scott,  to pay back the country whose money your company took and to show your appreciation for the free education you received through the U.S. Navy, don't you think?  Huh?  Don't ya/"

 John King of CNN with Florida Gubernatorial candidate Scott taking responsibility for his part in the
Columbia Healthcare fraud case.

Rick Scott's deposition in the Columbia case....avoiding taking responsibiity.....

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